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  1. "Another set of tactics determined by the oppo, not our written formation." No, that is not what I am saying. I am just pointing out your relentless efforts to minimise Conte's credit on the day we have won 5-1, won 30 games in a 38 game PL campaign and won the PL to boot.
  2. I think we should start JT and sub him off after 26 minutes just for Garth Crooks' sake.
  3. This is truly desperate stuff.
  4. I do not think we will ever see his like again. Totally unparalleled commitment to the club. Hands-down the finest central defender of the Premier League era. Personifies the ruthless winning mentality that we have developed. A real leader. Thanks for so many incredible memories JT.
  5. Also, if you watch Wenger's post match interview on BBC, the reaction and body language, he is a man that is clearly just managed his last game at the Emirates. I will be very surprised if he is there in August. "This team has to stay together, they will win the championship."
  6. Not really a point worth responding to. So wrong.
  7. Koscielny sent off will be missing for the Cup Final.
  8. I am not sure that any of these players have anything to gain from another loan. They have all done loans to death. Its yes or no time. For me, its yes to all of them. One season of all of the FA Cup, League Cup and some limited PL and CL appearances should be enough to see them force their way to becoming proper squad options. RLC is different, as he really hasnt played that many games. I think he could definitely benefit a loan. For me, he needs a proper run of games at a high level, in order to develop his match stamina and awareness of just how involved he needs to be at all times during a game. Tricky to see where he could go in the PL for guaranteed time though.
  9. Absolutely hate this idea. We want the best teams in Europe in the competition. Or we could have Portsmouth Swansea Birmingham and Wigan. Excuse me if that sounds a bit arrogant, but I dont see the sense in convoluting a mechanism to get some worse teams involved. I could be persuaded to go back to the "Champions Only" policy, but to be honest that is a bit flawed too - League champions are often NOT the best team in their league the following season.
  10. Utd played 2 of those teams this year on their way to CL qualification. I find it incredible that the Europa League is still able to turn up a raft of teams every year that I have never heard of. Not exactly Red Star Belgrade, Steaua Bucharest or Hajduk Split are they?
  11. A quick aside - this rule about the winners of the Europa League getting into the CL. Something is not right about it. If you are reigning champions of your country, but having a bad year domestically (e.g. like us last year), you have to beat Real, Barca and Bayern to qualify for the following year's competition, as you are currently in the CL. If you finished 5th or 6th last year and are having another terrible year domestically (e.g. like Utd this year), you have to beat FC Quarabag, Zorya Luhansk and FC Rostov to qualify for the following year's CL, as you are currently in the Europa League. Doesnt quite add up somehow. The more consistently worse you are, the more likely you are to qualify.
  12. Sign him up absolutely right. Not sure about making him captain though. The reason he has been able to deliver such consistent performances, is because he is fresh all of the time. I think the captain needs to be on the pitch. If played in every game, he is the classic half a season player (well documented, but easy to forget after his work this season).
  13. Did Spurs just win the World Cup?
  14. Oh no. you've done it now. I give it an hour before the old Liverpool-game-screenshot comes out.
  15. From Begovic's personal point of view maybe.