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  1. Chelsea vs Malmo FF

    Quite a lot riding on this game now. Not sure that Sarri has the balls to risk CHO from the beginning, even if its the easiest way to get the support back onside. What I would be surprised to see, is Kovacic coming on for Barkley after an hour :-) Expect that RLC will probably start and finish...
  2. Devil's advocate here, and I am not making a personal comment, but I can see the stadium unrest turning against RA quite quickly. We will get past Malmo, but it is difficult to see us getting anything out of the City or Spurs games, other than another 2 painful defeats. If you pile a cup final defeat and a home defeat to Tottenham on top of where we are, that is going to potentially create a pretty toxic atmosphere. On the other hand, we might win them both...
  3. As Sarri has made it through the day, it is probably reasonable to assume that he will be in charge for the next 2 games. The club needs to be a bit careful here. Could easily see this turning quite ugly, quite quickly, which is really the last thing we or our absent owner need.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Why on Earth would he come here?
  5. Feels very much like the day that if became when.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    He doesn’t have to fire her, he can just move her to a different business
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Bit weird this, but I miss that turn more than anything else. The receive-the-ball-facing-our-defence-and-with-one-deft--touch-change-direction-and-be-seamlessly-attacking turn. These days it seems to have become the receive-the-ball-facing-our-defence-trap-the-ball-look-at-the-ball-walk-around-the-ball-pass-the-ball-sideways-amble-off-to-a-place-I-am-unlikely-to-get-it-back turn.
  8. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    Let's face it, there is so much wrong with the team, how the hell else is Sarri supposed to remember everything he has to say at half time?
  9. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    I've reached a consensus. Zonal is a truly abysmal concept. Mark the opposition players, track their runs, get in their bloody way. Everytime I see a zonal defence, I see players standing around looking accusingly at each other, while the keeper picks the ball out of the back of the net.
  10. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    Some big ifs here. There are 4 or 5 teams left in the EL that we are unable to beat currently. While it was nice to see Utd lose midweek, we are not PSG.
  11. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    Wasn’t exactly the stirring, inspiring reaction to last weekend’s humiliation, was it?
  12. Even in 2018 it would still have got you a van Dijk, an Isco and a new contract for Hazard.
  13. 200m doesnt go far these days does it. That's pretty underwhelming right now.
  14. Zidane is not coming here in a month of Sundays. If we end up getting rid of Sarri, I can see a lot of people turning us down at this point. Let's face it, in terms of developing or even protecting a management career, you are definitely going to get fired within 2 years here and your stock is going to be lower. We will probably end up back with Benitez, as, for him, being here would be very slightly better than being at Newcastle.
  15. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    Radical! Controversial! I like it!
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ramsey signing a £400k per week deal with Juve. Four hundred thousand pounds a week. Aaron Ramsey. Just let that sit for a while.
  17. Well he knows how to win the Europa League.
  18. This I agree with. Pointless him coming back here until we have had a change of ownership.
  19. Haha. Do you really think that’s what anybody thinks when they think of JM? Serial failure? That’s laughable. Even during his “disasterous” 2 years at Utd, they ended up in a better place, back in the CL and with 2 trophies. It’s a moot point anyway, while Marina is there.
  20. It’s my preferred option too. I don’t think it can happen under this regime though. Marina has way too much to lose.
  21. You will likely get some stick for the JM suggestion, but it's not as mad a suggestion as some would have you believe.