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  1. Crystal Palace vs Chelsea

    I think we will win there and then they play Utd next. The worst scenario is if we fail to beat them and they roll over for UTD, Palace are already safe on 42. They also have a number of match winners so we cannot rely on an early goal and coast, we need to be on our toes.
  2. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Barkley had started 11 and made 6 sub appearances in the League. He has played in a number of cup matches too.
  3. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    I agree we should have had 2 penalties yesterday yet missed about 25 mins of the second half so you might be right on 3 penalties.
  4. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Just recently we have had a bit of luck with the officials, both VAR decisions went our way against City and yesterday with Zouma into the back of Deeney. All of these for me could have gone against us, so sometimes there are fine margins. I also like Barkley and think he offers something that other attack, midfield players don't. Not sure if he would be a regular next season with new personnel yet think he is worth his place right now. Like both Chelboy and Blood is Blue comments' above. Pulisic has really stepped up, I didn't see that coming perhaps he was studying videos of Hazard while he was recovering. He is our most important attacker just now. With Willian likely to be moving on I would see Werner in that role, which for me means Giroud, Tammy or another playing CF. Gilmour looks to be an enimga, big talent with skills that are more suited to a different type style of football.
  5. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    I thought we should have scored more, Pulisic our best attacking talent yet at least twice he could have put others in on goal in better positions. Think we wants to score a little too much. Barkley a sublime assist and goal yet also a few mistakes. Azpi was surprisingly refreshing at LB surely deserves another go there with James at RB Liked Zouma today, he was immense. Willian continues to frustrate in open play yet a great penalty. Frank made good subs, I like seeing Barkley and RLC on together though it rarely happens think they have good chemistry. A good day at the bridge and for me now we need to focus on the next one.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    I agree with all of that.
  7. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    I think the same with the Keeper, I think we need to strengthen to get a keeper capable of punching away corners and crosses, a new better quality CB and one that probably plays left sided. I agree about a bigger DM and notice we tend to buy short attacking players. I also notice we need new full backs, Alonso good in attack is vulnerable in defense though is good in the air defensively. Not sure James will make it as a right back more of a midfielder for me and read today we are looking at Digne of Everton. It seems to me we really need to rebuild the whole side and don't think Frank will get the necessary funds so expect maybe 1 or 2 more additions before the new season window closes.
  8. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Watford have had an issue with players getting the virus made worse by a player hosting a players party. They need a result, a difficult one for Frank though like with City I would go for an attacking' side with the idea of scoring early and breaking their belief.
  9. Media / Press

    I agree with this and another factor besides poverty is absent fathers, Denzil Washington has said this in the States and the former Met Chief from Surrey, Kevin Hurley has said the same. I got the wrong train into London once and saw something strange after noticing a mixed race woman wailing and covering her daughter or grand daughters eyes. I got up and went to investigate to see two large afro-Caribbean youths jumping up and punching a small white boy in the back of the head repeatedly. I called for them to stop yet they didn't hear me I literally had to lean across the seats and put my hands forward telling them to stop. Only then did they hear me and then came towards me. I backed up putting my hands up telling them to calm down, as I didn't want to make assumptions and give them the benefit of the doubt. As it happened we were approaching a stop as they came for me at the doors, I had nowhere to go and then clenched my fists angling my body so only one could approach at the time. Then one of the passengers tapped the larger black chap on the shoulder as he wanted to get off and then they noticed they were surrounded by other passengers and also got off. IN getting off one tried to headbut me as I cheek bone ached later. I sat back down and a number of elderly black people approached one patting me on the back and another saying those kids gave Black people a bad name. At the terminal I jogged to catch up with the kid who told me they wanted his old cracked phone. I said I could not believe he did not have bruises and he said the back of his head was really painful, he was not interested in going to the police.
  10. Media / Press

