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  1. For sure it always is circular with these two, no matter how many objective points they are presented with. Earlier DMWH said go look at the stats, then said don't as they're dodgy, then said ok let's use the stats again. I think the greater community has a good idea what's going on, particularly when I see a rival team and their manager get more backup than the team and manager we're mean't to be supporting, but what begins as entertainment picking out the inconsistencies and nonsense soon becomes boring as we pine to get back to sensible intelligent debate. Fortunately it's international break now. Although we come back on April 'fools day', I hope that isn't literal. EDIT: No sooner do I write that, Ham demonstrates exactly what I'm talking about^^... ditto.
  2. Exactly, you've saved me the time typing a very similar response, cheers.
  3. 1. No, I think Ham is fully entitled to use stats, as they have proven his point. It's you that has to be cautious in their use as you seem to be very conflicting with your conclusions. One minute telling us go to this site, then telling us it's dodgy. 2. Nope again, Mark is right, we all saw it.
  4. Oh right, so we're NOT to use the link you referenced to back up your point. Got it! I do find it confusing when we are or aren't allowed to use recorded stats. Unfortunately "advise you to watch the matches" wasn't on today's DWMH bingo card, but I do watch them, not just the highlights either, the full 90+ minutes. Have you tried doing that? As I think you may have missed all the times we've being in the oppositions half working their defence.
  5. So using your advised stats reference point, that's 39 goals from open play compare to just 5 counterattack? Oh and who's top of the table in the offensive stats, is that Chelsea? Yes totally a defensive team reliant on counterattacking we are.
  6. Yes Hazard was absolutely pivotal in our victory yesterday... oh wait it was again fantastic performances by Kante, Luiz.... so not just reliant on Hazard then.
  7. Ooo that's two on my bingo card... Matic v Fabregas and "go look on the rival forum"... how are you doing Ham?
  8. No. You're beginning to sound more and more like DWMH every day.
  9. Yep, certainly feels like it. I agree we're reliant on Hazard a lot of the time, and Kante, and Luiz, Costa... maybe it's a team thing?
  10. Aw man, I just needed one more for house! I bet "why is it all about me?" is the next shout as well.
  11. Oh well that makes it alright then. There's us bemoaning their appalling tactics for no reason. Go hack him once more, make it a leg breaker this time. An unhealthy amount of both praise and defensive work in favour of Man Utd, across a number of DWMH's posts... Do we have a Man Utd fan in disguise on these here forums?
  12. Deep joy. It's this debate again. By the way, well done Conte and team for beating Man Utd to the semi's.
  13. Looks like I was mistaken, someone did go off with a limp, namely Moses. Nigerian press speculate three weeks off with a suspected calf strain, but further assessment is to be made yet.
  14. According to the beeb "Oliver has told the FA he saw it and dealt with the incident as he saw fit at the time"... Answers on a postcard if you know how Oliver "dealt with it" exactly.
  15. My only request is not to take any chances on players' physical condition, Hazard being one of them, although amazingly I didn't see anyone limping off yesterday, and 5 days of rest should be enough. Another six pointer this weekend between Man City and Liverpool on Sunday, I just wish Tottenham would start dropping points.