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  1. I am really happy whit this year's draw. Schalke 04 seems like a big deal, but last year we beat them 3-0 twice, and this year we have an even better team, so I see no problems here. I am not such a great fan of Portuguese league, yet I don't find Sporting Lisbon that hard-of an opponent. As in for NK Maribor, they really are, with Ludogorec, the big surprise of this years Champions League. I am from Slovenia, and NK Maribor is really a story of success. Their stats are amazing, they won Slovenian championship 12 times, when 2nd most successful club Olimpija (which hosted Chelsea this summer in Ljubljana) won it only 4 times. Besides, you might know NK Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) and Red Bull Salzburg (Austria). Both of them spend tons of money to get to Champions League, yet they struggle year after year, especially Salzburg. Maribor got here only by hard work, commitment and having experience in the last few Europa League seasons, without massive spending. What they've managed to accomplish is a really BIG deal here in Slovenia, they are national heroes. I am really looking forward to see Maribor - Chelsea game in Ljudski vrt, if you have a chance come and see that game, because atmosphere here is really amazing, after all, it's still a part of Balkan ;) Yet I don't see Chelsea loosing points here, hehe