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  1. Chelsea 4 Southampton 2

    Bournemouth game - Costa's shot goes off a defender and in so its an own goal (heckuva turn by him as well to get in a goal scoring position), Costa wins the foul that Alonso scores a free kick off of. There thats two examples in one game, same amount I gave for Bats. Costa may be off form, but he is more likely to get into goal scoring positions than Bats is. He may be off form, but Bats did nothing that Costa hasn't been doing. And since we know that Costa can be better than he currently is playing right now, I'd choose Costa. Again, thats not to say that I don't rate Bats as a player I think he can be very good, just that right now until we clinch the title I'm playing the guns that got me there
  2. Chelsea 4 Southampton 2

    I am not trying to say that Batman is better than Costa here, but its cannot be true that at no point did he look decent. He had a flick onto Pedro who ran through and drew the foul for the first goal. He held the ball up to allow the midfield to get forward and subsequently released the ball to Kante who played to Moses for the second goal. He was instrumental in both goals. His touch was not consistent enough to warrant him being included over Costa even considering current form, but to say he didn't have a decent game is an exaggeration.
  3. Chelsea 4 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    Ake had an excellent game, he reminds me a lot of azpi. I don't think he keeps his place once Cahill comes back though. Ake is better on the ball, but height becomes an issue if both he and azpi are playing. Assuming Fabregas starts, that would give us Luiz, Alonso, and Costa over 6 foot. That an issue when defending set pieces, especially against some of the teams we have left to play(West Brom, Sunderland, Boro). I like him and think he has a future here, I'm just not sure he needs to play again until we've clinched the league. Unlike some others on here, I think Batman had a good game. His hold up play was good, and he seemed to typically have the right idea of where to go with the ball. He flicks the ball onto pedro for the first goal, and holds the ball up to release Kante who then plays moses for the second goal. Definitely looked rusty, and I don't think he did enough to displace Costa, but he showed promising signs
  4. Burnley 1 Chelsea 1

    I don't actually think we were bad it was a decent performance but we seemed to be unable to play the final pass or our touch would let us down when we got in and around the box. Costa and Matic were both well below normal levels. I thought that Hazard, Azpi, and Kante all played pretty well. All in all Burnley is a tough place to go and get a result so while I'm dissapointed its not a win, I'll take the draw
  5. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 1

    When you're taught to head the ball, you're taught to jump with your arms out slightly to protect yourself and for balance. Jumping without your arms slightly up is actually a very unnatural motion for the body. You have to actually physically hold your arms down. That's part of the reason that kids are taught to jump with their arms up. A) to protect from other people's arms and B) its a natural body motion
  6. Chelsea 4 Brentford 0

    I don't think Pedro is a very good WB. Yes they are supposed to get forward which he does exceptionally well. But they also have to be able to defend. He was undone by simple plays yesterday. His man would pass the ball and then Pedro would ball watch as his man ran in behind him. Got undone by simple plays like that multiple times. Moses doesn't offer the same thing as Pedro does going forward but against teams that are actually going to play against us and not lie down and let us do whatever we want, I don't see Pedro as an option at WB. Too suspect defensively
  7. Sunderland 0 Chelsea 1

    Even if he doesn't play today, it is really good to see Zouma back in the squad. Always good to see someone come back from an injury like that
  8. Chelsea 1 West Brom 0

    We've got to always find something to complain about otherwise we wouldn't be having any fun though now would we? All joking aside I agree with everything you said. But like you say we're just being picky at this point, I never really felt threatened by them at all. Gladly take the 3 points and move on
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I really like Van Dijk but to be honest I don't see a need for another CB. We will have Luiz, Azpi, Cahill, Zouma, and Christensen all wanting and deserving first team minutes. That's assuming that both JT and Ivanovic leave. I'd rather use someone from the Academy as the 6th CB or bring JT back and spend that money elsewhere
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm not sure how well he's done at Ajax this season but I think Traore is one who fits in perfectly in our front three. He was never really a wide man but never really a central striker. I'm not saying he should play over Pedro but imagine his pace and his ability to cut in onto his left and shoot. He could be big "addition" next season when he returns from loan
  11. Chelsea 1 West Brom 0

    I'd be tempted to start Fabregas in this one. West Brom are tough to break down, we might need his passing ability. That being said I wouldn't be surprised or disappointed to see Matic back in if fit
  12. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 3

    I think this is pretty spot on. Fabregas tries, he just isn't as quick as Matic. Like you said though, there is no one else that can hit a ball like Fabregas. I do think that the wing backs were not up to the standard that they have been recently, but I also think that was in part due to City pressing them and trying to take them away as outlets in general
  13. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 3

    I think this is what it really comes down to. Against the bigger better teams with more dangerous players on the ball I think Matic should start because he is more effective at closing down and covering the pitch. Against teams that are going to sit in Fabregas needs to play to give us the added creativity to unlock the tough to break down defenses. They both have pros and cons and I don't really think there is a right answer as to who should start
  14. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 3

    Alonso is out trying to block the cross and Navas beat him. We were attempting to stop the cross there. Costa's goal - great ball by Fabregas, even better work from Costa. Still have to give a lot of credit to Fabregas though. Willian's goal - the ball is bouncing around in the box and it gets hit off Fabregas who has no time to react and it happens to fall to the feet of Hazard who starts the break. Can't give Fabregas any credit there Hazard's goal - Fabregas passes to Alonso who is his only open option. A safe slightly backwards pass. Can't really give any credit there either. I very much enjoy what Fabregas can bring to the team I love his passing range and ability I'm not here trying to knock him down a notch at all. I just don't want to see his contributions to the goals exaggerated
  15. Middlesbrough 0 Chelsea 1

    This international break really does come at a bad time doesn't it? Hopefully it will be more of the same afterwards