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  1. Spot on again mark.I have changed my mind on Conte on a few occasions I am now firmly in the camp we should give him another year.There was a quality about our play tonight that makes me think we are being let down by the board and not the manager.Conte's enthusiasm even though he is a goner was palpable.
  2. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    I never put you down as the vocabulary police pete.I usualy have a few scoops during a game so I apologise for the slip up.Now tell us what you thought of the game and should Conte go?.
  3. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    Are you insinuating I am unpredictive?...I certainly hope so!.
  4. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    Bloody predictive texts are driving me nuts.
  5. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    I agree entirely about Morata v Giroud,Giroud should start on sunday without a doubt - Morata is Torres mark two at the moment - will he become a top class striker in the future?...not for me he doesn't have a football brain and I feel the premiership is too much for him to regain any confidence he once had.
  6. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    True.If they were both to stay next season I would be a lot more optimistic about Conte than I would morata being a success.
  7. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    Delighted for moses getting man of the match.You could question his footballing ability at times but never his attitude.
  8. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    sorry it's only one reason I would play him up there he is also very quick and can finish - plus he is that small defenders can't see him nipping in behind them.
  9. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    In fairness moses has been very good tonight.
  10. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    I would put Pedro up with Giroud to feed off him.
  11. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    Yep and now he can show his passion on the bench for the rest of the season.
  12. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    Now take yoko ono off and we'll seal this game.
  13. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    Jammy bastards and a foul on moses any wonder there no British refs at the world cup.
  14. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    Pedro can.Stick him up there with Giroud and bring Hazard or Willian on.
  15. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    Giroux playing very well - a proper centre forward.