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  1. Thomas Tuchel according to Sky Sports...
  2. Following Chelsea's Loans

    In fairness, I would say Silva, Mendy and Chilwell have a lot to do with that.
  3. Chelsea vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

    Just my opinion, but I think it’ll be drastically different to that. Something like: Mendy James. Zouma. Silva. Chilwell Kovacic. Mount Ziyech. Werner Hudson-Odoi Abraham
  4. Chelsea 3 Luton Town 1

    Perhaps not best for Billy Gilmour, but given Kante’s injury, possibly best for the club in the short-term. We need to start picking up wins in the PL as a matter of urgency. He is light years ahead of Jorginho* and has characteristics in his game that Kovacic doesn’t possess. I would honestly stick him in against Wolves. It’s not like he’s only played against minnows. He bossed the game against Everton and Liverpool last season, and also played against Watford, Man United and Valencia if my memory serves me correctly?? *Everything that Jorginho gives you I.e. someone who is a calming influence, dictates play, vocal on the pitch, you get from Billy. But he also has a much more effective long ball than Jorginho (one of my biggest bug bears with with him is that his cross field or long balls normally go out of play or get intercepted), is faster, more physical, and doesn’t constantly get caught the wrong side of the ball - my other major bug bear is the image of him sprinting through treacle back towards our goal because he’s come out to press the opposition and got beaten too easily.
  5. Chelsea 3 Luton Town 1

    Did you watch the game? (Genuine question because I know you watch some of them back afterwards) 3-1 flatters Luton massively. Missed penalty by Werner, good save from Pulisic and a calamitous goal scored by them. Could so easily have been 4-0.
  6. Following Chelsea's Loans

    What do you think, out of interest?
  7. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Obviously it’s guesswork, but given the guy went from pretty much a regular fixture under Lampard for a year and a half (including allowing the sale of Luiz), to completely and utterly banished for the last year, I think *something* has gone on. There were a few reports recently that he doesn’t train the best - so it could be this, but I fail to see that’s it’s been a decision based purely on favouring Christensen and Rudiger.
  8. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Or, just thinking it through, we could have agreed the Option to Buy clause, providing we have a buy-back on the transfer. (Well that would be the sensible thing to do anyhow) Point is, I guess, we don’t know. Good luck to him though, super talented lad.
  9. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Thanks for the comprehensive response 👍🏼 Using the example clauses you used, I can certainly see how it might not be as simplistic as the media report it to be, but taking it on face value, I am surprised we have allowed this (totally appreciate there could be more to it)
  10. Following Chelsea's Loans

    This is probably a silly question but how does an ‘option to buy’ work in reality? Does this essentially just fix the price prior to the loan, or does it mean that if Milan want him at the end of the loan, we are obligated to sell?
  11. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    Not that it seems to be helping us right now, but it was fairly well-documented about 10 years or so ago that Lampard scored over 150 in an IQ test that the club did, which was higher than the club doctor and only slightly behind the likes of Einstein. I think it got a quite a bit of publicity because it puts him in the top 1% of the country and so is technically a “genius” !! He also has an A in Latin. Now, if only he knew how to pick a decent number 2, and get the best out of German footballers...
  12. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    Possession is a misleading statistic when all you’ve been doing recently is shifting the ball side to side, back and then forward again, no more than 10 yards inside your opponents half. The lack of passes between the lines, and quick forward passes to spring a direct attack are one of the reasons we’ve struggled to penetrate teams of late. Mount and Hudson-Odoi are very good for it, but the likes of Kante, Chilwell, Azpi, Kovacic etc slow the game down too much. Man United , Leicester and Tottenham will give the ball away more, but it’s because they take risks and are more direct in their play.
  13. Fulham 0 Chelsea 1

    Well, we made hard work of that! Observations for what it’s worth... • Mount was brilliant, I think he’s far better for the team in a deeper position, for two reasons - 1) - Our deep midfielders are crap. They don’t sense danger or track runners and add nothing in attack. Those vertical balls whipped into the attackers between the lines that Mason was doing 2nd half are exactly what we miss. 2) - It allows us to get another attacking player onto the pitch in his place. • CHO and Tammy made a real difference. God knows why the former didn’t start. I can kind of understand Giroud starting on a small pitch with no space, but Tammy is by far our best striker overall. Presses, pulls defenders out of positions, links the play etc. • As someone has already pointed out, our FBs were poor. Chilwell has really dropped his levels after an amazing start, and Azpi was just awful. • The less said about Werner the better. I thought Ziyech and Pulisic were also quiet by their own very high standards, but both of them should have had at least one assist each today and therefore you could argue they both did their job. • James, Abraham, Hudson-Odoi and Kante surely have to be back in for Leicester?
  14. Chelsea 4 Morecambe 0

    Let’s hope Lampard picks the team for Fulham on merit, not reputation or transfer fee etc. It would be criminal to bench Callum over his performances of late.