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  1. Media / Press

    Ah, still drag my Lord Percy shirt every now and again. Quality player.
  2. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Some players show real class after joining another club, ( Torres springs to mind ) others, as in this case, don't.
  3. Musical Tastes

    Bloody predictive texting!
  4. Musical Tastes

    Praying Mantis, bloody hell, that's a blast from the past. The weird thing about a Maiden concert, are the t-shirts. At any other metal concert, there will be all manner of different t-shirts featuring different bands being worn by the fans. Last night, nearly every man and his dog was wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt. Which is probably why I stood out by wearing a Saxon t-shirt. The Iron Maiden fans are almost like a cult.
  5. Musical Tastes

    IMO, all 3 singers have produced good songs. To me, Iron Maiden are 'Ronseal', they do exactly what it says on the tin. You know what you are going to get with them, but in a good way. Killswitch Engage were fantastic as support band. I've heard of them but don't know much about them. I could have listened to them as the main act to be fair.
  6. Musical Tastes

    London O2 tonight, Iron Maiden. Last time I saw them was for the Powerslave tour in '84 at the Ipswich Gaumont.
  7. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Well, as I see things, we either get money for him now or he walks away at the end of the season and we get nothing. He had 1 year left on his contract, so it was obvious he was going to leave. He done us proud but has chosen to move to Madrid to be nearer his kids.
  8. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    That's the only trouble with stats, the cynics will say that the 34.9% he lost, were the important ones.
  9. World Cup 2018

    As far as I can figure things out, it was a good tournament for England. I don't buy into the "It was an easy route." You play what's in front of you. Nobody is going to question the winners in a few years time by saying "Ah, yes, but who did they play?". The name is put on the trophy and that's all that counts. The 'Bigger' teams lost simply because they were not good enough. Plus and it's a big plus, I hope that with our success in the other age groups, we have something to build on in the coming years. Anyway, cricket is on and so is the Tour de France.
  10. World Cup 2018

    Sorry, but Stirling is still another SWP. As for Russia, maybe playing at home is having a Denmark ( Euro '92 ) effect.
  11. World Cup 2018

    Having been born slightly before '66, this is the first time I've been excited about our chances of winning. In the past, even after a win, there is a "Yeh, but........", knowing full well, that disaster looms ahead. We have a squad of players that are willing to play as a team. No sitting on separate tables at meal times ( Man Utd players on one, Arsenal on another etc ). And Southgate, having been a player for England, is using his knowledge to take us forward. And please don't give me the "But we haven't played anyone decent yet". You play what's in front of you, winner takes all and ends up with the trophy. As a side note, Fellaini is by far my least favourite EPL player, but I hope and pray that he sticks Neymar into row Z.
  12. World Cup 2018

    But less embarrassing than the antics of some players. They are the one's who deserve a good kicking, not players who just happen to be good.
  13. World Cup 2018

    If I was a player that was going home after 2 games, I would certainly chin a player on the opposite team. Neymar springs to mind. Whack! I'm going home by plane but you're going home in an ambulance. The diving in this WC is damn embarrassing. Also, the players know that yellow cards are given for soft tackles, so make it worth it and kick the bugger into the front row.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Legal Tedium, that would be us then. Let's pour more fuel on the fire, what could possibly happen?
  15. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    If we do lose some of the first team stars and some of those on loan too ( because they don't trust/like Conte ) at least we should have enough money to buy a new set of players. Whether these players will be any good, well, I'm not going to hold my breath. I'll be happy with a group of players who can operate as a team.
  16. Musical Tastes

    Anyone been watching Sky Arts 'Hip-Hop Evolution'? Not my usual type of music, but I do like the history of music.
  17. Media / Press

    I still can't see much happening, not unless the government want to shoot themselves in the foot. Again. And with the WC looming large, it would probably be best not to poke the hornets nest too much. Unfortunately, too many people watch Breakfast tv soundbites and believe what is told to them. I doubt if Roman is overly fussed either.
  18. Media / Press

    It's just like reading Private Eye!!!
  19. Evening Sir, didn't want to broadcast my stupidity, which is why I'm messaging you now. I lost all my data, password etc from my old computer ( didn't write anything down ) before buying a new one.

    My old account was under the name of Paul McGoochan and the email when I first joined, I think,

    How do I go about resetting that old account?

    Ta Muchly



  20. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0

    It's about time he scored..................
  21. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0

    I feel a repeat of this travesty;
  22. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    Personally, I'd give our loanee's a chance. It's not as if they could do any worse?
  23. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    We bring in new managers, backing staff, new ideas, but always end up in the same place. So, you have to wonder, does the problem lay off the field and not on it?
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    We may need some more next Saturday.
  25. Newcastle 3 Chelsea 0

    Change manager and repeat the cycle again. This is becoming a bit tiresome now.