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  1. This is not true - this game was one of the highest presses we've adopted this season...... Pedro is a joy to watch - I can see why he was the first point of the press at Barca, would've actually been ideal against a hulking Stoke midfield
  2. Being a Partenopei as well as a Blue I will try my best to give you a fair assessment on where I see Koulibaly for Chelsea, I do see this transfer completing as Torino, whilst playing hardball, cannot turn down the money for Maksimovic. Tonelli and Maksimovic is a good cover and ball playing CB pairing, an upgrade on Albiol-Koulibaly (not an upgrade on Tonelli, Koulibaly however). I do believe Koulibaly to be a long term REPLACEMENT for Terry, note in Austria Djilobodji played DCL w/ Terry as cover, Djilobodji attacked the ball much in the same way Koulibaly does for Napoli so Conte may have been experimenting with him coming into the team. From watching the rest of pre-season I don't believe Terry to be an immediate issue (nor do I see the defence being MUCH of an issue in general but thats another discussion) in why Chelsea had so many shots conceded . Replacing Terry might not really solve any of our problems in short term but Koulibaly under Conte will develop much in the way Chiellini did at Juve in my opinion and will no doubt come with the disciplinary and concentration issues Giorgio had so patience is a must, a smart defender like Terry playing as RCB might keep him in check (By the way Cahill is as decent a HG option for a "cover" covering CB as you could wish for). Full back and one more CM would be higher on my list than a CB for a challenge next year but w/ Conte looking at Koulibaly at least he seems to be looking longer term.
  3. Slightly harsh on Traore (seemed to be a direct consequence of having no/ineffective strike partner and an early Casemiro(?) challenge that may have made him think twice), but a fair assessment, we are in need of some "established" pro's in AM, CF and Full Back(s), Chalobah may save us £15-20 mil on a squad CM but I wouldn't oppose one coming in. Talk of letting go of a whole scale number of the senior squad (Pedro, Mikel, Matic, Oscar, Cahill etc.) is ridiculous. I thought the system was fine and might turn out to be a fun to watch with Fabregas, Hazard and the like. I understand Conte's persistence with Matic, despite his many limitations, he is 6ft plus and has a fairly solid understanding of what is required if not much of anything else. Possibly why Allegri wants him too (what is N'Zonzi doing these days?) We will unlikely get a better opportunity to see the limitations and potential of the hopeful squad members so for me - no cause for concern, 3 players in and we can mount a decent challenge.