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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I do sometimes question if he is worth giving one more chance. We don’t seem to be thinking that way and it appears we want rid. We are quite lightweight through centre mid areas. Plus, he did show flashes of ability early on, before it all fell apart with him. I still have Atletico and Stoke away in my head where he looked a player.
  2. Champions League 2019/2020

    It’s all about context again. Too many one sided argument (not aimed at you) . Napoli were incredibly attractive to watch prior to Sarri taking over. It was Mazzarri that implemented that with Cavani, Lavezzi, Hamsik etc. Sarri didn’t come in and create Napoli to be this fantastic team to watch. He refined them from how they were playing for about 3 seasons before he took over. Made them more possession based. If viewed clinically, he failed at Napoli (probably harsh view), but his defenders will tell us he failed because Juve were so good! Then when he achieves bare minimum at Juve, he’s been a success in the eyes of some because Juve are some sort of fading giant in need of a rebuild! Its pure spin to suit an argument with no context factored in. That’s down to either a lack of knowledge on Sarri and Serie A in general or conveniently left out of the discussion because it don’t suit their view or opinion.
  3. Champions League 2019/2020

    Different circumstances though. Conte was clearly past caring, he knew he was gone from early on and the players knew that too. It was clear that he and the players were going thorough the motions, whilst he was distracted whinging and picking arguments with the club. I don’t need to add this context because you are well aware of this yourself, as is everyone trying to defend Sarri with such comparisons.
  4. Champions League 2019/2020

    Yes. You may like watching it go side to side and never getting anywhere. I literally stopped watching towards the end. It was so dull. Imagine that a season later with no Hazard. It would have been a disaster. The club didn’t want him and he didn’t want to be here either.
  5. Champions League 2019/2020

    Just for the record. I’m not pro Juve, nor pro Conte, nor pro Pirlo or anything. These discussions very much take on a life of their own. My overall argument relates purely to Sarri at Chelsea and then Juve. I’m certain he would have been sacked at Chelsea because he achieved the bare minimum and oversaw the most boring football the club has seen in a long time. I said I didn’t believe he would lead Juve to the title and he would be sacked after one season. I got one right and one wrong. Again, he achieved the bare minimum whilst boring the majority of the Juve fans to tears. I really don’t care what Conte, Juve or Pirlo go on to do. My position was based purely on my view of Sarri and what he had to work with at both Chelsea and Juve. His next move will most likely be a Sampdoria, Lazio type position which will be much more in keeping with his level as a manager. A club of Chelsea / Juventus level is and was a step too far (regardless of achieving the bare minimum with trophies won)
  6. Champions League 2019/2020

    Whilst many on here are aware of this, you really do talk absolute bollox of the highest order at times. The ultimate Teflon kid. Never known anyone get so much wrong, yet nothing ever sticks! I bet you have had an incredibly successful working career. Absolute certainty!
  7. Champions League 2019/2020

    Completely irrelevant. The reason they have invested in such a large squad is because it’s the trophy they want. The squad is built with the aim and intention to win it. They have been on the fringes for the last 5 or so seasons. Going out over two legs to this Lyon team is arguably their weakest performance in the competition for the last few seasons. He knows this is what he will have been judged on. The timing of the sacking tells you everything. There was no time to digest the season, it was clinical and he was gone the morning after. We should revel in the fact we got paid off to lose a manager we were getting rid of anyway. A great result for Chelsea.
  8. Champions League 2019/2020

    Yes they did. To try and compete with Juve. The gap has been huge for a number of years. They managed to close the gap, but came up short. Sarri had the luxury of having high quality players not even make the bench! Just look at the bench and squad comparisons week in week out. He was never really going to be judged on what happened in Serie A. He achieved the bare minimum which Juve had dominated for about a decade. He was always going to be judged on CL and he got knocked out by a decent team from Ligue 1. Do you really think Juve have invested the huge money they have in wages for that to happen!?
  9. Champions League 2019/2020

    Say what you like. We had numerous discussions throughout the season and I told you he would be gone end of season. What I did get wrong, was that I didn’t think he would win the title with them. However, he did win it. Like I said though, he was not going to be judged on that because they won it 9 years in a row. They underperformed. Massive squad and resources compared their competitors. End of .
  10. Time to give Willian some credit

