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  1. Movies

    Hancock was pretty good even if you don't like the superhero/comic book spin off movies. As far as a good laugh you could do a lot worse than O Brother Where art thou.
  2. Official: Cesc Fabregas Departs For Monaco

    I seen on MOTD that they were having a twitter survey to find out would you prefer to have Alexis Sanchez or Eden Hazard in your team with the implication that they were the two best midfielders in the league... For me Fabregas is the best in the league. Sure he does not have the all round action game of those two but he will do the simple things exceptionally well and put the ball on a plate for someone in the 6 yard box. The goal of the month highlights reel is fine to look at but its goals that win the league and Fab will get the job done against the smaller teams who defend with two close banks of 4 and they best way to break them down and get the first goal is with that killer pass that he provides. Once that is done they have to come out and try to attack and then Hazard can do his thing when he gets more space to make runs but the main main is Fabregas.