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  1. The 2nd goal we conceded was  a total fluke but thats the way it’s going for kepa this season don’t know if Lampard is looking for a new keeper but I hope he is .the last time I remember conceding a goal like that was mike newell scoring  for Blackburn against Hitchcock he got the blame so going to have to blame kepa too

  2. 40 minutes ago, chelboy said:

    We will be the team playing on the counter attack rather than defending against counter attacks. 

    I don’t disagree but when we attack it’s usually in numbers so if it’ breaks down we are vulnerable for the fast counter attacks and Man City are great at it and usually Aguero punishes us . So who do you drop for this game tomorrow? It’s a hard choice because in my opinion kovavic has been outstanding in the last few games

  3. 1 hour ago, paulw66 said:

    Why's that, then?

    Because I think we will need to defend more against the counter attack and if it’s Jorginho as the holding midfielder in my opinion he will be a liability he’s great with us when we have possession but not good at tracking runners

  4. Going to be hard game and hopefully I’m wrong but could see us shipping in a few goals going for 5-2 city win they will score early and we will go for it and get caught on the counter attack. Can see us playing Jorginho kante kovavic and putting mount on the left and resting pulisic personally I would leave out Jorginho even though he’s playing well this season 

  5. Dennis wise was my first favorite player loved him most excited Brian Laudrup great player for Denmark florentina and rangers sadly didn’t settle at the bridge . Ronaldo wish we signed .  Favorite goal Torres against Barcelona because I was absolutely shitting it before he scored  Gk.Cech  rb. Petrescu lb. Cole cb. Terry cb Gallas mff Lampard Essien kante lw hazard rw Robben  st Drogba