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  1. Not sure I understand your point. Not sure you understand it either. For Liverpool to have reached the levels they have considering the money teams around them have spent is nothing short of amazing.
  2. Machedas goal was a clear, clear handball. Something that the media in general didn't harp on about of course. But their goal should not have stood. So 2-1 or 1-0? I wouldn't have cared either way. All that mattered was the win. They have also given Klopp the time he needed to get them where they are. We should take note. So Sarri in his three seasons did not have injury issues? I find it absolutely amazing that you can find all the excuses in the world for Conte and Ancelotti but none whatsoever for Sarri. The way you are arguing makes you lose a lot of credibility to be perfectly honest with you. A few weeks ago you were pushing a story that the Napoli fans liked Ancelotti better. If you believe that, you'll believe anything. This. How about neither? Sarri was clear when he was signed he was here to play his style. The players are what they are - he can't be blamed for that. I'm afraid it's the club who hasn't done their homework properly (again) when it comes to a new manager. Either we hire managers who fit the players we have at the club, or we give a new manager time and money to re-build. This half-ass attempts aren't cutting it. Either case, that our players aren't good enough to challenge for the title is hardly a controversial claim to make. It's the story Blue Rod is trying to sell that is the real controversy.
  3. New Kits

    It's abosloute heresy. Any Chelsea kit lacking white socks ain't Chelsea. End of story. I don't mind the red bits, but no white socks??? That's unacceptable.
  4. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    My thoughts exactly. Funny how ones drive to discredit the manager leads to the opposite conslusions!
  5. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    Last season 62 goals from 38 games (1.63/game). This season 59 goals from 35 games (1.68). Two very different styles generating the same number of goals. The constant? Severe lack of goal scorers.
  6. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    Quite. Something that was bleediny obvious before the season started is even more obvious now. We've conceeded 38 goals. Tottenham 35, Arsenal 46 and United 50. I said at the beginning of the season that what was going to undo us was the lack of goal scorers. Unsurprisingly that’s exactly what has happened. Severe lack of goals from all over the pitch.
  7. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    On another note, CHO ripped his Achilles and will miss the rest of the season (and surely a good chunk of next as well?) Some saying he’ll miss up to 7 months.
  8. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    Utterly dominant and should have won that by a few goals. But yet again we’ve been undone by lack of goals in the squad. If we miss out on the CL it won’t be because we’ve been poorer than other teams in general play, it’ll be because outside of Hazard we don’t have any goal scorers at all.
  9. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    We were 6 against 2 or 3 in the box for their second. It’s hardly the system - we are just not very good in the air. Luiz and Rudiger are our best and they are about average for CBs in general. Christensen is below average and both Azpilicueta and Emerson are quite poor in the air. With the midfield we have, it’s no surprise we suffer from set pieces. Blaming zonal marking is to miss the issue completely. Man-man or zonal, doesn’t matter one bit. Lack of aerial ability is the real culprit.
  10. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    Perhaps you are correct, maybe there’s a lot of noise from a selected few. But id be surprised if it was only 10% on here who wanted Sarri out. In general (I’m talking match-goers) it feels more like 25%+. The continuous booing of Jorginho is absolutely appalling. Those ‘fans’ should hang their heads in shame. Absolute bellends.
  11. No. I can guess but that wouldn’t add much value to the discussion. Why did Mourinho take notes?
  12. If it was the nicotine he was craving there are alternatives that would give him a full blast. Gum, inhalators etc.
  13. Plenty of managers take notes during games. Sarri isn’t the first nor the last to do so. Of all the things one can moan about this is right up there of being the silliest.
  14. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    It’s the colour of our time - either black or white. The ability to view the world in various shades of grey is becoming less prominent by the day. Man U are also certainly doing their best to help us out to reach that top four.
  15. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    True - Conte managed to get one last tune out of that squad and then went on to absolutely slaughter it. That we won the league was more down to us employing s system that caught other teams out, not playing many games so had full weeks to prepare, and key players not being run into the ground over the season. That all changed dramatically in his second season. Teams had already started to figure out how to play our 523, we didn't have full weeks to prepare for our league games and our key players were overplayed. Hence we finished where our squad would indicate we should or thereabouts. Sarri is doing just fine given the fact that he has the same rubish squad Conte had his second season - difference beeing he didn't want to have this unbalanced squad. He has had midweek games all season and very little pre-season to prepare the team for a completely different system and style. I hope Sarri stays on, that he gets a full pre-seasona and a full window to change the playing squad to his preference. Then, and only then, can we judge him properly. If he makes top four and wins the EL he will have done a fantastic job. If he only gets a top four it's slightly above par and if he misses out finishing 5th or 6th with no EL title the season will have been average. No disasters regardless of what some say on here.