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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Christensen was generally poor last season and borderline catastrophic second half last season. Luiz has struggled this season? Just wow. As for using few players there was no one better (or worse!) than Conte. Yet that was somehow not an issue for you but now it is? At least you aren't hiding your bias.
  2. Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

    I just don't get Sarri at all to be honest. He took Pedro off (instead of Willian) yesterday and yet again he started Kovacic at the expense of RLC. It's just madness. RLC must be starting every game for a stretch now. He deserves it and does far more for our attacking play compared to Kovacic. I wouldn't even be a little bit surprised if we shipped him on loan in January. That's the sort of idioptic move only we as a club could do. I can also conlcude that Emerson must be diabolical in training, considering how utterly poor Alonso has been for a few months now. Yet he gets to start every meaningful game. Yesterday he was shocking - absolutely shocking and lucky not have been given a red.
  3. Media / Press

    Well, I did certainly not try to shame you. You did that well enough without my help. Let me ask you a serious question, if someone says to you that they aren't too fond of communism will you then start rambling on about how a certain Adolf Hitler wasn't too fond of them either? Or if someone says they dislike capitalism you then proceed to tell that person that so didn't Pol Pot, Stalin or Mao? It's moral relativism at it's worst and best case scenario you are simply infantile. Worst case you are trying to misrepresent the person who you are discussing with. Absolutely no need to line up a mass murderer next to a scientist who honestly wants to make the world a better place and works hard to do so with an open and intellectual discussion. I certainly did not expect this from you. Reconcilation? Get a grip man, serioulsy! Politics are banned here for a good reason. You and synavm makes a great case for why that is. Well you did pull out the bigot/racist card. This is what usually happens when a guardian of post-modernism meets another human who has thoughts and ideas of their own. To be perfectly honest I see that daily in my regular life. Here I want to discuss Chelsea which is what I will do now. Ok?
  4. Europa League

    Yeah Celtic would not be a very good option at this stage...
  5. Media / Press

    Jordan Peterson? He was pretty late to the party. Like two decades late. 'All lives matter'? Not sure where you are going with that, but if it is in the literal sense then yes of course - all lives matter. It is not a conspiracy theory. It is alive and kicking, notably in the UK, Sweden but really all over the western hemisphere. Maybe there are morons who think it's a conspiracy, I'm not one of them. It is essentially the new ideology in the west and it's deeply rooted. My perspective has nothing to do with capitalism but rather how we have to section cultures in a hierachy where the highest culture can't critisice any other culture. Essentially you can only kick upwards and never critisice any culture that's believed to be inferior (by this insane doctrine). I'm following the polical arena all over the world and have been following the Swedish general election closely. Why? Because it's the most extreme example of teh phenomenon in the world today. If you haven't, I'd urge you to read up on it. A real eye-opener. To even bring up Breivik is tasteless to the extreme. Well done. If you knew how hurtful that is to Scandinavians you'd probably would have bitten your tongue on that one. I'd also think that Jordan Peterson would have a few things to say about you bundling him together with the Alt-Riht and an unsympathetic mass murderer with clear psychological and moral deficiencies. That's a shame. Personally I see humans. Not power structures, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation etc. Legislation can't be written for one group only. It must be written for the whole population. The amnesty for the Afhgans in Sweden a great example. Not all refugees. Not all immigrants. Just the Afghans. The legilsation was a disaster from start to finish, was slaughtered by the legal council but not heeded by the politicians. Now these poor Afghans are homeless in the Swedish winter, no housing, and are recruited (actually forced) by drug dealers to sell their drugs and taken advanteged of by a old homosexuals who pay them with housing for exchange of sexual favours. A very inhumane end to a "good" cause. All because we can't see humans and instead must section everyone into groups who are in constant struggle with each other. For me that's madness and a recipe for polarization. Which of course is rife in Europe at the moment. Maybe that's a conspiracy as well? But to tie it back to the point of discussion. You can't lambast Chelsea fans for singing the Y-word when it is a clear reference to Spurs fans while giving the Spurs fans a free pass for using the same word. That much should be bleeding obvious. It's not even remotely like the African Americans who use the N-word. Because they actually lived through the pain of the real meaning of the word. Spurs fans have not. They don't own it in that way. Wow. I'll just leave this comment hanging here. Shameful! You don't know me, who I am or where I'm from. You don't even know my ethnical background. Yet I'm a bigot? This is why I wanted to bow out, knowing full well that people can't help themselves being absolute tools.
  6. Media / Press

    No, it's one of the root causes for the polarization of the western society we see today. There is nothing about one rule for some that is common sense. We don't need special legislation for anyone, we are all humans. Leislation for humans should be enough. But in a world of culture marxism, moral relativism and post-modernism things that are bloody obvious nees to be revisited all over again. It'll be our downfall. In many ways I can't wait for it to happen. My last contruition to this thread.
  7. Media / Press

    Sure - that's a great topic. For another thread. In a world of post-modernism, identity politics and moral relativism nothing surprises me any longer. It's like I'm living in a Kafka novel full-time these days. This is true. If it is banned for some, it needs to be banned for all. Again, these things used to be fairly obvious. One group in society was not given special rights or priveleges. Legislation was written with the whole population in mind. These days people demand special legislation that will be valid for only a small section of the population. It's so obviously going to end up badly I'm surprised that educated people think it's a good idea. Maybe it says a lot of the education today as well! Neither does moral relativism.
  8. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Wow! One sensible post on the subject. Well done Martin, you're a light in the darkness. And 100% correct.
  9. Media / Press

    I don't think that's what we are discussing. It's the blatant double standards. Still.
  10. Media / Press

    Wow. Nothing has changed. We are always villified.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think it's a very far stretch to even speculate that Marina identifies the players. Doing the negotiations is one thing. Picking who to buy quite another.
  12. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Yes, quite obviously my comment was for real. I have never claimed Kanté to be a defensive midfielder, I've stated he's a BTB midfielder. So it's seems the confusion is something that you have created all on your own. Quite. Yes... Because (and hold on now because this may be a little bit tricky for some) he isn't a defensive midfielder that just sits and protects the back four.
  13. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Yeah it's getting quite tedious by now. Having to endure the "Kanté is played out of position" the whole game against Wolves. He has ALWAYS and without FAIL played a sa box-to-box midfielder in England. For Leicester in a 2-man midfield with two covering CBs and under our most defensive manager ever he played as the BTB midfielder in a 2 with THREE covering CBs. That was later changed to BTB midfielder in a THREE man midfield with THREE covering CBs. Now he's asked to play in a BTB role in a 3-man midfield with two covering CBs. It's not the position that hampers him, it's the style of play. On top of that, he's also out of form and his physical traits are not what they were last two seasons. Maybe he's just fatigued after a lot of football over the last 4 seasons. That Willian is a bad influence in the dressing room is quite an outlandish claim. He'd be one of the last players I'd direct such an accusation against.
  14. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Perhaps? Sell him quick before they change their mind.
  15. Alvaro Morata.

    The bolded names are simply lauhable suggestions. Too old or not good enough describes them well.