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  1. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    Indeed my worry is the board wanted Sarri to stay! .
  2. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    In my interpretation Michael is unless Lampard absolutely bombs in his first year in charge he will get a second chance.I see no other alternative..
  3. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    I said along ago it was only matter time before Lampard was considered for the job - he knows the game inside out - whether he can get players into the team that have no ego is a challenge more so than talent(look at pogba). I am excited about Frank being our next manager more so than Sarri hanging around who would inevitable be sacked next year had he stayed.
  4. They will put a Chelsea blanket upon his lap and wish him well when he sits in the stand as a supporter.
  5. lol! you have no insight into your own daftness - I love it!!.
  6. If he fails nothing ventured nothing gained we move on again - we will get over it and so will Frank.
  7. All of the above Michael I reckon Frank has doubts,Roman has doubts but they have mutual respect and everything is on the table - is it not the way it should be when hiring a new manager? - I could be wrong but I think Roman has thought that Lampard would be the manager some day.
  8. It's his new toy that he has googled and thinks he knows chapter and verse.
  9. Very few do and I take that as a compliment - I would love to get into your head and anyone else that have blizzare notions like you....fascinating!.
  10. Jesus droy you morph into many people - now you are Barry Dennis!
  11. I reckon if Frank takes the job all of the above will have been discussed.
  12. To answer YOU in particular stat's! stat's! - Lampard has a way about him that calms people and given his cv as a player will get players playing at their best for him...don't you think?.
  13. No I think Roman really rates Lampard the same way he was reported as wanting pep - let's face it Frank is a glowing gold nugget in up and coming young managers...why wait?.
  14. Why did we sign him in the first place? a manager surplus to requirements at Napoli is expected to take the epl by storm? logic! - let's move on to frank he will be given more time - why? because Roman liked him as a player and likes him as a person.
  15. Yep me too - I think he had a lot more to give but was shafted by the board.