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  1. St. Patricks 0 Chelsea FC 4

    I see Bats as an option when we are playing a team clearly playing for a point and you need a good finisher from the bench to supplement what you have on the pitch. Of course it will require sacrificing a defender or midfielder yet if he wins us games from the bench he could have a role to play this season.
  2. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    Agree and he seems more relaxed now about the prospect of not playing every game.
  3. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    I agree with that having looked into health and think they try to manage his games, as if he plays through the pain he risks spasms in his back putting him out for 2-3 weeks. Shame.
  4. Of not renewing season tickets.
  5. I have similar concerns too can only think that the SB boo boys have panicked the board.
  6. Begs the question, are their board panicking? Our board have made some strange decisions and on the face of it this proposed match up seems a poor fit.
  7. Sarri was reported to have said I guess about 10 days before the Europa that he wanted a decision from the club about his future before the Europa final. I guess he is a proud man and didn't get his assurances and so this probably explains the proposed move back to Italy after just one year.
  8. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    I really liked out first goal last night, a short floated cross and Giroud puts his head in a dangerous and awkward position to score a peach of a goal.
  9. CFCnet 18/19 Awards

  10. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    Sarri deserves another crack next season for me. Hopefully with a full pre-season we will be better.
  11. Eintracht Frankfurt 1 Chelsea 1

    I agree abut the Spurs crash post City and thought they failed miserably in the league yet they have re-written the script in the CL or at least given themselves an unexpected chance.
  12. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    I'm still not convinced yet think he deserves a chance for next season with a full preseason and then we see how it goes. This makes even more sense if we have a transfer ban. If our peers Arse, Spurs, Utd were much better this might have had a different outcome yet seeing as it has turned out this way think by default he deserves longer stay to have a go. Positives this season, more comfortable playing out from the back, successful introduction of younger players in RLC and Odoi. Not the greatest season yet with the modest means at his disposal relative to our peers think he has done ok.
  13. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    Spurs did well to limit that to a single goal deficit, get a couple of players back and they may well progress to a final.
  14. Eintracht Frankfurt 1 Chelsea 1

    I think you are right that some of our players are more interested in the EL cup rather than grafting in the EPL and there is a real risk that even if we get to the EL final we may not even win it.
  15. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    Seemed to me the ref might have let that go except Hazard made probably his best move of the day kicking the ball out while pointing at Willian to get the play halted. I thought Hazard looked disinterested was this because RM looms or just because he thought the ref was not giving anything against some vicious challenges?