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  1. Congrats, great season, great team, and a great coach. Bats? who knew, looking forward for the FA Cup.
  2. Really? CP is a team we have to focus to beat, come on lets keep it real here. The only 2 games I would expect people to mention the words focus , and attention is against Man united and City. 3/1 for Chelsea written all over the game.
  3. I told you, but you don't listen, 2/1, and I was about to say that Cahil progressing nicely under Conte's hands, but I was very busy, LOL. I will not criticise any player, nor mention any flaw that was whispering into my Chelsea's fan sweet football starving head, but I have to say Courtois was enjoying watching a good game, Conte felt that he was so lucky to accept the offer, and Hazard thought, what Ronaldo felt when his team took his revenge in his absence. once long time ago during the beginning of the PL on this forum, I metioned a staement from a movie colors in 1988, and the admin blocked it. *And guess what?.........:). If I would do anything to the team to make it better, I would buy one A good CM to replace Matic, If I would open the dictionary to the word sloppy , I will see Matic photo on top of the describtion, give it up people. Watch the game again , and come back to me if this guy should be considered for the 2017/2018 season. Loftus forced his name in this game in 10 minutes only, and he deserve a position from a start. Congratulations , Chelsea is the PL champion, but it would not feel the same without wining the FA cup.
  4. Yes indeed, this game is extremely important at this stage,not being able to steal the 3 points would set us back out of our comfort zone and the mental stress will be higher. We still have some good alternatives, Zuma is fit, Pedro will bring us more than Willian would according to his recent performance, Cesc must start if we want to increase our attack chances,and Costa is under a big test here. 2/1 for Chelsea
  5. I felt the same, he is a Chinese type of Costa now, but I hope we are mistaken. We need him for the the finishing. Hazard was doing more during last game, so it was difficult to judge him. Guys, I can see us playing City for the cup.
  6. Well put , lets not ignore this big fact, Man united recruited the best football players in the world , and we made them suffer. Yes they played with one player less, put that's football, and I was glad that the ref went this way, otherwise we would have lost some of our best players to injuries. Spurs is the team that made it by drawing during extra time, getting penalties , and scoring by the help of ghosts reflecting the ball to the net. And I have no respect to such luck winners. I can see us lifting the cup in 2 steps.
  7. We are the one that United afraid of, its all mental , and 2/1 for Chelsea.
  8. Its a crazy league, you never know whats coming.
  9. Come on guys lets stop this Matic Faber sheaa. We have a slim chance to win the league, drop 3 points to united, drop 3 points to city, but we need to win all the rwst. Wake up and smell the refrees.
  10. True, but whats funnier is when the same person watch the game the second time and see it so differently. The only difference was, there was no stress during the second time I have watched it, and lots of things caught my eyes. Kante, is the cleaner, we lose the ball, he gets it back, he never give up. Faber, Costa, Pedro, and Hazard, they have their own language when they play together, they speak smart football, synchronised, prompt, never waste a second to think, and they always have a ready plan for every situation. Faber creativity was very obvious, our attacks never were predictable, he opened the centre, and our attack runs were coming from every angle, and for our crosses they were more effective. As it is when we say "a good defenders will hide their goalkeeper's flaws", the same applies when you have a good CM's, a good Midfielders will hide their defenders flaws. And when our guys are busy in our opponents box, our defenders and goalkeeper are relaxed. I saw Cahil so confident, he was in Swansea's box numerous times , you would think he is a striker. It's not always about comparing Matic and Faber, its about whats best for the team, and when Faber is there, he feeds our attackers more balls, with more accuracy, very instant on finding who is worth feeding, and he speaks smart football better than Matic. I know this issue might start the WW3, but we need some reasoning, and maybe watch the game again. Good game, we wasted lots of good chances, but at least we dominated, and we won.
  11. Yep, although it's a clear win result, it looked like a border line win, and Swansea wasn't an easy team. Was Azpil trying to grab the ball with his hand though?.. Few moments I thought we were doomed.. Any who, we made it, next please.
  12. We have to win this one, we only going to focus on this one, and we can't afford any other draw. City got 4 major games to deal with till the end of the season, we got 2, but the hidden threat seems to be Spurs with no obstacles. Faber should have more time than Matic if we need to break the codes for our attack players.
  13. I really can't say if he is just a little bit immature asking for that high wage at such a phase, or Chelsea wanted to clean up and maximise their cash for the summer. I just hope that Conte really meant what he said about bringing 3 or 4 new signings this summer, we are only few months to go, and our team really needs some wise actions to be able to go to the next level.
  14. I agree, last season it was Willian who saved us a face, and this season it was Courtiois. The table will tell you that, he went through 25 games (and that is enough test sample), they only scored 18 goals at him, the only goalkeeper to match his excellent standards is Hugo Lloris, but thats not all. Courtiois is a setting duck, he did this excellent job securing our goal without the help of a proper defensive line, and we know we have a bad line apart from our hero the bus driver. So why would anyone want to criticise the best goalkeeper in the EPL.
  15. Nothing looks strange, as expected, and no matter how some people try to hide the truth, the truth will revail. Faber brings more quality to the team than Matic, Faber brings more attack chances than Matic, and Faber is more consistent than Matic. Matic makes unnecessary fouls , its very costy, and if the reason of his existance is his defense service, I can't really see it. Now, I should loudly say this, Houston we have a problem. Costa is not happy playing for Chelsea, this is not one of his bad days, since we've seen them, and Its someone else wearing Costa's shirt playing today. This is an ethical responsibilty for every player to give their best till they take off their shirt and play for other teams, and for a professional in that huge size its a shame. Its not strange to see our overall performance degrades to Burnely, we are in the decline stage of our limits,we still ahead, and if the players dream of anything great in their CV , they should give their best for the next few games. Everbody else was excellent, ref was biased clearly, and one point is better than nothing. Chelsea is the Champion no doubt