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  1. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Well,as I said before Jorghino is a poor mans Fabregas - what does he do exactly that he excels at?,he is not a premiership player he suits serie a, he is too slow.Our results since he hasn't played are pure coincidence. Our results recently are to do with an abysmal defence.Replace zouma,kepa and azpi and we will look a completely different team imo.
  2. Chelsea vs Lille

    Play like we did against Ajax away it should be comfortable - play like we did against everton...who knows.
  3. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    I remember Kovacic getting a hard time last season,I posted there was something about him I liked and wasn't playing to his potential - Frank has got the best out of him no doubt.Midfield is not the major problem it once was,I like the combination of Kova,Mount and Kante,of course we need more options in that area. The biggest problem we have is in defence.We have a ropey keeper, an over the hill right back and a centre back that looks more suited to a bouncer in a nightclub.I like the thought of Emerson,Tomori,Rudi and James in defence,and a different keeper.
  4. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    We are on the cusp - a bad team and we are screwed.
  5. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    You'r one in a million droy - do you ever question your sanity?...I know I do.
  6. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    It seems common sense doesn't it? - the thing is it must be a tactic employed by Frank, players don't fart about on their own volition - Frank needs to stop this now it is suicidal.
  7. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    People keep going on about his lack of height - Carlo is the same height and was one of the best keepers we ever had(and bought for a song).It's not lack of height it's lack of talent,as someone said he makes the odd world class save but it nowhere near makes up for failings.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think there is consensus that a few players should be moved on pronto,or dropped immediately(kepa, zouma and unfortunately azpi because I like him and WAS a very good player). I still have faith in ac - I have a feeling with the right defensive set up he will come good, but I thought Zappacosta was a decent player so what do I know.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Absolutely,never liked him.
  10. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    The first thing he should do is stop farting about at the back,and if he doesn't drop kepa tell him when the ball is at his feet to launch it towards Tammy or get it as far away from himself as possible.
  11. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Yes,and apparently he was motm today.
  12. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Maybe a clown is a bit harsh - but Stamford the lion would give him a run for his money.
  13. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    As I said a shambles - how much longer can we put up with this clown of a keeper
  14. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Getting out muscled.
  15. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Wtf is zouma trying to do.