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  1. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    You don't see the irony that Kante plays often on the same side as Willian yet does not provided good balls for Willian to run onto. CHO yesterday was good on the Left and almost anonymous on the Right, it's no coincidence both need fast and angled balls to get around their man and play decent crosses.
  2. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Kante does very little on the ball, the movement stops. Kovacic will run with the ball and pass it forward to Tammy who then holds off two defenders and plays it wide and we spring their defence. Otherwise Tammy is just waiting for scraps from crosses. This cult of Kante can play anywhere is ridiculous and will kill our season if Frank does not wake up. Kante needs to play as the defensive midfielder in a possession based system, either him or Jorginho yet not both.
  3. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Kante's the problem, he delivers one dimensional passes never into space, he doesn't see a pass, it goes square. It kills the attack down the right whether it is Willian or CHO. So we are restricted creating and Frank takes off our best midfield player that can dribble and feed Tammy directly............. uh oh!
  4. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    My thoughts as an armchair pundit. 4th does matter as without the revenue from the CL we won't be able to invest as much in new players re FFP regulations. There are a lot of things we could be doing better and they all come down to coaching and I am amazed how he can state we have exhausted all opportunities as it does not show. Earlier in the season, Kovacic dribbles normally found Tammy with his back to goal and he would start an attacking move by holding off the attackers to feed the wide men notably Willian eating up the space, this does not happen without Kovacic..............? Next when we have a wide-man running down near the corner with a defender near him he can only cross first time in a certain way either straight along the ground to the penalty area or an out-swinger to the far post. Tammy does not move, he stays static marked by two defenders, a run to the near post would give him a shooting chance a couple of times a match - this is coaching. Short corners why with the last play and everyone in the box do you decide to try and run past three defenders on the edge of the box and conjure to blast it out of play. Glory hunter, inexperience ...... not sure. Yet what is even worse the earlier angled cross got us a goal. Frank will be criticised as he is not seeing the obvious, he is shoe-horning Kante into an unnatural role slowing down our attacks and with Hazard in the team we could get away with it. Without Hazard and playing possession based football we can't use Kante in an attacking position he does not have that instinct. Its the elephant in the room and Frank does not know how to cope - inexperience........... likely to cost us revenue next season unless he makes a big decision yet that's what good managers do they make big decisions.
  5. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    I think in a possession based team Kante is less important. The opposition don't seem to mark him he gives mostly safe passes. I noticed he scored that amazing goal against Liverpool early in the season because no-one thought he was a danger. His strength has been in winning the ball back, less useful if you become a possession based team.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Shame there is not a similar alternative on the market now although Zaha at 28 might be an option though there the comparison ends. I was impressed with Anelka when he came to us, Drogba seemed the main striker yet Anelka was more than useful as a second forward or on the right in a front three. I always though he was petulant player that had sabotaged his own career yet he certainly put in a shift for us picking up four medals.
  7. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    That might work better for this one. Think we will beat Arsenal though suspect it will be close too.
  8. Media / Press

    Yes it looks like he has sold on the family business to his son, he was a bit before my time though many remember him as a top player for us.
  9. Media / Press

    Found this by chance thought it might interest you given your user name http://www.westminsterelectrical.com/about-us/
  10. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Haha, that thought has crossed my mind though if he had scored with that left footed effort early on we would not be saying that and I don't believe he aimed to miss. On the right side suspect he would have buried it.
  11. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    A gruelling match for us yesterday we put in a shift yet caught with a sucker punch. Why was Rudiger marking two players, where were the others? Or was someone trying to play offside? In attack we were largely predictable, having said that both Willian and Kante had chances to put us one ahead. The Kante one arguably he could also have put Tammy in. Despite having two wide players neither seemed to run to the touch-line to put a cross in with pace, instead invariably cutting-in around the box against a packed defence preventing a decent chance. Until Barkley came on that didn't change, with Barkley in our midfield we looked like creating something and a one-two I think with Jorginho late on was a good idea and unlucky. I would also have liked Barkley to be on for the set piece as again our free kick was poorly executed. I'm not sure on the Kovacic situation, whether his form is poor or is on the bench for a tactical reason yet feel we are better when he is on the pitch as he is more creative and able to break the lines with his dribbling. When we are looking to get a winner late on, I cannot understand bringing one off-form striker on for another struggling against two defenders and think we need another option. It's a shame we cannot find a way to utilise Alonso he can score with his head, or shoot and puts in a decent cross. I would think the last 15 mins he is a better gamble than Bats by sacrificing a defender or midfielder. We need something different in attack or our season will peter out. Shame for me that Frank said we had rehearsed attacking training to death and we needed to be more clinical, yesterday I did not think we created enough decent chances. I also think we should be creating better chances and that can only be done on the training pitch.
  12. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    Agree with this and also think this is his first season where he is playing under Frank rather than the rigid systems of the Italians. Does not mean he will be any better yet he just might, look at Kovacic this season. If not, as Rob B states he is useful on other areas until we get better cover.
  13. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    I think you may well be right on Barkley yet he gives others a rest and there is a chance he may improve, if not then recruit others at season's end and sell.
  14. Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 1

    In previous seasons perhaps not this season under Frank, the style has changed and I don't think it suits his attributes.
  15. Newcastle Away (18th January 2020)

    Interesting fixture this as historically we rarely win here, though I think we might grab all three.