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  1. I think Droy was alluding to this too and it reads to me (although that might not be either of your intentions) as if you are both lumping that in as "counter-attack". That isn't what you are suggesting is it?
  2. Congratulations to the U18s on reaching another Youth Cup final. 9-2 on aggregate!
  3. Would be a huge step to win this, as I think its quite possible that Spurs could drop points at Burnley.
  4. I just heard some halfwit journalist on Talksport describe us as "clinical" (used as a dirty word, as a comparison against the glorious advert for football that was City vs Liverpool) and he then said he would "stop short of calling them cynical". Which obviously meant that he didn't stop short of that at all.
  5. Can I be the first to state how much I despise the international break. And its only Sunday night. 7 wins and 3 defeats needed.
  6. All of our wins have been against teams below us in the table too :-)
  7. "They did not do what I told them to do"
  8. "Interesting" take on Citys CL exit from the BBC. They are leading with the heroic "Guardiola Takes Blame For Man City Exit" And they have based that on this quote : "I tried to convince them in all the meetings we had to come here, try to attack and score," said Guardiola. "My mistake was being not able to convince them to do that." Which, to my ears translates as : "I spent a whole week telling them to attack and they were too scared and didn't follow my instructions and because of that, we lost. I had all the right ideas, but they didn't do what I told them and they only have themselves to blame, because I was right and they were wrong." Looks a bit to me like he has hung his players out to dry and the BBC have stuck with the Saint Pep narrative.
  9. bottom 6 manager
  10. How on Earth that can be left to just sit there like that, with no-one questioning it, is a complete disgrace.
  11. Total and utter annihilation and certainly NOT all due to 11 vs 10. I thought Utd were absolutely abysmal and I thought we stuck to our task extremely professionally. Everyone worked hard for the whole game. We limited them to 1 opportunity in 90 minutes and that was a straight up mistake, rather than a break down of the system. Personally, I would be very reluctant to criticise Costa based on a frustrating couple of misses. Its way more important that his movement gets him in the places to make the chances in the 1st place - I thought he did well tonight. Kante is just ridiculous, game after game. Great effort all round. Now lets get focussed on Stoke.
  12. And they came unstuck against a team I have never heard of. It is interesting this. Quite a few have tried 3 at the back against us now, most have struggled (except Tottenham). Hopefully, the fact that they wont be anywhere near as drilled in the formation as we are, will be decisive.
  13. Is it no replays?
  14. I too would swap a defeat here for a win at Stoke. Starts for Begovic, Ake, Zouma, Chalobah and RLC please. We can still win with those 5 in the team.
  15. I would rather get the 24 points, as I would expect that the Premier League have arranged for Tottenham to play Sunderland 11 times between now and the end of the season.