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  1. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    One of the health findings in recent years is that vitamin D is not only good for bones yet also good for the immune system and of course it is more prevalent in the Mediterrean area.
  2. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    We had Kante fit for the super cup, no news yet on his availability.
  3. Ross Barkley

    Wouldn't be surprised if at the end of this season he goes out on loan. He is skilful and can hold the ball yet his movement is too slow about the pitch.
  4. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    I also don't expect him to be a great success there though do expect him to show them what he can go with the odd cracker of a goal. Give him a few more outings and no doubt he will conjure up something special.
  5. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    I wasn't keen on Drogba at first either, though that certainly changed.
  6. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Perhaps a factor is he a home boy and needs to be in his home environment (Spain) to flourish.
  7. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    I thought we looked more balanced with three CBs.
  8. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Willian was ok, high work rate. Little end product except one assist for a goal. Better than previous appearances for sure.
  9. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    My stream cut out shortly after 4-0, very encouraging and we looked much better with 3 CBs and wing backs. Kovacic for me was impressive in covering ground and bringing the ball out from defence and opening them up. Tammy has just made the big time with the hattrick, excellent finishing. Mount played well too.
  10. Formation

    Three seasons from 2005 -2008 he played over 20 matches a season and then in 2010 he played over 30. Noticed twice he was inured after international duty for Ghana, makes me think he was trying too hard for them.
  11. Injury News

    It seems a like a long time Kante has been out with his ankle issue.
  12. Following Chelsea's Loans

    True and it seems like every season he spends more time out injured. Perhaps him and RLC can do a cameo.
  13. Following Chelsea's Loans

    For the kids sake it might be time to consider taking coaching exams or looking for another career, with an injury record like his I don't think the future looks rosy.
  14. Media / Press

    I would wager a politically correct choice by Kompany as one CB stands out and for reasons certain parts of the media would applaud he chooses a promising CB with only recent exposure.
  15. Formation

    I think we had better defensive midfielders with JT, Gallas and Carvalho.