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  1. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Apparently it’s only for players who enter the last 12 months of their contract. That happens for CHO after the summer. I guess we will see how they deal with it.
  2. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Of course not. Bayern aren’t mugs.
  3. Thx for sharing. I thought all three had valid points but for me the most valid of them all was what Rosenior said - at some stage the club will have to accept to suffer short term for long term gain. Whether that’s with Sarri or someone else, we can’t keep sacking managers and expect us to build something good long-term. It’s always be a squad of misfits who aren’t good enough or doesn’t fit the culture that manager. It’s far more expensive than the other option (if you get it right of course).
  4. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Yeah point taken. But if the alternative cost is £15m it’s not too bad if it sends a signal to the next batch of 16-21 year olds the club hope will break through. I’m pretty sure the clubs standard policy with youngsters is no game time unless they sign. I think (but could be wrong) that even includes U-21 and U-18 games. You can argue whether that is morally correct towards the player. But then again is it correct towards the other players who wants to stay if he does play? Personally I’m fine with the clubs policy. If you have an attitude at that young age without having done anything of note the loss isn’t great imo. Maybe I’m too harsh but that’s how I see things. Now if Bayern returns in the summer with a serious offer (£40m+) then the club should bite their hand off and take it.
  5. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Solanke. I’d bet a tidy sum on him not seeing many more minutes next season unless he signs a new contract. What money? £15m? That’s nothing for a player that apparently thinks he’s ready to break through and play regularly at one of the best clubs in Europe. The lesson was already given out for free by Solanke. Sadly CHO hasn’t taken that onboard. He’ll spend 12 months doing sweet **** all and then he’ll move to Bayern and be 19 and a long way off from being a starter there. Add the fact he’s moving to a new country, new language and you don’t have to think too hard to realise that the odds are stacked against him. If I were CHO I’d sign the deal on offer and take it from there. His chance of success is a lot higher that way.
  6. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Not from me. I hope Hazard finally moves to Real or quashes the rumours once and for all. It is and has been a distraction for a few seasons. He needs to realise that this club is bigger than him.
  7. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    I think there is middle ground for sure but that the discussion has been hijacked by a few who are shouting at every opportunity that he should be playing instead of Willian or Pedro. The middle ground is that he is a talented player who currently refuses to sign a new contract. Although talented nowhere near ready to play consistently over any of the other three wingers at the moment, but instead is managed rather well by the club who is easing him in. But my personal feeling on him is that he's a young lad with a slightly biased perception of himself. He simply thinks he's a lot better than he is. Maybe I'm wrong and maybe it's unfair of me, but that's the feeling I have of the situation. No facts, feelings. I think people would do well to remember that at the start of the season no one, literally NO ONE claimed CHO to be remotely ready to play for the first team. He's had a few good phases against Championship sides - far cry from doing it consistently against PL opposition. And besides, why on earth would the club play a player that isn't better than the options we alreasy have and who refuses to sign a new contract? A proper bollocking and a few slaps around the ears.
  8. Chelsea vs Malmo FF

    Absolutely - I have definitely considered whether my objectives are different from Roman. But in the end, I think we both want Chelsea to be winning long-term. My comment about not being able to build a solid platform at the top of the club still stands. Or more precise, I still stand by that comment. We don't have any football people at the board or in a senior decision-making role. That isn't great for building a solid foundation where the football, players and quality is the primary focus. Look at the biggest clubs in Europe - they are run by serious football men, men who have a long history in the game and knows what it takes to be successful consistently. It was easy when Roman had the monetary advantage, his shortcomings are becoming painfully obvious now that advantage is gone. He basically knows nothing about the game or how to build a successful club and the organisation around it. I don't care about his objectives, if you can't even build a solid foundation at the top how the hell are you going to steer the ship? It's a complete disconnect at all levels of this club - and we are seeing the results of that now. It's been obvious (to me) that this was the direction we as a club were going. I think I first realised this at around 2010/2011 and since then it becomes clearer by each passing season. Only one man to blame for that (despite all his investments).