    I’ll be sad to see him leave and think we will miss him. Personally, I would have give him the 3 year deal. Incredibly fit, rarely injured and unlikely to lose his pace imo. Playing a more squad role next season would have only help prolong his career and performances. I wouldn’t go as far as say it’s a huge mistake, but I think we will regret him leaving. You have to respect the clubs stance on players of his age, but I don’t think he is a standard 31 year old in terms of his energy and fitness levels and more important quality. Sad to see him leave.
  11. Champions League 2019/2020

    Been coming since about October. Massively underperformed, despite winning title. By far the biggest and best squad, by far their most underwhelming performances in the last decade. Failed in Europe which was always gonna be the acid test for him. Players clearly following tactics they didn’t buy into in any way, much the same as here. Many will judge him on face value of two major trophies (I know one who will for sure!) in two years. So much context behind this though and he was a certainty to just have the one season at Juve imo.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah tend to agree. I think you could maybe get £15 million for Bats in climate for a club wanting to take a chance on a goalscorer. Drinkwater and Zappacosta will be virtually giveaways really. Lamps seems to have time for Barkley, but he just stands out as a player who will make money and not greatly missed really. I still think you will get £25 million for him, his stock is probably a little higher than when he joined and English which helps. Can see him attracting a decent bid from likes of West Ham, Palace,Wolves .
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I was just thinking the same. Be interesting who......nothing too obvious really. Kepa - Likely to have to reinvest more past what fee he might attract Christensen - Looks an obvious one, but difficult to fetch more than £25 million in climate Rudiger - Can't see it and again would need another £50 million spent to replace Zouma - If happy to be squad player, don't see the sense in selling him as he has proved a useful squad member throughout this season. Barkley - Has the be one of the best options to sell. stock still relatively high Jorginho - Looks a candidate but again needs replacing with high transfee fee acquisition. Jorginho, Barkely, Christensen could probably fetch close to £100 million which I supposed covers the Havertz deal, but we will still need to buy a replacement for Jorginho and Christensen.
  14. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 3

    Maybe its coincedence, maybe it just sticks in my head more. It seems to me that majority of memorable strong team performances this season have stemmed from Mason Mount playing further up the field. I think he has a far greater impact on the team in a more advanced role, he sets a positive tone from the front with his work rate and pressing. Yet when he plays deeper he just does not have the same impact for me. He may well develop into a long term central deeper player, but at this stage of his career his best role is further forward like yesterday. He was excellent yesterday playing further forward, as he did in Spurs away, Ajax away, Southampton away, Leicester at home. These are just from top of my head, probably more . All these games stand out as some of our better performances this season.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't disagree on the whole. I just think we don't help the situation because so many games are still very tightly in the balance during the last 30 mins.If we created more chances and actually tested goalkeepers more, instead of overplaying and just going from side to side , with no penetration. We would have a greater control of the game and not find ourselves so exposed. I don't really want to sound like I am sticking up for the defence, partly because I don't think their own individual performances deserve it. I do genuinely believe that because we can't find the right midfield balance and create enough, it keeps the pressure on the defence when we should be comfortable and in control.Its happened far too often this season. This team is crying out for a physical, mobile, technically gifted holding midfielder. If that means one of Jorginho or Kante have to be sold to accommodate this player, then we should crack on and do it. Jorginho is a fantastic footballer, but he falls into the luxury camp in English football for me. With this more holding player and the creativity Ziyech and Pulisic with a season behind him, I think this will a huge help to our defence going forward.
  16. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    Exactly that. He would arguably give you a better control of possesion, but he wouldn't and has not made the slightest bit of difference, in terms of what we witnessed last night.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    I've been thinking about this for a while now. The defending last night I think was generally a bit of a one off, we have conceded poor goals throughout the season at times, but I don't think we have seen too many very poor performances from our defenders. I suspect we will be looking to sign a CB during the summer and probably moving one on too. This sounds a bit counter intuitive, but I wonder (hope) if we have already signed our best improvement of defence. Many positives to take from this season in terms of what is trying to be built, we have some real talent at the club and a fantastic group of technical players. However, we seriously lack some creation in an attacking sense. Its only real Pulisic who is currently a real threat in terms of opening up defences and pulling teams around, but he has had his injury problems and took time to adjust. Ziyech could just be the best answer for this defence. Its clear we can dominate teams, but its also clear we do not create enough genuine good chances and we certainly do not test opposition goalkeepers. Opposition goalkeepers rarely have had great games against us this season, I can think of a couple of occasions all season. If Ziyech can adjust to the PL, I really hope his creativity can be the difference between the opposition having 40% and still in the game at 0-0 or 1-0 down, compared with we are 2-0 or 3-0 up and we can manage and control the game. Our defenders have had constant pressure put on them all season (which they have not really handled), because we constantly finding ourselves in positions where we have not killed games off. I don't think we miss too many chances as a team, but we certainly do not create enough and the final ball is often left wanting, or we lack that player who can unlock a defence through vision,piece of skill or creativity. No pressure then Hakim!
  18. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    This is up there with most painful defeat in quite a while. To concede 3 (4 really) and your keeper generally has a quiet evening is just shambolic. You could see Lamps was raging and rightly so. At the same time, he really has to do away with project Barkley and project Christensen. It’s just not gonna happen with either of them. Sell up and take the money. Combined £40 odd million there. Rudiger has massively gone down in my estimations tonight. He was poor, but I can’t accept his defending for that third goal. I get players are not necessarily football fans and they have a life out of football, but seriously you have to know Yarmelenko is very left sided. If you stand him up on his right in that scenario, then you are hugely increasing the percentages in your favour of that attack breaking down. I just can’t accept what Rudiger done there and I feel let down by lack of professionalism by him for that goal. Alonso casual jog back looks and is awful too. He is so one paced, I doubt he would of got back anyway to be honest. Though that’s not really the point. Horrible night. Horrible defensive performance and one of the most avoidable defeats possible. I think some players finished their careers at the club tonight.
  19. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 1

