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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I wonder if this affects our budget for adding more players: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/08/07/roman-Abramovich-splits-third-wife-dasha-zhukova/
  2. Hi everyone

    I think it is more political in that Rangers tended to be mostly Prots and against the IRA and Chelsea were mainly patriotic and also against the IRA due to Irish attacks on the mainland. So when a lot of Scots came down South for work the Prots headed for Chelsea. And of course we both played in blue that might have helped too. Just a thought.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think we will get both Drinkwater and Candreva and look to get for cover for Alonso. Drinkwater I expect to be defensive midfleld cover.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    If Neymar is a done deal expect Barca to come knocking for Coutinho, then the Liverpool Echo will be making a different noise!
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Lot of chatter on other sites about possibility of signing Candreva at about £18m, reported on BBC gossip page a as daily mirror article. He can cover several positions though almost 30.
  6. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    The one that sticks in my mind was the match at SB against PSG which got Ibrahimovic sent off, left a bad taste. I thought it was the dark arts of JM's influence. Still 8 game ban does seem harsh.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm hoping Baker gets a chance in the squad, he's looking good for England at under 21
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    To me it appears Conte is trying to get us good cover in every defensive position. We didn’t have any cover for LWB (Pedro, you’re having a laugh) and Alonso got roasted for pace against the big 4 that could be 24 points dropped. In the other matches he was excellent. I like the analogy with Ashley Cole and Wayne Bridge someone made earlier. Alonso can also play as a CB and Cahill could play as LCB with Azpi moving to RWB when the need arises. We are also looking for cover for Luiz who was carrying an injury last year and the rumour is were looking at Kostas Manola. Bakayoko looks like a ball carrier and ball winner and with Kante looks like we will have enough firepower to compete against any midfield and overrun the others I also think we either need an extra attacking player or to move one out and get one in. I just think we are too predictable with Willian and Pedro and of course we do not know when Hazard will be back to his best.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I like your thinking Bob as I always think the timing is important too. Yes Alonso was superb for us last season barring a few matches when he was done for pace. Yet what I am hearing about Sandro suggests we are sending a message to the players that they need to maintain if not improve standards. We do not know if Hazard will be back to his best yet so in the meantime if we sign another world class player it may encourage other world class players to come to us in the future. If this does happen I would like us to keep Alonso which probably means Ake would be the spare man for loan or sale.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I also agree we need to buy a LWB or at least a LB than can play LWB. Alonso was one of the star performers for us last season but in one or two matches he rode his luck defensively. He was out on his feet and liable to get a red. Against certain teams his pace is going to be a factor and for me Pedro is not a replacement left back. It is one area I think it would be worth to invest in as we have little cover and need an upgrade. The other is a central midfielder which we may already have covered and refreshing or adding to our striker options. Another creative midfielder would be nice yet I see the other roles as more important.
  11. Chelsea 3 Middlesbrough 0

    Agree with the bold text, the rest kind of makes sense though would have expected to hear something about the formation change too.
  12. West Bromwich Albion 0 Chelsea 1

    I agree win it Friday, and then for last two give some of the wider squad players a run out (JT, Ake, RLC).
  13. Media / Press

    I also like Chris Sutton, speaks his mind and appears honest about his own career too, both ups and downs.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    The rumour mill is linking Conte with Barcelona today, let's hope it is just the rumour mill and nothing more.
  15. Chelsea 3 Middlesbrough 0

    Re 1). haha, you were right as we play them tomorrow not today! I would prefer to save JT to the last premier match and make sure of the points first. Assuming complacency is influencing your Boro will beat us theme, I would say this is a test for Conte in making sure the players execute with their killer instinct and beat Boro.