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  1. Yup, looks like it...
  2. We are also interested in striker Max Kruse of Werder Bremen apparently...
  3. I am really not sure of this approach of letting youngsters like Ake, Chalobah, Loftus-Cheek go without back-up arriving...maybe they asked to leave but these things should have been sorted a bit earlier and not wait until the contracts are about to expire - at least in case of Nat. Moreover, I don't understand the policy of replacing all these youngsters with international stars who are used to playing in the Champions League...I mean, who's going to play for us in the Capital One Cup and FA Cup against lower division teams? Surely you cannot expect these established stars to play all these games along with Champions League? Also I feel we are the only TOP team that mostly plays big stars even for the Capital One Cup. All other top teams play all youngsters and maybe a couple of big names. This approach really needs to change to give these youngsters an extended run for them to succeed?