    Ref Barkley, I just don't see it and I never have in a Chelsea shirt. Yes he has done alright recently, but as Paul points our, yesterday was the perfect microcosm of Ross Barkley. Great run and finish for the goal, yet was clearly clueless and it was a certainty he would mess up the 4 on 3 counter attack to bury the game. At no point during that break I thought he would pick and execute the right pass, nor score the goal to finish the game. It didn't even enter my head as a possibility. He did exactly as I knew he would and its because he has no brain. The thing is he has set such a low marker for himself, if he produces the odd 7/10 performance then people seem to want to overplay that with praise. He is just by far the most frustrating and underwhelming player at the club. I will never get at him as its not my style and achieves nothing, but every time I seem him play, my body gives out a huge sigh as I know we have at least 3 better options who should be playing ahead of him. Sold to the nearest bidder for around £25 million for me.
  20. 5 Chelsea Questions

    If like me and you absolutely hate international football breaks, how about we reminisce with five Chelsea questions to instigate some discussion over the next 2 weeks. I'll start us off. First Chelsea Hero - Andy Townsend -Gutted when he left the club. Club Signing That Excited You The Most - Ruud Gullit - Idolised him as a kid and couldn't believe it when we signed him. Opposition Player You Wish Chelsea Signed - Carlos Tevez - Could be a problem, but would have been a great favourite at Chelsea Favourite Chelsea Goal - Robbie Di Matteo Cup final Vs Boro - Probably due to the timing and the occasion more than anything else. Your Lifetime Chelsea Eleven - Any formation and will be very subjective to everyone. Cech Gallas Desailly Terry A Cole Ballack Kante Lampard Anelka Costa Hazard
  21. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Strange and difficult times we are living in. I spent much of last week at the Cheltenham festival and there was a strange atmosphere throughout the week. Clearly, everyone there was delighted that the festival went ahead, but at the same time, it felt like their was a degree of burying head in the sand and deep down, I sense many felt the festival should not have gone ahead. Back at work now and restricted to meetings via conference call and phone calls. Trying to carry on as normal, but at the same time, concerned that many people have more important priorities on their mind, ahead of me trying to contact them to discuss business in any level of detail. Stay safe all and lets hope we can come through the other side of this as soon as possible.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think you are probably right. I have had the feeling most of this season that he wants to move on, he has still put the effort in and not downed tools on us, but just the vibe coming off him is that he wants a new challenge from next season. I think he would still do a great job as a squad player for the next 2 seasons, but he must know himself that we will be targeting other players in his position and competition is going to get tougher from next season. Personally, I would like him to stay, but I have no problem if he wants to move on. He has given us 6-7 years of great service.
  23. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    Impressive performance, but not one to get too over excited about when opposition offered nothing. That 2nd goal in football is so important and once we had that 2nd goal then the 3pts were never in doubt. It's all a bit shoulda,woulda,coulda........but if we could have just got that 2nd goal in just 2-3 additional games this season then we would have an additional 6-8 pts. Gilmour impressive for his age and lack of experience and backed up well by Roy of the Rovers Barkley for his best game in a Chelsea. Though it was mostly up against a flat midfield four and we dominated and outnumbered them in that area. I fully expect a good run from here on in to secure top 4 as we do often seem to hit form this time of year. I have not looked backed at any stats to support this, but I always feel over the last few years that we start well and then hit our dip from November through until January , then pick up again from Feb until end of season and I expect we will see something similar over the coming weeks. Interesting first season for Lamps and would love to know how his opinion has changed on a numbers of players since the start of the season.He must be looking back on the season and think he has made an error in criminally under utilizing Pedro and Giroud. Neither of them of first team certain starters at this stage of their career at a club like Chelsea and we maybe are benefiting from them being relatively fresh right now. However, you can't help but think that having them more involved throughout the season would have benefited the club by an additional 6-10pts at least this season .
  24. Chelsea 0 Bayern Munich 3

