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  1. Fair enough Pete I was pissed at the time of typing - night night😊
  2. Really? Have you ever watched the documentary 'the naked civil servant' quinten crisp played by John Hurt!.
  3. Dave you can't wait to be the cheerleader for Mourhino and denounce Prescott.Matic is surplus to requirements for us as any person that knows anything about football knows - lucky for him he has a mug like Mourhino that wants to sign him
  4. Only watched the second half.Even though we played well in the the second half - the team that looked quality were bayern.Alonso and moses looked out of place and on the world stage they will struggle We need a lwb and a right rwb if Conte is to play that system.
  5. If Wenger said that,being 'tired'already! it doesn't bode well for Arsenal fans.They should be ahead of the pack if they have played more games pre- season,and fitness levels.Arsenal reminds me of dastardly and muttley the cartoon -_ when dastardly says to muttley 'you're not a king that's been crowned you're just a sniggering hound'.They have been a sniggering hound for years - long may it continue😄by the way Wenger is muttley and the fans are dastardly if you haven't guessed😄
  6. Hard to gleen anything from pre - season games, however Remy continues to under perform, as does Kenedy. Baker looks good, as does Boga. Fabregas rolled back the years - there is no substitute for intelligent football. There are no players in the premiership I would be falling over myself to sign except Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen - European players, I have no idea.
  7. Bookies win when there is no common sense app!ied by bettors.
  8. And this is where you get reality.Bookies rely on information that can be validated from many sources.If their information is wrong they will lose a fortune.So yes look up bookies odds-they don't always get it right - but if they don't get it right almost entirely they will go under.
  9. I agree with Mr m.we need to to get a top class centre midfielder.Every successful team in history has had a midfield that comprises of a midfield of fast wingers and/or intelligent centre midfielders
  10. Jeepers James quit following the yellow brick road.
  11. Like playing good football,treating people with respect - and not being up your own arse!.
  12. The poor man has lost his marbles - he will resort to anything that will make him look good - sad really.
  13. Delighted if Matic goes to united for 40 mil,and dodging a bullet with Lukaku for 100 mli is good business so far if it pans out don't you think?
  14. For gods sake Dave rejoice we have won the league and are playing good football and have a manager that makes decisions that makes sense.Costa was always a problem with his attitude.He will be missed big time on the field - but to say a text message by Conte was the reason why he is leaving is naive in the extreme.HE wanted out and the blame is on HIM - another self serving,money orientated player that prevails in the game today. We will replace him without much notice.If Conte walks,that will really be "huge".
  15. James I think you should stop reading the papers and start reading tea leaves.I promise you - you will get the same accuracy.