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  1. Well I hope We would get what your asking for points wise but going on are away performances against the top teams so far this season have been awful so I honestly can’t see us picking up points against Liverpool or utd so I’m expecting 70 points 73 max we have only beat 1 team in the top 12 Watford away do your confidence in getting 76 is a stretch
  2. So you think we are on course for 76 points and sarri has been offense but you must delusional
  3. In my opinion Yes he does because Willian and Pedro have been inconsistent this season
  4. I would not mind losing if we was playing attacking football but it’s like watching Groundhog Day boring and predictable and in my opinion nothing is going to change while he’s in charge so hopefully the club make the right decision this week and put sarriball out of its misery it’s time for him to go and a big clear out in the summer
  5. But he keeps picking the same players over and over again same tactics same substitutions so at some point you have to blame the manager
  6. Are you related to Sarri by any chance all you do is defend him
  7. I would not be surprised if we went for Brendan Rodgers not that I want him I can’t see any top manager wanting to come to us at the moment we need a big overhaul of are sqaud
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think he’s been a bit of liability to be honest playing at right back can’t defend very well but good going forward that’s why they changed him to right midfield
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Got a bad feeling that Batshuayi will most probably bang them in for palace while hugain and Giroud will struggle to score for us hopefully I’m wrong
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    So you think he’s been outstanding then that’s a myth how many assists does he have not many I bet he’s a good finisher but I believe with my eyes not stats sorry he’s inconsistent in my opinion
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Alonso had 2 good seasons at wingback this season he started well but for the last 2 months he’s been poor and a liability Willian and Pedro are hit and miss in my opinion odoi has never started a premiership game and he should of by now with the form of those 2
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Really that’s a fact ? I didn’t see either game like that I seen Willian do nothing in the first half v Sheffield Wednesday same goes for Barkley Odoi was only attacking threat He might not have a great game but at least he was a threat
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    So why did he start Willian in the first leg against spurs then he he said Willian didn’t have 90 minutes in him after coming back from injury but he started
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    So he’s saying he can’t play as a striker or winger because he likes the ball at his feet And a defensive liability so he plays a left who can’t really defend but has height for set pieces .I’m sorry but Sarri will be gone by the end of the season if he doesn’t change his ways
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Morata and Giroud make runs but the crosses never come in so they stop making the movement and get frustrated I rarely see are wide men put a cross in first time Alonso is just bad at crossing Dave isn’t much better either and don’t get me started on are corners
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    I feel sorry for Morata he likes to be in the box he’s great threat with headers but we are awful at crossing the only one who seems able to put a decent delivery in is odoi . He is a bit weak mentally gets frustrated to easy and seems not strong enough at holding the ball up but can’t see Higuain doing much better he’s to slow and old it will be like schevchenko when he played for us who was a great player in series a but the prem was to fast for him
  17. Tell me how it’s changed so much we didn’t exctaly play long ball last season did we was slow and boring with are passing the same as this season apart from we pass it more now often sideways and back
  18. In sorry but you must be watching a different Chelsea to me it . The style hasn’t changed a lot for me and I would love a world class striker but I just don’t rate Sarri as highly as you he doesn’t know how to change the game it’s his way and that’s it
  19. I don’t think that’s the case we are at best 3rd we are not as good as city or the bin dippers and in my opinion he’s doing a ok job not fantastic I don’t know how the football is 100% change in style we have changed formation but the football is still boring
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Are transfers over the last couple of years have been poor I would like us to hire a director of football one of are ex players like Ballack
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    He doesn’t score or create enough in my opion he’s 30 this season he looks disinterested I would personally play Odoi instead of him and use him coming of the bench if he was going to stay but Sarri seems to play him no matter how average his form is he scored a great goal yesterday but he didn’t have a good game
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    I heard Mikel has been given a free transfer how about him on a short term deal if fabregas is allowed to leave instead of spending a fortune on a panic buy
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hope it’s not true just read in the sun online that we have accepted a 18 million bid from wolves for Tammy Abraham
  24. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    Good signing strange that we loaned him straight back and the price is a little on the high side he’s only got 18 months left on his contract and he’s not in there side at the minute still hoping we sign a couple of players for now
  25. Official: Loic Remy Departs.

    I'm shocked he passed a medical