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  1. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    I think that is the only time I have cheered Arsenal too.
  2. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    Watched this one, and had forgotten how it worked out except we won. Very tricky match we hit the woodwork four times, then Ballack gets badly fouled and Belletti comes on and concedes a penalty. Cech saves it. We continue to push forward and threaten against a physically strong Avram Grant Portsmouth. No-one seemed to be able to hit the target and that strangely includes Lampard. Drogba scores via a great free-kick yet despite bringing on Cole and Sturridge we cannot get a second and also Lampard is fouled in the box yet his late penalty goes wide. A hard fought win. Brown from Portsmouth was lucky not to get his marching orders seemed to be doing his best to get our players to react.
  3. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Don't worry, I'm feeling silly too :-)
  4. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Not quite for me 1. Population Density 2. How many pre-existing conditions exist in the patient.
  5. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I can see an argument for playing behind closed doors yet the later it goes without a decision the less likely it appears.
  6. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    I also felt that was a momentous match for us having not beaten them for so long to go and then to go and do in their place knocking them out of the CL was special. We showed a lot of heart and determination to get that win.
  7. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I looked into the vaccine argument a couple of decades ago and the antibody argument was topical, they should be the end game on whether a vaccination is successful. The main issue is viruses mutate likely making todays vaccine obsolete for the next outbreak so are we expecting more Corona viruses? I ask as the SARs was a corona virus and this is the first I have heard of since that time about 18 years ago.
  8. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I believe the word gofer comes from Spain and the reasoning I heard was you used them to get bureaucracy moving. Good luck with everything there. One thing I read a long time ago about depressions was the claim it was best to be in your own country as often minority groups can be targeted.
  9. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I had an issue with my car the day before the lockdown started, which was a real pain. The option is a 25 minute walk or 12 minute walk and a train, I don't do buses. I have used Tesco more than other shop not because I like them yet because currently it is more practical being open later. Managed to get substitutes less healthy than my normal fare and you taste it at first though you can get most things barring eggs down my way. I don't think the 2m zone is practical in the aisles either and noticed at both Tescos and a recent trip to Waitrose most people do not seem concerned they just follow the restrictions when asked yet when no-one is there behavior changes.
  10. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Yes you raise a good point. I recall a CFC Wembley appearance before RA arrived in the 90s when the group I was with wanted to leave before the crush at the tube started. As we jogging through the rain I spotted a group of about 80 chaps nearly all wearing black leather jackets sitting on the concrete. They also all looked Southern European and when I got eye contact they looked down. Anyway on getting home was shocked to see all over TV media about Chelsea fans rioting in Wembley Way. Once I started reading alternative news articles I decided to revisit that Wembley incident and went to the British Library at Colindale. Found the incident that had been broadcast as Chelsea fans riot down Wembley Way and then was surprised to see just two fans were arrested at Horseferry magistrates' court and the names and addresses were withheld. Let's think on that just two fans arrested and names and addresses withheld, why?
  11. Time to give Willian some credit

    I notice in one of the articles this was following an appeal, always think where family is concerned best to let a player go.
  12. Time to give Willian some credit

    I see Willian has been given leave to rejoin his family in Brazil, a good move by the club given current affairs with health.
  13. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Former Israeli Medical Health Chief blast medical over-reaction, says it is group hysteria. Says it's well known about respiratory disease in Italy, re elderly and high level of smokers. Says you can't stop the spread of a virus and it may be less fatal than normal flu. https://en.globes.co.il/en/article-lockdown-lunacy-1001322696
  14. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Yes I do, 1400+ a day die of general causes yet flu is not a current characterisation for death and unless it is going to be measured going forward in a years time we will be none the wiser unless this daily average figure increases statistically. Yes I don't think it will happen, too many resources and what if the testers contract it.
  15. Coronavirus COVID-19

    If you are doing testing you need to identify a sampling strategy. Random testing might suggest testing people in the supermarket yet that might be misleading as they are the healthier ones with the ill ones back home. Then you might decide to test a street and all the occupants or using a stratified testing method say every tenth house, that might be better than the first point yet there is another to consider and that is what is the likely infection rate for people living in flats. Sampling strategies to understand the likely true situation need some thought. A point of interest, in the last couple of years over 1,400 people died in England & Wales daily yet flu is not listed as a cause.