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  1. I agree, some of the players can fit into different positions, but another organic CF is needed.
  2. Other clubs paying 220M for 1 player, I hear us questioning some of our purchases worthiness, while we still short on A list players for 3 different positions atleast.
  3. How about LWB , CB , and a CF?
  4. Exactly, and goosfraba people.
  5. Good news, I hope they wrap this quicker this time.
  6. His rate of errors doesn't alarm you at all?
  7. Cahil and Luiz are excellent players, but Cahil needs to be more reliable and rotate with a another solid player. Luiz needs to be advanced to MF, the he's away from our goal the better for his career, don't get me wrong, but I rather him tackle away from our box. The man has an energy of 2 people, let him drain it as WB if you have to.
  8. I would say depth first now, and it may free up our AM's to be closer to the 6 yards box more often, as it seems we are the worst when it comes to benifiting from the croses, do you agree?
  9. I will re-phrase it , How about a sub that can compete can compete against.
  10. Footbally challenged is more politically correct mate.
  11. I still see many positions that need to be upgraded, Pedro, Moses, Alonso, and Luiz for instance.
  12. We should give our A grade players Start/Time, WB's need rotation almost every game, and for the rest they need to fight for survival. But I think with the strengthend Defence line that we have now, Fabergas/Kante/Moses/Hazard/Willian must start and have more time. Whats our best starters look like now by the way ?
  13. Good news everyone, thanks to Dr. B I Just fed my anger monkey a banana, and feeling very positive today. The hunt for a good striker is getting very limited by now and Huguain is next on our list, I can imagine our offers might be placed in parallel, but was he on our priority list or is that a sign that we're not getting our favorites?
  14. Really Droy?, the man tries to claim victory when he struggled to finish 6th in the EPL with 6points behind Arsenal? I was reading too much?!! when he claims he is better than Spur,City,Liverpool, and Arsenal on paper only? "‘I think after the champions, Chelsea, I think Manchester United is the second most successful club last season and Arsenal the third. For me that’s absolutely clear". Its very unfair and incorrect and you think I was very hyper sensitive to his statement. He did not acheive anything in the ECL, EPL, FA cup, tries to gain a status over the teams that ragged him, and claim a status by winning the EFL on the back of Everton, winning the Europa league on the back of Ajax. He used to degrade these 2 competitions in the past I remember. Was it really that I was so bored and was laughing at my own joke when someone tries to degrade our acheivement in the EPL and says "To finish second, third or fourth is like being first". There is a big difference in here.
  15. You can read so much into JM's head from this article, It looks like he is trying to lobby against us lol, but the funniest I've read is "‘To finish second, third or fourth is like being first, second and third of the last because there is only one winner". Not too strange I think, I heard him once before calling the Europa league is for losers. The man is very desperate to prove himself this season without any doubt, but this sounds like a cry to me.