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  1. http://www.saynocpo.org/faq/ I’ve already voted by sending in my proxy form, but now I want to change my mind and vote No. How do I do this? You need to get hold of another proxy form (simply print off the proxy form here) and complete the new form with an ‘X’ against each of the 6 resolutions, under ‘Against’. Then do as follows: 1. Let us know by emailing us with your name and number of shares at saynocpo@gmail.com 2. Mark the top of your new proxy form to show clearly that this is a new vote and replaces your previous proxy. 3. Complete and mail in your new proxy form following steps A-D listed on the voting page.
  2. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Out of the top clubs we obviously do, but as you mentioned the troubles at Pompey, I'd say that in the Premiership Randy Lerner and Niall Quinn for me are the best chairman/oweners. Both outstanding examples of how a football club should be run, how to support a manager. Lerner I believe paid for the restoration of a derelict pub near the ground, has one of his advisors look on the Villa Forums weekly for issues that may arise. When Sbragia needed to get the boot, Sunderland handled it in such a fantastic manner that neither club nor manager lost face, with Roy Keane they never seemed to be in the wrong either.
  3. Didier Drogba

    And booked Zola for sweet F.A in the second half, just outside the box I believe.
  4. Didier Drogba

    This article in todays Sun is a good read IMO. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport...rshal-Tito.html
  5. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Yeah he phoned me after to say he'd met you. It's actually Stamford Bridge they said they might move the reserves to at that Fans Forum.
  6. New Kits

    Agreed, much better then the new home shirt for sure. It's again for only one season though so I'm still not going to buy it.
  7. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I was in my last year of uni last year so never saw the reserves, so I can't speak of Magney or Taylor much, Magney was great on Monday though, he wasn't getting beaten, he effectively played the second half as a wing back as they offered very little, and he looked very commanding. Saw the match against Aldershot the other month and I wasn't impressed with him that day, but as I say Monday he looked class. As for Taylor based on Monday night I agree, there was a couple of times when he didn't meet the ball, and with that little attendance I expect to hear him shouting a bit. He really didn't seem confident or in control I didn't think.
  8. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Good game, I felt we were all over then, Freddie Sears looked massively ordinary, not suprised since scoring for the first team he's not featured much. Woods needs to grow up, not sure if the camera's picked it up but the ref called him and their 17 over because for a good few minutes the two of them had been getting at each other, the other guy hadn't done much wrong when Woods reacted once the ball was played. Magnay was superb, easily MOTM for me. Sinclair wasn't really getting involved he seemed to be a bit of an onlooker at times out wide, other then a good save in the first half I don't remember Rhys Taylor having much to do. The whole defence was quality, we didn't break down their defence much though I didn't think most of Stoch's shots were long rangers, same with Mellis barring the aforementioned run. Good match from our perspective I'd say, the lads played well.
  9. New Kits

    I'm not buying it, I just don't see why we need to change it every year. Having said that if we win in Moscow I would buy a commorative one mind. Does look quite nice though.
  10. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    ChelC, as you say that offside would be a pretty shoddy highlight, it was hard to tell whether it was offside although like the commentators said at the time, the guy that got the ball looked onside it was his team-mate who was offside. Decent highlights though, I can't really think of any other chances I'd have added. On a side note, Fabio Ferreira looks a little bit like Michael Ballack, only skinnier.
  11. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Second half around the 55th minute I think. Twice in the first half he won a corner or free kick from balls he had no right to get, that one for the free kick was incredible how the Derby player trotted back to see it off and Di Santo sprinted and forced him to make a foul, although personally I think a foul was a little harsh! I haven't seen any of the other games he's played in, I'm at uni most of the time so barely get to watch the matches as I've no Chelsea TV, but am at home right now so finally got to watch one, first reserve match I've watched all season.
  12. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    When he tried the old one leg crossing over the other to kick the ball and ended up on his arse. Which is what Di Santo did from that cross except we also lost the throw and personally I don't think there was any need for him to try it, other then he was feeling flash. This clip
  13. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Nice write up ChelC. I think you should have brought to light Di Santo's attempted cross where he did a David Dunn though. Ferreira should have had a goal in the first half I don't see how he blasted it over. I think you're a little harsh on Searle given the state of the pitch and just how many times we played the ball back to him, the first 15 minutes especially were a joke we just kept rolling it back to him. Smith was solid when they threatened, I didn't realise they've converted him from a striker to a defender but he looked good there. I liked Cummings movement down the line, he's not afraid to push up and I'm not sure what his cross is like but he could be a good attacking full back. Personally I thought our set piece delivery could have ben better, especially in the first half they seemed to be massively overhit, even the corners we got on the end of drifted too high I thought, need to aim more for the penalty area. Definitely would have wagered it being 0-0 after an hour, a fairly poor game and it was hard to see either side scoring.
  14. Michael Essien

    Essien is still brilliant, Barnsley he was given the holding role and that's not where he plays. I admit before the ACN he wasn't the same player, but then he got a lot of stick back home for missing the previous ACN so I think physcologically he didn't want to feel he'd let his country down again by getting injured. When Ballack plays it seems they don't have an understanding, Essien is too keen to push up ahead of him and let Ballack stay back, yet it should be the other way around, I'd personally somewhat pin it down to lack of direction from Average Grant. Easily one of our most committed players and he should be a first team regular in the centre of midfield no question. Probably my favourite player.
  15. Michael Essien

    On the surface yes it would, but it's not that simple. Benjani has paid the debt Zimbabwe owed on an electricity bill and I think he paid off another debt too, but all it does is make them assume they will be bailed out. They get foreign aid and then what happens to it is anyones guess, there's a book by a guy called Robert Calderisi about this sort of thing and is worth a read, he worked for the World Bank and spent alot of time in Africa so is clued up on the subject. They recieve enough money without getting extra from those who have done well despite difficulut circumstances. Drogba getting involved in helping stop the Ivory Coast civil war was a worthwhile contribution, giving more money isn't.