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  1. Excellent job by the youngsters. Some great talent on show and a thoroughly deserved victory again. My take is that, if we keep plugging away year after year like this, we will start to bear fruit for the 1st team at some point soon and once it starts coming, it wont stop.
  2. It feels like we have a horrible record at the Hawthorns in recent years.
  3. Tammy definitely needs another loan. He has done really brilliantly, but almost every goal he has scored has been inside the 6 yard box. That is not a criticism of him, but he will need more strings to his bow in the PL.
  4. A dilemma for JM. They are back in touching distance of City and their game with Tottenham could have a lot riding on it again. He might need to win that game a lot more than he would want to.
  5. I am absolutely delighted with the result, but for long periods of this game I thought we were lazy and lacked the desire to go and win it. Lack of focus, lack of application. Wastefully gave the ball away a truly ridiculous amount of times. I am really worried about the run in. In some ways, this was a bad result, as it papers over the complacency and gives an excuse for it to continue. Obviously this wont be a popular opinion, having put 4 past Spurs to reach an FA Cup Final, but it is how I feel and we can be so much better than this.
  6. Not having that at all.
  7. Can you imagine how much he is going to be on the whole squad's case over the next few weeks to get the title sewn up before the Sunderland game. Good timing.
  8. Like I said, I was drawing the comparison between his defensive Chelsea last year and Contes defensive Chelsea this year, not the difference between us and Utd this year (18 points). I admit I have not actually checked it, but I suspect we are at least 30 points better off than this time last year. JMs agenda is driven by his ego, nothing wrong with that. If we win the title, he will feel that it reflects very badly on him (because Conte will have succeeded where he failed). That is probably driving him today, as much as Utds bid to qualify for the CL.
  9. Sorry, I was not clear. I meant the difference between his defensive Chelsea and Contes "defensive" Chelsea. I love the man, but I can recognise that it doesnt suit his agenda for us to be at all successful right now. That will hopefully change once he leaves Utd.
  10. The difference is around 30 points.
  11. The fact that this has not been sorted out properly after all these years is a complete disgrace. From the quarters onwards, they should just re-schedule as best they can. Are they really so short sighted to not realise that if PL teams do well in Europe, the PL gets better players and is therefore much more attractive (and worth more)? Run by total idiots.
  12. There is a big difference between the coaching of players during a game and waiting until after the game and telling the massed press and media that an international 21 year old player does not have the capability or intelligence to play football at the required level, unless he is being given every single instruction from the manager. I am not saying it is not true - JM will know that better than me, but you just dont do that in public.
  13. I get what you are saying and I normally would enjoy the tension of a proper race, but not after we have been 10 points clear. If we mess this up and hand it to Spurs on a plate, I am going to be a grumpy miserable git all summer. Granted though, I am looking forward to the cup games.
  14. This is the sort of comment and public humiliation that loses dressing rooms. I hope.
  15. I hope no-one else is feeling this way, but I am hating almost every minute of this run in.