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  1. If we lose tomorrow I honestly can’t see us finishing top 4 hopefully Tammy is fit and either odoi or pulisic because Pedro shouldn’t be anywhere near the starting 11 he’s been awful this season I would play Alonso on the left if they are unavailable or even play 2 up front and a diamond midfield just something different 

  2. 19 minutes ago, Leo91 said:

    We've had world cup winners, CL winners, league winners, cup winners. Who's going to be good enough ? Give him time. Listen I’m saying sack him just not happy with his team selection and our team performances the last few months 

  3. 3 minutes ago, Droy was my hero said:

    Says a lot about Caballero.  He was the Argentinean WC keeper 18 months ago.

    But Argentina where shocking and he got dropped during the group stages he’s never been a good keeper and Argentina have struggled for goalkeepers .really worried about are next 3 games  could make or brake are season