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  1. West Ham 0 Chelsea 0

    Expecting 3 points today though may be close. This heavy rain is likley to play a part too.
  2. West Ham 0 Chelsea 0

    I think we will win though agree this fixture is one that could spring a surprise and one that is not helped by the delay returning from Greece.
  3. I think we will take points from both Liverpool and Man City yet not on both legs. Don't think we will beat Liverpool this time in the league.
  4. He can't help himself, if he can't win or achieve notable success he will increasingly become unstable with one result. However this season I think his kids education system has improved so he does not need to remain in the UK.
  5. Do you believe in omens? I think they will beat Watford yet also think JM will not last the season.
  6. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0

    Personally think attacking players have an advantage coming on later as the manager tells them how he wants them to play in relation to how the match has progressed. For me Christmas / January will be the time to reassess.
  7. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0

    Sarri will make changes perhaps a chance for Barkley to shine.
  8. Media / Press

    Nice picture Jane and good to see different generations of Chelsea representatives engaging in some good cheer.
  9. I think Sarri will be here for another season. Don't think he will win as much as Mourinho though think he will get us silverware next season. Also think we will make third this season.
  10. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0

    What did you think of Robben when in the last season he was injured, it certainly appeared to upset Mourinho. I noticed Robben went off to Real Madrid and his scoring stats were not better until he went to Bayern. Arguably the Bundesliga is weaker than the other two leagues.
  11. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0

    3 seasons with us. lots of silverware yet the most he scored in anyone season was 10 goals. I do recall him being special for the team when he played and the closest we have is Hazard not the same explosiveness (Willian has that) yet the guile to get around players and both normally shoot from an angle or on the turn. Think we has was at his best when we were being pressed and he could hit the team on he counter not so great when we had to break down a compact defence.
  12. Media / Press

    Who cares what the media thinks even better when they write us off and the boys in blue triumph yet again. Hopefully we will win something this season though I suspect it might just be third place yet also think our football will be much more appealing on the eye. Next season with a full pre-season with Sarri and no international competitions will be the time to really go after the silverware IMO.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't disagree he can be useful yet he has played week in and out at Palace probably in his favoured position and realises he will only be a bit part player at Chelsea. This is why I think he will move on probably in the January window.
  14. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    I don't watch the matches just follow on-line or 5 live and MOTD. Gullit was saying Alonso got poor service and was asking the question why Azpi and Alonso could not get wide and put in telling crosses. Both are good crossers yet to do that I take it that Kovacic and Kante would need to cover the full back position. I think we are sticking with Luiz due to his better distribution perhaps not needed against Newcastle yet in matches where Jorginho would get closed down Luiz would be the outlet to get the ball to the front players. Don't think we can tell much from the match due to Benitez's defensive tactics except knowing Hazard is now fit and we need to be able to penetrate teams better. Yet should add importantly, we have the desire to win. We are lucky with how the fixtures have fallen meaning we are likley to stay near the top for at least another month barring some calamity. I think we will improve as Sarri starts to see what the players are capable of and what needs need tweaking. Like the way he makes positive substitutions at a decent time and great to see so much possession.
  15. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    He was also the most fouled at 5 times, courtesy of the BBC report.
  16. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    3 points and Chelsea 3-0, IMO.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Under Sarri, I would always expect three in midfield. I would expect Kovacic to be the 3rd and see him both as defensive and attacking. Wouldn't be surprised if he gravitates to the left to support defensively the forward runs of Alonso. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Hazard playing as the striker at times as under Sarri having three dedicated front men would give him support. This would give some of the others a run out.
  18. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    I believe defensively we will improve though will also be a risk with Luiz.
  19. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    I don't think Sarri will drop Luiz due to his superior distribution and PL stats show he has by far the most passes in the league to date. So that will be the risk we take in needing to outscore the opposition, IMO.
  20. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    I would think we would start how we finished yesterday except keep Morata instead of Giroud.
  21. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    I wonder how long Jorginho will survive in that position too, though with Kovacic they might make it work with interchanging at times in a match. Otherwise you would expect the oppositions to close him down. The other factor in our favour is David Luiz possessing the ability to bring the ball forward and will see when Jorginho is under pressure. If it wasn't Arsenal I might feel a little sorry for them having both City and us as their first opponents. I do think they will improve on last season.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    If we do get Kova and TC goes that will be good business after last season's strange acquisitions. An improvement in the scoring options would have been nice yet if the above goes through at least we are stronger than last season.
  23. Media / Press

    Re the media hatred for the club. Did a bit of thinking and suspect this might start from the 60's when the Kings Road took off with fashion and Chelsea players mixing with film stars and taking some of the gloss of Liverpool with the Beatles and other traditional hotspots in North London. Didn't even George Best come down to drink in the Kings Road? Then Bates came along followed by RA fuelling the media's fire.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    BBC claim we are in talks to sign Kovacic from RM https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/gossip
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Don't believe it though it helps sells papers.