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  1. 36 minutes ago, fillerywhereru said:

    I agree pedro is still a very good player who has 7 goals this season plus assists. He knows how to keep the ball and when to gamble too

    In my opinion Pedro should be a impact sub and that’s it he’s had a great career but it’s coming to a end he rarely gets any assists odoi is the future and should be starting ahead of him

  2. 5 hours ago, The_Ghost said:

    There's nothing that has "been exposed at Chelsea". The problem isn't "Sarri-ball" or the tactics, the problem is that there isn't enough movement to play one-touch football to begin with. That is, and has always been, the chief problem with this set of players. Hazard has the potential, but loves the ball too much. If he had some ruthlessness in him, he'd undertand that the whole team playing quicker would benefint him immensily. But he seemingly cares more about hogging the ball. It's a real shame because he'll never fulfil his true potential. 

    They're to comfortable to be asked to move round a lot without the ball. Technically good enough that they don't need movement, apparently they are word class even standing still playing the game. Until the players have accepted that they need to;

    1. play at a much higher tempo

    2. Move a lot without the ball (even, or perhaps particularly, when we as a team have the ball)

    3. Adhere to positions within the system

    we aren't even giving Sarri a chance to succeed. 

    Are you related to Sarri by any chance all you do is defend him 

  3. 2 minutes ago, GURJ SS said:

    An 18 year old who has Hazard, Willian and Pedro in front of him. CHO needs to just stick to training and playing a bit part, it's his first season with the main team but for some reason everyone wants him to start games; he's 18 not 28, next season he'll start playing more. No wonder there's talk of the lad not having patience, the fans around him are making out like he's already as good as or better than players who have won everything in the game. The last thing we need right now the way we are playing is have a really bad game and destroy CHO's confidence, I'd rather see him play when we can actually let him enjoy the game instead of chasing opposition players for 90mins and having to take 7 kick-offs in one game.

    That could mean he doesn’t get a game until next season the way we are playing you must be mad if you thing he’s going to stick around next season if he doesn’t get any game the way Willian and Pedro have been playing lately