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  1. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    If you think there might be a pound under the seettee do you try and find it or do you get rid of the settee?
  2. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    You miss the point - for example we paid 50 mil for pulisic when we have already have mount - so yes "give the youngsters a chance" is pertinent.
  3. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    I wonder have we started a trend that others will follow - stop paying silly money for below average players when you might have something special under your nose.Marcus Rashford only got a chance at utd because they had an injury list as long as your arm. The trend now is managers are playing musical chairs - sacked if things are going wrong and re - hired soon after by someone else - these multi million pound players get bored with the same narrative,imo that's what's happening to spurs. nothing wrong in sacking managers early in today's football, but get as much as you can out of what you have in your ranks.
  4. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    At the moment I think we are the third best best team in the league and we can only improve - Utd,Arsenal and spurs look hopeless in comparison - just my assessment which can go horribly wrong.
  5. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Zouma will never make it,clumsy with no intellligence in his play cash him in.
  6. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Thanks for the kind comments Chara - the truth is people have ground me down - the truth is I am a very nice person, but God almighty people have put the boot into me in business who I tried to help,so it is me and the wife and my friends and family from now on and less alcohol!
  7. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    officially retired now with less money than I hoped - but I would rather eat grass than rely on the human race - more time for me to talk nonsense!
  8. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Why would I be "seething"? if he proves me wrong I will be the first to say so - now get a grip I think you are better than this.
  9. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Nobly you'r too nice he is trying to assassinate your character like he tried to do with Zaffo/Celery but he/she had more football knowledge in their wee finger about football - for your sake cut them loose!
  10. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Another eloquent interview by Frank - it pretty much answered all the questions we as fans wanted to hear - we may fall on our arse but I like what I see and I like what I hear so far,round pegs are playing in round holes hallelujah and praise the lord! even my very good friend Jorginho acquitted himself very well.
  11. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Always said he was an allrounder😀
  12. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Missed that goal as well "stream" my ass more like treacle!
  13. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Beautiful by jorgi great vision
  14. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Bloody stream down,didn't see it!
  15. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    "Willowy?"😂 I would rather have willowy than the "industrial" Zouma!