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  1. Denis Murphy - Grenfell Tower victim

    thank you I have just tweeted them.
  2. Hi All, I am the Nephew of Denis Murphy, Sadly Denis Murphy was one of the victims of the recent Fire in Grenfell Towers. Denis was a life long supporter of Chelsea FC and I am reaching out for all who knew him and for some advice on some matters regarding Chelsea FC. I have been emailing Chelsea FC direct and am yet to get a response but maybe someone knows of other channels I can try should we get no response. Denis was Chelsea through and through for all his life and as a family we think it only fitting to pay homage to that support in his death with the team he loved so much. So please if you knew Denis message me on here (or via email or if you have the contact details of someone I can speak to at Chelsea FC who could help me it is greatly appreciated. Thank you Stevan