  9. 433 at Barca - attacking fullbacks, a strong DM and speedy and dynamic attackers. 433 at Bayern - attacking fullbacks, a strong DM and speedy and dynamic attackers. 433 at Man C - attacking fullbacks, a strong DM and speedy and dynamic attackers. Of course it’s not a carbon copy as the players are different. But the base is very much the same. They have also all played possession football with quick transitions. Klopp is the same - he spent the best part of 2-3 seasons to build a team that could play his rock and roll football as he did at Dortmund. They now play his rock and roll football. I’m not sure I agree with what you say.
  10. Chelsea vs Malmo FF

    We've qualified to the CL by league position 4/8. I wouldn't call that incredible. I wouldn't even call that par. We have won titles (2) and cups yes - not denying that and incredibly thankful for it. But it's all been done short term and for each re-build we've seen it's been worse than the previous one. The last one (2015-2018) was awful all things considered.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Since the 2011--12 season we have only qualified for the CL by league position 4 times in the 8 seasons and ony finished in the top two twice. Where one of those occassions were when we did a Liverpool but lasted the whole distance (no european football, only having a run in the FA Cup). We are a 4-6th placed team in the PL right now - that's our standard. Even that is tough with this team winding down not to mention the re-build we did over the last two seasons having ended in a minor disaster. I think this is worth thinking about - we are a far cry from a nailed on top 4 team.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Good question. A few bad results and the knives are out. Why would anyone come here? I expect for the salary and the guaranteed early pay-off. But it would be a silly move for an up-and-coming manager with options. But heaven for a manager at the end of his career. No real career prospects that can be harmed. So with that logic Lamps would be mad to come here, ditto Zidane. Probably why Pep said no.
  13. Well obviously the team listed above is part of the problem - not that they are posers but because they are no-hopers (a few youngsters aside who may, or may not, prove to be more than potential). Out of the names above I'd say only Christensen and potentially Emerson are squad players in a world class squad. Abraham and CHO has the potential. Mount a very big question mark. Which pretty much highlights how much work there is to get this squad back to where we want to be.
  14. 1. No - he won't. He won't get it from the board and he won't get it from the fans either. That much is crystal clear. 2. When I say Zidane would be mad to come here I meant from a club, board and fan perspective. That and the fact that he wouldn't have nearly as much money or the quality of players that Real has. He'd be expected to perform miracles with resources that are nowhere near what is needed to achieve what is expected (seemingly). I hope, when the inevitable happens and Sarri is sacked, that we go for a no nonsense manager who can ruffle a few feathers. Enough of this pampering to the spoilt players we have. If they aren't ready to show some fight and pride then perhaps we need someone who can beat it into them. With any luck the soft ones asks to leave. So sick and tired of our "world class" players. Most of them are posers and can only perform when all the stars are aligned (which happens once in a blue moon).
  15. Chelsea vs Malmo FF

    I’m certain Buck is one of the persons at the club who makes that call. Together with Marina and some of the other people at the club who pretty much knows nothing about the game. We are ridiculously poorly run. 15 years and Roman hasn’t even managed to build a proper organisation at the top.
  16. There’s a lot more people than Marina that has to go. Think back to how we have acted since 2007. Replacing Mourinho with Grant. Getting AVB and Scolari despite it being patently obvious they were way out of their league beforehand. But maybe the biggest **** you to the fans - sacking Di Matteo and replacing him with Benitez. We have more failed manager hires than what should be acceptable. There should be consequences for that because in the end it won’t get better until we have a better management structure at the club. Marina isn’t responsible for this alone, the rot is spread a lot wider than that and I include Roman here.
  17. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Like watching a game of handball. Pass, pass, pass outside the area but no one is allowed inside the box (well semicircle).
