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  1. Other reports say he is on the verge of a new contract until 2020, some say a 'monster new contract'... and that he is planning to open a restaurant in London. There's always a top manager is about to leave headline at some point.
  2. Thought I'd get in the quip before Liverpool came back. As it turned out, Leicester returned to last seasons form. I wonder what Ranieri was feeling tonight.
  3. So they'd need not sack Ranieri after all. Just needed to play an easy team that they could springboard from.
  4. Gutted I missed this as it seems like the first Fabregas start in a league match in... well ages. Has there been a change of tact anyone notice? Positional changes, use of channels? I'm wondering if Conte will keep this team while we're dealing with mid to lower table until Man City comes up again.
  5. But Dave it works both ways. I don't want to labour the point in your direction as we all know a contender with a far worse reputation, but I have him on ignore. That someone who comes out with some really (REALLY) absurd statements, without logic 'in any sense' (as you put it), states their opinion as fact, and then spouts insults and claims of logic-less nonsense at anyone that disagrees. No doubt that particular individual has done considerable work in rubbing people up the wrong way already, the same as he does with Matic v Fabregas, all before you came along with the post in question. With that in mind it's a bit naive to then expect posting "What a d*ck. Right?", which couldn't be more obvious as an attempt to be provocative, and not expect some kind of reaction (Newtons' 3rd law, right?). I see a distinct lack of logic in the rose-tinted arguments that defend Jose's more odious character. Yet when that is questioned, those people are also labelled as moronic (again in your words), or Jose haters, talking nonsense or similar derogatory comments. You've demonstrated this yourself with "The fact that some of you don't like him (anymore I shall add), means you can't be logical about anything he does"... exactly the same can be said the other way. This tribal war stuff over particular individuals at the club, or who used to be at the club, is just ridiculous.
  6. Assuming it's not through injury that Fabregas replaces Matic today, so an interesting change of tact (and I assume dynamic). I did wonder whether having played Liverpool and Arsenal, and now facing teams that will apply a slightly different approach than before (as seen with Burnley), when this change would happen. It will be telling if Conte keeps this up during the rest of the season.
  7. Equally it doesn't matter what he does or don't do, there a couple that will find a way to flower it up as someone that can do no wrong. It was abundantly clear you were probing for a reaction with the post-link commentary, so you can't act surprised. I appreciate that the unfortunate consequence of Jose remaining the premier league means this thread continues to be very active, but can we not keep it intelligent. This playground mud flinging is quite pathetic.
  8. Both of us quick to get our Liverpool quip book out, haha.
  9. If this thread wasn't bad enough already lately... I have a funny feeling I know exactly what will take up the following pages...
  10. It's from a song they sing for their team. I think the words are You'll Never Win Anything(?) ;-)
  11. Unfortunately coming on to site whilst offline, allows ignored users' tripe to reveal itself. But sometimes it offers a gem. Why do people bother arguing with this guy to such lengths.
  12. oooo, he is pushing it isn't he with the backhanders.
  13. True, but it's high pressure as Man Utd aren't a bad side at the moment, and can get very lucky. Perhaps more than that you know the media are going to go into frenzy on this one, Red's v Blue's and lots of dramatism, and... who are they going to be backing? I would've preferred Arsenal or Tottenham personally.
  14. Is it bad that I STILL think of the ballboy incident every time Swansea come up in the next fixture, and still feel the need to thump them as punishment every time.
  15. Sutton/Arsenal v Lincoln City I don't believe it.... lost for words.... surely this needs looking into. Meanwhile we get Man Utd, but at least it's at home. #hotballs