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  1. 37 minutes ago, Ham said:

    But he didn't say he wanted to stay. He said he deserved to be kept on in answer to a direct question.

    Plus, there's just too much chatter about him specifically going to Juve in the next 48 hours. Something is up. 

    He didn’t say anything but he wrote it in his notepad 😂😂 I personally think he’s off I didn’t really like the style of our football this year but in the end he did a decent job  

  2. I heard Kanté picked up a knee injury so looks like he’s out not really confident with the 3 remaining midfielders we have . We have got to 2 finals this year and I can honestly say I’m not confident of winning it like the league cup but as long as we put a performance in like we did against city I will happy

  3. 47 minutes ago, Conte Kante said:

    Whilst Swansea were not great, he also did not adapt that well when given the chance and missed a few half chances that you would hope a player ready for us would take more of. For me, I look at history and no top goalscorer in the Championship has made the grade at PL level since Phillips who was in his peak years at the time.

    In my opinion, having Tammy back here is a massive gamble as he will need to produce immediately as a CF1, which is probably the most dificult position, to get any decent game time. That for me is a massive ask for a 22 year old who has only proven he can score in the Championship. Of course if this works out it is happy days but, for me at least, that is an highly risky scenario for both the club and Tammy. 

    As for James, I am still a little on the fence but owing to his position and the fact that he would be competing with Dave it is not as much of a risk to bring him in as he would only be taking Zappa's squad place and if he cannot do much in training/cup matches we can always loan him from Jan and say get a bit more experience for the next year or so. 

    James looks good and is definitely a option for us next season should get rid of zappacosta he can take his place James can also play midfield which he did for Wigan for the last 10 games or so 

  4. 3-1 victory today scoring early hazard with the goal Watford  to score a equaliser on a corner then squeaky bum time until the last 15 when Loftus cheek scores a cracker and hazard finishes the game in the dying minutes with a penalty 

  5. 3 hours ago, Leo91 said:

    For Higuain to be successful we need two new fullbacks in conjunction with wingers who can cross and a creative midfielder who can spot the openings. I genuiely can't imagine we'll go into next season with him and Giroud as our starting striker though. There must be another new addition CF.

     If we want Higuain to be successful we would need a time machine he’s 31 his best days have gone and there not coming back 

  6. 5 hours ago, Panda said:

    Sorry to go off topic, but the current situation in the league and European cups is alarming me. Am I right in thinking that if we finish fourth but Arsenal win the Europa League and Spurs win the Champions League, we drop into the Europa League? 

    I mean it's a possibility... 

    Yeah I think your right there’s a maximum 5 teams allowed from one country so there’s a chance but I think it would need spurs also finishing outside the top four and I can’t see that happening