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  1. Season expectations/predictions/peculiarities 2020/21

    I’m not so sure, United look awful to me and have a weak underbelly. No winners and not really a strong mentality in the squad. Of course it’s the easy bet to claim that United will finish above both Leicester and Everton. But I think Leicester has shown over the last few seasons that they are a good side that can do amazing things when the flow is with them and Everton seem to have bought well this summer and have a top manager to guide them. Arsenal I don’t believe in at all. They look average everywhere and their only top player has been chucked out on the wing. Madness.
  2. Season expectations/predictions/peculiarities 2020/21

    Incidentally, if we do beat Spurs at home we will indeed have 21 points after the first 10 games. Still a tough game to play, but for me the season start has been good and about as expected - slow start and gradual improvement as injured players were getting back and the team getting a chance to gel. I would expect us to amass anything between 75-85 points this season. 75 being the worst case scenario imo. What that will mean in terms of final position is hard to gauge consider how bonkers this season is. But there are a few teams who will be there or thereabouts; Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Leicester. I think these teams will almost certainly all be in the top 6. The. We have a few teams who have started badly - City, Arsenal, United and two challengers who may get into the mix of top 6 - Everton and Villa. If I was forced to make a prediction for the top 6 I’d go with; 1. Liverpool 2. Tottenham 3. Chelsea 4. City 5. Leicester 6. Everton Will be a very, very close call between place 2-4. Man U and Arsenal both to miss out on top 6.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    We've doen that with players far inferior to Abraham and Mount. We have even done it with players inferiror to McEachran. So you're not saying anything at all really.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Of course they wouldn't - the proof is in the pudding. It's also crystal clear all three were unknown quantities at PL-level at the start of last season. Conte would never, ever have integarted them. Neither would JM. He brings up Tomori as a player that has gotten too many chances (what?). But he was just as good as the other three the season before at Championship level.
  5. Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Strongest possible starting XI for this one. We need to beat this lot, and beat them well. Mendy James Zouma Silva Chilwell Kovacic Kanté Mount Ziyech Abraham Werner Subs: Caballero, Rüdiger, Azpilicueta, Jorginho, Havertz, Hudson-Odoi, Giroud COME ON CHELSEA!!!
  6. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    Just waiting for (you know who) to come and put me in my place with “Rennes is a championship team”.
  7. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    Mason Mount, the Championship player! 😂😂😂
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    It’s really funny how you are desperately trying to twist stuff to avoid a serious reply. Of course it’s my opinion. That’s why I wrote it (duh). But nowhere have I stated it’s facts. This is where Droy is a master. He takes an argument, twist it, argue against a non-existent one and then diverts the discussion from what it originally was. Nowhere have I questioned the number of players at the club. I said last seasons squad had gaping holes in nearly every part of the team (GK, CB, LB, CM, AM and S). How this has now been turned to be about Lampard getting a bunch of kids with nearly zero PL experience (Mount, James, Abraham, Tomori and CHO) while getting back Zouma and Bats from loan somehow means the squad is complete is beyond me. Lol. Never mind. The team is complete with that addition 😎
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    1. Difficult to know if you are being sarcastic or not. But yeah, Chilwell, Silva and Ziyech not fit to start. Ditto Pulisic. Havertz being played despite not being anywhere near match fit based on what we could see for the first 3-4 games. Then imagine the season Kanté had last season on top of that and tehre are a fair few of important pieces not being fit to start the season. 2. Too cryptic for me mate. Last season obviously did happen and we introduced one proper regular into the side - Mount. Abraham and James squad players. Jame sis making his best efforts to be in Mounts category this season. But boy was the younger players needed, especially since you cinsider how utterly poor some of the older players have been for a while now. But fine, if you need to pretend that our squad is perfect now in order to be able to discredit Lampard nothing I say will change your mind. So go ahead:)
  10. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    I think Frank will go with; Mendy Azpi-Silva-Zouma-Chilwell Kanté-Jorginho-Mount Ziyech-Abraham-CHO
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    To me that suggests Alonso was the only LB able to play serious minutes. Luckily he did everything in his power to not grab that chance. If he is anything but LB4 right now I'd be massively surprised. Surely off in January (if we can find anyone who is willing to take him on). How's that? I'd say it's pretty aggressive thinking we can go from last season to be the finished article over just one summer considering how many gaping holes last seasons squad had. I would say we are still short of; - another wide player - another CM - another CB - a GK2 (or a new GK1 with Mendy being demoted) So something like; GK: Mendy, New GK2, GK3 RB: James, Azpi LB: Chilwell, Emerson CB: CB1, Silva, Zouma, Tomori CM: Kanté, Mount, Havertz, Kovacic, New CM, one of Gilmour/Ampadu W: Ziyech, Pulisic, new AM, Hudson-Odoi S: Werner, Abraham That would be more balanced than what we have now. 3 GKs, 8 DFs, 6 CMs, 4 wide players and 2 S. Out: Kepa, Alonso, Rüdiger, Jorginho, Christensen - none of them offers much at this time and commands pretty high wages for what they give us.
  12. Newcastle United 0 Chelsea 2

    He completely dominated the game yesterday and has found his best position imo - #8. I don’t think there should be anymore discussion on where he is to play. Let’s see what he can develop into after a full season in his best position. Already one of the first names on the England team sheet and for Chelsea. Perhaps not world class yet, but he’s surely treated as an indispensable player for both club and country.
  13. Newcastle United 0 Chelsea 2

    Or admit that he was wrong. Which to my knowledge has never happened even though it’s the most likely outcome from a Blue Rod prediction.
  14. Newcastle United 0 Chelsea 2

    Not only that, it’s hard to believe it is seriously meant. More like a wind-up.
  15. Newcastle United 0 Chelsea 2

    I have no idea how those stats are calculated but my eyes said we should have had at least 3 goals whereas Newcastle would have been very fortunate to get 1.