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  1. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Does anyone have a site I can stream the game from?
  2. Transfer Talk Topic It would seem that Jose is already trying to get on the title rivals' nerves by these statements. Judging by the coments I doubt that we will be buying any central / attacking midfielder
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    30 Million for Stones is a heck lot of money considering the fact that Mourinho will probably only use him in the league cup against lower division teams. He has the potential but I think paying the kind of money that we should be paying for someone who would improve our squad immediately for a squad player or understudy is a bit too much
  4. Transfer Talk Topic I really hope that Oscar improves that much. He has the potential. He just needs to remain consistent. He's planning to challenge Hazard to the POY award. Would be great having both Oscar and Hazard at their best
  5. Transfer Talk Topic Oscar intends to challenge Hazard for the player of the year award. I really hope Oscar improves that much. He has the potential to
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    We won the league with all those challenges last season, didn't we? By a 7point gap to top it off