    I've been stalked a couple of times after going to the police once and no-one would tell me what happened. If I could legally, I would carry a concealed handgun. By law here you can obtain a shotgun though not for defense for clay -pidgeon shooting I believe.
  11. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    I still think we will finish fourth not sure how it will come about whether through us winning or someone else losing unexpectedly yet have placed us correctly in 3 of the last 4 seasons. So I remain confident.
  12. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    I thought Frank might have started with James last night and had Zouma instead of Christensen for this one. Shocked to see Kante trying to win the header late on in the opposition D just before they broke for the winner, was that Frank's idea or Kante's indiscipline. Is it Frank philosophy that always plays for a win rather than deciding to share the points?
  13. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    Think your selection and comments above makes sense and if Pulisic is not fit think Frank might surprise us with someone different on the left rather than Barkley or RLC.
  14. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    Azpi certainly seems to have upped his game. I was looking to see if Carroll is fit and thereby found he is now back at Newcastle, good . As I always fancied them to get a draw when he was on the bench. I think after Frank made three subs against Leicester the team will see that as a warning and start well. Of course Frank still needs to pick the right team yet since the break he has done well.
  15. Media / Press

    The herd mentality, it is like corporations including colleges, all staff have to take and pass training on diversity and inclusion. That training is at least annually with new jargon and buzzwords. You need to learn it to pass. The football clubs have become corporations too. I see this as a quiet push by certain totalitarian-like forces that want a one world government yet dare to be open about it so it is done by stealth.
  16. Media / Press

    And there is no guarantee normal people stop for pollsters, after having been stopped a couple times about a decade ago by chuggers I started giving them a wide berth. I suspect similar with pollsters. It reminds me also of the more you find out about charities the more you realise this is often less about helping your local environment and more about funneling funds to needy groups abroad. Now this may be a good thing to do yet it is false marketing.
  17. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 1

    Good points above. I think Barkley is really a squad player than first XI yet with RLC's recurring injuries and trying to get match fit again and Pulisic having another injury Barkley is likely to get some games. He has some strengths and some weaknesses as discussed previously. I also think Jorgy or Kante will move on too. Mount has been good yet not exceptional and he may also struggle to get games next season once new signings come.
  18. Media / Press

    I read a US article a couple of days ago and it resonated. It said the BLM movement has worked in Trump's favour and not because they like Trump more because they like disorder. The images that the silent majority have seen on their TV screens is shocking and the silent majority will vote and they will not vote for continued disorder. He said just like with the last US election and just like with Brexit, the pollsters have it wrong.
  19. Media / Press

    My health has never been great so have looked into this a little more. Morgan Freeman and Denzil Washington have voiced concerns this group is doing more damage than helping and Washington said the real issue is one parent families with no male role model. Kevin Hurley Ex-Met chief said the same thing about one parent families having children much more likely to offend. He said last year 16 deaths in police custody, only one was black so where was the problem.
  20. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    Was that your football brain speaking or the part that likes the model looks of David Luiz? The only issue I had was creativity on the ball and I think we have found that elsewhere
  21. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    What a welcome three points and thank you VAR, Willian's penalty and Fernandinho's Red finished City off for me. They were stronger yet we could impose our game on them for a ten minute spell in each half though after the Red we upped our game and dominated more. Kante needs to watch where he gives away free kicks. Kepa had a good game for me last night, most of what he did was good. Our defense generally did well too. Willian put in a good shift and Pulisic's opener was reminiscent of Hazard. Surprised to see Giroud start yet he did ok and gave City something else to think about, Tammy wasn't as good for me yet did win us the penalty. That VAR incident on Rudiger was a scary moment not a foul for me yet VAR has not always been consistent.
  22. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I would have expected Liverpool to be in the top three yet surprisingly not. Good on JM though expect it is sour grapes as he wants Spurs to finish above Utd.
  23. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    That will likely be either Everton or City then.
  24. Media / Press

    I saw that a couple of days ago on the alternative US new threads and I think we might see major political changes in the US before the election and in spite of Trump. Not because of just these BLM protests or riots yet because the polarisation has gone too far and the political ideology is so different.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    We are being linked with a lot of players just now, if they come off then expectations on Frank will rise. He got credit for this season by surviving on the older players infused with promising youngsters. I think a number of these youngsters will figure less and less as the new stars bed-in and with more expensive signings the media pressure on Frank will change too.