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  1. Apperantly chelsea played a closed game frienldy against qpr and won 8-0.. Hazard and Bakayoko started and kennedy is back to being a brunette. it is def real bcoz hazard is in the new nike kit
  2. Morata showed more intelligence and off the ball running in 30 mins than Batshuayi has shown his whole chelsea career. It is easy to mark a stationary striker who just wants the ball played to feet. We need a 3rd striker with a brain
  3. To Emenalo or whoever is in charge of transfers in and out: You suck. Everyone has seen this coming. You've sold and loaned out with total disregard to what the team needs and what Conte has requested. Why? To show Conte you're in charge? You're a w**ker. We have been substantially weakened this summer. Again, EVERYONE with any sense has seen this coming. Why do we have to take a huge step backwards instead of building on the momentum we had going? Why do we wait so long to bring players in - even if we buy 3-4 players - we're going to be short handed until October. We need a winger, a defensive midfielder and another striker.... we've known this for months, but instead you've loaned out numerous players that would give us the appropriate cover. I will not be surprised if you further gut the squad rather than strengthen it over the next few weeks. To Gary Cahill: Thank you for your service, being a crucial part of that night in Munich and for captaining us on the field last season. However, you should only start League Cup matches going forward. To Alvaro Morata: You're the real deal. Stay healthy and hopefully Pedro and Hazard will be back soon to support. To Antonio Conte: I hope you're given the power you deserve, but I fully expect you to be gone next summer, if not sooner. To Michy: You're going to be needed off the bench this season, so please keep working hard. To Spuds: Please take it easy on us next weekend. We need to somehow stay afloat until October, hopefully the PL season won't be lost by then. And by lost, I mean any chance at the top 4. These thoughts aren't just about the result today, although frustrating - and the ref's a w**ker too - it's more about where we're headed over the next 6 weeks or so. We don't have a viable midfielder available to start next week! How is that possible? Morata and a soon to be different starting back line give me hope. COYB - get it sorted while there's time!
  4. Dont be so sensitive.. Still a blue
  5. You are the one cursing at me TROLL
  6. Watch your language ADULT
  8. I HOPE HE RESIGNS. His ego is the reason we are in this position. How can he ban Diego Costa
  9. Compared to our first team squad at 1st February, we've lost three senior players ... JT, Matic and Begovic ... ALL replaced by Rudiger, Bakayoko and Caballero. Leadership aside and based on current playing ability, that's not materially weaker in my book, though we need to see Bakayoko in action to say for sure. Only Matic was a regular starter. We've lost six young fringe players: 3 (Zouma, Aina and RLC) have all gone on Loan, replaced by Christensen, and probably Tomori and Baker/Scott. Christensen is more experienced. The other two are pretty much like for like replacements for me. Again, not materially weaker, and probably stronger (Christensen is a better CB than Zouma). Aina played 25 minutes of PL football last year, RLC played 31 minutes and Zouma played 247 minutes. Total 303 minutes. I think Christensen and Baker will have that covered ! 3 (Chalobah, Ake, Solanke) have Left, with only Morata arriving to cover any of their positions (and you could say that none of them have been replaced, as Morata is on board to offset Costa). Between them they made 9 starts and 11 sub appearances last season, of which collectively just 257 minutes was in the PL (159 for Chalobah, and 98 for Ake; Solanke not selected at all last year - in anything). Again not much to be made up by new or existing players. All left because Conte didn't play them, not because of anything the Board did ... I dare say the Board are working hard to bring in replacements who Conte will actually want to use ! To sumamrise the players that have left and not been replaced so far were fringe players who hardly played, who were obviously not trusted or really wanted by the manager. The senior players have all been replaced. We do need more depth, primarily because of the Champions League and for effective cover if we get injuries, but we still have most of last year's first team intact, so there is no reason why they shouldn't perform again in 2017/18. 8 of the team that faced Arsenal were what we would consider our A-Team. Things are not as bad as people are making out ...
  10. If it aint broke dont fix it. One thing I worry about is our new siginings not having premier league experience. We were lucky that Alonso and Luiz had previous premiership experience and of course Kante had it the previous year with leicester. Our only player with no prem experience (Batshuayi) had a tough time adapting. Even pedro was shyte his first year. You can see a difference with Jose getting Matic and Lukaku, they both know what the league is about. But hey we bought a striker for 50M with lots of prem goals and experience (Torres) and was sh*t for us except ofcourse that faithful nght, so what do I know Quote
  11. Bayern have lost 5 of their 6 pre season games.
  12. I definitely approve. Musonda and boga should be given a half each while moratta should come on for batshuayi as striker in the 60th minute
  13. Hopefully Morata is played as a striker. He looks lost on the wing