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  1. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    Azpi, Andreas, Luiz for me, I think the young lad deserves to play more games. Id try Zappa in for Moses with Alonso Kante + Bakayoko Fabregas, willian + Morata
  2. Clubcfcnet access issues

    No worries, thanks anyway Michael
  3. Clubcfcnet access issues

    Morning all I'm having issues getting into the clubcfcnet site for ticket spares and wanted. Struggled for a while now, tells me the server isn't responding? I have subscribed in the past, maybe this has run out? If so, how do I renew? Cheers Jon
  4. Clubcfcnet access issues

    No worries Michael, thanks for the heads up. Shame. Is there anywhere else that is used for spares and wanted tickets now? Jon
  5. Clubcfcnet access issues

    Ham I have used the ticket exchange previously but I'm also looking for spares for away games. I have two spare tickets myself I'd like to get rid of but my understanding is that only season ticket holders can sell on the official exchange? I'm only a member. cheers Jon

    Thanks Jane :-)

    Apologies all, I haven't been on the forum for a while but have been catching up and getting the jist of the issues with donations to keep the forum going. I am happy to support and have made a donation this morning. I will also be happy to support each month as required. Jon
  8. Banned from Ticket exchange

    Evening all I have tried logging into the ticket spares area on the forum and it is telling me my account is banned? I haven't been on for a while but I have used the ticket spares and wanted pages numerous times in the past. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? cheers Jon
  9. Banned from Ticket exchange

    Michael I have now got access, cheers mate. regards Jon
  10. Banned from Ticket exchange

    Cheers Michael I have been trying to get into the site but it comes up with a message saying account suspension and to contact my hosting provider? Jon
  11. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    Gutted to see Frank leaving us, he has provided us with so many memories. Without a doubt, deserving of the term 'LEGEND'. You will be missed Frank, good luck for your future venture.