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  1. Media / Press

    What is Pogba doing? That is very disrespectful to JM and Utd. Doesn’t matter what you think, you just don’t do that. If that was one of our players, I would want him straight out.
  2. Media / Press

    It’s only fair, as Warnock Jr is one of the true Gods of football.
  3. Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

    I thought he did well to get immediately into the pace of the game when he came on. Shame he doesnt know how to dress himself though :-)
  4. Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

    Excellent first half - dominant and a class apart, Truly abysmal second half - lazy and unprofessional. We have some players that are mentally very weak.
  5. Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

    Nothing to do with Sarri. We dominated the first 50 minutes and then got over confident that we could coast throught the rest of the game.
  6. Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

    Nothing to do with the system. Everything to do with concentration and commitment. We switched off. We are mentally weak.
  7. Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

    FFS. Brighton have been no threat whatsoever and we concede out of nothing. This is a firm pattern now.
  8. Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

    Finally Dunk gets booked
  9. Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

    2nd half. Why are we playing high crosses into the box for Hazard? What do we think that is going to achieve?
  10. Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

    So far, we are playing much better this afternoon. Passing and control of the ball is much better. Sarri-ball seems to be welcomly in evidence after an extended 6-week holiday. Hazard back on form. Assured performance from Luiz. Brighton have been awful. The ref has been awful. Alan Smith desperate for Alonso to be offside for the first goal.
  11. Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

    Appalling referee.
  12. MOL Vidi 2 Chelsea 2

    This is mostly true. However, if (or more likely when) we get more injuries, we now have some options that have at least played a few games. As a collective B team, they are not good enough, but as individuals to step into the A team when needed, they probably are. A case of the whole being worse than the sum of the parts! Also, if you are demotivated by being picked in order to give one of the A team a rest or avoid injury, you have the wrong career - I doubt any of tonight’s squad went into the game thinking that. Except maybe Morata.
  13. MOL Vidi 2 Chelsea 2

    I expect (and hope) to see Lump of Celery’s team start. We only seem to have 4 midfielders travelling for 3 positions, or does McEachran play there too? Thought he was more of an AM? Assuming Jorginho will not start, I would not be surprised if both Barkley and RLC start, but would be very surprised if both play 90, as at least one of them will be needed at the weekend.
  14. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    He did reasonably well compared to most. He didn't really achieve anything in the second half, but he did at least manage to be efficient with possession, which is more than can be said for several players over the last couple of games. In his recent cameos before this game, he has been more involved. He needs to keep up that level of commitment every time he goes out there, or he will quickly end up back on the periphery.