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  1. Depressing we can't get the Danilo deal done but if Morata goes through that's arguably more important at the moment. I won't mind losing out on Danilo if we sign someone like Bertrand, Azpi can move out to right wingback with Moses as cover.
  2. Reports say we can get Llorente if we bid now about £45million should we just accept that is the best option for now and go for it or hold out for Benteke on the last day of the window?
  3. Reports in the media today that Palace are going to play hardball over Benteke and Chelsea may have to break their transfer record with a +£60 million bid for the versatile striker. Should Chelsea go for Benteke if a bid of £75 million will surely seal the deal?
  4. Amazing isn't it. People on here saying we are signing everyone from Sanchez, Aguero to Agabamyiang yet we may end up with Bats and Llorente up front in the Champions League!
  5. Chelsea transfer board to sign Sanchez? No chance, they are still waiting for Lukaku to arrive!
  6. Why would Costa want to play for Man City but not Chelsea? I thought he didn't like living in London so he would prefer manchester?
  7. Conte watching the Wimbledon final.
  8. I agree, wouldn't be surprising to see Conte go to Milan sooner rather than later.
  9. LOL
  10. hee hee, we can only hope Marina is busying away!
  11. well good we got him in finally. I miss the old days when you just turned on ceefax and saw we had signed Chris Sutton or someone now its so drawn out with twitter and instagram and media rumours.... Still, hopefully the first of many!
  12. Chelsea fan Sam Matterface on TalkSport has declared a crisis at Chelsea with only 14 outfield players going in to the new season. Sold £170million worth of talent since January but a minimum of eight new signings needed to compete next season according to Matterface. Worrying times? 15/16 season repeating itself? Conte to walk? All possible with those running this club it seems.
  13. Where abouts is Matic standing at the moment?
  14. All coming together now. Lukaku was a non starter his heart was with Manu and anyway he is rubbish Going to sign some big name signings soon and Matic told he has to stay will be anchor in the midfield even if bakotyoko goes to Manu as seems likely now. The chelsea board have it all under control and everything is falling into their plans now.
  15. The season we won the Europa League our players played something ridiculous like 65 games but still managed to come good in the final, the desire should be there regardless. Just a bit dissapointed we couldn't do the double for JT.