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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm so Glad someone with the right mind decided to change this system, 3 games into the Season and people don't know who's staying and who's leaving. It is silly.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    This is Jackpot James
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Game 2 and we're already in emergency mode, how about not jeopardising Baka's fitness and push Luiz forward and use him instead?
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hi everyone, Costa's situation is no surprise to anyone, it started last January, we've heard the Chinese Club offer, Costa looked interested, and then his match performance dropped unexpectedly. In addition to that, Costa wasn't the same player that we know since then till the end of the season, it was very obvious that he pulled back his throttles to make it easier for club to let him go. I would think that Conte was smart enough to bite his tongue and stay calm, letting the season roll, trying his best to finish the season with the least damage. Then when it was safe for him to deal with Costa the right way, he expressed his real intentions (the text message we heard about) by giving Costa the freedom to depart, which is the right timing for any smart coach. Later on, Costa used the text message (humility) as the reason for his intention to leave. The only way to clarify the situation is for Conte to grab the microphone and state that his text message was a natural reply to Costa's constant whining and selfishness. Now the club is using the contract obligations to force Costa to play !
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    We're all clueless, but I remeber in the old days, you have better chances getting laid if you get to the bar late night.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    No doubt, they skim the season's 1000 minutes he played in 5 minutes video clip, but the idea that he was a member of his national team should give us some assurance I think. Crouch is a great player though.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Do you think he might occupy Alonso's position? Looks like a winner indeed.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    The news focusing on Cancelo now, where would we utilise him ?
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Good choice, but still recovering from a knee injury, and won't be ready till october. I started to picture our club as a rehab clinic now.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not sure if this is it, but Fox sport mentioned something similar And also this " Given the significant improvements made by Manchester City and Manchester United, plus club record signings by Arsenal and Liverpool, Conte’s concern is that Chelsea are standing still at a time when their rivals are progressing". Which I mentioned 2 days ago, but I got harassed for saying it. On another news things not looking too good with Costa's issues, it looks like he brought kramer's lawyer this time.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Correct. Thank you James...........:). Correct, although the proper scale to show your budget balance is your net spending, maybe it's silly to go into the club budget details and its financial issues, as I see it none of our business as fans, but what can we do, good players come at a price and we want the best players for us. Another issue, with this newspapers rumors circling around Hazard today like vouchers, I think he might need to comment on it since he already mentioned last month that he's very happy staying with us, and we hope there is no change of mind there, it will be very chocking to see anyone from our good players take off at this stage.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Very nice breifing James, it's nice to know that the club's financial situation is very healthy, the club has an excellent vision to maintain a youthful team on a long run, managing the squad reconstruction reasonably, and Iam really looking forward to see the results of all this.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'll tell you how, but before we start, I didn't say 3 seasons, I said 3 transfer windows, each season has 2 windows, so the 430MN is invalid here. Since you brought the business we've done this season, in my opinion we should've done it last summer, we went through a contingency plan and it needed more spending but we were very passive reacting during the redemption. Now let's talk some simple math, if you add our ins in 2016 combined you'll get a total of 90MN (Bats 33MN + Kante 30 +Luiz 30), our outs total (Oscar 60MN+Salah 15+ Papy 8+ Marko 3+ Ake 3) is 90MN, it balances as zero at the end, which means we didn't spend anything in 2016. For this summer, our ins total 140Mn, our outs total 123Mn,we've spent 17MN only, we all know there is 3 or 4 signings coming, I guess the total value on our next signings would be around 100MN (an optomist figure) which will break into the average of what we've spent in 2 seasons to 60MN per year (roughly speaking). Bear in mind I didn't talk about the club commercial income from advertisements, tickets, etc. I could agree with you after bringing those figures above, had you said lots of clubs have spent more than us during the mentioned period. I know we can't compete with the clubs owned by the oil rich Sheiks and the likes, since the 60Mn per year that we spend makes up the agent fees selling one player for them, but can we be reasonable and respect the big club Chelsea and act like one. On another note, I really don't see a need to stereotype people by how they got their money, they all investors, some made theirs from gas companies, some from selling steel, some were lucky and simply inherited their money. At the end, its all the same and we are all fortunate but in different ways, some sick and rich, others healthy but poor, and I can go on with so many convincing combinations and that is life. Michael please find me wrong, prove it, and I will thank you for it, but don't go zigzagging on me, I actually believe that you're using some reverse psychology techniques here on us LOL, making us say what you desire in details, specially when you know the fact but yet you look at it with a stuburn denial. Football is a business that stands on the clubs fans, the correct way to invest in a club, is to widen your fans base, to encourage the fans to buy tickets and food, buy T-shirts buy satelite subscribtions, promote the commercial advertisements, and I can go on and on just like Tom hanks shrimp boat partner in Forest Gump going over the shrimp menu. Finally, you lose your fans and you'll lose your investments consequently, so another way to look at Neymar's golden contract, he's getting paid from the french fans pockets.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I totally agree Pete, that's why I'm very convinced that it's unnecessary to mention the deals in details to the media, specially when talking about entertainers. There are super wealthy people around us, they will never flash themselves or their wealth knowing the majority of the globe population living modestly, not to mention football shouldn't be materalised as it is now. It's a disaster when some clubs approach a 15 year old boy with a contract of multi millions, he's a kid, you strip his feeling of loyality to the club that made him to begin with, the motive to acheive, and he'll never try hard to advance himself. Another aspect here, the other players will start to riot, they see it unfair being a better players but underpaid, and that's very natural to the human beings. Some corporates pay certain employees at lower levels of management higer wages than some people at a higher level, no one knows, everybody is happy, and their business is done with less headache. Truthfully, they're ruining a beautiful entertainment. Watch what will happen to our experienced players now (Courtois, Hazard, and Faber for example) after seeing these shocking deals floating around. Worse, when they find out that our club (during the third transfer window in a raw) not serious about upgrading the team's strength to enable them to keep the title or win in the ECL. To all the players in the world, it's all about winning titles, gaining fame, and making money. certainly, they have the right to it. Goosfraba, Goosfraba