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  1. At last! something I have said for years - maybe we will see Fabregas and Bakayoko phased out and see a bit more steel in midfield to help Kante.I still think Luiz could do a job there.
  2. At least Conte didn't 'audition ' to join another club.Remember Jose and his remarks after his Real Madrid team beat his intended team man u team?...The better team lost!!.He is an annoying little narcissist. Conte is no more culpable than the board - dog eat dog and us fans suffer.
  3. You need to look far and wide in the game to being classy anymore in football - paulo Ferreira was classy,Zola was classy,Juan Mata was classy on the player front.Bobby Robson was classy,Avram Grant was classy and Carlo Ancelloti were classy on the managers front with varying degrees of success. Money and dog eat dog is where we are at now.
  4. Oh those halcyon days! when Jose was full of the joys of spring and made us laugh with gay
  5. I wonder what members think who are the 'glue' players in the team - in that I mean players that are stuck on to be starters.Imo Hazard,Willian,Azpi and Kante are the only ones.We will probably lose Hazard - Kante and Willian could go as well leaving us with Azpi. I think we have as big a challenge as when Conte took over if not more...not optimistic but hopeful.
  6. God that raises one's hackles right away!
  7. No idea Michael I have stated I know nothing about the man,however Alonso is too slow as a wing back or as a conventional full back - the thing is I like him but teams will target him because he is slow, he is a player that you would like to like but not enough to rely on him.
  8. It counts for something of course but does it warrant a first team place in the grand theme of things? not for me he is a squad player at best so if we can get a good price for him....
  9. One word ham speed - Alonso looks like a tidy player at times but he hasn't In one word ham speed.Alonso is a tidy player at times but a wing back needs to be fast in the premiership - his shortcomings outweigh his assets and that is why I would get rid just my opinion of course.
  10. You think?.maybe his free kicks and his swashbuckling advances have blinded you to the fact that he is too slow as a wing back in the premiership.Ryan Bertrand is a better player.
  11. I think in football the world is his oyster.He will command a top job and if people don't see that then people are very naive.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think it's inevitable Hazard will leave and Kante and Willian unless we show more ambition in the way we go forward and who would blame them.Part of the game now is club's can get rid of a manager at the drop of a hat and players can rid themselves of a club in the same way - a money merry - go - round as long as you have the money involved.
  13. I love Zola but if it has to be a past Italian player I would rather have Vialli on the coaching staff like Lampard knows the game inside out.
  14. Another chapter in the book of cfc that I have read for nearly fifty years.I admit I know nothing about this guy sarri but if we don't sign at least four more players he will enter the same revolving door as past managers.His first mission is to hang on to Hazard Willian and Kante and get rid of Bakayoko Alonso and Morata imo.
  15. Not really.Asian fans will sell out the ground because it is a tourist attraction like madam tussauds.Chelsea fans as in any other club will question their loyalty when they pay a kings(road) ransom to watch a pile of shite.
  16. Probably yes but not because of his ability.The board had it in for him and he was pissed off with the board.My worry is how is another manager going to get a better tune out of our squad that Conte won the league with and now in decline?.
  17. Yes indeed very commendable the reality is if we keep falling short like arsenal a lot of fans will disappear like snow off a ditch and the tourist fans will take over.
  18. Comedy gold!.We miss costa massively but he was behaving like a petulant child and was deservedly shown the door - no player is bigger than the club.
  19. Seems about right to me mark - a case of telling your granny how to suck eggs.It was obvious to most people here that there was a falling out with Conte and the accountant a long time ago that sealed his fate - the thing is I think both parties are happy with the outcome,it is us fans and Chelsea fc that will suffer imo.
  20. World Cup 2018

    I heard the difference this England team were doing so well was because of the Yorkshire contingent! - I love Yorkshire it reminds me of Ireland and the people....but please!.
  21. World Cup 2018

    Seems like David Ickes disciples are spreading the news!.
  22. People used to watch the game because of zola,osgood and Hazard.I don't watch the game much now because of Vardy Kane and dele alli.
  23. Well Napoleon said he would rather have a lucky general than a good one.Sometimes it can be good management sometimes it can be lucky management and sometimes it can be clueless management which we are going through at the moment and I mean clueless management from top to bottom in our club.
  24. You would rather win at all costs?.We have won enough trophies to do me for a while.Let's play attractive football and win things - and as for jose he is yesterday's man that we are well rid.
  25. World Cup 2018

    I agree KDB was very poor in this tournament and the same can be said of Sterling for England.They are players that need good players around them.The last time England were in the semi's my favourite manager of all time (Bobby Robson) was in charge and that team would have wiped the floor with the current team. it's a young England team and they will improve - however I don't see up and coming world beaters.