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  1. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Michael I'm looking at things a few years down the line.We need to have a structure in the club from top to bottom at the moment we are a shambles - we have signed so many shite players and seem to be at odds to every manager that we employ. We need a proper director of football that can bring the club together.
  2. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    This thing about playing out from the back is a disaster waiting to happen,I don't understand it like short corners.I like a high press especially against better teams,Jack Charlton employed a high press when he was in charge of the republic of Ireland Because he knew he had to stifle the opposition that would have walked all over his team in most circumstances..
  3. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    In a poor league.Man city have raised the bar recently and I expect their domestic dominance to translate into Europe as serious contenders.
  4. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Every successful team in the history of the game have a solid midfield,they protect the defence and supply the forwards - the engine room if you like.Our midfield has been a disaster for years - get it right and we can turn the team into challengers get it wrong and we will be in freefall.
  5. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    But he doesn't ham and maybe there lies a point.The best left sided player(left back) without any great pace was Paulo Maldini imo but his anticipation and reading of the game was second to none.Alonso gets dragged in to a central back position that leaves his 'zone ' unprotected. Can you see him playing for psg,Barcelona,Madrid or Munich?not saying he is rubbish but I think teams with fast wingers will target him.
  6. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Didn't get to see the game just listened to commentary on the radio on my travels.Watched the highlights on motd.If we can keep Willian,Kante and Hazard this season it will be a major achievement that we can build on. Dear me Morata,please put him and us out of our misery and move him on - as for Alonso I think he is a tidy player but if we are to progress on the world stage he should be a squad player.I know I am expecting too much but just my thoughts.A wing back or a left full back or a right full back or a centre half should have pace unless you have the football intelligence of John Terry or Frank Lampard.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    We should maybe circle the wagons until Sarri really knows his team.Good to see 'big bird's' departure who rated himself very highly.Looking forward,I will be surprised if we don't struggle this season.
  8. Chelsea 0 Lyon 0 (Chelsea win 5-4 on penalties)

    Wow you must really hate Luiz as a player!.I agree I'm not that fussed about him as a player but to say you would prefer Bakayko to him in midfield is very telling.Luiz'might'add something, Bakayoko is the proven "Donkey" since he arrived. Do you think Morata will come good? or is he a "Donkey".
  9. Chelsea 0 Lyon 0 (Chelsea win 5-4 on penalties)

    Would you prefer him to Bakayoko?
  10. Chelsea 0 Lyon 0 (Chelsea win 5-4 on penalties)

    I agree lets try to utilise the players we have before splashing out.Let's try Moses as centre forward,let's try Alonso in midfield - all this should be tried on the training ground first when you have a team that is not functioning.Square pegs in round holes can become round pegs in round holes with a bit of imagination.
  11. Chelsea 0 Lyon 0 (Chelsea win 5-4 on penalties)

    There is and he plays for us, Luiz.We have enough cover at the back that can put in a decent shift however in midfield we are weak.I would try Luiz in there with Jorginho and Kante he Has to be better than Drinkwater or Barkley and no need to mention Yoko.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    We are struggling all over the pitch we don't need to sell a p!ayer.We need to buy a player that can keep us in contention. that is better than we
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    A bad deal Willian is a player that can change a game on his own - martial? Why not both?
  14. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    Yes indeed excellent post.
  15. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    I just wish we stop signing the Scott parkers of this world and even less talented.It takes a group of people to achieve this and not one person.I will say again Utd have Ferguson and Charlton who have we got? We need football people that have played the game at a high level and know a gold coin from from a chocolate coin wrapped in gold paper