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  1. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    Need to work very hard and concentrate for the first 15 mins of the second half...
  2. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    Wow, we are very short of players...
  3. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    We need to fight scratch kick thump and pinch our way to any ugly win in this game. We are going to need to finish above Leicester to make top 4 and they are winning on Monday.
  4. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 0

    I missed the game and ended up watching it very late, mostly at double speed. Quite interesting. Even with their changes, they are a pretty well-oiled machine these days. We clearly deserved to win, based on effort and commitment, but we actually look quite a lot like they did in their first season under Klopp. Patchy. In double time, you can really see the differences in patterns of passing very clearly. They have a distinct method of very quick 15-20m passes, across the pitch and then forwards, which displaces teams very quickly and wears the opposition down, as they recover position. We still have a much more random on-the-fly approach to attacking - short 5m passes and then long. What impressed me most about Gilmour is how 100% switched on he was and how quickly he was able to react and make the right decisions, constently thinking a step ahead. By contrast, Ross seems to very much rely on his ability too much and just doesnt have that necessary urgency in his decision making. Great goal though.
  5. AFC Bournemouth 2 Chelsea 2

    Maybe the facts don’t actually back this up, but it certainly feels like minutes 46 to 60 have been disproportionately appalling for us, for about 3 years now.
  6. Chelsea 0 Bayern Munich 3

    There is a positive. We didn't concede 7.
  7. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1

    How on Earth can they watch it 30 times and decide it wasn’t a red and then watch it another 30 (because of the uproar on the internet) and decide it was a red? That makes the process 100% illegitimate. #BoycottBarclaysPremierLeague
  8. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1

    This season’s EPL ended for me today. CL I will still attend or watch. EPL no. BT, Sky and their advertisers can do one. VAR has finished this game as a spectacle. #BoycottBarclaysPremierLeague
  9. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1

    That is the reddest of red cards. None redder. A truly disgraceful decision that brings the game into real dispute. The clearest stamp you will ever see. I'm switching off at this point - finished with this game.
  10. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Careful, he's next...
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree with large swathes of this. No way we end up with 8 players of the required quality, even across the next 4 windows though. Much more likely we get one good one medium and one headscratcher signing per summer window. And either nothing or one meh signing in the winter.
  12. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 2

    He has to re-integrate Giroud into ast least the matchday squad for the rest of the season. I think we are generally missing someone with his level of commitment on the pitch, notwithstanding his age pace etc.
  13. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 2

    I've said a lot of negative but I do agree with most of this. I might change the words "fairly good" for "patchy".
  14. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 2

    I cannot think of one single threatening opportunity of any description that we created after equalising with 20 minutes to go. We were hanging on and we were doing that badly. Happy with the point. Unhappy with the effort.
  15. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 2

    Yes agree with all of this, I would have taken a point before the game too. However, having equalised with 20 minutes to go, we went on to create not one single chance, effort, glimmer of hope. Nothing. Nada. Maybe there has been a change in the psyche of game management since the recent abberations, but even the execution of that was woeful. They are weak in the head.