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  1. Agree with the bold text, the rest kind of makes sense though would have expected to hear something about the formation change too.
  2. I agree win it Friday, and then for last two give some of the wider squad players a run out (JT, Ake, RLC).
  3. I also like Chris Sutton, speaks his mind and appears honest about his own career too, both ups and downs.
  4. The rumour mill is linking Conte with Barcelona today, let's hope it is just the rumour mill and nothing more.
  5. Re 1). haha, you were right as we play them tomorrow not today! I would prefer to save JT to the last premier match and make sure of the points first. Assuming complacency is influencing your Boro will beat us theme, I would say this is a test for Conte in making sure the players execute with their killer instinct and beat Boro.
  6. I bet we all hate different clubs for different reasons, one too many close brushes with Millwall fans for me and I disliked the arrogance of Arsenal fans when I was supporting home and away in the 90's. We always used to beat Spurs then.
  7. Yes credit to Bilic and WHU, a pleasant surprise before todays match. I always thought Spurs had tough remaining fixtures and were likely to drop points though still surprised Spurs could not salvage a point at WHU. I would like us to hammer Boro tomorrow and then in our remaining fixtures look to bring in some of the youngers members of the squad for a half here or there.
  8. So here we are in May, 4 points clear and on paper with an easier run in than our big rivals Spurs. We also have an FA cup final to look forward to. Still looking good.
  9. Just taken a quick look on the wiki season updates and Chelsea in all competitions have played 95 and Spurs 99. Not saying we don't deserve our lead as it is so difficult too compare though would consider this a factor just the same in this seasons progress in relation to Spurs.
  10. I agree with the above. Re Everton and Arsenal, I would normally say Arsenal were the tougher prospect on paper though the difference this time was Everton had won 8 on the bounce at home, this made our result so special. Lest we forget a wonder goal by Pedro turned the match in the 66th minute.
  11. I agree that Walker would be a good squad addition and perhaps first choice over Moses yet let's remember we would be dealing with Levy who would want to make a point over Walker to deter other payers moving. Avoid this move, let City or whoever pay over the odds.
  12. Credit to Conte, three matches in 8 days and three wins. The psychological war continues with Spurs and credit also to Poch. Took something special to break the deadlock today so credit also due to Pedro. With City only drawing Utd might feel they can attain the top 4 without needing to win the Europa and so provide stiffer opposition to Spurs, likewise when City play Spurs they will also need the points to be sure of top 4.
  13. My view is both will aim to beat Spurs, Wenger wants the CL so Arsenal basically have to win all their matches at this point. JM likes the limelight and a win against Spurs would give him a chance to pontificate and suggest he has handed us the league as well as boosting their own CL chances. I expect Man U might be the better team to take points off Spurs. Spurs also face Leicester, will Leicester consider this us a way to thank us for last season stopping Spurs at a vital point? Leicester have won nothing this season yet might fancy the chance to stop the promotion chasing Spurs. Spurs also go to Hull who have a good home record since Silva took over and are just above the relegation contenders.
  14. A little correction above as I think this is what you intended. I'm sure teams would try and capitalise, Spurs have had some success although I think that is down to Eriksen's ability I am not sure that many others can do that. For corners as long as midfielders and forward players chip in then this can compensate.
  15. Just taken a look at Everton's recent results and didn't realise just how good they have been at home. Their last defeat was by Leicester in the FA Cup back in January. This really looks like the test to see if we are real champions or just pretenders. A draw would not be a disaster but I'm hoping we play to our best capabilities and upset their impressive home record.
  16. It would be nice if Man U beat Spurs when they meet just to see if JM has a remark aimed at us and what he would say.
  17. Yes WBA might be tricky yet they are not chasing anything so expect 3 points now that we are showing signs of our big players being at their best.
  18. Probably our last tough assignment left in the league. They have lost Coleman and its looks like Diego the gunslinger is firing real ammo again ( gunslinger - resembles a baddie on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly IMO). Lukaku will be looking to make a point and so will the young midfielder Davies. I expect Conte to make changes for this and to have Pedro or Willian back in the first XI, my preference would be Willian for 60mins due to his workrate as well as providing a threat. .Win here and the Spurs challenge might just falter.
  19. Re Costa, great to see him firing on all cylinders. I thought he wanted to go, that being the case let's sell him. If he stays he is likely to have these barren spells again so we need another CF who can step in and in looks like Bats is not that man. Of course any other CF that can play up front on his own and provide a goal scoring threat is likely to command a fairly high fee and might not want to play second fiddle to Diego.
  20. Although Palace might fold against Spurs, Spurs have Arsenal on the Sunday. Arsenal changed their shape against City so may prove tougher opposition than we formerly expected.
  21. Like it that AC has changed the formation as it catches out the other team's plans. Let's see If Diego can conjure some magic tonight he already has 1 assist.
  22. Nice one..........
  23. Droy made a good point about college reunions and girlfriends meeting ex's and I can relate similar potential scenarios with office relationships too. Re Ham's point that is obviously a reference to JM and I would say his actions of moving to a direct rival and kissing their badge in such a brazen manner is unwise. Yet you could argue he is being true to his character by kissing this new badge to show his commitment to the new cause yet supporters of his former club might well see that as a betrayal. As a friend once said to me when discussing aspect of current affairs, if the politicians do bad things there will be consequences. I think he should have moved abroad and see that he has never taken on a second role until now in the same country. However he states he has put his family considerations first. I think he could have moved abroad if he had wanted to and France or Germany would have allowed him to have a fresh start. The fact that he did not I am unable to determine if he was swayed by the tradition, history or spending power of Man U or whether he is really putting his family first.
  24. Agree with all of the above, fascinated to see Wenger changed his formation. Caught some of it on MOTD to see Oxlade-Chamberlain playing as a WRB and he looked good. They might provide a harder challenge than in recent times.
  25. It's a funny tangent the thread has taken yet I'll throw in my thoughts. Once you have kids and split up then chances of your current girlfriend meeting your ex increase if you stay in contact with the kids. Would never wear a ring and have always thought they were for women, know other chaps though do wear them. In my circle the majority don't.