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  1. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1 (4-2 penalties)

    Glad he’s made a few changes would of liked odoi instead of Pedro because he knows how to cross the ball .
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    So why did he start Willian in the first leg against spurs then he he said Willian didn’t have 90 minutes in him after coming back from injury but he started
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    So he’s saying he can’t play as a striker or winger because he likes the ball at his feet And a defensive liability so he plays a left who can’t really defend but has height for set pieces .I’m sorry but Sarri will be gone by the end of the season if he doesn’t change his ways
  4. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    It’s like watching a Oscar winning movie the purists will love it but it’s boring as hell and a waste of 90 minutes
  5. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    If the football was great I would give him time it’s boring and he hasn’t a plan b he done well in serie a and won nothing in Europe his record was poor I honestly think we have been sold a dud
  6. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    Sarri is a fraud in my opion great attacking possession football quick on the press I’ve not seen none of this he will be gone by the end of season
  7. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    We are so poor honestly how can we Not change false 9 does not work Sarri wake up
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Morata and Giroud make runs but the crosses never come in so they stop making the movement and get frustrated I rarely see are wide men put a cross in first time Alonso is just bad at crossing Dave isn’t much better either and don’t get me started on are corners
  9. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    Hoping it’s a great game like the one at the bridge with the same result . We need to improve on the speed of are passing and more movement because the last couple of months have been really boring football
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I feel sorry for Morata he likes to be in the box he’s great threat with headers but we are awful at crossing the only one who seems able to put a decent delivery in is odoi . He is a bit weak mentally gets frustrated to easy and seems not strong enough at holding the ball up but can’t see Higuain doing much better he’s to slow and old it will be like schevchenko when he played for us who was a great player in series a but the prem was to fast for him
  11. Tell me how it’s changed so much we didn’t exctaly play long ball last season did we was slow and boring with are passing the same as this season apart from we pass it more now often sideways and back
  12. In sorry but you must be watching a different Chelsea to me it . The style hasn’t changed a lot for me and I would love a world class striker but I just don’t rate Sarri as highly as you he doesn’t know how to change the game it’s his way and that’s it
  13. I don’t think that’s the case we are at best 3rd we are not as good as city or the bin dippers and in my opinion he’s doing a ok job not fantastic I don’t know how the football is 100% change in style we have changed formation but the football is still boring
  14. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    Massive game hoping we change the line up from Newcastle game but knowing Sarri will be the same 11 with the same subs on
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Are transfers over the last couple of years have been poor I would like us to hire a director of football one of are ex players like Ballack
  16. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    So why does he keep playing Alonso then when he’s out of form Especially against teams like Newcastle we should not worry about them attacking us they are known for parking the bus . I just think Sarri is stubborn and only knows one way to play and I personally don’t like it .
  17. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    He said he likes hazard playing there as it helps the team in the defensive phase in his opinion I think it’s wrong hazard is much more better suited on the left and he’s are best player
  18. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    I just read that Sarri says he likes playing hazard as a false 9 because it helps us in the defensive phase is he for real he’s are best attacking player he's so stubborn in his ideas I’m not sure about other fans but I’m getting worried about Sarri not sure if he’s up to the job
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    He doesn’t score or create enough in my opion he’s 30 this season he looks disinterested I would personally play Odoi instead of him and use him coming of the bench if he was going to stay but Sarri seems to play him no matter how average his form is he scored a great goal yesterday but he didn’t have a good game
  20. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Hopefully Odoi or Giroud on for Willian but. Knowing Sarri won’t be in until 65 minute
  21. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Willian so poor awful miss
  22. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    We are so poor on corners not playing well again look so slow w
  23. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Still to slow in are build up no chances created from open play apart from the goal
  24. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    He must miss half the game writing into that notepad of his