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  1. Very good player. Luiz, Zouma, Cahill, Azpi, Christensen and Van Dijk for three positions is at least one to many me thinks. Feel Christensen is either cash in or integrate to first team this summer. Needs something permanent now. Zouma on season long lone maybe ? If Van Dijk comes in this January, Zouma should be loaned til summer.
  2. Calm down everyone. Please! Were bidding for top quality players or young players with huge potential. Ofcourse it will be difficult. Were not bidding for Mustafi for example. We need to be patient. Koulibaly, Romagnoli, Lichtsteiner, R. Rodriguez are all quality players that their clubs dont want to let go. Its called negotiating and I am sure our board is working super hard (like Conte).
  3. van Dijk? Quality CB. 30-40 million I suspect though
  4. Do you think Hazard is capable to play on the wing in this formation?
  5. Am I the only one that thought Papy looked pretty decent? Much better with ball than expected. + Moses, Papy, Nate, Aina -: Branna, RLC, Baba, Mikel, Willian
  6. This guy fills me up with so much confidence. You just know that he's gonna sucseed! Give it time and we will be the fittest and most tactical astute team alongside City in the league. No disrespect to Jose but Conte is on a different level tacticly. Hopefully our players comply on the fitness and diet reform he's installing. Conte is the Holistc one. You heard it hear first. Btw: love to read your posts on Conte, Zaffo. Your insight and tactical knowledge is really fascinating!
  7. Really rate Pelle. Underated for sure
  8. Just Sent a DM to JT. Fingers crossed!
  9. Hello good people of CFCnet and fellow Blues. Looking for some quality people to follow on twitter. What is your Twitter handles?
  10. Word. IMO our midfield struggle can be solved with this genius. We have to build our game around him. With Mata/Hazard as AMC in the 4231 system we lose balance centrally with only Mikel and Lamps covering centrally. Oscar is not just a playmaker. He is able to cover centrally and make midfield 3 while also offering Torres support up front. He is very good tactically and also suprisingly a good ballwinner. Superb intensity. Can offer us a double role as a false 10. Oscar centrally can breake our season IMO. I know its a lot to ask of him. But I really believe in him.
  11. Mata just like Modric keeps things ticking in midfield and upfront. He is constanly moving around in spaces with fantastic movement. Football comes so naturally to him just like the Barca midfielders and this spain generation. He will not beat his man over and over again but will in stead movearound to free up space both for himself and his teamates. He will be a tremendous signing for us and especially Torres who will benefit hugely. Torres can consentrate more on finding the right positions for himself(Falcao), like he did earlier in his short Chelsea career and in Liverpool. We will win the league with Modric and Mata. If Cech comes back soon enogh that is.
  12. IMO he's our best passer at the age of eighteen. Says more about the squad then Josh but anyways.
  13. I had a dream tonight that Torres won a penalty and oppo got sent off. Then he took the penalty with his left but hit the the bar.
  14. Its not lacking ability that is his problem, it is his terrible attitude
  15. Tor Kristian Karlsen an norwegian scout saw him the first time in 2007 and have followed him over the years. He said among other things that Luiz have never been sent off in proffesional football. He was reckless because he diddent know the tempo at all. Thats what happened. From walking football in portugal to formel one football in a end to end heavy weight match. When he adapts to the insane tempo (some of the games in PL) he will be even more immense, This is a real real WORLDCLASS talent we have on our hands. So so excited!