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  1. Sure. But he does have weaknesses and for me there are better keepers out there. Is he one of the top five keepers in the league? Probably. But he’s on the small side, not very commanding in his area and has knack of making a meal of the passing we overcommit at the back sometime. Still young but I fear his physical attributes will hamper him during his career. But I’d rather have him than Courtois, that’s for sure.
  2. Injury News

    Agreed. Weren't there discussions of such a solution going forward? I’d like to remember that suggestion being mentioned before. It would be ideal. Keep the internationals after the season proper!
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agreed. RLC is the one with the highest ceiling out of all of our academy prospects. Whether he fulfills his potential is another thing, but I haven't given up on him.
  4. Non Chelsea: International Football

    Pretty rubbish to lose to Czech Republic... Too bad for Mason Mount, would have been nice for him to win in his first England start. Not to mention Tammy Abraham making his England debut in a competitive match. Oh well.
  5. Tammy Abraham

    You see a panel of absolute bellends talk about Liverpool that way? No. No way. The only penalty in those clips where the foul on Drogba yet that’s the one that’s a dive???
  6. I certainly believe that the brother tried his hardest to get Callum to Bayern and that the rumours were mostly coming from him. Callum himself has on more than one occasion indicated subtly on his Twitter (or Instagram?) that he was staying or that rumours were not be be believed. At no point in time did Callum ever go public with his supposed interest to leave. As for the transfer request, are we even sure it ever happened? Not saying it didn’t, but I’m not sure I’ve seen any statement that would indicate it really did happen... As for Jamal Musiala and the other kid they signed from us (Bright Arrey-Mbi) grounds for a transfer ban for Bayern then?
  7. ? Gone as in he already knew he'd go to Juve? Loftus-Cheek played regularly from October and from beginning of December in the league after some impressive displays. Quite. A young player should be integrated slowly. They are quite vulnerable at that age, both physically and mentally. I think Sarri introduced him excellently. Not sure how anyone can have something bad to say about it to be perfectly honest.
  8. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Agreed. Willian and Alonso were stunning. Alonso has really stepped it up, love it! Competition forces performance. More of that please! RLC and CHO coming back to the fore will do wonders for the squad overall I reckon. I think he’s lost a yard of pace after his knee injuries... When he first got here he was lightening quick and could recover from pretty horrific defending quite easily. Or maybe he just looks a bit slow next to Tomori?
  9. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    This is a hypothesis I was running with during the summer - I.e Hazard leaving us would leave us better as a team. I still think I called it right. However, I have to admit I thought we’d struggle more to score goals and I also didn’t think that Abraham and Mount would be so damn good. Neither did I see Tomori staking a claim like this. Getting minutes and performing yes, being a revelation no. All in all we have performed much better than I would have deared to hope for only a few months ago. It truly is happy days as a Chelsea fan right now. Hudson-Ofoi is yet to come back to full steam, Loftus-Cheek returning and James looking good. Hopefully good times ahead!
  10. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    He’s a cheat plain and simple. One of the players at Liverpool I dislike the most and that’s saying something.
  11. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Well I do think he’s too good for La Liga 2. But maybe Getafe or Leganes?
  12. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Eh? We’ve got 31 games to go.
  13. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Gotcha! Sometimes hard to detect sarcasm on here!
  14. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    I don’t buy that for a second.
  15. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Hit the nail there mate. He’s so ridiculously underrated it’s a joke. He gets a lot of undeserved criticism and some of it is just made up. What was your name before you changed it to Willian Dollar Baby?