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  1. Thank you Droy. Yes 'found' was a poor choice of words. 'Recommended' would have been better.
  2. Martin, why I think they are playing the 'Man U way' is by the players JM is now playing. Alongside Iba you have two of either Mhikytaryan, Martial or Linguard all either quick or able to go past players and deliver a decent cross. To me it is like back to the Fergie days with wingers like Sharpe, Giggs or Ronaldo (befre he became a striker). With JM you also have the practical head which means he will thrown on Fellaini if plan A does not work.
  3. I understand it, I'm glad he moved on because of the media circus he creates or what follows him. I guess the reason we continue to blog on this thread is due to: Him being our most successful manager that has also moved to one of our major competitors Him needing to play a different style than he is has before Him being in the top five of managers of all time and still winning trophies He has charisma, melodrama or whatever you call it.
  4. I thought we needed a change in the second half of the season to keep us on track for the title and like your thinking.
  5. You are correct he did and found Didier Drogba and Gianfranco Zola.
  6. Cascarino writing in the Times thinks one of the main problems was their poor recruitment this season. A quick look on the net and I found this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Walsh_(scout Steve Walsh recruited Vardy. Mahrez and Kante for the 2015-2016 yet left the club at the end of the season for Everton. Of course this does not explain everything by any means yet is interesting. I thought they might struggle this season though never be in the position they face now. I just wonder if the unexpected success went to the players heads, You know such as with the talk of a film coming out about Vardy.
  7. Ranieri sacked: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39070927
  8. Of course I should have known, with the Brits just gone was assuming it was some Scouse singer like Cilla or the Beatles!
  9. Nobly please tell what is YNWA, I feel I should know but don't! I used to go out with a girl from South Yorkshire in the 90's who worked in retail so rarely got the chance to come with me. Ironically the match she did was Leeds at home. She told me after she was scared to say anything in case the Chelsea fans heard her accent and thought she was an infiltrator from Leeds. We split up some time later and a couple of months later she phoned me up to say she still went and she loved watching Dennis Wise.
  10. I think the same on Hazard, is it he does not get enough protection? Or is it he gets bored, I noticed when Costa was out for that game he produced the goods. The other worrying consideration is he has good and bad days. When he is having bad days why not take him off and bring on Willian or Pedro or Fabregas.
  11. Spuds getting concerned about the visit of our old rivals Millwall: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/02/20/tottenham-consult-fa-police-millwall-ticket-allocation-amid/ http://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/millwall-request-more-tickets-for-fa-cup-quarterfinal-after-tottenham-s-initial-offer-of-2800-seats-a3473946.html I think it is great that another big London team has drawn this lot rather than us, still we first need to beat JM's Utd.
  12. Droy, hijo or hija de puta - is the worst insult in Spanish, in Dutch it's the equivalent of 'God dammit'. They don't translate as offensive in English yet in their native languages they are offensive.
  13. Yes both Falcao and Torres scored last night, it certainly makes you wonder what went wrong for them in the EPL.
  14. Glad the Spuds have drawn Millwall, I was there in 95 when they knocked us out on penalties and Jonny Spencer got abused by our own fans.
  15. Did you chat with him?
  16. Good to see Costa back on the scoresheet. Credit to Conte, the mix of youth and experience got us through while giving the wider squad some quality playing time.
  17. This seems appropriate
  18. Mark I was thinking similar yet Liverpool were not at full strength and Burnley have lost at home to two of the top six already, one being Arsenal.
  19. Elements of the press have commented that Costa has not performed as well post the China incident to pre this talk. I notice today we are being told he has signed a new deal. If he scores a hatrick in his next match that would raise an interesting question.
  20. For me football is about current form and we have drawn our last two away games in the EPL despite taking the lead. For me that is not a sign that warrants confidence.
  21. I'm with Blue Rod, until we start winning and scoring more than goal I remain sceptical.
  22. What Ham's table shows us above is how well Spurs, Liverpool and us have done on modest budgets.
  23. The media follow JM because he is box office, always likely to give them a headline either because of his emotions or his liking for psychological games. He detests not being at the top and is even worse for him as at Man U he has to play a certain way which he knows is harder to get to the top. Worse is his old team are top and looking like we might run away with the EPL. I also thought he had a dig at us. In saying this I expect him to be challenging next year for the top honours.
  24. I think Dyche did a number on us, both City and Arsenal won at Burnley and as I said before Conte needs to change something tactically, we are now predictable. Teams know what to expect most still wont be good enough to stop us but a number will. If City win tonight the EPL is still up for grabs. We need to get back to wining and who is next Swansea, on a good run of results under new manager Clements and capable of getting results.
  25. Fai points chaps and I forget that loan from NYC to City.