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  1. On RLC, I must say that having only watched 90 minutes of Bakayoko yesterday, they seem extremely similar in style so I don't see why RLC can't become a central midfielder yet. Both are strong on the ball, drive forward with pace and power and possess good technical ability. They're not a sit in front of the defence type that Matic/Mikel are, and are almost identical in build too. Neither however seemed to cover a lot of ground. This has always been my biggest frustration with RLC, because he tended to flicker in and out of games, but might be harsh on Baka considering he's not fully match-fit. Either way, looking forward to watching them both have successful seasons
  2. Genuinely not being an a**hole when I ask this because I'm actually intrigued, but why do you need to be a better ball player in a back 3 as opposed to a 4? I've always wondered why people perceive this to be the case as I just don't get it. 9 times out of 10, a defender passes 10 yards to either their nearest WB/FB, the GK (when under pressure) or the CM. Occaisionally you'll get the David Luiz type who goes long on a 50 yard ball but these are few and far between aren't they? I suppose I'm perhaps a bit old school where I prefer the defenders to be able to defend first and foremost - and I think Zouma's a cracking defender. Needs a bit of work positionally though granted. Interested in your view 😀
  3. Be very surprised if Pedro starts. Conte indicated he 'may' make the bench after feeling pain in training yesterday. Other than that though, spot on.
  4. This. Lets not overlook the fact that Costa has flirted with leaving over at least the past two transfer windows. This simply boils down to Chelsea not accepting a cut price offer from Athletico, and Diego getting the hump. He made his bed....
  5. Don't disagree with your assessment per se, but I do think Draxler is top quality and would therefore be successful anyway. For me, he would be in the Mata, Silva, Ali, Erikson, Coutinho mould - limited physically but very talented nevertheless And if the £32m is correct it's a no brainer in this market
  6. Yes it's real. Bakayoko and Hazard played, as did Musonda who scored a couple. Wonder if either have an outside chance of making the bench?
  7. Value where we're perhaps able to swoop in and get a player lower than their perceived market rate because it's the 11th hour and clubs are desperate to rid themselves of players in a position they're over-stocked in, want out, or simply need to balance the books. In a similar way to moving house, where your buyer pulls out, the chain collapses, and you find another buyer who knows you're in a weaker negotiating position, and therefore offers £10k less than the asking. You probably accept anyway. I would argue David Luiz was this sort of purchase last season. You can't tell me that wasn't value in today's market. I'm not for one minute advocating the club have dealt perfectly this summer, and of course buying late in the window might actually mean you overpay in different circumstances, however my biggest frustration is not necessarily the lack of signings (we've signed 4 good players for > £100m) but the players we've released/sold/loaned prematurely. Had we still have any 4 of the following in the squad; RLC, Chalobah, Ake, Matic, Zouma, Tammy, and Traore for example, I wouldn't be half as concerned.
  8. It wasn't a fortnight a week ago when I made the statement though, and that was the point I was trying to make. At the time there were 3 weeks left of the window and I said I didn't expect anything over the following fortnight. Whilst I'm here, I'm still not buying the whole Van Djik, Ox, Sandro not for sale noises. When does a club ever come out and say otherwise? They'll all go this window if the right money is put up. If it isn't, they won't.
  9. They are. I said on here a week ago, that anyone expecting us to announce anyone in the next fortnight is going to be disappointed. It will go down to the final 5-6 days.
  10. Completely agree. Assuming the players in no way talk to one another about their future (which I just can't believe), he didn't go on the pre-season tour with us and trained alone, surely they didn't decide this the day before?! The players will generally know what's going on with one another (not necessarily specific details, but they'll know if someone wants to leave and has refused a new deal for the past year) Fact of the matter is, Conte wanted to loan Chalobah out - we know this because he's said it in an interview. And that in itself is just madness.
  11. Agree with the sentiment here, we've clearly let too many good players who could play a part, leave too early without having replaced them.... ....But make no bones about it, that team would get relegated with a record points low. Men against boys.
  12. Well well well.... Thought it would be extremely tight today, possibly even dropping points via a draw but in no way did I expect to be 3 nil down after half an hour. My anger is divided in 3 ways to be honest. Firstly, the referee who was utterly horrendous today. Gave everything to them, and the sending offs weren't even the worst decisions he made. Secondly, Cahill. Club captain let the team down today. Even though I don't personally think it was a Red, he gave the ref a decision to make and should've known better. Thirdly, the board/Conte for allowing us to be in this horrible mess. How they're allowing all these players to leave without replacements is such negligence. You can't tell me that Chalobah/RLC/Palmer/Abraham/Ake wouldn't be useful right now. I mean, next week again Spurs is going to be a right laugh. Positives: Fighting spirit to get it back to 2-3 with 9 men, Morata who was different beans, Rudiger, Christensen and Kante.
  13. Step forward Jeremie Boga!!
  14. I think it is BS mate. The board are there to execute Roman's strategy. If he backs Conte and is prepared to spend money, there's no way in a million years the board would overrule this.
  15. Jack Cork's a tidy player, I would have taken him quite happily as 4th choice, and while I'm thinking of it, I'd take Romeu too.