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  1. Chelsea 4 Morecambe 0

    Have to be happy with that. Avoided Man Utd for once who have Liverpool. Love it.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I read that Piazon's loan is going to be curtailed as a sale is on the cards. Also Timori' may not go on loan )Newcastle were mentioned) due to Christensen's injury.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic
  4. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Mail is saying that City game going ahead as they had a mass testing with no new cases found.
  5. Chelsea 1 Aston Villa 1

    Yes would have made sense.
  6. Chelsea 1 Aston Villa 1

    Who will take any Penalties, Giroud?
  7. Chelsea 1 Aston Villa 1

    Was hoping Gilmour would get a chance over Jorginhi. Not suprised about Rudiger and Christensen but it is a worry.
  8. Arsenal 3 Chelsea 1

    Awful. Look half asleep.
  9. Arsenal 3 Chelsea 1

    I thought he was close to making the bench last week unless I'm mistaken. Yes great the full backs are back and pretty pleased with the line up.
  10. Arsenal 3 Chelsea 1

    No Zieych on the bench even.
  11. Arsenal 3 Chelsea 1

    James and Chilwell start.
  12. Chelsea 3 West Ham United 0

    And Werner misses again. Hpw many.