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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yep alot to do in one January window (presuming we can) and its gonna need time over the summer to move these players on. In general, I agree that most of these players are where we need to upgrade and move on. I would be prepared to give Willian another season next year, unless a good offer came in for the club or him. Zouma can still have a future here, but again if an offer of say £25-£30 million came in then he may move on. I'm comfortable either way with Zouma. I think January might be time to introduce one player to the squad for the future. Maybe this Brazilian midfielder Guimaeres we seem to be tracking . The larger scale surgery in the summer.
  2. Chelsea vs Liverpool

    I can see both sides on this. I agree this is probably our strongest team on paper (swap Pulisic for Willian but it could be a right opportunity to give Pulisic the start here) and this team is probably our best chance of winning the game. At the same time, a back three will likely give us more stability against their front 3 who could do some real damage , based on some of the spaces we have left between midfield and defence this season. Its a real stick or twist game in terms of set up and personal for this one.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I still got doubts he will cut it once he is at a bigger club. He has certainly caught the eye on a few occasions and is a very powerful player, but I just seem him as a Moussa Sissoko when at Newcastle type. Does really well playing a little off the cuff with little pressure at a smaller club where he is one of the best players, but might drown a little when playing in a more technical side when he becomes one of the weakest technical players in the team.......bit Like Barkley and Bakayoko to some extent. I might be wrong on this, but its just the doubts I have on him.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes I forgot he was on our books in his teens. He comes across as a decent guy and is very useful player, I just think for what he would cost to buy, likely better options around. He may also not want to return, if any truth in the link that is.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Whilst its still early days, we are a few games into the season now. We have seen bright starts from the likes of Abraham, Mount Tomori, whilst most agree that James has the tools to be successful first team player. Some vibes around that the January ban will be lifted, I expect it to be in light of the penalty Man City received for a similar crime. So now we know a little more about our squad and options, where do people think we need strengthening in the Jan window or is it a case of leaving the surgery required until the summer ? Personally, I would be tempted to make very few additions in January (unless injuries or dire league positions dictates) and wait until the summer when we can move players on and replace them with new signings. I think the one area that stands out as needing another option in January for me is a centre midfielder and ideally a more defensive minded midfielder. I still reckon James could possibly adapt to this role and would not be surprised to see him used there at some point this season. We seem to have some strong links to a Brazilian midfielder called Guimaeres who plays in Brazil, not seen anything of him other than You tube, he seems to fit the bill as that type of player. Declan Rice has been mentioned,whilst decent player, I am not too convinced he is the answer. We seem reasonably well stocked in most other positions and I doubt January will present too many opportunities to move players in/out as like for like replacements. The striker position certainly needs looking at long term, but this is also likely to be easier done in the summer than January. Thoughts?
  6. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    I can only presume it was a shot to nothing due to the fee. The vast majority on here knew he was not good enough and going to cut it. Anyone can miss a penalty, but just no real positives from him as a player in our squad. The crazy thing is we will make a profit on him when we do sell 😀 He will surely come in handy as a potential makeweight in a deal for a player we need come January or the summer. Its the only positive we can cling too!
  7. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Oh the irony.......what was it you said......Zappacosta was only signed to appease Conte and stop him throwing his toys out of the pram..........well I believe that is what we could call your interpretation and you don't have any of this evidence that you are so keen for me to produce, to support your theory . Some things never change eh :) I'm done getting on this merry go round with you.....been there too many times before.
  8. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Well quite predictable responses really. As I have said, we will not agree on this topic. However, if you think Mount and Abraham have come through purely due to them being good enough, well frankly you are deluded. You know full well that any other manager is likely to have moved these lads on, likely on loan . As for Abraham, it seemed very common knowledge at the time that he had a choice to make. Join Wolves in Jan on permanent deal or stay at Villa, it seems that not many were aware of this rule about 3 clubs in one season and the decision was then made for everyone. There are quotes around from Abraham on why he decided to stay at Villa in January (that was not the end of his loan from Chelsea). Just face the reality on this one, he was gone in January and that was the clubs decision. For the record, I have never stated we have produced previous players as good as Mount or Abraham look right now. I said we have produced players potentially good enough to be good squad options as a bare minimum, but not given them a chance and often in favour of big money purchases who are given a chance and in some cases failed miserably. Its very different to what you are portraying I have said.
