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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    He’s at my local team, Bristol City I don’t really follow them too closely but my friends rave about him. And DaSilva for that matter Celtic were rumoured to be interested in a £5m bid for Kalas which given we have Tomori and Zouma still on the books, I wouldn’t be surprised if we accepted
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well I would think Eto’o, Falcao, Higuain, Pato, Pizarro and Shevchenko immediately spring to mind!!!
  3. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    Interesting that Sarri was quoted as saying the team requested a lower block due to 120 minutes v Man City and he agreed it Definitely more solid playing a bit deeper, that much is undeniable - in two games we’ve played Man City and Spurs and really limited them to scraps We need to improve up top though, but one thing at a time I guess. I’m just pleased he’s starting to amend tactics and reshuffle the squad
  4. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 0 (3-4 Pens)

    In fairness to Sarri with this one, he’s strengthened us defensively on the flanks and deservedly put Emerson in for Alonso. He’s also got both RLC and CHO on the bench when I thought there’d only be room for one. So fairly happy all things considered
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Really. Only midfielder we had who could unlock a defence. More creative than our other 4 combined I know our defending is shot, but can’t believe how little coverage our inability to create chances gets.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Wasn’t playing because we were winning though Even Sarri couldn’t have overlooked him of late, could he??
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    The decision to sell Fabregas (or rather the lack of playing time leading to him wanting to leave) is looking more and more disastrous every game we play
  8. Chelsea 3 Malmo FF 0

    My belief is that top 4 is gone, and therefore we have two things left to play for - Europa Cup and Carabao cup final - both of which are this week. So it’s either act now, or wait till the summer for me. Prefersbly the former though if I’m honest. And then see if the FA will lend us Southgate and more importantly, Steve Holland until the summer.
  9. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 2

    Seems like a case of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ now I was quite prepared to give Sarri time but my god I’ve never known a more tactical inflexible Manager. We are just absolutely rubbish - can’t defend and don’t know how to break teams down. The amount of times Higuain was completely isolated in the box on his own was incredible. If we want to save our season, and have any chance of keeping Hazard and CHO, the club need to act now. God only knows who’d be caretaker manager though, definitely wouldn’t give it to Zola
  10. Whether Roman is looking to sell or not, I don’t think we can accuse him of buying bargains. We spent a world record £70 odd million on a goalkeeper, splashed £50 million on Jorginho, £50 odd million on a winger who joins in the summer and Higuain on loan, who is anything but cheap. And the year before that, we spent £80 millions on two midfielders (among others) Whether people agree with these signings or they prove to be value for money is another thing entirely mind you...
  11. Following Chelsea's Loans

    20 goals by the start of February is some going
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Worth noting that subject to the add-ons being triggered, this would be Bayern’s second or third most expensive transfer in their history. I think it’s fair to say that they rate CHO
  13. Chelsea 5 Huddersfield Town 0

    Yep, absolutely outrageous !!
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    There’s so much wrong with this post I don’t even know where to start, but I’ll try... 10 x better than Gary Cahill is going to be some player, given everything he has achieved in the game. To put it mildly, I think you are overrating Ampadu a tad. His passing is nowhere near the level of Luiz (yet) and he has displayed no leadership qualities other than pointing where people should be in his brief cameos. True leadership is much, much more than this. In the eyes of our manager, and former manager, he isn’t ready to start (top prospect I grant you) Why should Cahill take a pay cut? Chelsea were happy to offer him a contact he’s perfectly entitled to see it out - besides, as already mentioned, CFC go through managers like there’s no tomorrow, he could be back in the team in a few months. Finally, you show a complete lack of respect for someone who has won it all with us, and I would put down as one of our most effective transfers ever.
  15. Bournemouth 4 Chelsea 0

    Totally agree - said the same thing yesterday. He totally backs himself which imo is Morata’s biggest shortcoming