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  1. First of all a manager has too much responsibility.Alex Ferguson was the last manager to be relied upon in every decision regarding everything utd.IMO he bailed out knowing he couldn't fix things,because utd had sank so low We have a manager now that can fix things but I think he is gone by mutual agreement.
  2. Brighton 0 Chelsea 4

    This match sums up our season thus far.dreadful,ordinary and sublime.I love the optimism regarding bakayoko.As droy said 4 out 10 was his performance today and that is as good as you're going to get IMO. No Morata or Fabregas was a blessing in disguise.What we saw today was Willian and Hazard in imperious form.We need someone in midfield that can share the load with Kante and it is not Bakayoko. PS trial moses as a centre forward?.
  3. This is unacceptable for any team.There should be clear communication at every level which I agree is not happening in our team and management. Just like we have a disconnect between midfield and the forwards and a useless centre forward.
  4. Brighton 0 Chelsea 4

    Ha ha mark indeed.If we can't pick 11 players out of a hat to beat this lot we are truly in trouble.