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  1. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    We have a nice break now I wouldn’t be surprised if Sarri gets sacked
  2. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Pedro had a really good first half but 2nd half he’s been shocking like most of the team
  3. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    So we have blew it again poor 2nd half can’t see us getting top 4
  4. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Alonso fool
  5. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Awful start to the 2bd half
  6. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Hazard has been sloppy today shame it’s 0-0 at halftime we deserved to be at least 1up
  7. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Everton are here for the taking but we need to take are chances
  8. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    No Loftus-Cheek start again a big disappointing in my opinion he needs to be starting a head of Barkley and Kovacic he offers a lot more than them 2 but still think we should have enough to win
  9. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    hoping for a good performance hopefully Loftus-Cheek gets well deserved start I think the game will be tight 2-1 victory for us with a late substitute goal
  10. Chelsea 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1

    Absolutely boring game I’m nearly nodding off hopefully he makes a sub at half time either Loftus-Cheek on for kovavic or Giroud on for him and put 2 up front
  11. Chelsea 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1

    I honestly don’t know what kovavic brings to the team he’s a good footballer bug not great at anything
  12. Chelsea 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1

    We need more people in the box should of started Loftus-Cheek in my opinion no need for 3 denfensive midfielders we are dominating but not creating much
  13. Chelsea 3 Dynamo Kiev 0

    I had Luiz man of the match Pedro close 2nd
  14. Chelsea 3 Dynamo Kiev 0

    Go on odoi 3-0