    It's a fair point. I know you are not advocating replacing Frank. It would just be an incredibly bad decision if that was to happen over the summer. Its his first season working with these players and I am sure he has changed his initial opinion on at least 5-6 players as the season has progressed. He needs to be given time to bring in some of his own players, or if not completely his own, then at least time to work with new players that the club has identified and that are flexible enough to fit in with how Frank wants us to play. Replacing him in the summer after one season would just be ripping everything good we have done this season and starting completely from scratch again. Whilst on this point, we have achieved a number of positives throughout the season. Its important Frank and the club focuses on these positives, but now he has had first hand experiences of the negatives through this season, its important he starts to address them ahead of next season. Frank will know next season will bring an even greater scrutiny on his performance and rightly so. As things stand now though, he should not be under any real pressure and this is very much early stages of a work in progress. Hopefully, the club will back him in the market and we need a very busy summer. Its never ideal bringing in 5-6 plus players in one summer and it may not be possible, but I fully believe we have to try and make this happen in the summer. I think the club has identified its main transfer targets already and we have already started to get busy on those with Ziyech coming in. I fully expect a lot of time and effort will go into getting a deal for Chilwell done, probably the same for Dembele and I think we will go all out for Sancho. If we can get those four over the line, address CM area and then make a long term decision on the GK (it may have already been made) then things start to look a lot better going into next season . The squad options all start to look stronger, the manager has gained another years experience at this level and with the players who are already at the club. We should start to see better seasons from Tammy, Mount, CHO with a full season under their belt and RLC returning to give another option in there. A lot of work to be done over the summer, but its not all one way with cash out, we have valuable assets we need to strongly consider moving on who will be wanted and can raise significant cash back into the club too. The future is still bright, but the club have to back us strongly over the summer and I fully expect they will.
  25. Chelsea 0 Bayern Munich 3

    I just see little point analysing the game in much detail. We are just simply not at their level and man for man, we have a couple of players who would make their bench. I think we actually played ok for large spells. To coin a boxing phrase, its simply levels and we are are at least 2-3 years away from being on that level. I think the more interesting debate is how we shape our future. I have mentioned this a few times over the last 2-3 months, but this summer needs ruthless decisions to be made as it shapes our future 2 years at the club. The biggest question marks involve two of our best players, but also two of our most valuable assets. This is in no way a criticism of either player, but this summer is the time to cash out on Kante and Jorginho. If we can raise £120 million for selling both players, then the club simply have to act and move them on. We can then focus on signing replacements who are more suited to how Lampard wants to play and in Jorginho case, who are more suited to PL football week in week out. Yes we have other areas that require clear squad upgrades ahead of these two players, but that is almost a sticky plaster and does not address the root cause. Both have been great servants, but timing is crucial and we need to cash out now whilst we can still recoup good money and rebuild in this key area of the team.