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  1. A little reminiscent of a certain H Crespo. Making all the right moves but never given the ball. I'm sure the tide will turn. Perhaps playing Zhirkov rather than Essien could create some supply? One on form the other decidedly not........
  2. Movies

    Some notables I've seen recently; Antichrist - one of the best starts to a film I've seen in years, beautifully shot but could do without the gratuitous cock and balls shot that Von Trier seems to like 'shocking' us with. Pretty tough film though and extremely gruesome at times. Coming to America - classic. Say no more. The Collector - utter shite heist film meets Saw. Avoid at all costs. Book of Eli - Denzel Washington in a post apocalyptic America wandering about in a semi Clint Eastwood style generally 'sorting geezers out'. A good yarn with a nice twist. The Dukes of Hazzard. - Jessica Simpson (splodge) is the only reason to watch this. 127 hours - instantly recognisable as a Danny Boyle film. People get a bit upset with the whole 'arm thing' but aside from a couple of 'ouch' moments and some wincing it's not bad at all. As a whole though really nicely paced, great cinematography and actually rather emotive. Highly recommended. Into the Wild - up until 127 hours probably the best film I'd seen in a long while. College dropout shuns society and buggers off into the middle of nowhere. Lots of flashback narrative that really sucks you in. Lovefilm this badboy, you won't regret it!
  3. Lets Have A Moan Up

    Loving your use of 'bum-fest' Bert. So true. He needs to spend £100m to get that team anywhere near good at this stage!
  4. Lets Have A Moan Up

    Loving your use of 'bum-fest' Bert. So true. He needs to spend £100m to get that team anywhere near good at this stage!
  5. Musical Tastes

    Can't say much for her music but I do love Kylie. Front, back and in the mooth area. ;-)
  6. Musical Tastes

    And on a less serious note:
  7. Didier Drogba

    Valencia even over Tevez is a disgrace. Seriously, Frank has been uber screwed over here.
  8. Musical Tastes

    Just getting into 'Animals as Leaders'. Jeez, that Tosin Abasi can't 'arf play! You couldn't dance to it though! Probably mainly of interest to musos and generally guitary people ;-)
  9. still thinks Jesper is better than Robben. And Malouda. And Ribery.

  10. Movies

    Also saw 'Babel' last night. Wow. In a good way. Avoid if you are allergic to subtitles.
  11. Movies

    Saw 'Cemetary Junction' this evening. Certainly raised a smile or 94. I would highly recommend for a giggle, especially if you've ever lived in a small town. Gervais' comments around the breakfast table and banter with the nan are first class dialogue. Definately 'British' humour though (and I don't mean that just because I've put a 'u' in it! ;-P)
  12. Movies

    Watched 'Fargo' for the first time tonight. Was distinctly underwhelmed. There are far better Coen Brothers movies.
  13. John Terry

    As long as it doesn't stop Chelsea winning the Premiership I really couldn't give a monkeys. If it destabilised the England team, then all the better because I will be supporting my usual team of everyone but England at the world cup (not entirely true as the Germany shirt will get an airing ;-)) As long as JT wasn't banging anyone instead of making goal line clearances I really fail to see the sporting relevance. He could have been checked in to the Sticket Inn with Bridgey himself for all I care. *cue Blue Oyster music*
  14. Movies

    Indeed. Twilight=juvenile shite. Even The Lost Boys p**ses all over it.
  15. Movies

    Saw Frost/Nixon yesterday (thanks for the tip whoever plugged it earlier in the thread) - phenomenal. I don't know if it will be in the running for the up and coming oscars or whether it was out in time for the last batch but Frank Langella delivers a masterful portrayal of tricky Dickie. I think I'll wait a while and then do a back to back with 'All the President's Men'. Avatar is now the largest grossing movie of all time, with the second largest grossing being Titanic. It appears that the movie going public deserve to be flagellated to death. Either that or the creators of this monumental cascade of fecal detritis want hanging. I can understand curiosity but this is ridiculous. Where's my gun?