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  1. Yes indeed his tactics are like putting sunbeds out in a hotel on the Shetland isles and waiting for the sun to shine!
  2. The thing is Jorginho is the elephant in the room, how can you continually play someone that looks like a cucumber sandwich at a barbeque?! says it all for me with Sarri.
  3. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Funny Alonso reminds me of an old friend of mine Norman Whiteside - he has the same gait but Norman was a much better player - however Alonso is not a left back he is a forward player or nothing.
  4. sounds good to me - better than building a team around a hat stand that never gets dropped.
  5. Chelsea 3 Malmo FF 0

    Yes Jimmy spoke well last night - Sarri is embarrassing the club.
  6. Michael too much common sense there.As a replacement for Sarri? - I hear there is an up and coming manager called Cicero...maybe worth a go? he certainly speaks well.
  7. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Watched the game at work - played well in the first half but Sarri is increasingly looking like a manager out of his depth.He never sub's Jorginho the weakest player in the team says it all for me. He is so flawed and predictable there is no way back for him, but who do we get in until the end of the season? Zola?(not for me) where is rdm at the moment? Could we get Conte in for a few months? twice the manager Sarri is...probably not.
  8. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    We are losing our souls and footballers have none in general replaced by money.My pulpit is always open😂
  9. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Just a thought Cicero is an excellent read but has anyone thought about the teachings of Jesus Christ? - I am not religious but has anyone thought or studied what he had to say. Google Pat Collins an Irish priest who says there is an ongoing battle with good and evil and then Google Terry Waite and his time as a hostage
  10. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Anything can happen tomorrow - Utd are not stablised enough in their current form for an easy win and we are not destabilsed enough to lose easily But the form book says we will lose.
  11. Pete I will say this - you can be a tad patronising as I can be a fool - "enjoyable" and "high level"? I get it mate just in case you think I don' wishes.
  12. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    You are right in every way.It started my love of chelsea( that and the fact my older brother supported them)I remember my brother crying when we were behind in the first match and my mum sitting in the corner quietly knitting and saying to him - 'it's ok son there is still time'. My mum is dead and I can't stand the sight of my brother! things change.
  13. Good for you pete always on the hero! L
  14. Reminds me when I made my mind up about Jose - please just get him out.