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  1. Media / Press

    What it with Dutch managers and large craniums. Both Van Gaal and Koeman both have heads like 20 bob cabbages. Hiddinks nut isn't exactly titchy, but it's like a spring onion compared with those two
  2. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    Fairly soon we will be reading the usual flannel- playing footsie with potential suitors with lines such as- Whilst I'm happy at Chelsea and love the fans, it is no secret that other clubs are interested in me. In football you never know.... Pass the Sickbag
  3. Musical Tastes

    He did like a slot machine. He used to play the one at the Alex on Portobello Rosd for hours on end. His way of relaxing I guess
  4. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    In kitchen, preparing tomorrows dinner, listening to Frank Sinatra Xmas CD. The well known chestnuts roasting on an open fire line, is more amusing if you substitute chestnuts for scousers!
  5. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    It's actually a New Years Resolution of mine to the kinder to scousers in 2016. Not to revel in the misfortune of others and all that. I can just imagine Liverpudlians this time of year, lovingly wrapping hubcaps and car stereos, and placing under the tree. Ps If you believe the first line you'll believe anything
  6. Media / Press

    Dr Fox gets innocent. The Foxes go top. Tomorrows headlines have a predictable feel
  7. Media / Press

    The role call off BBC pundits now includes an ex pro famous for leaving a floater in a refs changing room, and a thug with a golf club. Plus numerous hubcap hustlers of a red persuasion....
  8. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Taking on rubbish players reminds me of when I bought an old banger. I bought it second hand kinda cheap, 2 weeks later the exhaust blew. Back I went to the garage. The Arthur Daley Esque proprietor remarked; Course the exhaust no no good. Dyou think Id be able to let that beauty go for fifteen hundred iif the exhaust was any good?.... Same with Falcao and a few others. The football equivalent of old bangers
  9. New Stadium Plans

    It's a shame the new stadium design doesn't incorporate a cut away roof above the away section. So when it rains they get soaked through. Bit like the old North Stand
  10. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    I was reminded of a thread favourite yesterday. Robbie Fowler. The reason being I saw a fellow jogging, and he was wearing one of those nasal strips favoured by RF back in the day; haven't seen them in years. If Robbie was really interested in increasing airflow, why not just drill a series of holes in his nostrils? Or really go the full hog, have a flap inserted into the bridge of the nose. This could be opened up wide, and connected to his ears using cat gut. Silly looking xxxx
  11. New Stadium Plans

    Without wishing to paint a gloomy picture, all the stylistic hype centres on what the stadium looks like from the outside. Who gives a monkeys how good it looks from the Fulham Road? The important factor is the inside. I don't think ill be cutting short my pre match drink to gaze adoringly at the outside of our stadium
  12. Media / Press

    I didn't buy a Sunday newspaper, but I've read a couple of dailys this morning. A couple of points; There's not much in the way of column inches devoted to the game. We're a long way inside of the back page. Regarding the second issue, long may it last. If we loose, we are back page/ crisis fodder. If we win, we are temporarily not picked on. Keep it going boys
  13. New Stadium Plans

    They were only available in one colour. Light blue. I know of an able bodied Chelsea fan who obtained via the net, a ticket for the final in Munich, in the disabled section. He got pretty smashed during the afternoon, turned up at the stadium to find it was wheelchair only. He went back into town, aquired a wheelchair from a hospital, returned to the ground in the nick of time. A bit dastardly I know
  14. New Stadium Plans

    I'm sure most of the posters remember the days when there were wife open spaces at the Bridge. I think it was against Notts Co when I remember being in the Whitewall lower bit-.still under the roof- and being able to stretch both arms fully without fear of poking someone's eyes out.My old man used to love the East Upper. It wasn't uncommon circa 1992, for blokes to skin up and smoke joints, play cards, do what they want safe in the knowledge there wasn't a steward or fellow fan within 20 yards. Plenty of elbow room as they say