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  1. Burnley 1 Chelsea 3

    0-4. Costa x2, Hazard, Terry
  2. The Run In

    Players will be fighting for a CL SF place with the injuries/suspensions, I expect some great performances Sunday becoause of that.
  3. Chelsea 1 Sunderland 2

    As great as Hazard is/has been we're not as reliant on him as we are others (Cech, JT, Cahill, Matic). We'll be fine.
  4. The Run In

    Great post and excellent point!!
  5. Swansea City 0 - 1 Chelsea

    Agree 100% it's time to bounce back after Villa and Palace, come on Chels!!!!
  6. Chelsea 2:0 PSG (3:3 On Aggregate)

    Surely if United won the CL it would be Arsenal or Everton that missed out???