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  1. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    That Marina picks the players we buy?
  2. If they fail to win the league for the second time in three years it’s nothing short of a scandal given the money they’ve spent and the squad they have. But they may still go on to bag three trophies. Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup.
  3. Charming as ever. I can tell you’ve never played the game, nor do you understand it even a little bit.
  4. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    He hasn’t started for ages. Last start was at home to Paok on 29 nov. Last time he figured on the bench was 26 dec away to Watford. I’d be hugely surprised to see him start.
  5. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    I think Sarri will go with; Arrizabalaga; Zappacosta, Christensen, Luiz, Emerson; Kante, Kovacic, Barkley; Pedro, Giroud, Willian Dont see a start for Cahill here and with Ampadu also our injured there’s not many options left now that Rudiger is (presumably) out.
  6. Augusta happened to Molinari😉 It’s such an unforgiving golf course and once you make a mistake and a whole raft of high performing golfers are chasing you things can unravel quickly. It has happened to far better golfers than Molinari! In 2016 it was Spieth, in 2017 it was Rose. Even last year Reed almost lost a 9 stroke lead to Jordan Spieth before he managed to calm himself. It was such a good contest this year. I only had the Liverpool-Chelsea game on in the background.
  7. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    And he’s even looking right at it! Oliver is a **** ref at best, bent at worst. They kicked Hazard to pieces first half and nothing. First foul by us and it’s a yellow. A pattern we see far too often. Three drunk Chelsea fans are singing a song about Salah in Prague and it’s national news. A smoke bomb is thrown into the Chelsea end at Anfield and we hear nothing. Business as usual.
  8. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    You’re clearly just trolling these days. Completely lost it.
  9. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    It’s not. It’s preposterous to claim it is.
  10. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    Anything to have a moan right?
  11. Media / Press

    Is it just me, or is it always some sort of Hillaborough remembrance when we play Liverpool? Sometimes we are forced to show respect even when not playing Liverpool (Tottenham FA Cup semi). Its just bizarre. Where is the rememberance for Bradford, Rangers, Juventus etc?
  12. I think we will do slightly better, ending up at 76 or 77. With that I have a hard time seeing us missing out on a top four. But it’ll be close for sure and we won’t win comfortably with the five games remaining - neither of them. Edit: oh and I also think the club would be mad to sack Sarri now regardless of where we end up.
  13. Media / Press

  14. Media / Press

    I don’t disagree with you. I’ve been to hundreds of Chelsea games and never sang a song that is rascist. My point is that it’s three drunk lads who have shamed themselves but by blowing this up it taints the club and all the fans in a bad light. For the general public won’t see this as the club doing much more to eradicate racism at football, they see it like Chelsea having more racist fans than other clubs which is utterly and totally incorrect.
  15. Media / Press

    I didn’t mean to mention this in a rascist way. It’s a direct connection to Gerd Muller aka the Bomber. If it was inappropriate I apologise.
  16. Media / Press

    I wasn’t there so no, I’m not trying to say what they actuallly meant. But it seems you’re old enough to remember Gerd Muller aka “the Bomber”. As for Jane, offended as ever.
  17. Media / Press

    Well I’m not going to start a discussion about this, but how do you think the club finds out that three drunk Chelsea lads in Prague are singing xxxx xx x xxxxxx'’? Besides, not counting the ‘discrimatory’ side of it, Salah is a striker scoring goals.
  18. Media / Press

    “Three Chelsea fans”. When I read stuff like this I wonder if the journo (or anyone for that matter) has ever been to a football game. If that’s any other teams fans we hear nothing about it and it’s a non-story.
  19. Slavia Prague 0 Chelsea 1

    We’be been a one-man team for how long? Maybe we can call it Blue Rod Balls?
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    He’s certainly given the youth a lot more game time than any previous Chelsea manager in the Roman era.
  21. Chelsea 2 West Ham United 0

    Fully agreed. Loftus-Cheek adds something to this team. I hope he gets the chance to realise his potential. My god, people have answered this litterally a hundred times. And the next time you do the same charade, just make Ibn Battutta’s post below a sticky. Maybe print it out and put it on your computer screen? You can’t be 1000% confident. It’s a range between 0-100%. I also find it rather funny you’re talking about rationality, but so it goes. We get it Rod. Exactly.
  22. Chelsea 2 West Ham United 0

    Yes - I think that the midfield looks a whole lot better when Kovacic isn’t in it - all of a sudden we are threatening going forward and the front three isn’t as isolated as they have been for large portions of the season. I must also say that Emerson adds another dimension playing behind Hazard. All of a sudden we have pace from LB. This gives Jorginho a lot more options to pass to while Kante has found his feet in this role over the last few months I’d say. I agree with you, we are slowly looking like a half-decent team. Long may it continue!
  23. Slavia Prague 0 Chelsea 1

    So... What to do here? Liverpool away on Sunday. Win that and top four all of a sudden looks likely. Some very tough calls for Sarri here. Arrizabalaga; Azpilicueta, Rudiger, Christensen, Emerson; Barkley, Kovacic, Loftus-Cheek; Pedro, Giroud, Willian Subs: Caballero, Luiz, Jorginho, Kante, Hudson-Odoi, Hazard, Higuain
  24. Chelsea 2 West Ham United 0

    Another great game and another game where Jorginho was terrific. Not that I think too many will notice or mention it, doesn't fit the 'Sarri doesn't know his arse from his elbow' narrative. 3 straight wins and we're looking good. Created plenty of chances today and thoroughly deserved the win. Hazards first goal different class, Ruben very good in midfield and made plenty of surging runs creating all sorts of problems for West Ham. Kanté also good in patches whereas I thought Rüdiger had a somewhat shaky game. How the ref missed that stonewall penalty on Hazard is beyond me. He's looking right at it! Onwards and upwards. Third in the league.