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  1. Manchester United 2 Chelsea 1

    Was at the game. Some things that were apparent to me there. Firstly, I just cannot see Morata coming good. He is just not strong enough, brave enough or even aware enough for the English game. Hazard and Willian in the end were dribbling away from him rather than pass to him. It is demoralising to run 40-50 yards and pass him the ball for him to immediately crumble every time and then the players have to track back again. Its a comment on modern society that Ollie Giroud, with his chiselled Rylan-esque chin, perma tan and starched stiff hair came on and in two minutes showed Morata how to be a man and hold off challenges from defenders! Willian is a far better player that I have recently given him credit for. His movement and touch is excellent. his crossing isn't always on the money but his finishing is different class, the moment. Danny Drinkwater is excellent. We cannot have Babayoko starting ahead of him, its embarrassing. He is strong in the tackle, he is constantly on the move, has good link up with Kante, good short and long range passng. He slipped twice and scrapping on the floor, still won the tackle. What more is there? Perhaps he could score more goals, but in a team firing on all cylinders surely he would score more. Substitutions - WTF. Couldn't work out any of them. If Hazard was subbed because his energy levels were low I didn't see it. He was still taking care of two defenders and will always come up with something. I am not a fan of Pedro at the moment. For me he is falling short of previous standards. I got Giroud coming on, but I would have started him. I don't think he would have hit the bar that's for sure. Also much as I love the craft of Cesc, his legs are gone and just cannot compete against big strong midfielders with lots of energy still in them. Whilst I get the final ball unlocking the defence, with Hazard off and Morata collapsing in aheap all the time I saw little value in it. I think Drinkwater should have stayed on. Overall a frustrating game. They were really poor and only scored from sloppy play by us. With a decent hold up man (Giroud) for Hazard Willian and Drinkwater to have worked off of we would have been out of sight. Also it is bit worrying that both goals came through Christensen's guy. The first was a head injury to him and the game should have been stopped. The second was worrying as Lingaard just stepped off of him into loads of space 8 yards out. This needs to be sorted soon. Thankfully he is young enough to learn and improve as I am still convinced he is a future captain.
  2. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    We get absolutely nothing off refs, and today was another example. Michael Oliver has always been very poor with us and today was no exception. Hazard continually fouled in the first-half, there should have been at least three bookings. One incident he skipped past a defender on the touchline and the defender puts his arm around him and drags him back. No card. If you don't book players they'll continually foul and eventually Hazard went quiet, after another foul worthy of a booking, this time by Salah. Hazard never fully recovered. Shame because he was mesmeric up till then, he was absolutely bang at it, what a f**king player he is. Considering the fact this was a tough away game and considering we arrived back home at 6am on Thursday morning, I thought we were simply outstanding. We showed our quality today. Everybody watching will be in no doubt we are a damn good side and we deserved to win. We missed chances, we had stonewall penalty shouts waved away, as usual, and had our final ball been better, we 'd have romped home at a canter. The defender goes straight through the back of Morata. I don't know if he got the ball or not. It doesn't matter. It's a foul. You can't tackle like that. Anywhere else on the park it's a foul. That's a pen. Late on it looked like we had another one with Willian when he was clipped, and Hazard was caught by a trailing leg just outside the box in the second-half, yet inevitably it wasn't given. Despite all that we kept on going and we got our just desserts. The fact it was a flukey goal made it all the sweeter. We deserved that. No way did we deserve to lose. Regarding the players, Zappacosta has his merits but he doesn't look good enough to me. Christensen is a real find. Dave was outstanding as he is every week. Drinkwater played well but Bakayoko wasn't at the races, he had a really poor game for me, and made a very sloppy mistake for their goal. Kante was immense and unfortunately Morata didn't get a sniff. That first-half from Hazard was ridiculous. His footwork was incredible. He made them look like fools time and time again. Well done the manager and well done the travelling fans. We showed what we are about today. We stood strong, we were resilient, and we showed quality. We're a really good team and we should all be really proud. That's a tough game we've just negotiated and I'm feeling really good about it all. I just wish we would get a fair deal off referees.
  3. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    we beat man u while creating chances for many more goals and also smashed westbrom and qarabag 4-0 . I dont think its a negative formation. It is well balanced
  4. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0

    The issue is that there are 2 LUIZ's there is the colossus who played injured for us last season and won the title then there is the reckless over adventurous one. The latter has come out but I expect conte to straighten that **** out. WE do need luiz in the squad though. Our squad is too lightweight to put I'm out
  5. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0

    If Luiz has a behaviour problem,then absolutely Conte shud bench him, but if anything he should be replacing Cahill in the long term. Not having a dig at Cahill by the way he was great today, but Christensen is a limited defender, very good defensively, good for balance in the side. Luiz however, nobody can do what he does so well, he's like a playmaker in defence, we will miss that badly without him mark my words. Defensively he's been poor this season, but that's because of the huge imbalance in the side.
  6. Roma 3 Chelsea 0

    I know what you mean with moses and Zappa putting the opposition lwb on the backfoot but Kolarov dominated Zapa in the first leg . I think Conte will start Azpi at RWB and bring on Zappa in the second half if we are chasing the game
  7. Roma 3 Chelsea 0

