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  1. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 2

    3,8 per game? Boy he's some manager isn't he;) I don't care what some people may say on a forum. You only have to scroll through these forums to grasp it doesn't mean much. We can go by amassed points and in that department Sarri is doing just fine. He isn't underperforming but rather he continues to perform well. Funny that. Thank you for clarifying that.. But there's a reason why the best creative players comes at a huge price premium. Hint: they do so because they score/create more goals. In football the team who scores most goals win the game. What a novelty. If you have more/less of those players it's easier/harder to score goals. Less goals = less points. Less points = lower league position. It's fairly linear. We have create dmore chances than Liverpool (only City have created more - our issue is scoring goals. Not creating chances. Why do you think teams at the bottom are the teams getting relegated? Because their team is full of Lionel Messis who somehow underperform or because they have players of lesser quality who score fewer goals? We have a huge isue with our performance in both boxes. Too many young and inexperienced players playing in key attacking positions and not any natural goalscorers. That shows massively. At the other end we have CBs who simply isn't top CBs. Again, at key moments it shows. I think we would be comfortably third in the league with one more goalscorer and one really good CB. That's how small margins tehre are, not to mention we've been royally screwed over by VAR on multiple occassions. It all counts, a few points here and a few points there. Quickly it becomes 10+ points not to mention what it does to the teams confidence and mental strength. See above. We do, we simply don't put them away. How many chances did United create yesterday? More than us? Not a chance. Rüdiger is overrated. He's a slightly better version of Zouma imo. None of our current CBs would have been CB3 back in the days.
  2. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 2

    Well it helps doesn't it? Much like it helps to have a goalscorer to... erm score goals? It's not like goals are falling down from the sky.
  3. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 2

    Last season Allegris Juventus had 2.36 points/game. This season Sarri’s Juventus has 2.38 points/game. It’s his first season there (Allegri had been at Juve multiple seasons before) and he has to contest with an Inter side throwing money Contes way. How is Sarri underperforming? The last bit is especially concerning given the referee decisions. I can’t see how VAR can survive after this season. I’ve never seen anything in sport threatening the integrity of the game in this manner. It’s blatant cheating.
  4. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 2

    Blatant cheating by Antony Taylor tonight. I'm serious, I don't see the point of watching this any longer. Football is dead. Dead. Blatant push on Azpi by Fred that pushes him onto Williams. The goal should 100% have stood. McGuire CLEAR red card. No action whatsoever. He scores their second. It's a shambles. **** this ****. I'm out for the rest of the season and won't come back until they have scrapped VAR.
  5. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 2

    With that XI we could play for days without scoring... 2-0 United.
  6. Yikes... Don't see us selling too many of those shirts...
  7. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 2

    It was a reply to yet another of your incoherent rants that wasn’t about football. Not sure I have ever read a post from you that isn’t an incoherent rant or a rant about Jorginho...
  8. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 2

    He did say this a year ago. He also said it when Lamps became our manager. It’s like the members who “predicted” Jose would be fired at some stage. No **** Sherlock...
  9. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 2

    He’s in his ranting mode. Best ignored when he’s like this.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Boga has shown promise this season and scored 7 and assisted a further 4 in a league where it is notoriously hard to score high figures. If we play with the idea that Pedro and Willian leaves and we buy (wishful thinking) Ziyech and Sancho I don't think we need Boga. Best case he's a 4th/5th choice inger for us. But he would be a cheaper alternative than Sancho if we can't get him in the summer. That would leave us with a potential squad that looks quite exciting and fairly balanvced in terms of age. A few key additions to the squad outlined below and I seriously think we could be a title challenger for 2021/22. Squad (age/first/second/third position); Goalkeepers: Arrizabalaga (26/GK), New GK2, Academy GK Defenders: Rüdiger (27/CB/RB), Tomori (23/CB/RB), Christensen (24/CB/DM/RB), Zouma (26/CB/RB), Azpilicueta (31/RB/LB/CB), James (21/RB/DM/CB), NEW LB1, Emerson (26/LB/LM) Midfielders: Kanté (29/CM/DM), Jorginho (29/DM), Kovacic (26/CM/DM/AM), Barkley (27/CM/AM)), Ampadu (20/CB/DM), Gallagher (20/DM/CM/AM) Attacking Midfielders: Mount (22/AM/LW), Loftus-Cheek (25/AM/CM) Wingers: Sancho (20/RW/LW), Hudson-Odoi (20/LW/RW), Ziyech (27/RW/AM), Pulisic (22/RW/LW/AM) Strikers: Abraham (23/S/LW/RW), New S2, Batsuayhi (27/S) What would be left to solve in this squad is CB and GK. Sorting GK2, LB1, Sancho, Ziyech and S2 would be over £220m I reckon. After Sancho and Ziyech (roughly £140m) we would have another £80m+ to spend on GK2, LB1 and S2. I don't think it is completely out of the question... Loan: Gilmour, Anjorin, Guehi (already agreed), Maddox, McEachran, C Brown, Ugbo Out: Caballero, Alonso, Zouma, Van Ginkel, Pedro, Willian, Giroud Then we have a whole host of players that have been out on loan that we need to decide what to do with like Chalobah, Clarke-Salter, I Brown, Baxter, Blackman, Rahman, Miazga, Sterling, Castillo, Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Nathan, Pantic, Pasalic, Kenedy, Moses, Musonda, Piazon, Baker... I don't see anyone of them having a future here.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Quite. Both Jorginho and Kante should ask for lives to clubs that can win trophies in the next 3-4 seasons. We may be there in 2-3 seasons (depending on his well we do in the transfer windows). But by then these players will be older and past their peak.
  12. My honest assessment? He’s shown nothing that would indicate that he has the potential to become a top level keeper.
  13. I fully appreciate that this might be atad harsh on my behalf, but seriously. You need to be able to separate your private life from your professional life. That goes with the title 'professional'. No doubt that Kepa is weak mentally, that much was already obvious. What's interesting now is whether he can grow and become a bit tougher and actually work on his weaknesses. I haven't seen anything that shows promise in that direction sadly. For me there is only one way to go here. Sell him at the first possible opportunity. Has been my take on it for 6 months now. Last season was acceptable given it was his first season here. What's unacceptable is that he's half the keeper he was last season and he just passed the minimum level imo. Now he's distincly average and nowhere near being a goalkeeper for a top side in any of the top european leagues. Midtable in Spain or a top side in France/Holland is probably his level and an environment where he could work out.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    You can call it nonsense if you like. 5 minutes ago you said there wasn’t a football board (which there is).