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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I fear I'm latte to this thread.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm lactose intolerant.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    With their defence they possibly should be. Not like money is a problem for them.
  4. Media / Press

    That's quite understandable.
  5. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Got to love the fact that, as Liverpool continued to sink, the importance of the top 3 moved to the top 4 and then the top 5. The amount of attention the murderers are now getting suggests that the finished a close 5th last season. Just to remind ourselves - they finished SIXTH, behind Spurs and 2 points ahead of Southampton in 7th ( with a far worse goal difference). And in the meantime we get desperate researchers finding ways to keep the club relevant with such data as Liverpool being the best home side in the history of English football.
  6. Media / Press

    So he misunderstood his misunderstanding?
  7. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Gerrard will be back soon, either straight in as 'coach' or as part of the back room and waiting, ironically, for Rodgers to slip up.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yep, plus it's easier to make larger improvements at a 'smaller' club than it is to make an improvement at an already successful club. It's not an excuse, just common sense.r
  9. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Afraid not, he mentions the top teams as "our competitors". So he still passes the Anfield delusional test. I called them (U.S.) the top teams, unwittingly giving him some credit for the perception he doesn't have.
  10. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Ian Ayre says the refurbished stadium will give them the financial clout to compete with the top teams. Scary, imagine what they would be like if they had money to splash out on new players every year.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Statistically, many clubs are a graveyard for strikers. It appears that something about the role makes a large amount of them unable to adapt to a new team. Much easier to say that a new striker is going to be a flop than a success I reckon.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Raheem Sterling?Edit: ah, sorry. Getting my 'I's' and 'U's' muddled. Doc says I have irritable vowel syndrome.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Can't disagree with that, other than our 38 year olds.
  14. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    They'll win the league for Cilla.
  15. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Brendan Bstard Rodgers. Why was he even in there? I'm surprised he even 'manages' to put his shoes on the right feet in the morning without saying " what do you mean the wrong feet? They're the only feet I've got". I now have this nightmare that I am actually Brendan Rodgers and just dreaming I'm a Chelsea supporter. Think I may sue the BBC.
  16. Media / Press

    I think you should have your own column Duffo. Loving the vitriol.
  17. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    You're into the role already, you smug git :-)
  18. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Easy for you - myself and Michael Tucker have the expense of getting our teeth done and running off with some slapper.
  19. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Yes, that one made me chuckle.Less so the BBC quiz on 'what type of manager are you?" Where it turned out I am, in fact, Brendan Rodgers.
  20. Media / Press

    Also with the Ramires penalty, does anyone remember the game against QPR (or was it Watford?) when Helguson went over like a sack of spuds after 'contact' from Luiz? Don't remember the media frenzy about that, but where's the difference? Edit: just watched the game again and the Bosingwa sending off was equally contentious. The Drogba one less so.
  21. Media / Press

    Same here.As for the Ramires penalty, it's 50/50 for me and I would possibly be a bit miffed were it the other way round. Either way, the media uproar afterwards was ridiculous, as was the apology from Riley (the man who tried to get Cech dragged off the pitch with a fractured skull and allowed play to go on when Cudicini was taken out in the air - by Bikey? - and lay prone in the penalty box after landing on his head. That Chelsea got criticised after that game whilst Chunt and Riley escaped scot free beggars belief.
  22. New Stadium Plans

    Same here.Then I'm waiting for the media to criticise it.
  23. Media / Press

    I think it would be difficult as there are less obvious points of reference such as penalties, sendings off etc. but you're right in that Chelsea appear to get he sh1**y end of the stick where the media is concerned. And it's certainly worth keeping an eye on.
  24. Media / Press

    Wow, were they really saying that was a penalty?
  25. Media / Press

    :-)It will take a very brave soul to venture in that direction. However, are they going to be a top 5 side? Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City..............I suppose they're in the top part of what is, consistency wise, a pretty poor bunch who are capable of beating anybody on their day but not over a season.