    Very true but an azpi rudiger right sided defence is stronger than a zappa Azpi one, besides Zappa is the only player to have started both the everton and bournemouth games you dont have to be a rocket scientist to know that he is going to be benched for cahill against Roma
  8. Roma 3 Chelsea 0

    I recall Zapacosta getting roasted by kolarov in the first leg. Zappa is very effective offensively but a lil dodgy defensively
  9. Roma 3 Chelsea 0

    The team picks itself if Kante is fit Courtois Rudiger Luiz Cahill AZpi Kante Fab BAKA Alonso Hazard Morata
  10. Bournemouth 0 Chelsea 1

    With all due respect you contradict yourself. You say the problem is not cahill but the tactical system. Well Conte wont change the formation and Alonso isn't going to become fast overnight. Like you rightly say he is a solid defender and won us many trophies but just like Ivanovic and Jt he is on the decline . I for one am happy we bought Rudiger . He is already better than cahill and could easily improve a lot due to his age
  11. Bournemouth 0 Chelsea 1

    Our Spanish contingent have been quite average but overall solid performance by everyone else. What I like about Morata so far is that even if he hasn't scored, he still contribute something to the team. Pedro's willingness to offer himself and run into space is why I'd choose him over Willian any day. Loved Azpi and Hazard today. Hazard and Morata clicking game by game is good to see, should've gotten 2 if not 3 assist today. Superb stuff. Steadily impressed by Rudiger. Does almost everything right almost every game and still 24, hope he keeps it up. Drinkwater being the water carrier is quite good though, I'm slowly becoming a fan of his. Keeps everything tidy even when surrounded by 3 men and created an attack from being pressured using a simple pass. Pity Willian didn't finish it off. Being held off by Serman(?) took a bit of a shine off his performance. Impressed with the little minutes he was given. Negatives: Fabregas was average if not below. Has been a passenger for most matches now and even his passing was sloppy. Bats could do better, needs more work in his overall play. Willian seems like he's on a decline. Could be mental or lack of motivation or something. Has been a shadow of himself. Sort yourself out man, you're still in your prime ffs. Bakayoko can be effective but his brainfarts needs to be addressed by the coaching staff. His complacency nearly cost us. Luiz needs to carefully time his charging runs better. Finishing again has been poor. Morata, Fabregas, Pedro and Willian needs to do better. TL;DR Solid performance and controlled the game well without exerting too much with Roma and Utd in the horizon. 7/10 game overall.
  12. Chelsea 2 Everton 1

    game of two halves, etc. Really glaring just how easy it is for teams to pressure us in our own half, and we will concede possession by either hoofing it up field, or misplace a pass to one of their players. I think a lot of other teams will know that about us now, especially after Roma, Watford, and now this second half. Strangely I never felt like we were going to lose this one. I did feel like we would fail to keep the clean sheet, and that is a worry. I think Rudiger and Andreas look fantastic, and I'd probably have them with Cesar as my back 3. Not to slam Cahill any more that he gets on here, but I just think those 3 are better suited than Gary is. He is one of the main culprits for losing possession when the pressure is on. I thought that the Drinkwater and Ampadu partnership in the middle was a fine display of what our back ups could do in the middle. I also thought that the Cesc and Ampadu partnership showed that Cesc isn't suited to play in the middle 2 of a 3-4-3 formation. I like his creativity and he assisted beautifully for Willian's goal, but his defending again was exposed tonight. In fact, he and Willian were wandering around teh middle at one point looking completely lost. Musonda, it was a shame he was bullied of the ball so much, and it's fair to say he failed to take his chance. I thought Kenedy and Zappacosta were both very good. Kenedy showing that he's ample back up for Alonso, and in my opinion Zappacosta showed he offers enough to maybe start ahead of Moses. I think that will all depend on the opposition though, as Moses is a better defender. Willian was good but fustrating. Same for Batshuayi. Pedro as energetic as ever. Mainly, I'm concerned about teams pressing us.
  13. Chelsea 2 Everton 1

    It will be suicidal and stupid to start Fabregas or Baka in the everton game. They are our only fit midfielders and Baka isn't 100 percent. We have bournemouth Roma and Man u in a 7 day period. They should both be completely rested . I actually hope we lose this game because we dont have a squad to compete in many competitions. Top 4 is important
  14. Atletico Madrid 1 Chelsea 2

    Thanks Blues brother. Any idea how far that is from where I stay.
  15. Atletico Madrid 1 Chelsea 2

    Wow just saw that your location is U.A.E Dubai. I am in dubai on vacation at the palm jumiera shoreline apartments. Do you have any idea what channel will be showing the match in dubai or a place that will be showing the match
  16. Atletico Madrid 1 Chelsea 2

    I would leave christenson and rudiger in the line up Courtois Dave Christenson Rudiger Moses Kante Luiz Fab Alonso Hazard Morata
  17. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    I know right. Time ****ing flies. it seems like he was a youth player at chelsea not tooo long ago
  18. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    oops I meant cabellaro
  19. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    so unfair on bergovic
  20. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Love the emotion from Musonda. and they say chelsea can't develp players.. Watch out England Christensen and Musonda are here to stay
  21. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1 so excited I forgot to put the stream
  22. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    great stream. 2-0 already BATSHUAYYYYII
  23. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Got it from another chelsea forum