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  1. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    ^ Yep this. I think the other big reason why I’d like it to be now, is that if for whatever reason* Frank has a poor season at Derby and is sacked, he loses his momentum as a manager and might never get the opportunity again. Someone yesterday on Talksport made the point about Steve Bruce continuously being primed for the United job, but it never happened because he didn’t do well enough... *But these reasons don’t necessarily imply that Frank’s a poor manager, it could be his best player gets sold because Derby need the money or his new star striker gets injured etc - there is also a lot of luck and timing with success, and some bad luck or misfortune along the way, could rule him out forever
  2. Am I the only one absolutely ecstatic at the prospect of SFL coming home? I’m literally like a kid at Christmas! The bloke can do no wrong in my eyes. For me, we are miles behind Man City and Liverpool, with a possible transfer ban and have just lost our best player.... so yes, Nuno or Ten Hag might be more experienced managers today, but so what? We finish 7th as opposed to 5th?? I’d happily take a lower place finish to have someone I feel a connection with. In fact I’d go one further and say I’d even have Frank back here if it meant we finished outside the top 4 for the next 2 or 3 seasons - controversial, and I know I get stick for it, but there’s more to football than just trophies and I’m fine if it means having him here whilst he develops as a manager. Lamps is a likeable, intelligent guy so could really see him stabilising all parts of the club, including the backroom team, academy, training ground staff etc, re-form that bond with the fans, and with the support of Big Pete, setting the foundations to properly compete again in 2022 (ish) and beyond.
  3. Kawasaki Frontale vs Chelsea FC

    Coach: Super Frank Kepa, Zappacosta, Ampadu, Zouma, Alonso, Kante, Jorginho, Mount, Willian, Giroud, Pulisic
  4. Would be inclined to agree with that shortlist. Have obviously been loads of links with Lampard and I think he will be a consideration if nothing else, and also seen a few stories re Javi Gracia - but the latter would really surprise me. Still don’t think you can count Steve Holland out of the running either. With a transfer ban the usual flavour of the month Managers from abroad (Allegri, Ten Hag) might not be so keen to risk their reputation and therefore we might see a change of approach. Then again, money talks so perhaps not!
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Probably a bit nit-picky, but I’d have an AM before a no.8 because we have RLC, Barkley and Mount there (that’s not to say an upgrade shouldn’t be on the list though)
  6. Respectfully, you’ve no idea what the board are trying to do. Clearly Sarri didn’t rate him and said he wasn’t going to feature, but we don’t know whether the next manager will or not. And in fairness to DD, how do we know he didn’t get his dream move to a big club, and given our history with Managers, want to sit tight and prove everybody wrong? My personal view on Ethan is that he would benefit from a PL loan. Not sure anyone knows where his best position is yet either And Kovacic is also bit of a mystery as to whether he will be here or not...
  7. Now that it appears almost certain that Sarri is joining Juventus and we’ll have a new manager next season, it’s completely feasible that Danny Drinkwater could revive his Chelsea career. Not saying the new manager will want to build a team around him, but you can’t tell me that DD couldn’t be used occasionally at the right time eg cup comps. Also interesting to read that Bakayoko’s agent has just come out and said that despite lots of interest, he is planning to return to Chelsea next season.
  8. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Not sure this is the right thread but Reece James got stretchered off for England u20s this evening. I haven’t seen the injury but there are plenty on twitter who have, and they said he was down for about 8 minutes and needed oxygen so not looking good. Reports that he went straight to hospital with a suspected broken ankle. Awful news for the kid and dreadful timing - just like CHO and RLC
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    CAS have confirmed that we have formally submitted the appeal...
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    That midfield is way too light, especially with RLC injured. It would give us 4 fit players for 3 positions. Even with the ban it would have to include Kovacic (if possible), Bakayoko or Van Ginkel Pretty weak squad overall isn’t it.. 😏
  11. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    Normally I would completely agree with you, but on this occasion there’s a couple of things that just seem “off” Firstly, Juventus are looking for a new manager. That’s a fact, and I think they have hired one foreign manager in the last 40 years or something ridiculous. Conte has just gone to Inter, leaving only one stand-out Italian candidate left (IMO) Secondly, the players are entertaining it / giving it airtime. Fabregas alluded to him being off when he was a pundit for the EL game, and Jorginho has also just said something prior to the national team game this evening (along the lines of he hopes he doesn’t leave) - if he was categorically staying, wouldn’t they just pour cold water on it? His relationship with the fans also makes this quite an understandable move from his point of view (going back to the biggest team in your home country having just won your first trophy) but also from the club’s point of view as it takes any decision out of their hands. Wouldn’t completely dismiss the possibility of him staying, but equally wouldn’t be surprised if he left either. Massive decision to be made replacing him if he does go though...
  12. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    Odd logic, and even stranger to refer to Steve Holland simply as Southgate’s assistant I prefer, a mainstay at the club in a period of turbulent change, AVB, RDM, Rafa etc, and an influential figure to us winning two European titles and god knows how many other trophies in those 5-6 years. A good age, has worked under some great managers, and I suspect the real brains behind the resurgence of the national team these past few years, with Southgate doing the PR side of things (and very well tbf)
  13. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    Steve Holland would probably be my choice too.
  14. Football Italia saying we have agreed to release Sarri from his contract!? Surely if we are going to let him go, we should at least push for a bit of compo?
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I really like Coutinho, but to me, he’s an advancing LCM not a wide forward. Doesn’t have the pace nor the ability to beat a man and therefore won’t stretch the play. Big fan of Zaha too and think his output would be better in a better team