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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    You make some good points. However, like Paul66 says below... I think a 4231 formation with two of Kanté, Jorginho and Kovacic sitting with Pulisic, Havertz and Ziyech in front of them could be balanced enough. I'm under the impression that Havertz is an AM first and foremost that can also play on the wing. Much like Mount or Werner can play LW or Ziyech CM/AMC. Personally I think that we will see; -------------------------------Werner Pulisic-------------------Havertz-----------------Ziyech As the starting front four with; -----------------------------Abraham Hudson-Odoi---------Mount-------------Loftus-Cheek as teh back-ups. Midfield: Jorginho/Kanté/Kovacic/Barkley/Gilmour Defense is anyones guess at this point.
  2. Exactly. KDB was 21 when he came here and he had only been good in Belgium prior to him signing. Salah was 22 after having played in Switzerland. So it’s absolutely ridiculous to rue us selling them while ripping CHO to pieces because he isn’t pulling up trees in the PL at 19.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agreed. Conte is very, very underwhelming in the transfer market.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Even if we make then an offer they can't refuse? Does he? Here I was thinking that Conte is doing at all over again trying to sign Emerson from us and already having loaned Moses. Wouldn't surprise me if he signs Alonso and maybe we coud throw in Bats, Giroud, Zappacosta and Bakayoko as well?
  5. Lol. Hudson-Odoi is still only 19. Considering his age, he isn’t doing too badly. Next two seasons will he important for him. Personally I hope he stays here and that he isn’t sent out on loan.
  6. Official: Chelsea Sign Timo Werner

    I'd call him consistently underwhelming. Not crap per se, just not quite good enough.
  7. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    It's a statement taken out of context. Juve has won titles consistently since 1925 and been a real force in Europe since the 80's. We have won titles consistenty since 2000. So he isn't wrong exactly. That we have had a history that spans more than 20 years is obvious. But it is equally obvious what Sarri actually mean to say.
  8. Champions League 2019/2020

    Quite. That was the most boring football we've played since the 2000/01 season under Ranieri.
  9. Champions League 2019/2020

    Yes, Pirlo
  10. Official: Willian Leaves And Signs For Arsenal

    Classy. Agreed. He had skills we will sorely miss. Especially with the leaking defense and midfield we have in general. But his production wasn’t really good enough.
  11. Champions League 2019/2020

    Yep. Plenty on here stating that Conte was definitely winning the title over Sarri. In the end it was a fairly easy win for Juve although Inter managed to window dress the results after Juve had already won it. It was silly yesterday, now it’s just a dishonest argument. Well, basically what Paul says two quoted posts below. The idea that Porto will do any better unless they have massive surgery of the squad is not something I buy into. They are in dire need of a re-build. It sure is. At one stage it was even questionable whether Inter would manage second. Bingo.
  12. Champions League 2019/2020

    Inter spent nearly €200M on new players ahead of this season.... On par with Juve.
  13. Official: Willian Leaves And Signs For Arsenal

    Agreed. No doubt he will be missed, but I do believe the time is right for him to move on regardless. We’ve lacked goal scorers among our attacking players for years now and simply can’t have a winger never scoring double figure goals and assists in the league. He will however leave a hole in regards to his tactical work and defensive output. Not to mention his acceleration in transitions. Hopefully Ziyech and Havertz can step it up.
  14. 7-1 against Bayern. Embarrassing to be honest. There’s so much work to be done defensively. First step must be to buy defenders that actually know about defending. Christensen sure as hell ain’t one of them. Absolute w***.
  15. Of course, I forgot Ziyech. But he has also played a great deal as a CM for Ajax. I'm not convinced he'll be playing on the wing for us. In many ways we will potentially have three players who are quite versatile in the attacking midfield positions in Havertz, Mount and Ziyech. There is no doubt in my mind. Conte is a decent manager but awful person and a ludicrous judge of ability.
  16. Official: Willian Leaves And Signs For Arsenal

