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  1. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Question: When was the last time we made any inroads in the FA Youth Cup? I can't remember our last good run, and I was disapointed we didn't do better last year especially after the fabulous start we made to the league campaign.
  2. Injury News

    I don't get all this 'not sure about Ben Haim' stuff...from several seasons of watching him I think he's an extremely accomplished defender...and he did exceptionally well against Reading after Carvalho went off. And I want to see if Terry/Ben Haim work well in tandem against Liverpool too...they're going to have to play together this season after all. It is a shame that Carvalho is out but I'm more than comfortable with Ben Haim in his stead. More than comfortable.
  3. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by KaranDid Poll penalise Keane's dive on Sunday? More importantly, did anyone see Keane's dive (first half)? I can definitely remember Ferreira being on a yellow card then. Wonder why he (Keane) did so? id="quote"> id="quote">Yes I remember this. Ferreira was on a card, and I remember before I saw the replay of it I thought in my mind "Gotta be a booking". Ok, so I'm defending Poll a little there because if I could be deceived then obviously Poll could've been too ;p Point is it was a dirty dive, very dirty. Diving to get a penalty is one thing, diving to get another player red-carded is another.
  4. John Terry

    quote:Originally posted by Seanquote:Originally posted by true blue girlWhat did JT say on CTV tonight because I read somewhere that he was going to be on there tonight to talk about the red card he got. id="quote"> id="quote"> He said that he couldn't undestand why he was sent off because he had looked at it a number of times on tv. He also said Poll changed the reason why he sent him off. On the pictch he said to JT that he was sent off for pulling Ledly King down and after the match Poll said that he was sent off for banging into the left-back. id="quote"> id="quote">To be honest, both of those excuses Poll used are pathetic; especially the last one. Since when, has anyone ever been sent off for just banging into someone else?
  5. Didier Drogba

    I think you're being very harsh Ted. Drogba has been well behaved all season in terms of diving, and it was no exception last week against Barca. I have no doubt in my mind that Drogba was targeted by the Barca defence - especially in that first half there were a number of instances where he was taken out and was on the ground - and it wasn't a dive. I remember there were a few incidents with Motta in the first half - one where Motta had tripped him and nothing had happened, so a minute later Drogs pushed him and Motta milked it out. But seriously, you shouldn't even mention Drogs diving in this match. Virtually every challenge Barca went down - especially Deco, Xavi & Motta. Every ball we won in the air we were whistled up for because the smaller Barca players had gone down. Drogba did absolutely none of this.
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I love it how the club really keep us up-to-date with how the youth team is doing, especially with the individuals. We have our youths playing internationals aswell and it seems we never miss a beat about their progress which is wonderful and very hopeful for us fans!
  7. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Knew someone would mention C.Cole! If you're going to say Scott won't make the first team just because he scored less goals that a player who didn't make it, then you should get shot up the ass :-P
  8. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Sinclair scored 17 goals last season for Youth & Reserve teams. Need I say more??
  9. John Terry

    quote:Nobody is going to beat Chopper's"quote"> id="quote">I agree, it won't be beaten. JT has to play 50 games for the next 11 seasons, til he's 36 basically. He will be a legend if he manages it, but I still can't see it happening...
  10. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    In this day and age, it seems like for every few years for most clubs they uncover a gem. It's been a few years now since JT first debuted for us (1998), so we really are due a new star from the youth ranks. I don't want to put too much expectation on Sinclair & Grant, but they really are the two I have my eye on. Both seem to be under the eye of the management too, as Sinclair was obviously advanced very quickly in the Reserves, and of course Grant made his debut for the First Squad last year. Of the rest of that bunch, if we unearth anyone else in my opinion it will be a huge bonus.
  11. Didier Drogba This Insider article about the game against Man City has been totally dedicated to Stuart Pearce and Didier Drogba. The author has accused Drogba of diving twice and then we have: "Deliberately controlling the ball with his arm in the box before lashing home his second, his elaborate celebrations provided a great disguise for his latest indiscretion. Disgraceful, shameful and incredibly annoying, Drogba must now have lost the remaining friend he may have had in England." Then at the end: HANDS UP IF YOU HATE DROBGA: Come on, all raise your right arm. Honestly, this whole jealousy thing has gone way too far...
  12. John Terry

    Well, you all lost out haha!
  13. Gianfranco Zola

    I don't think he would fit either. To be honest I don't think our 4-3-3 is 'fantastic', but you always base formations around particular players e.g. obviously our 4-3-3 is based around Robben/Duff originally, and now Joe Cole too. Pre-Mourinho, 4-4-2 was based around the attacking partnership of Jimmy & Eidur. And earlier than that, our 4-4-1-1 in the Guillt days was based around Zola and Hughes/Vialli, and also Le Saux and Petrescu.
  14. John Terry

    Who does he miss more: Franco Zola or Big Marcel?
  15. Didier Drogba

    If anything Drogba has gotten worse since the Community Shield. I was convinced he was going to unstopable all season after that performance, but he has been anything but since then.