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  1. I'm not sure Zouma has the technical ability to play in Conte's system. Teams are already keying on Cahill as the weak link in possession, and Zouma is far less comfortable on the ball than Cahill. Christensen, on the other hand, is by all accounts very good in possession, so I could see the two swapping roles next season - Zouma on loan, and Christensen in the squad pushing for a starting spot. I think Azpi can shuffle between the RWB and RCB - Moses has been fantastic thus far, but expecting him to be able to play 40/50 games like this is unlikely, and against teams with a top class left wing having a geniuine defender in that position may be necessary.
  2. A bit late, but according to Daniel Taylor, it actually played a significant part: http://www.weaintgotnohistory.com/2013/9/4/4694860/chelsea-wayne-rooney-manchester-united
  3. I agree, I think Oscar has the potential to transition to a deeper position. Plains of Almeria had a great article on this at the end of last season. http://plainsofalmeria.co.uk/2013/05/30/oscar-the-conductor/
  4. if this is true personally think the 30m could be better spent elsewhere but I guess Willian will give a bit more flexibilty up front. I suppose him and Schurrle could do a job as a false 9 if Jose wants to try that. He can't play deeper, has no defensive game so to speak. Maybe this could provide cover to allow Oscar to transition to a deeper role, although this is a very expensive way of doing that. Do feel a bit sorry for Moses if he's the one to be shipped out on loan, looked good in preseason and is the only true winger of the AM (if you consider Schurrle a wide forward).