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  1. I don't get how the English law on racism works. I think the idea of stamping our racism in sports and society is good and worthy cause but to put people on trail for it like this just seems to be over the top. Speaking as some one who has been racially abused on the sports field and in every day life making these people work with minority community as a community service would do every one a lot more good then fining them and giving them jail time or any other type of punishment. Most racism comes for ignorance I have found and rather change some ones attitude by doing something positive then this. I don't think JT is a racist but I do believe people can say and do stupid things in the heat of the moment. I watched the vid when all this happened and tbh I can't tell what the hell he said and Ferdinand didn't hear what he said so we are playing the guessing game as too what was said. On top of that JT went to him after the game and talked to him if there was an issue it should have been handled there. Maybe I have become jaded here in America but I have dealt with so much worse then this and handled it better.
  2. hughjars99 I respect your opinion but you got to step back and really think about what you are saying. And that is that Jose is an idiot. Because only and idiot would go out and spend 24 mil on a striker who was not good enough. Last time I checked we are 11 points clear in the EPL and in the Semi's in Champions League so I am guessing that Jose knows what he is doing. So if he goes out and spends 24 mil on a striker we have to trust him since he has a cabinet full of trophies that he has already won and we are in the postion to win a treble. Also like stated before look at Henry's first year in the league he had to go through growing pains of a new league and did not set the world on fire. So if you want to compare Henry to DD look at what was done in both of their first year. DD has IMO a pretty d*mn good job for this being his first year in the league and all the injuries he has had. Also look at what DD did against the back four of BM. In the first game was kick it to DD and let him flick on. In the second game he scored the goal to send us through so why are you complaining. So chill out have a laugh we are top of the table and in the semi's