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  1. 9 minutes ago, paulw66 said:

    Squad isn't big enough. 

    Whilst most PL teams had a January with no midweek fixtures, we had two draining semi final games against Spurs (who themselves have had serious wobbles in 2019). 

    Both Merseyside defeats had good first halves and poor second - both after an away European game 

    It's quite simple really - the squad isn't big enough / strong enough to try and win 4 competitions, and we really shouldn't have tried to. 

    Or Sarri is not good enough are away form as been awful this year even the 2 wins against Fulham and Cardiff we played bad there is no excuse for it in my opinion we have been boring to watch I would put up with bad results if I was entertained and could see us progressing under him but we are not 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Leo91 said:

    I'm not sure what people want or expect to be happening. Wasn't it general consensus before the season started we weren't going to challenge for the league. Look where we are, with 5 games left we're mixing it with Spurs, Utd and Arsenal for top 4. Exactly where we should be. 

    Yeah I understand where you are coming from before the season started I would of excepted this  top four if the football was entertaining and I could see us challenging  next year but in my opion we have played poorly this year and under Sarri I can’t see us  ever winning the title so  it’s a step backwards not forward 

  3. Well I hope We would get what your asking for  points wise but going on are away performances against the top teams so far  this season have been awful so I honestly can’t see us picking up points against Liverpool or utd  so I’m expecting 70 points 73 max we have only beat  1 team in the top 12 Watford away do your confidence in getting 76 is a stretch 

  4. 7 hours ago, Droy was my hero said:

    Well quite - he has done a brilliant job, hasn't he.  And with that rag tag bag of not good enough extras the last guy brought in too.  Well done Sarri.

    Nevermind, ask Blue Rod - if you wait 15 years he is sure to have failed (or retired).  Stick to your guns.

    Yes - on points he has already been  success, and that is the basic measure.  CA got sacked after 2nd place, but on points it was 71 points, 12 lower than any of the previous 6 seasons.  We are on course for 76 points, and while admittedly no Chelsea manager has survived the season with less than 82 points, I think Sarri is now safe (and the decision has already been made, I am sure of that - bar an unexpected takeover).

    I feel confident we will get this window - the FIFA appeal should be complete this month, and so we get to go to ACAS then.  ACAS are the sensible people.

    The question then is whether we get 1 window blocks (January would be no problem) or 2.  Best plan for both.


    So you think we are on course for 76 points and sarri has been offense but you must delusional 

  5. 1 hour ago, Martin1905 said:

    Obviously not Paul.

    All the talk if us being utterly useless, Kante being played out of position, unhappy players wanting to leave, lack of rotation, CHO not getting enough time and everything else Kev and others have constantly moaned about all season has died a death and rightly so. 

    There really is very little to moan about right now, hence the lack of a sensible answer.

    I honestly would not be to confident about that at the start of the season I was quietly confident of finishing top four but my hope for the season was to play good attacking football and in my opinion we are far from being a attractive team to watch are performances this year have not been good or entertaining and I dong think Sarri is the man to take us forward I would love to be wrong about it though