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  1. Well done Chels. Always more pleasurable beating the scouse fools.
  2. Great line Dave. Some great points made. I don't think Jose gave any in depth thought to his comments.
  3. Well said Jose. Why shouldn't he say that? He's doing his job to perfection. Our home support is ****. Fact. Its embarrassing. Only the Matthew Harding shows any passion. But when you have so many tourists and local kids/people can't afford a ticket, thats what you get. The Premiership Brand.
  4. I was upset at losing like that with 30 seconds to go but pleased we have got the point, still remain unbeaten and are 6 points clear of City. All is good in my book.
  5. Guardian is a left wing pile of sh**. If that Cun* Rio wasn't playing football he would be mugging people in Peckham.
  6. Lamps is well educated and comes from a good family, unlike many of the footballers that give the sport a bad name.
  7. Good luck Robbie. Thanks once again for your part in an unforgettable night in the history of every Chelsea supporter in the world.
  8. I really hope Wenger gets punished for his push. can't stand him or Arsenal supporters.
  9. I'm just glad were staying put. Couldn't bare to leave the Bridge. Hope they include a standing terrace area.
  10. I never read/buy news papers or look at the news. It's all manufactured and twisted. 'A source' = Made up and totally fabricated.
  11. Frank was really cut up and you could see he was genuinely upset. Blokes a class act through and through and shouldn't worry too much about it. I felt upset he scored but still had the same feelings towards him. Just not right seeing him in a City shirt.