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  1. Utd have two players that stand out alone.One Ibtra and the other de gea.without these players utd would be a mid table team.
  2. Hugh hit the nail on the head for me Paul.A player like Kante is as rare as hens teeth.I remember when Makelele left Madrid,he hinted he was sick of doing the job of of more than one player in midfield - inferring he was doing the graft and some his team mates were getting the credit. Kante is a stand out alone player in our team( and in the league)he grafts for the full ninety minutes and if Pogba is worth 90 miillion,in my eyes Kante is worth double that. As for Conte...Could you have envisaged such a transformation from last year?.We play good football(thank the lord)we are winning games that we would have lost last season,our vital signs are good - goal difference and wins are the vital signs for me,so yes Conte and Kante are the main reasons for this.
  3. There are two reasons why we are going to win the league this season - one is Antonio Conte and the second is Kante.
  4. Watched the penalty incident again and I'm diluted to 50/50.Some of the negative comments about the way we played I am 100% in agreement with you.I thought we played very well and confined them to one chance which they scored. We are not a dull team to watch anymore just listen to Shearer,a top pro,who has nothing but good things to say about us.I look forward to evey game we play now because every game is different;we might stutter at times but we usually get there in the end.Our statistics make good reading, best gd and most wins and a manager that covers most km's in celebration😁
  5. It will interesting to see the azpi incident again on motd - but at the time I thought it was a nailed on penalty,he brought his arm towards the ball and that means a penalty to me.
  6. I agree I thought we were dominant throughout,Fabregas was purring in the first half but much quieter second.For me the star of the show was Kante never thought I would see anyone come close to Makelele but this boy is right up there,it wouldn't surprise me if they focused on him and Fabregas on motd.
  7. Keeper clanger - but if you don't shoot you don't score
  8. And you think I'M on a "different planet"😅
  9. I have and not necessarily in a good way;not that I'm advocating tearing lumps out of players.
  10. George Best got no protection from referees and never complained - it was part and parcel of the game,in fact Ron Harris took lumps out of him when we played utd😅
  11. My memory(of which I have no confidence😣)is he was being left out in a lot of matches that I couldn't fathom why;just like Mata before he was sold
  12. My son who is doing a post grad degree In Sheffield tells me I am too aggressive in my replies,a typical psycho!ogy student!
  13. Christ almighty! whether he spoke in Spanish Portuguese or Swahili is irrelevant - his body language said it all.He was a prick and fair play to Eva who is beautiful and has balls.
  14. I did say it at the start of the season Nobly,maybe not here( I can't remember)but certainly with my drinking buddies who support different teams;you will have to rely on my honesty for that.