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  1. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Agree with the last few posts. If we can’t finish 4th, we don’t deserve a place in the CL and it would be pointless entering it anyway.
  2. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Can see us just about manage to carve out a gritty 0-0 against this dangerous, already relegated wild beast.
  3. Sheffield United 3 Chelsea 0

    We have a defensive crisis right now. We have some “decent” defenders. However, Azpi is probably past his very best, Alonso is good going forwards and a liability going backwards. Zouma is exactly what he has always been - Everton standard. Rudiger flattered to deceive and has proved to be somewhat unreliable. Emerson ditto. Christensen, the most frustrating of all - 4 years in top leagues and very little improvement. Tomori and James need 2 more years before they could be considered good enough. You could make an argument for replacing them all except Tomori and James.
  4. Sheffield United 3 Chelsea 0

    Either that or Arsenal’s season shows how good he is.
  5. Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 3

    Need to be very focussed from the off in this one. 3 points is pretty critical here - we need to box this off in the next 3 games, with the last 2 fixtures the way they are.
  6. Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 3

    Problem with that, is that Utd are likely to be already qualified and on the beach before they play Leicester...
  7. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    You’re right - he was woeful. AC has not really pushed on the way we all expected though. He still looks weak and naive and he has played enough games to work that out by now.
  8. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    I’d have paired Zouma and Rudiger and dropped Christensen, although both CBS were awful against West Ham. Beginning to look a bit like we are planning for a future without Jorginho. Would be surprised if we don’t see him play at least some part in this game. Especially if we go behind.
  9. Media / Press

    Interesting to note that of the 18 free to air games announced so far, we appear zero times. I had imagined that, in the general spirit of pulling together and providing some crumbs of comfort for the beleaguered population, the tv companies would have made sure to manage an even spread...
  10. Coronavirus COVID-19

  11. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Agree. They can dress it up however they want, it doesn’t count as a real PL title.
  12. Media / Press

    It’s a complete nonsense. Gary Neville is suggesting they fly everyone abroad to somewhere where they have fewer cases to finish it! Just consider that idea for a moment. The EPL desperately trying to cobble something together, at literally any cost, simply because of their TV deal. There is absolutely no appetite for it and it’s a stupid and dangerous suggestion. Cancel now.
  13. Media / Press

    ... And UEFA desperately trying to cling onto a CL final in Istanbul on 29th August...
  14. Media / Press

    Interestingly, Jose was only responsible for 'recruiting' 2 of those players.