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  1. Ashley Cole

    I agree Iceman, Looks like another player that is not being respected or realized by his club has brought our name up to get a bigger pay packet ! That, or JM and PK have been very clever in the way that they have found out that the arse's best young player would actually prefer to come and play for US next season ! Come on CFC !
  2. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    It seems to me that we are not only bringing through young talent from home shore's, but buying up a lot of the best from around the world. With our feeder clubs and I read an article that stated that Mr Abramovich is an administrator on the MSI (media sports Inter - something ?) which looks like a perfect cover for a feeder company for Chelsea, that picks the best North/south american and asian youth. I may be well wrong? we could be lacking behind, but I can't believe that the brains behind the new Chelsea has not planned for that!