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  1. My thoughts exactly. That signing would worry me a lot.
  2. I'm completely guessing, but perhaps they go in on the Friday for medical tests and admin and start training proper on the Monday?
  3. I read somewhere that Christensen had been asked to report back "like all the others" on 7th July.
  4. All good points. I dont quite have quite the worry of a Torres/Sheva situation that you do, as I think he will score a few goals here (rather than none), but just not enough. Ironically, I suspect it is possible that he might end up scoring more for us in the bigger (or at least harder) games than expected, as we rely more on the counter in those games and that is where most of his Everton goals have come from. Its unpicking the packed defence, where he is going to fall flat on his big arse.
  5. If Lukaku is "valued" at £100m, Costa must go for £150m right? Yeah thought not. Even if you factor in his age and contract length, there is no way he should be worth anything less than Lukaku. So why do I get the feeling we are going to end up letting him go for about £45m?
  6. I'm not an Emanalo basher, as I dont think any of us really know what his actual real life role is (much as I hung back from sticking the boot into Kenyon or Gourlay). However, if we were to pay £100m for Lukaku, it would be very hard to draw any conclusion other than that he has pushed it through personally, as "unfinished business". Maybe harsh, but I dont see Lukaku as a Conte buy in any way, shape or form.
  7. At least this is more entertaining than debating the pros and cons of Lukaku at £100m. Wait... did you say £100m? Doesnt that sort of money buy you a Griezmann, or a Verratti, or at least a Sanchez AND a Bonucci? We couldnt be that stupid surely?
  8. I heard the blast of a referee's whistle, which is why I was unconcerned when Sanchez put the ball in the net a couple of seconds later. Quite apart from the offside and the handball.
  9. So I guess I am the only one that heard the whistle blow way before the Sanchez' "goal"?
  10. I am an expert on disguising questions as unthinking rants based on presumption. I take it you dont know the answer then?
  11. My apologies for asking a question about football on a football forum. What was I even thinking?
  12. Yes, but why the distinction between winning the CL and knocking a place off and winning the EL and not knocking a place off? Its like they are rewarding the country with the EL winners (by giving them an extra place) over and above the country with the CL winners. That is nonsense.
  13. Is anyone able to make sense of why, when we won the CL, we knocked Tottenham off a qualification spot, but when Utd win the EL, they dont knock Liverpool off a qualification spot? That seems to be more than a bit daft.
  14. Personally, I think MLS is a much better option than any division here. Think Rio Ferdinand in that QPR shirt and try not to laugh.
  15. I think we should start JT and sub him off after 26 minutes just for Garth Crooks' sake.