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  1. 5 Chelsea Questions

    Yeah that was it. I remember he was only here a real short time and it seemed like he didn’t really play much.
  2. 5 Chelsea Questions

    I think he only had the one season here, I could never understand why that was. Some weird transfers over the years, can’t remember the context of it, but didn’t we have Clive Allen for about 6-9 months at one stage. I was only about 10 or 11 at the time, but I hardly remember him playing and then he seemed to leave pretty quickly too.
  3. 5 Chelsea Questions

    Robert Fleck .....I remember seeing that transfer break on teletext . I remember seeing it come up that we broke our transfer record for £2.3 million I think. Which at the time was a big transfer fee .What a let down he went on to become!
  4. 5 Chelsea Questions

    Pascal Chimbonda is a name I never expected to see on this thread ! Football does do that though, it can create these bizarre cult heroes that logically is very hard to explain. As a teen growing up and being a big fan of Italian football, I had similar cult heroes who were non Chelsea like Torricelli, Asprilla, Stanic ( who kinda became a cult hero at Chelsea, though injuries ruined his ability when we had him)
  5. 5 Chelsea Questions

    I had to google McAndrew as not familiar with him as a Chelsea player. His career closed pretty much when I first got into football and it wasn’t a name I had come across. I was tempted with Dorigo, good pace and trickery for a full back in that era.
  6. 5 Chelsea Questions

    Yeah real shame what happened to Elliott. I think he would have made a big impact of the club over a number of years.
  7. Media / Press

    Yeah fair points.
  8. Media / Press

    Well, this is the problem he has created himself really. You go around creating such a circus, that as soon as the results dry up a little and you lose that edge of infallibility that surrounds you, then you find yourself in a difficult position. For the standing of club he will feel he deserves, you are relying on things being in a dire state for them to offer him the role at present. None of these clubs are really, he best option at that level would still be Madrid for me. If you believe what you read, some influential senior players don’t want him back. I think he has to drop Grade 2 European club such as Arsenal, Spurs, Athletico, Dortmund type club to rebuild his reputation a little. That will mean a tougher challenge for him, but I hope he is prepared to come down to that level and take on those challenges. He’s out of work and Kovac went 10 days ago, I think if Bayern really wanted him then he would be in the job by now.
  9. Media / Press

    I agree from that perspective. The likes of Hoeness , Beckenber, chipping in under the tenure of JM will likely create tensions. Its the league of the quick transition so suits him perfectly, unless he really is going to launch Mourinho Version 2.0 as he alludes too.
  10. Media / Press

    If referring to Bayern, surely too much of a political club for him to go to. He has fired many barbs in their direction, including some personal comments about the senior management that run the club. I would be surprised if they took him on to be honest.
  11. 5 Chelsea Questions

    If like me and you absolutely hate international football breaks, how about we reminisce with five Chelsea questions to instigate some discussion over the next 2 weeks. I'll start us off. First Chelsea Hero - Andy Townsend -Gutted when he left the club. Club Signing That Excited You The Most - Ruud Gullit - Idolised him as a kid and couldn't believe it when we signed him. Opposition Player You Wish Chelsea Signed - Carlos Tevez - Could be a problem, but would have been a great favourite at Chelsea Favourite Chelsea Goal - Robbie Di Matteo Cup final Vs Boro - Probably due to the timing and the occasion more than anything else. Your Lifetime Chelsea Eleven - Any formation and will be very subjective to everyone. Cech Gallas Desailly Terry A Cole Ballack Kante Lampard Anelka Costa Hazard
  12. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    I completely agree. There is no excuse and need for that word ‘subjective ‘. It’s all or nothing and any excuse they throw up is just really lame. If they took an all or nothing approach, people might not agree with it, but everyone knows where they stand.
  13. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    They had a goal disallowed at Villa two weeks back when 1-0 down at the time. Similar to the one that went for them yesterday. I think there is a general benefit of the doubt that goes their way at times, more than most clubs. I still think some of the stuff I have read on here regarding biased towards them is a touch over the top. They did get lucky though, that is a penalty and we all know goals change games. They got lucky with a double swing in their favour. I got no real issue with salah goal, I just don’t think we should be ruling out goals like this. I said the same for Ajax at their place and the Sheff Utd one on Saturday was a disgrace.
  14. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    Yes I think it has to enter consideration. We have played 3-4-3 and it didn’t impact our attacking threat too much. Kante could be the conundrum for this game. He didn’t look right against Palace to me. That was about 60% of the Kante we know. Maybe it’s because we didn’t need much more in a game we could dominate, but that Kante that played on Saturday I would leave on the bench. If we play 433 then Kante plays of fit.
  15. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    I’m not sure you have been watching or listening Kev. Every bookie had them listed as the first team in their book, other than the big 6 . The only surprise element in their team is Soyuncu for Maguire and bring Barnes back from loan at WBA. The others all proved last season how good they were. So they were clearly regarded as 7th best at worst. Spurs have under performed, Arsenal a mess and Utd still going through big changes. So it’s not mind altering that at least 7th best can soon become top 4 is it. Just you clearly been sleeping on them. It’s not hindsight, just understanding good footballers and managers.