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  1. I caught yesterday that Costa is claimed to have mentioned other potential sides in France, PSG as already mentioned and Marseille. There was another French side too though I forget that just now. Re Conte Kante's point on Athletico's transfer ban, if Griezman goes does that open a window for Costa to return?
  2. Yep and when we play at Utd later in April I half expect a dodgy decision.
  3. Agree. I've been on redcafe a bit and the Neymar transfer is a big discussion point and the consensus is Neymar is being mentioned with everyone and no-one is sure why. Eden Hazard is a also a big discussion point and 50:50 the consensus is open yet Marca are claiming a transfer with Hazard is close.
  4. Agree, Lukaku and Sturridge completely different. Sturridge is a liability nearly always injured, it is sad yet just the way it is. Lukaku is hungry for success and as Michael says has unfinished business. So if Costa is to depart the EPL I would also be happy with Lukaku.
  5. Paul thanks for correcting my previous point re regular appearances. Yes we got Luiz from PSG supposedly because they had younger talent coming though that they highly rated. We got Fabregas from Barcelona though there was a question mark over whether he was effective for 90 minutes a game. We got Pedro from Barcelona though with Suarez arriving there for him it was doubtful how much playing time he would get.
  6. I watched it, an ambitious scope and certainly interesting. Seeing a young Trump, the machines doing their predictive analysis and a certain narrative on the Middle East not all of which I agree with. Not really that controversial which is probably why the BBC hosts it.
  7. Apart from Costa I'm not sure any of those players were first team regulars when we bought them.
  8. I got six and 11 on the retest. Surprised to see we had beaten Everton the most, I went for the Spuds which was close.
  9. Agree Sam and let's not forget even if you have the money we know from experience top European clubs will not sell to Chelsea as they see as competitors in the CL.
  10. Nice one Droy, I haven't got early onset dementia after all!
  11. As long as we don't settle for a single goal I think this should be three points. They will always be dangerous at set pieces so again let's score more than one before we decide to coast it. For some reason I thought Zaha was a Chelsea old boy yet Wiki states he started with Palace and no mention of Chelsea. Am I getting him mixed up with someone else?
  12. I remember Hughes as a player and to be honest he frustrated me, I always got the impression he was trying to score a wonder goal like with his trademark volley yet often he wasted the chance which could have otherwise resulted in a more bread and butter goal. He scored some important goals in our cup runs including our first FA cup win since the 70's. He did take a fair bit of physical punishment and he also dished it out at times.
  13. I noticed on MOTD+ on the Sunday that Henry Winter of the Times said that Costa had done well not to react as he had been kicked all over the park.
  14. Neat picture, shows it meant a lot to them. A lot of big clubs have dropped points against Stoke so well done to the lads, once again.
  15. Well done to Conte and the lads.
  16. Hopefully Fabregas can produce something special.
  17. Stoke now have four players on a yellow.
  18. They are on two cards, Allen and Bardsley. Yet with Hazard out you would normally want to keep Costa on.I have a strange thought that RLC might make an impact here if Pedro is moved forward.
  19. I agree yet if the officials won't deal with it and your man is already on a card then be you need to be astute and make a change so your player can fight another day and not get a 3 match ban, IMO.
  20. Come on signore Conte, have a think and make a wise decision...........
  21. Dion Dublin on BBC text claiming Mark Huges has sent his men to do a job on Costa and they are getting away with it.
  22. Then Conte needs to take action and change the personnel.
  23. Good to see we are not settling on the first goal.
  24. Costa booked with 74 mins to go will Conte sub him?
  25. Go Willian and a little bit of luck I think.