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  1. Chelsea 4 Watford 2

    I know this belongs in a different thread but god knows what midfield we’re going to play against Everton?! Surely Cesc and Baka won’t be risked, which leaves Kyle Scott and Ethan Ampadu. (Flanked by Kennedy and Zappa) Hmm...
  2. Chelsea 4 Watford 2

    My god how we needed a confidence boost, and not many better ways than a late comeback in front of your own supporters. Pleased for Bats after the pelters he got for his Palace performance. He was much better than Morata who was very lightweight. Baka was poor too (again) but like Morata, needs time to adjust to the league. Rudiger on the other hand looked strong and assured, and Pedro gave us vital movement and goal threat up top. Willian also looked lively and boy could we do with him returning to his best. Defence still isn’t right but at least the likes of Alonso, Azpi, Luiz and Baka can have a rest now until next weekend.
  3. Chelsea 4 Watford 2

    Fairly predictable team....