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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's strange how no other clubs are being linked to him. Either a sign of the times in this window that clubs are not looking to spend that much, or clubs are making the enquiry and getting feedback that Utd is a done deal and its just drawing out long to conclude the transfer. Since they have targeted him about 2 weeks back, I have literally not seen one other club linked to him. Not a great league and not seen him play, but those numbers are very impressive for a midfielder.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I really hope we can get Cavani done, I just think the lure of Atletico with fellow South American coach will prove to strong. Little risk with him going to Atletico in terms of adapting to the country, language,slower pace of football etc etc. Much higher risk for him to come to Chelsea at this stage of his career, so I think our offer is going to have too good to turn down to tempt him. If West Ham are interested in Barkely then punt him there and try and get Heller in return. I know he has not set the league alight, but there is a very good striker in him. I think in a much better team that has more possession, he would be a good signing. He is good in the air, links up play well and offers a presence up front and knows where the back of the net is when he gets a chance. That will test how keen West Ham are on Barkley, maybe even a loan swap until end of the season.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not like you to see the negative side 🙄 you’re making Kezza sound like Mr Optimistic recently !
  4. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Agreed. I keep hearing that Mount is a deeper central midfielder, but he just doesn’t impress me in this role. Yet wide in AM role he looks far more affective to me. I certainly don’t want to get at Mount. He’s a young kid who has done well and clearly has a lot of talent and potential for improvement, but he needs to start improving his final ball. If we are being honest , he is the biggest culprit for poor decision making and not making the most of our attacking situations at times. Personally, I much prefer him wider with his energy and pressing ability higher up the field.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I can’t say I have seen anything of him of late. The pace of our league at his age would have to be a concern, but he clearly has a lot of qualities and has always looked very trim and in shape. Its no slight being low in pSG pecking order of forwards these days ,when you consider they have Neymar, Mbappe, Icardi, Di Maria all vying for places across their forward line.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Cavani comes with some risks, but a risk worth taking for me. I’d be delighted to have him for 18 months. I doubt he’ll put in the energetic performances Tammy has at times this season, but he adds some experience and guile to our forward line and should be able to add some goals from now until end of the season.
  7. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    It’s crazy really. Even allowing two wins and two defeats from Bournemouth, West Ham,Soton, Newcastle and we would have a 10-14pt cushion from the teams below us. We really have been very lucky and have a lot to thank that 7 game winning run for. To think we played all four of those teams and didn’t even score!
  8. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    I’m not pro or anti Sancho really. However, Bundesliga is all about counter attack as many teams play with quick transitions in Germany. So it becomes a cycle over there really. Yes, Sancho will thrive in counter attack situations, but he also plays for a team where the opposition will sit and make things difficult most weeks and then look to counter them. It can often be counter on counters on a regular basis in Germany. I wouldn’t pay too much attention what happens in a German league match that finishes 3-5 as safe to say it’s a bit of a freak game.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes and no I would say. If he really believes Lewis Dunk is going to transform things. Then I hope the board block it. I say this as someone who thinks Dunk is a good PL standard CB. I’m sure Frank can say no to any potential signings offered . If Dunk ends up signing for Chelsea in this window. That will be the first open crack in Lamps judgement as a manager for me.
  10. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    He’ll have his detractors and in some ways it’s understandable. Yet another game passes with zero points where a Zaha could make a difference. I wouldn’t want to pay £80 million, but if it could get him for £65-£70 then its worth a punt. The only reason not too is if the club genuinely believe they will get Sancho in the summer
  11. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    I’ve seen a few comments about we looked better when Barkley came on. I really don’t buy that. If anything, I was again disappointed by him. This was a perfect game scenario for him to do something positive for the club and himself. He simply failed. He had 25mins to make an impact and get a grip of the game against a team who would have been getting mentally and physically fatigued. He didn’t play badly when he came on, but what he did do is not praise worthy in the slightest for me. It was a big chance for him and all he mustered was a couple of nice touches and passes. Nothing more. Is the bar for him really that low that he does a few basic things and receives positive comments!!??
  12. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    I thought Christensen did well defensively. He played with a bit of aggression he often lacks when going up against Joelinton. I just didn’t like the way he played so safe with the ball. He is regarded as our best ball playing CB option. Yet yesterday he just didn’t want to take any chance at all. I agree in that he just didn’t seem to want to make any mistake, but I just don’t think that is good enough for a top level player in a game like that. Frank often talks about playing with personality. Whilst AC did well defensively, though he didn’t have to do much to be honest, he just lacked any personality or responsibility on the ball. This is what he is meant to offer. I’m not necessarily expecting him to be David Luiz, but he needed to show far more than that yesterday. It’s literally his only advantage over Tomori and Zouma and then he don’t show it in a game that needs it.
  13. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Anyone know if Tomori is injured ? If he fit, I find the recent exclusion of him and Kovacic a little bizarre. They both seem to have been out of the starting line up for the last 5-6 games, which considering its Xmas period of busy games and their replacements not exactly been brilliant. I find it a little curious that these two have played so often this season, yet both gone off the radar a little during our busiest period.
  14. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    I found myself deflated very early in this game. About 30mins in and you could just tell it would take a set piece of some sort for us to score. A couple of performances this season have got me angry, mostly Everton away because of stupidity costing us points. I wasn’t angry with that yesterday, maybe because it had 0-0 at best written all over it from early on. It was a horrible laboured watch though. It really did bring back memories and feelings of Sarriball from last season. We just went nowhere with the ball. Whilst it’s not as easy for defenders to come out playing 4 at the back. Surely the whole point and advantage of Christensen playing is for games like this. Yet he seemed so reluctant to take any responsibility with the ball and step into midfield areas. He literally played everything as safe as he could. He had a decent game so not knocking his performance, but he took no risk and played completely within himself. If he can’t actually proactively use his advantages on the football field, what’s the point in having him. With his level of experience now, he shouldn’t need Jorginho to tell him what to do and step into midfield 2-3 times during that game. Tomori or Zouma could have produced that performance yesterday.
  15. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Did you even genuinely feel we would score. I never felt for one moment we would score from open play. It was woeful.