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  1. Great day today, loved it all. But not MOTD desperately trying to get one further dig in at Costa. Pathetic.
  2. Gonna be cheering us on Friday of course but with two home games would be also great to win the title at home infront of myself and our fans! (not going to WBA...:( )
  3. Yeah just came out of the stadium and turned the radio on, Goldstein is desperate tonight but deep down he knows the truth
  4. How Spurs fans feel about now...
  5. Brilliant West Ham, not often we can say that! 2 wins from Boro, West Brom, Watford and Sunderland. Surely......surely.....surely....!!!
  6. ha ha ha ha Spurs forums are up there with Liverpool forums when they lose
  7. I'm sure that Droy chap is penning his letter to the FA as we speak lol Me, I'm going to get very drunk!
  8. One bloke called him rubbish but retracted it. I think Ake was very assured today, possibly Cahill's replacement and hopefully Christensen to come back next season too.
  9. Yup and Lamps schooled him too.
  10. Ha ha Jermaine Jenas just about crying on tv and moaning having an argument with everyone else
  11. Love seeing the Spuds fans trudging out of the ground early, thats ruined their weekend ooooh, Courtois just.....
  12. But was he standing in the right place when he hit that?
  13. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JUST YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. HAZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Think we need to see Hazard and Costa sooner rather than later and maybe Cesc too.