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  1. When was the last time you saw him even smile(except for a wry one) when he was in charge of us?.He looked rather pathetic to be honest on Wednesday. Nothing wrong when an oppo manager celebrates his teams success - but did you witness his reaction when we stuffed utd 4-0?. You and some other disciples are becoming voices in the wilderness at last.
  2. Yes indeed Pete,not much of a rattle when I shake the piggy bank now😄.
  3. I thought I was the only person that thought this - he was dreadful.
  4. Bookies have us @ 4/5 and Arsenal @ 5/2 to win the cup outright.Placed a 50 pound bet on Arsenal with Betfair,I will gladly lose it to achieve the doub!e!.
  5. Tremendous Pete.I think there is some merit in what Dave says,for sure the Europa league is more attractive because of the golden ticket into the champions league - but is that what one of the richest clubs in the world expects?. I would have thought the board would be thinking a top four place and an improvement of the playing style would be paramount,neither has happened.Yes they are in the champions league - but without a massive improvement they will embarrass themselves. did you see Mourhino bounce up and down in the after match celebrations?.He looked like a ball boy with a super imposed mourhino head.
  6. OK Dave,why has Mata been brought back into the fold?.Twice player of the year with us and now in Mourhino's plans.suggests to me Mourhino hasn't got a clue
  7. Back to Saturday,We will win by the odd goal no question.Arsenal will get the first half and then we will dominate in the second 2-1 to us.
  8. Very true JB,I wanted utd stuffed tonight - but I can't help thinking if their win tonight brings any comfort to the people of Manchester then I'm glad they won it.
  9. Yes I'm sorry Nobly,I can get a bit protective of jt because I love the guy.I have no doubt about your loyalty and desire for us to do well regardless who is in charge apologies.
  10. I heard Robbie Fowler likes a flutter but owns a large chunk of the rental property market in Liverpool.I have no idea if this is true - what I do know is JT has a yacht moored in Vilamoura Portugal - what relevance?...none I just know it, so there😄
  11. I wonder why Conte would start with Costa?.Of course I know why - Costa can be sublime as well as ridiculous.batman has scored a few goals recently but is not in the same league as Costa. Conte is bound to know what is happening to Costa next season,if he knows he's off I would play batman.
  12. Do you know he hasn't been prudent with his earnings?.Even if he was,if he has the earning potential to make a lot more money he deserves it.As a player he has proved himself and doesn't need to exit stage left.Like Muhammad Ali, he proved he was one of the best boxers of all time - but still over stayed his welcome in the game,doesn't make me think any less of him.
  13. John Terry is he best defender I have ever seen in my life time.He could see things in an instant that other defenders struggle to see in twice the time. The good thing is David !uiz has been a revelation.
  14. Well I have to say I shed a tear yesterday when jt was speaking.He is the epitome of everything I like about a professional footballer- and he played for us! We will never see the like again,unfortunately money has got a grip on the game - but like an over inflated housing market it is bound to crash at some point? Good thing we owe nothing to banks - but to a Chelsea supporter!.
  15. Dave the difference between JM in 2004-05 and Conte 2016-17 is not similar at all.Jose had off the peg best team we EVER had.Yes we won trophies because of his charisma,he certainly didn't change the DNA of the club - in fact he tried to impose his Narcisstic influence on the club. Did anyone see the excellent documentary on OJ Simpson? it showed how far a narcissist will go to get his way,it is truly scary.I'm not saying Mourhino wil start weildiing an axe in physical terms - but he has been doing it metaphorically for years.