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  1. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    Was not a fan of this signing, but somehow, he has been real good and solid (not a word I would have ever associated with luiz).
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    People writing off Baba would probably be the same who want the youth to be "given a chance" and yet lack the patience that is required playing a 21 year old defender. Mistakes will happen. You can't expect a young player like baba to play once every 2 months and give a 10/10 performance. Life is not Fifa. Hopefully, we keep both Ake and Baba as our LB options for the next year. For me the squad should be something like this: Gk: Tibo, Bego (HG), Blackman (HG) Def: Bonucci/Benatia, Zouma, Andreas (HG), JT (HG), Azpi, Kane (HG), Ake (HG), Baba CM: Matic, Radja, Gundogan, Mvg, RLC (HG), Baker (HG) LW: Hazard, Kenedy (HG) RW: Willian, Musonda (HG) ST: Costa, Traore (HG), Solanke (HG).
  3. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    I just hope he kept his near post as well as he keeps blabbering nonsense about the club.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    I want this squad for the next season: GK: Thibaut, Begovic (HG), Blackman (HG) Def: Zouma, Andreas (HG), Azpi, Ake (HG), Baba, Benatia/Aymen Abdennour/Bonnuci, Ivanovic, Jake-Clarke Salter Mid: Matic, Radja, RLC, Baker, Pasalic, Kante/Gundogan/Ruben Neves. Forwards : Costa, Traore, Hazard, Willian, Kenedy, Musonda For the past 6 years, we have been in transition. We have no identity, we have no stability, we have no youth players coming through the ranks, now we have no european football. Despite continously putting in 100million pounds every year ( £475,959,000 in the last 5 years) yet we have been going from bad to worse. in 2007 and 2008 we were one of the best teams in the world and again, despite continously putting in millions of pounds, we are now not only out of the list of elite clubs but also out of the elite competition. I think its safe to say that we need a change. We need a change of approach, of mentality, of attitude. So how do we do it? We are not in CL next season, have a new manager and yet we are looking to make a system around a 29 year old CM who runs like a 50 year old. No idea whats going to happen to him when he gets 30 in a year. I am sorry but what have we learned from the past then? Lets leave aside the fact that can cesc actually play the "pirlo role", is a player so hopelessly unathletic at the prime age of his career, playing as a CM which requires a lot of legs and running around, is he the best player to make a system around him. If not then I think he simply is not a player to keep around if the system is not built around him. Cesc, Oscar, Pedro, Cuadrado, Mikel,Cahill all need to leave. Pato and Falcao were pathetic loans that just shows the club's real ambition. Hector, Papy were some of the other buys that were baffling to say the least. Personally, I will be willing to have no PL for 3 years if it means we can get some identity. Build the system around the likes of RLC, Radja, Hazard, Zouma, Andreas, Tibo. Come ON CHELSEA!!!
  5. Official: Cesc Fabregas Leaves For Monaco

    that moment when he lost the ball in the 89th minute and then did not even try to get the ball back. utter ****.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    to laugh, to cry, to feel sad, to feel happy? just dont know. its hilarious and disappointing at the same time. only good thing out of this window was begovic. pedro is a decent short-term signing. in 2 years, we will be looking for another RW. the center mid situation makes me sad. the center back and right back situation makes me sadder. our sole saviour seems to be making uncanny mistakes (Mourinho). sad affairs. feel this international break is a good thing to happen to us. some time off to think about things and make some major major changes. come on chelsea!!!
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    willian Carvalho!!!
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    if this is true then something sinisterly wrong is going on at the club
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    juventus can't possibly have rambo now. their quota of foreign players (non-eu) is full. neto, rubinho, isla, caceres, sandro, asamoah, pereyra, cuadrado
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    anthony martial is a massive talent. I remember people scoffing at us buying neymar for 20mil when he was some 17/18/19. look at that today. this guy has massive massive potential.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    juventus can't possibly have rambo now. their quota of foreign players (non-eu) is full. neto, rubinho, isla, caceres, sandro, asamoah, pereyra, cuadrado
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I must have missed it. but N'Koulou is a good defender. right side of 20s too. definitely worth a shot in our current predicament.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    no idea about this PAPY guy. but if we are looking to buy someone from the french league, it should be n'koulou. strong, and really aggressive. would be a very good option.