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  1. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    Question; when there's a head injury play has to stop right? Certainly before the ball travels from one end to the other I would imagine. shocking that no review was made and on danish television they didn’t even show the incident or spoke about it. And that is after they did mention this rule when AC was down, saying the referee had to do it. Thought we had some bright moments, and looked fast on the ball. But our defence is so unstable. Worst is I don’t think united played very well. We could have gotten 3 points today, which is weird to say after a 4-0 defeat.
  2. No new members for over a year

    Hi guys, I’ve been checking these forums on/off since 06 or so, rarely posting myself but enjoying the insights you all have to our club and the game itself. - oh and also the petty arguments are amusing sometimes :) anyway, I saw the issue with registration and gave it a go myself to see if I could register a new account. Voila :) basically this is silly but what seems to work is as follows: upon registration when you are notified that an email confirmation has been sent to your mail, it seems nothing is sent most of the time. But on that page you can select change email address. Press it, change it to another mail of yours or a bogus mail. Afterwards a new mail is sent to this email that you may or may not have. Keep doing this while changing your email back to your original email until finally a confirmation mail DOES arrive. - after that you’re in :) took me 3 changes to actually receive the mail. Being stubborn is the key is seems. anyway, hope it helps as a quick fix for now. Cheers, Jack