  18. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    You're too good to go down that route Martin. I mean that as a compliment. Yes, and it's heartbreaking... Like you I will support this club no matter what but the current players I don't feel much for. I mentioned it elsewhere - they are employees here earning/stealing a living (depending on how harsh you want to be or how disappointed you are at the minute!). Yes Pete, come on you Wanderers!
  19. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    It's the small things in life (well... Maybe not in the case of Tibo!)...
  20. Chelsea vs Malmo FF

    Biggest question must be "will Sarri still be here"? Looking at the expression of Bruce Buck in the stands I'd say his days are numbered.
  21. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    They are from a different school of thought that's for sure. Given the players we have, I think a young and dynamic manager with personlity would be a good fit. On paper that could be Zidane. But I'm not sure he'd be too keen to put it mildly... It's simply a huge, huge task to get this squad back to where it was only four seasons ago. Go back 10 and it's almost impossible. Either Roman does what City and the other big clubs does or we will fall further and further behind. How many players would be worth keeping around to get a truly world class side again? Hazard and Kanté? Maybe Arrizabalaga? Rüdiger if yu're being kind. Not many would have been playing in the 2004-2009 side. Maybe only Hazard. Would Kanté have been able to drop Ballack, Lampard, Makelele or Essien? No. With the full backs it's not even a contest, Gallas, Cole, Ivanovic (hell even Ferreira) would be too good for the current full backs we have. Don't even go to the CBs or strikers... They were in a different league completely. Either we accept we're nowhere near as good as we were and don't spend the money we once did. Or we start spending money as before. Simple really. If the former, it can't always be the managers fault for not punching above the teams weight. United are better than us. City, Spurs and Liverpool too. The two latter not by having more money to spend, but by spending it wiser and building long-term with a manager. We still think we are a top european club who sacks a manager for not winning the league. Those days are long gone. Anyhow - long rant and it's not necessarily directed at your initial point (not at all beyond the first sentence actually, sorry Ham!). I'm just so disappointed right now and it's hard to see how this will turn into better times. But we've seen far worse over the years. We'll live to fight another day.
  22. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    There will be plenty of takers for Jorginho. Plenty.
  23. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    So you don't see the pattern then? Sure, but Azpi, Luiz, Willian, Pedro and Hazard were all starters under José. Absolutely the playing personell has been changed, mostly by Conte which we all know was a disaster of epic proportions. £200m on virtually second rate players. That takes some performance to manage to spend that money and wages on players obviously not fit to wear the shirt. Bakayoko? Drinkwater? Zappacosta? Emerson? Morata? Jesus wept. But what's more, the 'key' players of this squad are the same and they are just as weak as they always were. What we have failed to do is to replace our previous leaders. Just look at that second half performance. Where is the fight? Where is the will? Just a lot fo fluff. Anyhow, sack Sarri by all means. But I'd be surprised to see any tangible improvements bar an almost complete revamp of the key players in the squad. Anyhow, knowing this club, Sarri is living on borrowed time. Wouldn't be surprised to see him sacked tomorrow. But whoever takes over will have their work cut out big time. Zidane? He'd be mad to take this job. Who else then? Lampard? Yes let's get a club legend and smear his memory by trying to get a tune out of this lot.
  24. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Too many individual mistakes - but you're right. It all started so promising but individual mistakes and weak mentality has cost us yet again.
  25. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Yep... ...and yep. No matter what numerical formation these players play in, you'll get caught out because of their mental weakness. Our players are very good when things go there way. First little speed bump and the wheel comes off. Mourinho, Conte and now Sarri all victims of that. It's almost like they've become used to a new manager as soon things go wrong. There's no stick to beat them with because it's become a carrot. Things go wrong? No worries, just wait for the manager to get the sack and then they get a small spark under a new manager. If things go really well they may keep it up for a season. But sooner or later it'll all comes crashing down. Gobsmacked more people can't see this very obvious pattern.