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  1. B Traore and Ake are good enough for a place in the squad next season IMO, and both have bright futures in the game, so disappointed they appear to be on their way out. Maybe the newspaper reports that we need to sell before we can buy were true...
  2. Musonda's been with us since January anyway mate I think. Would be surprised if he didn't go out on loan as he needs gametime. Be gutted if we sold Ake and even a bit disappointed if we loan Zouma out tbh. He's a beast on his day, and with a good pre-season, under Conte's guidance, he could yet become the monster CB he looked like he could be. Also interested in what we do with the more established loanees such as Baker, Van Ginkel, Pasalic, Brown, Rahman etc. A few of these could be used to pad the squad out.
  3. Yes maybe, but if you apply that logic, so would 90% of the conversations on here be pointless too. However unlikely it may be, news broke yesterday about a major player being linked to us, and this is the transfer forum...
  4. Appreciate this isn't addressed to me, but I'd go C) Lewandoski all day long. He's 28 currently, (same as Costa, they're two months apart) and simply put, he's the best player. In my opinion, he's the only 'world class' striker on that list, and isn't likely to come with any baggage, which can't always be said for the other two
  5. Can only assume he'll be bought on a punt & loaned straight out to Holland or similar, with a view to making a few bob on him in a few years time... in the same way we are rumoured to be with Traore. I hope so anyway as I really don't rate the guy, he's all pace and nothing else.
  6. Totally agree with this in principle. Reason I say that is because I haven't actually seen a lot of Sandro, I am simply assuming based on the price tag, the hype, and the fact that we already have a reliable LWB. Having an explosive LWB will without doubt though, take our attacking to the next level, in a way that we wouldn't be able to, with Alonso. (who I rate by the way, I think he's solid defensively, good in the air, and has a sweet left foot. I just don't think he's ever going to be a world beater) I think where people are missing the point is by assuming that if it's the first transfer we make, that is was our biggest priority - not the case. It might simply mean that it was the easiest deal to get over the line.
  7. As a second choice yes, definitely not as first. He can't even hold that mantle down at Arsenal. I do quite like him as a player though. Lacks pace and workrate though. Reminds me of Llorente.
  8. Almost certainly not £300m but you add Lukaku and Bakayako and that's £120m straight away before the CB or LWB positions we've been rumoured to want to strengthen. Also, I don't think going back 11 seasons is relevant. The transfer market has changed so much, also we should have a lot more self-generated income now, as opposed to Roman putting his hand in his pocket like maybe he did a decade ago. But even if we were looking at £30-£50m net, I don't think something like this is unfeasible; Begovic - £10m, Costa £45m, Matic £30m, Van Ginkel £10m, Remy £8m, Traore £15m, £10m from players who need to leave such as Kalas, Feruz, Wallace, Omeruo etc, and £3m in loan fees for players like Tammy, Baker, Rahman, RLC. That is before the significant reduction in wages through the players I mentioned above, (Ivan, Oscar, JT etc) and then the likes of Bamford, Oscar, Cuadrado etc which may or may not have already been accounted for, but either way, I'm pretty sure the acountants running our P&L don't look at it at a pure OUT versus IN basis each summer - far too simplistic.
  9. Worth mentioning that since adding anyone, Oscar, Ivanovic, Mikel, and Terry are all off the wage bill. And Begovic will be from next month. There's £20-£25 million per year straight away. As JP says, when you also take into account incoming transfer fees from January, Nike, PL winners money, TV etc I don't think anyone can dispute that there SHOULDN'T be significant resources available. Personally, I'd be really surprised if we didn't spend in excess of £200m this summer. (Granted it won't be that net)
  10. I wouldn't be against it. Our attackers have less defensive responsibility than at United, so he could actually play in any of the positions across the front three. Not sure I'd make him a priority though, in the same way a Bakayaro or Lukaku are.
  11. Out of interest, what do people think Ronaldo would cost (transfer fee) given his age? I dread to think what wages he'd command! Brilliant player though and definitely has 2-3 years still in him easily.
  12. Jesus some of our fans are so spoilt! It's the same on Twitter. People calling for Emenalo to go etc. We are the PL champions, the undisputed best team in the country, it doesn't get much better. This story was first run by Duncan Castles, Jose's fanboy who stops at nothing to try and take a swipe at us. Transfer window has been open barely a week and people are hysterical. Let's break some of the facts down logically - Conte has just been on holiday, I'm not sure if we even know if he's back? We haven't 'lost' any of our heavily rumoured targets - E.g. Bakayako, Lukaku Everton have spent more money today than any other transfer window combined in their history. I would say that's a fairly big indication they have a windfall incoming Conte has gone on record to say we'll make reinforcements due to the CL, and we also have a huge amount of money from TV, Player Sales, PL win etc. There's genuinely nothing to suggest we won't have a healthy transfer window. The likes of Man City and Man United HAVE to go out and get deals done early and pay whatever it takes because they're both coming off of disastrous PL campaigns We are shortly changing from Adidas to Nike - so completely possible we are holding off any official announcements for a few weeks.
  13. Oh totally agree with you don't get me wrong, I'm just saying that if push comes to shove, we mustn't forget that technically he is an AM and having been a starter for us all season at WB, he must surely be adequate cover further forward.
  14. Don't forget that IF we sign a CB, and Azpi is pushed out to the WB as a lot of people speculate will happen, we'll also have Moses as cover.
  15. This one has all the Hallmarks of us being never interested and our name was thrown into the mix last minute by Lyon. ....No rumours at all until a week ago, then all of a sudden it's pretty much done with Bayern = the two clubs have been talking for months and last week they hit a snag so Lyon called their bluff.