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  1. If the board is to blame it changes everything from top to bottom.
  2. You've got it wrong ham - you'r a nice lad but mark is on the money most of the time..let common sense be your master.Conte took over a team that was in freefall - he won the league in his first year.There are three options next year.We sack conte and bring in a manager that will get a better response from the players we have(unlikely) We sack conte and bring in a manager and back him to the hilt financially(silly because why did we not back Conte financially) We sack the board and bring in footballing people that know the game and stick with Ccnte( prefered option).
  3. The thing is why would the board back him next year when it was obvious they should have backed him after he stopped us being ship wrecked aboard the good ship mourhino? - unless we have a change of board....yes please.