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  7. Season prediction

    I agree with Paulw66 that Maguire is not world class defender, but price is world class! Why? It's English passport... And here we come to the problem of English football in general ) Players have too high salaries compared to other league, If player does not live up to expectations , then selling it to another championship is a real problem considering his salary... Do you understand what I mean? the championship level falls because of this, and such as Italy league win ...
  8. Season prediction

    So you do not agree that having not a bad team and not limited financial resources, making three 80mln transfer win the league?
  9. Season prediction

    And you guys stuck here in isolation during several years? ))
  10. Season prediction

    No, I am not ))
  11. Season prediction Dybala says yes to Inter Lautaro-Dybala could be a great strikers pair
  12. Season prediction

    Case is not in the names, I mean United will get highest class player into each line, if it not be a Maguire, so it be Umtiti, etc. Well, the main reason, as always in money, is the richest club in the league and in 3 in the world
  13. Season prediction

    Alternative sites look more updated, on a better engine and design, I think this is the main problem with new members of this site.
  14. Season prediction

    Solid gain in all lines, +10 points for each line ) 1.Defense - Harry Maguire and Bissaka 2.Midfield - Bruno Fernandes, 54Games 32goals + 18 assists last season 3.Strikers - perhaps Dybala instead of disabled Lukaku Best Goalkeeper in the league and stable coach, which was not last season.
  15. Season prediction

    PL Winner: ManU 2nd: ManCity 3rd: Liverpool 4th: Chelsea 5th: Arsenal 6th: Spurs 7th: Everton CL winner: Liverpool FA Cup winner: Chelsea League Cup winner: Arsenal PL top scorer: Salah or Kane Relegated: Brighton, Norwich, Sheff Utd