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  1. Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

    Was just going to post exactly the same thing!! First one was far from shabby either...
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    People do realise that RLC is only about 20 months older than Tammy?? And nigh-on exactly 2 years older than Tomori? I feel the people writing him off are going to have egg on their faces. I absolutely love Mount, Tomori, Tammy, CHO etc, but RLC is the superstar out of that lot. He can become world-class
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    No, I think he’s better than both.
  4. Lille 1 Chelsea 2

    I suspect it is RJ wide right, but just flagging that UEFA have him in a midfield 3, so we’ll have to wait and see. Exciting team nevertheless...
  5. Chelsea 2 Brighton & Hove Albion 0

    Totally agree and was having this conversation with my brother yesterday. I’m interesting to know where people think these 3-4 positions would be though? IF (and appreciate it’s a big if) Tammy has a 20 goal breakout season, Tomori and Mount continue their good, but perhaps surprising form, CHO and James do what’s expected of them, then actually you start to look around the team and think where do 3-4 world-class players fit in, without pushing out an upcoming superstar? Emerson/Alonso and Azpi/James gives you good options, Jorginho is only 25 and has Ampadu and Gilmour behind him, number 10 has Mount/RLC and Tomori/Rudiger are both rapid and good on the ball, so we came to the conclusion you might look in the following areas: Wide Forward x2 - we’ve currently either got very young or getting on and soon to be out of contract. Need at least one between 24-28. Jaden Sancho might be worth a look too. Striker - to replace Giroud who will likely leave, and be of enough quality to push Tammy Midfielder - perhaps lack a big, physical defensive midfielder in certain games or at certain points in games - I’m thinking in the mould of Rodrigo or Fabinho. Would probably take Barkley’s place in the squad, as we have better players that can play Ross’ role.
  6. Chelsea 2 Brighton & Hove Albion 0

    Same. Although with Kante back now, does it give us more freedom to drop Mount back in as the third midfielder? Especially if Hudson-Odoi really lights things up
  7. Chelsea 2 Brighton & Hove Albion 0

    I’ve read that Gilmour has travelled with the u23 squad so he won’t be included. Other than Barkley replacing him on the bench, I suspect everything else you listed will be spot-on.
  8. Chelsea 7 Grimsby Town 1

    Need to get our first home win here, and I wonder if two defeats in a row will affect what team Frank would have ordinarily put out? I’d go... Caballero; James, Tomori, Zouma, Alonso; Gilmour, Kovacic, Barkley; Pulisic, Michy, CHO; Rests for Kepa, Azpi, Jorginho and Abraham. Recovery time for Christensen, Emerson, Rudiger, Kante and Mount. Opportunities for 2-3 youngsters and 2-3 fringe players but overall a strong team.
  9. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    According to Carefree Youth and Matt Law, Mason Mount has travelled and is in the squad.
  10. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    I thought Frank looked very agitated in his post-match interview. A few fake smiles and was a bit short at one point with the interviewer. My inference is that he’s absolutely bloody fuming - and rightly so. We were poor tonight and that shouldn’t go amiss, but if you get a penalty 5 mins before the end, you don’t let a player grab the ball and play hero’s. Azpi or even Frank should have pulled rank.
  11. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Thankfullly, the FA would go for ‘Stevie G’ before Frank which suits me perfectly
  12. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    He was - so was Willian to be fair, and Dave, and Zouma when he came on. All of whom have had a bit of stick lately.
  13. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Even with them being at home, the main threat we need to nullify is Wolves’ counter-attack. I would therefore expect us to set the team up accordingly. Things I would strongly consider (although I’m not sure if Frank will) would be Tomori at RB and Dave at LB mainly due to pace from the likes of Traore etc and Emerson being injured. With Rudiger available, I wonder if Christensen could be utilised in midfield to give us a bit more defensive stability, and Pedro and Willian for their work rate. I would also leave Barkley out of this one because he has a tendency to give the ball away more than others which starts a counter, and also played both games for England. Something like this perhaps? Kepa Tomori Rudiger Zouma Azpi Christensen Kovacic Mount Pedro Abraham Willian Dunno, can’t work out whether this is genius or mental. Probably the latter!
  14. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 2

    Boy it was frustrating to draw that, although can’t say we deserved to win it, we created barely anything. Some thoughts in no particular order... Tammy was decent and 4 goals in 4 games is a very respectable return. I thought our shortcomings this season would be scoring enough goals, how wrong was I! I know bashing Azpi has become very popular all of a sudden but he genuinely was awful today - lost possession 20 times throughout the game, and both goals came down his side. He also got caught wrong side for a header that Adams should have scored first half. Tomori looked pretty assured and may well find himself above a few in the pecking order before the end of the season Barkley and Pulisic were poor and will find themselves out of the team when the likes of Kante, RLC, Pedro etc return. We are very poor at managing games out. I saw a stat earlier that we have lost the 2nd half in all four PL games this season - this needs fixing urgently. Lampard’s substitutions were diabolical. Wrong game to bring Gilmour on in (I don’t say that simply with hindsight I thought it was bonkers at the time) and not sure what Michy added to see the game out - he wasn’t bad, but should have been Christensen or Alonso to protect the last few minutes. We need to become far more streetwise.
  15. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 2

    Was not expecting Tomori to start!? Billy Gilmour on the bench too