  9. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    We will never agree on this. Everyone on here knows your stance on this for a number of years now. Some transfers that had a rough crossover in terms of timings to think about. Ake out - Rudiger in - I think there was 4/5 months apart on these transfers. Turns out that Rudiger has been a very good signing, but point is Ake will have more than held his own here and is at least on a par, if not better, than Zouma and Christensen now. Chalobah out - Bakayoko in - I think this was same summer and same position. We sold an academy player for £7 million and replaced him with a £40 million version who is certainly not better. Aina out (initially on loan) - Zappacosta in - From a squad perspective, could Ola Aina not have done a job very similar to Zappacosta and we saved ourselves £25 million. Personally, I am giving very little credit to Sarri for both CHO and RLC breaking through. Regardless of what game time they did get, they should have got more and it should have happened far sooner. Sarri backed down by playing them to take some heat of himself, its funny how CHO seemed to appear in the team around January window time. As for CHO, there is a part of me that beleives its because it was Bayern Munich making such a hard attempt to get him as one good reason why we never sold him. It's such a big football club who wanted him, I can't help but think we may have seen a different outcome if it was someone like a Real Betis or Lazio who wanted him. I go back to Abraham in Jan, its widely reported it was a done deal that we had accepted Wolves bid. I believe the transfer didn't happen due to some rule about appearing for three different clubs in one season or something, he must have made some token appearance for us and was on loan at Villa at the time ( I cannot quite remember the exact scenario, but the key point is, the club had him sold only 9 months ago!)
  10. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    He certainly should have scored. We knew he knows where the net is though. Tammy will also miss chances and is not quite as clinical as he has looked so far. I have a couple of Villa mates and they loved him there, but it was often said he sometimes needed 3 chances a game to get his goal. We have not really witnessed this first hand yet, but I suspect we will at some point. Personally, I would much rather have my strikers missing chances , ahead of not looking like they will score at any point. I don't doubt goals will come for Bats if he continues to have that same level of impact as he did on Saturday.
  11. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Almost regardless of how positive Mount and Abraham have been so far, surely you must agree that it is Frank who has given them the chance. Had Sarri stayed, virtually zero chance that Mount and Abraham would have been given a look in. Mount would be out on loan somewhere, if not sold had a club offered £25 million for him. Whilst it seemed we were happy to part with Abraham to Wolves for £20 million in January (literally 9 months ago and bear in mind 2-3 of those months involved no football during the summer - He has not just rapidly improved in this time) If it was not for Lampard being the manager, these lads would be still a long way from the Chelsea first team,almost regardless of their actual ability. Its not that they are necessarily head and shoulders above, they are the first two to be given a real chance. I think its naive to believe we just have a 100% record on picking the right ones in CHO, RLC, Christensen before and now Mount and Abraham. Different circumstances led to these players being given a chance and all 5 have proved they are good enough to be key first team squad players.
  12. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Having watched some detailed highlights again last night, I think there is another positive to take from this game on Saturday. I have been a critic of Batshuayi and much for the same reasons as the majority, when it comes to his all round game. Looking at it again, he had quite an impact when he came on in this game. He showed a real selfish streak and looked determined to get in on the goals, he seemed to pick up the pace of the game quickly and looked just as much a threat as Abraham had in the game. You have to take game circumstances into account in that he was fresh up against defenders who had endured a difficult 70mins at that point, but I just he looked more of a threat than he has in the past. That selfish element to his game is something we have lacked now for 2-3 seasons and he just showed enough to think he could prove to be a very useful option for the squad and off the bench this season. I'm reluctant to think of him as too important an option at this moment, mainly because I still have concerns about his overall quality. He just showed a glimmer of something on Saturday, it was enough to suggest he could add a valuable 8-12 goals throughout the season and he might not be the write off that I was coming around to thinking he was.
  13. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    Before the season started I thought this was a mistake in letting him go, but having seen how we are playing and how open we look from a team shape perspective, I think its probably a good call as Luiz would be exposed to pace and space to run into (Much like he has at Arsenal so far) It was clear last season at times that Luiz has lost a yard of pace, however, I still believe he has been a great signing for the club over two spells now. I certainly don't have any ill feeling towards him, it had just run its course here as the new manager told him where he likely was in the pecking order. Difficulty for him is he was walked into a club with a deep rooted poor mentality. Arsenal performances like yesterday have happened long before his arrival there.
  14. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Your final paragraph is the key here. Being given that chance really does make all the difference. The problem is the criteria used for a player being good enough, tends to be what they went on to achieve after leaving Chelsea. I have always argued this is a flawed argument. Yes a world class player will find his way through regardless, but very good players become victims of circumstances and timing. We have had other academy players good enough to make it here, two that spring to mind straight are Ake and Chalobah, whilst Ola Aina and Jeremy Boga are starting to forge good careers in Serie A. They would not have been out of place as squad options. The issue is the only one player from the four who was given any sort of chance was Ake and the club decided to cash in on him, rather than give him a chance over a decent race of games. We certainly have produced more than this current crop, but like you say, we now have a management team prepared to give them a chance.
  15. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Some excellent goals from the lads today. It’s fantastic to see these young lads giving everything for the shirt and running themselves into the ground. Thought Rudiger made us look more assured, may have been the formation change as much as Rudiger. Zouma was excellent in the 2nd half, Bats showed some single mindedness when he came on, must have had about 5 half chances to score. Tammy took his goals really well, especially the third goal. Willian added some guile and experience to our play. Wolves got in and around us at times, I thought we were a bit careless on the ball on occasions when pressured. It didn’t really cost us today, but we need to improve on this in the middle. All in all a great result and it’s been at least 5 years in the making now, but it’s great to see the academy lads finally given a chance .