    The numbers I've read is 3 years @£100K pw. No way are Arsenal paying him £300K pw. I cannot feel any animosity towards Willian, just as I do not feel any animosity towards David Luiz. They aren't/weren't quite good enough for us at this stage and so moves/moved on to a team that is more suitable to their level. Just life of a footballer.
  17. LOL. You are unknowingly making my point for me. Juve won the league with two games to spare - they were 7 ahead of Inter at the time and finished with two losses. So the whole "by a mere point" is absolute rubbish and you know it. Given your argument above, I suppose you would also say that the only managers who deserve any credit after a big title (La Liga, Serie A, PL or CL) since the inception of the Premier League is José Mourinho (FC Porto), Claudio Ranieri (Leicester) and (Kenny Dalglish (Blackburn). Or maybe not Dalglish, afterall Blackburn was carried by Alan Shearer and his 34 PL goals. So we can't count that either can we? Maybe it is within a managers remit to make sure that the top players perform? Isn't that a good thing? The alternative is to spend £75m on a donkey who only managed to score 17 goals penanlties excluded. By the way, 12 (!!!) of the 31 goals Ronaldo scored in the Serie A was penalties. You remove those and he only managed 19 goals - two more than Lukaku. Yet Juve was carried by Ronaldo and Inter was not carried by Lukaku? Ronaldo 31 goals (12 penalties) - 19 goals Lukaku 23 goals (6 penalties) - 17 goals I don't feel you have thought this post through to be honest. I'm not so sure about that. If Willy leaves and we sign Havertz I do think that Hudfson-Odoi will get plenty of playing time. Werner I feel will predominantly play as a striker. Loftus-Cheek predominantly in midfield. That leaves Pulisic, Havertz, Mount and Hudson-Odoi. If we, as I believe, will play something like this; ------------------------------GK RB-------------CB-------------------CB-----------------LB -----------------CM------------------CM Havertz--------------Mount--------------Pulisic --------------------------Werner it means Hudson-Odoi is the first sub that would be available for the winger positions. And your point is what exactly? Juve scored 76 league goals. 13 on penalties. If we discount all penalties (13 for Juve, which Ronaldo scored 12) Ronaldo scored 19/63=30% of all Juve goals. Lukaku, with the same methodology, scored 17/71=24%. Inter was dependent on Martinez and Lukaku. Juve dependent on Ronaldo and Dybala. Those are the facts. But it has been true for all champions that ever was. The team that wins the title is often dependent on their best players. That's why they have them and pay them top dollar. If they didn't have them they wouldn't be top teams. So this argument you and Mark are bringing forward is very strange to be honest. Edit/ As a side note: With the methodology used above the same figure for Abraham is also 24%. Astonishing.
  18. Quite a few Chelsea fans made a mockery of themselves in regards to how they treated Sarri and the CHO situation. I also see that the stick "Sarri has never won anything" doesn't really apply anymore. Not that his biggest detractors would care about facts when criticising him or give him credit for winning the Serie A against Conte and his big spending Inter. Still haven't given up hopes on Hudson-Odoi, but he certainly has to show a lot more next season. Will he get enough playing time competing against -> Werner, Pulisic, Havertz, Mount, Loftus-Cheek?
  19. Official: Willian Leaves And Signs For Arsenal

    He will go and he will go to Arsenal. Great servant who will leave with a whiff of "didn't quite get out his full potential at the club". I say that with the greatest admiration, I think his talent alone should have ensured a higher number of goals and assists. He just lacked that ruthless streak in him to be a goalscorer and a player that concistently changed games. If we get Havertz, I feel very relaxed about Willy leaving.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well, of course the market isn't flush with top CBs. But one I can think of is... Hopefully the club make their calls on quality and not on who knows who. Rüdiger is a CB3 at best but far too expensive to be a CB3 here. He should go and be a CB1 at a mid-table club in England/Spain/Italy or top club in Germany.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm not against signing Dunk as I agree with you, he does have a lot of qualities we currently lack. However, not sure he is that CB1 we need either... For example, I'd be more than happy with; CB1, Dunk, Zouma, Tomori as I do not believe that Rüdiger or Christensen has what it takes. Rüdiger I've been massively disappointed with this season. Never rated him as a top CB, but this season he's been well below average for us. Lacks intelligence and not the best defender to be honest. Christensen is just too weak and fragile. He'll never be a top CB. If we can't find a proper CB1 this summer than I would go for selling Christensen and keeping Rüdiger for one more season but still go ahead and sign Dunk.
  22. Official: Chelsea Sign Hakim Ziyech

    Think he will be a massive player for us. Really excited by the potential prospect of him, Werner and Havertz in the same side!
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think we need more. Definitely a CB, I can't see us going through anoher season with those four options.
  24. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Sums it up neatly, good grief that was a horrendous referee performance. But this game only told us what we all already know. Our key players aren’t nearly good enough and they should all, bar Kante, be replaced. Willian, Jorginho, Rudiger. None of them are players you build championship winning sides on.
  25. Media / Press

    With a manager like Klopp that’s to be expected. I used to have a lot of time for Klopp but that was before he signed for them.