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  1. Lukaku scores goals when Everton are on the up,Costa scores goa!s when we up against it - that is the true quality of a centre forward.
  2. The Everton system suits him Michael at the moment.The centre forward position has been a poisoned chalice for most players recently for us.IMO he lacks the talent of Drogba and Costa,he might do very well but I can't be blamed for having reservations.
  3. I would question lukaku's attitude Michael.He obviously has a high opinion of himself and didn't disguise the fact he should be playing for a top class European team; even when he was with us at such a young age.I'm all for a player having confidence in himself,but he strikes me as being predictable in his play,something Costa certainly is not.
  4. I agree with Sanchez,but I would steer clear of lukaku - he looks like another sturridge
  5. By the way I'm talking about ....
  6. You might want to nip over to redcafe to see what supporters are saying about him after tonights game!!.
  7. He is delusiiona!.I will say it again - if he thinks Fellaini can play any part for a top premiership team he has lost it - that I already knew.
  8. Sorry no,Jose does not make sense in most things he says,he is clingiing on to the life raft that is his past success
  9. We ARE a counter attacking team but we are not defensive, as Conte said look at our stats.I would describe our sty!e of play like Bayern Munich,we are disciplined and patient with a few flair players that can destroy the opposition.
  10. I ask a question Nobly..Do you really think Mourhino had our interests at heart when he managed us at all stages in his time with us?.I dislike the man with a passion,He never blames himself,media,players,referees are to blame but not him; can you not see it? You are blinded by his success,now watch his demise at utd
  11. Pete I could not agree more.last night brought Mourhino down to a whole new level.He is insane.We dominated the whole game.There was a concerted campaign by someone to stop us playing by fair means or foul..guess who?
  12. If you don't get it nobly,you don't get why he was sacked twice
  13. I am delighted we got spurs in the semi final.They are the only team that outplayed us since Conte's formation clicked.It will be interesting to see Conte's response to their fluency in midfield and Harry Kane.Sort the first part out and you sort Harry Kane out IMO.
  14. Well I could muster it from my armchair,but not in public,my mum brought me up to have respect for everyone😄
  15. Yeah I agree.Mourhino can't hack it tactical!y anymore( I know you'r not saying that)so he resorts to the !owest form of playing the game.