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  1. A little reminiscent of a certain H Crespo. Making all the right moves but never given the ball. I'm sure the tide will turn. Perhaps playing Zhirkov rather than Essien could create some supply? One on form the other decidedly not........
  2. Lets Have A Moan Up

    Loving your use of 'bum-fest' Bert. So true. He needs to spend £100m to get that team anywhere near good at this stage!
  3. Lets Have A Moan Up

    Loving your use of 'bum-fest' Bert. So true. He needs to spend £100m to get that team anywhere near good at this stage!
  4. Musical Tastes

    Can't say much for her music but I do love Kylie. Front, back and in the mooth area. ;-)
  5. Musical Tastes

    And on a less serious note:
  6. Didier Drogba

    Valencia even over Tevez is a disgrace. Seriously, Frank has been uber screwed over here.
  7. Musical Tastes

    Just getting into 'Animals as Leaders'. Jeez, that Tosin Abasi can't 'arf play! You couldn't dance to it though! Probably mainly of interest to musos and generally guitary people ;-)
  8. still thinks Jesper is better than Robben. And Malouda. And Ribery.

  9. John Terry

    As long as it doesn't stop Chelsea winning the Premiership I really couldn't give a monkeys. If it destabilised the England team, then all the better because I will be supporting my usual team of everyone but England at the world cup (not entirely true as the Germany shirt will get an airing ;-)) As long as JT wasn't banging anyone instead of making goal line clearances I really fail to see the sporting relevance. He could have been checked in to the Sticket Inn with Bridgey himself for all I care. *cue Blue Oyster music*
  10. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend

    I actually liked most of the Frank Herbert Dune sequels, although not many of the prequels! Although I know that a great many people didn't, he does tend to go off on one! Speaking of which, yeah, Dick is a little on the extreme side at times. I found A Scanner Darkly an insanely good read..................eventually! (Managed to get into it on my third attempt.)
  11. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend

    Currently reading Peter Hamilton's 'The Reality Dysfunction'. Very good so far (bit of a tome!) but starts a little slow. Read a lot of Scifi, but as a genre it is flooded with more sh**e than good. Asimov, Frank Herbert (not his son!), and Phillip K. Dick I have always found as safe bets. Some of Iain Bank's stuff is good as well; just avoid the phonetically written 'Feersum Enjin'.
  12. Ashley Cole

    Indeed, I have known it as the Daily Homophobe for some years now. Couldn't even force myself to read the whole article. It'll all be drivel anyway. Edit: Skipped the Mail 'content' and just read the interview. They're just getting a kick out of being publicly cretinous! Surely noone credits either of them with custody of the family braincell on this given day?
  13. Salomon Kalou

    Not one of our finest players by a long chalk, but he does occasionally bring an important goal to the table. Considering we can't sign anyone else to do that job for the foreseeable, I dont see what the problem is. He will be on less than half the amount Sheva bent us over for and has provided (on his lesser contract) more goals. Time to stop crying methinks!
  14. John Terry

    HA HA, Nice one James. A very committed opinion. I think it's high time people stopped reading the Daily Mail ;-) PS Where did the £60m thing come from? I keep seeing £35m/£40m and 'we rejected a £25m bid' etc. Just wondered. Edit: Smiley, to avoid any misunderstandings/tears.
  15. John Terry

    'Bull', and 'red rag' come to mind. Go on Grahame! During the Lampard saga of last year everyone was crying out for reassurances every day. They eventually came, after a rather long wait in the form of a 5 year contract which astounded a lot of people. Lets have a little patience, as I think that little saga taught a lot of people some things about 'the football business' as a whole. It certainly did me, and I have no problem holding my hand up to that. Lampard wanted different assurances (length of contract issues) but it seems to be about assurances nonetheless. I'm sure a decent transfer arrival would quash all this bollocks underfoot quicksmart fashion! I, for one, am just going to wait out the detritus. So should all those who decide that quoting the daily homophobe/Mail is a good idea.