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  1. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    Of course, to claim anything else is to put an enormous amount of bias in it. Hazard has been on his way for three seasons.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think Willian is one of those players that may take on a more pivotal role now that Hazard is gone. We should absolutely not sell him. Rather tie him up on a new two year deal!
  3. Media / Press

    I particularly like the fact he’s been done for taking disloyal payments from Blatter - someone Platini has lambasted in the past for being corrupt. I’m sure corruption among people with power is absolutely rife. Particularly in politics. Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if politicians took bribes from corporations on a regular basis and then tried to be saints in the eye of the public.
  4. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    Quite. 1. Have a look at the Serie A table for the three years he managed Napoli. With a bit of background info on the league you’ve got all the info you need to understand what he can do. 2. Even if we do hire Lampard I think you’d have to wait a few years to find out the answer to that question 🤣 We are a long way off from a team of top grade players. I’m backing Frank. There’s no Chelsea player or manager I feel stronger about than him. That’s also why I feel very nervous about this appointment... A legend whose status might be crushed in an instant is not something I want. He doesn’t deserve that. Precisely.
  5. Quite. The only way from 3rd is down. At least for the next season. I agree with this. We ain’t making top four next season and if we are going to fail we might as well play the likes of Tammy, CHO, RLC, Mount, James etc. There was misery, doom and gloom during a season where we finished third, tried to play attractive football and made two finals and won one of them. Seriously. It ain’t getting better next season. So good luck with that;) Fully agreed on all accounts. If we hire Lampard we have to be ready to accept a mid-table finish. If we can’t accept that beforehand we should not hire him at all.
  6. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    Well objectively it's a fact. You may have your opinion but the facts remain. Just look at our points/season in the league. Is it getting better or wrose as a long-term trend? 04/05: 95 05/06: 91 06/07: 83 07/08: 85 08/09: 83 09/10: 86 10/11: 71 11/12: 64 12/13: 75 13/14: 82 14/15: 87 15/16: 50 16/17: 93* 17/18: 70 18/19: 72 The outliers I'm talking about is JMII where he rebuilt the side and then Conte coming in and doing 93 points in an extraordinary season where we basically onlöy had the league to focus on for the whole season. The trend is crystal clear.
  7. Yes it has been going on for years and the long-term trend is clear - we are getting worse, not better over time. The odd outlier aside, we have fallen far behind Liverpool who have spent less money then us over the last five seasons. Add a transfer ban, a ageing squad where we basically have only two serious players left in prime years (Rüdiger and Kanté - maybe Azpilicueta). The restructuring job at hand is massive - it'll take an enormous amount of money to get us back where we want to be. I don't see any chance of us ending up in the top 4 next season. This season I had hopes we would, but for 2019/20 I can't see us managing that. Top 6 is probably the best we can hope for unless Pulisic hits the ground running and magically starts scoring goals for fun. The squad seriously lacked goals as it was, now our only goalscorer has left us. Not wanting to be a killjoy, but I see a risk of us even missing out on top 6 to be perfectly honest. If the transfer ban stands, our best possible squad next season is; Arrizabalaga, Caballero, GK3 Azpilicueta, Zappacosta, Luiz, Rüdiger, Christensen, Zouma, Emerson, Alonso Kanté, Jorginho, Loftus-Cheek, Barkley, Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Mount Pedro, Willian, Pulisic, Hudson-Odoi Giroud, Batshiayi, Abraham Where is the goals going to come from? Who will stand up and drag us on when the going gets tough? Where is the leadership?
  8. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    This. I’m all for Lampard being our manager but fear these are the worst possible circumstances for him to do so. Some people seem to think that he’ll be given a free pass because of who he is, I don’t buy that for a second. If he fails badly he’ll be on his way. If he fails, he’ll be under massive pressure to do a lot better very quickly. Does he have the experience to be able to turn it around after a bad season? On the other hand, with a good start the feel-good factor can mean a lot and perhaps give us some much needed positive feeling around the club. But it’s a risky move alright. It’s worrying where we are headed. We are doing worse and worse and have been for quite some time. Last season was a bit of a break from that trend but seemingly at a great cost. Now we start again and I’m not sure the fundamentals are in place for this to end well next season.
  9. That our incessant chopping and changing manager and utter lack of continuity will come back and bite us. Right now we are very vulnerable and had just managed to get back to the CL after a very good season all things considered. Now we start from scratch again with a ban and a squad with holes literally everywhere. So what do you think Michael, where do we end up in the league next season? Top 4? Top 6? Top 10? Lower?
  10. Why is it low? It’s true. Jane repeatedly said she had decided she didn’t want a Sarri at the club when she found out about this story. No idea how me mentioning it can be labelled low. Anyhow, he’s gone and we continue our manager merry-go-round. This time I think it’ll cost us. A lot.
  11. 1. You’re right, I’m ridiculous for being more bothered with our manager winning games than “engaging with the fans”. 2. Yes you were, you were so incensed about it all you stated on numerous occasions you didn’t want him here because of it. A situation you knew nothing about no less.
  12. I don’t buy that. The mentality towards him has been off all season. Sure, he’s not leaving just because of that like I said. Our squad is in an absolute shambles, transfer ban, star players ageing with an owner who isn’t exactly known to be willing to give managers time. But I do believe the shameful behaviour of a large section of our fans played a role, yes. The examples you also bring up aren’t even comparable to what happened with Sarri. Every one gets a boo from someone. But this was so much more than just a few drunk fans booing one bad result.
  13. No. Proper as in supporting the team, the players and the manager. The opinions I don’t care about.
  14. Not rating someone is one thing, behaving like some of our fans did is inexcusable. I don’t care if you like Sarri or not, but I do care if you boo him, call him names and behave like a dick. It reflects poorly on all Chelsea fans. It’s not hard Ham or did you bully everyone you didn’t like at school?