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  1. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    It works - we don't concede much. It is the old circular argument: Sarri is crap => Sarri's system fails => I told you Sarri is crap.
  2. You see it is precisely this anger because he takes notes that convinces me that all the complaints about Sarri are about personal style and nothing to do with him as a team manager.
  3. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    No the main point is that if you concede with zonal everyone blames the manager. If you concede with m4m everyone points to a specific player. And yet the decisions of the top managers at the top clubs suggest that Zonal is the better method. We are conceding no more goals than last season, and unless someone finds some evidence about set piece or corner concedes, I'll stick to my view that we are not worse at defending them.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    The second youngest senior keeper at the club will be Cech. Are we sure he won't put his boots on? (No initial ban presumed of course). Quite I haven't checked, but I gather the 3rd place invariably goes through. It is after all 2 games over 180 mins, which makes winning much much less of a lottery and favours the better team and then the final. This season 3rd place (2=), Leeds or Sheff U are 6 points clear of 4th, and 10 points above Villa.
  5. RLC is probably a going player (albeit still better than Kovacic and Barkely who I hope go first.) But CHO has had a hell of a lot of exposure as an 18 year old. Ampadu has been given chances. And both have played when fit adults were available at the same time. Go back 12 months - that was precisely the direction many many wanted to see Chelsea head towards. Generally you are talking in circles - statement after statement to say Sarri is not a good manager followed by "and that is why he is not a good manager". When are you going to get around to why he isn't good?
  6. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Unless his contract is running down, he'd be a lot lot more. Purely on what he did at Swansea. Maybe you didn't mean it like this but it sounds as if we want SFL because we can ignore failure if we have SFL. I don't think RA thinks, like that, nor do I. For me we can ignore failure in a manager if and only if the players aren't good enough. This season they aren't.
  7. I know people have these feelings about every manager after any disappointing game. But we are all able to judge objectively as well. Sarri is doing a good job.
  8. Following Chelsea's Loans

    The key seems to be a PL loan to a club good enough not to be relegated in the same season. That is actually pretty tricky, the most secure clubs aren't looking to start a loaned player for the whole season, and if guessing who will be relegated was easy we could all make a fortune at the bookies. Come on, it isn't as though Lampard has done particularly well this season, and there is absolutely no reason to think he'd be any better are bringing in young players more than any other manager we have had (of whom Sarri is undoubtedly the best). What is this obsession with Lampard except as Sarri bashing in disguise.
  9. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Agreed. Or at least torn between very much wanting to see James and Abraham in a Chelsea shirt, and looking after their best long term interests. His loan this season was very last minute, and perhaps there was talk of Higuain for Morata earlier and thoughts of keeping a younger striker as well, and then PL opportunities were missed. But then his PL loan to a relegated club last season did not work out well, and I think Villa has been a good option for him this season. As for other Championship high scorers, very few have been 21, and very few have been high scorers in he Championship twice in their career already, and very few of them already have some PL experience. And none of them had Abraham's talent. So I agree the step up is significant, but I still have high hopes Tammy will make it sooner or later. Besides if there is one thing this team is missing it is a 6 yard box finisher, who really makes an effort. We all know how this one ends up with Girioud, Higuain or Morata in the same position https://streamable.com/913r7
  10. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    Not sure. We spent most of the season complaining about not getting midfielders into our front line, and if we put aside the City game, we have conceded slightly less this season than last. Now we win 4-3 and conceding 2 when it doesn't matter much, and suddenly we need to get extra midfielders amongst our back line. I'm much more worried about 3 recent goals being scored from the edge of our box in places where CMs and not DMs should be closing them down.
  11. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    Our referees are all very good. As determined by what Mavis wants them to achieve.
  12. 1. The rumours came from the Conte camp, nothing leaks at all in the club under normal conditions. 2. The "I don't buy the players" was never even meant to be taken seriously - just a joke to duck out of saying who was arriving at the end of the transfer window. We bought 5 players out of Serie A - it is pretty clear that last season Conte had more control over who we buy than any manager we have had since 2006. He also spent a lot more than any manager has ever spent before, twice as much as any recent manager. 3. So what clearly went wrong last season is that we gave the manager scope to buy the players and it went disastrously wrong. We should all be greatful if control has returned to Marina 4. Marina has actually been at the club a long time, during some remarkable successes (more remarkable than the first few years, because for 10 years we have been far behind the 2 Mancs in terms of spending). 5. Conte signed a massively bigger contract in July 2017. If he had any demands to be made, that was the time to make them. Within 2 months he was agitating to leave. If you think Marina was tough with him, I can only imagine what RA thought. At considerable cost to us, we have prevented him from working this year - I think that indicates the anger the whole club feels about him
  13. Which is the difference between Kovacic/Barkley and RLC/Kante. The first two are always looking up to choose the best pass. The last two, unless the pass is obvious, just move it on and play Sarriball. Kovacic/Barkley just end up stopping play. Life for both (and Kante) would be a lot easier if we had Drogba or Hasselbaink up front - screaming and pointing exactly where they demand the ball to be put. But we have static CFs and the movement comes out wide (if at all) so the final passes need vision (or to be made from so deep, that (Luiz) the player can see all). Aha. Your reply this morning was to a post over 24 hours old - that is why I misread it. On Pep I agree with you.
  14. Some good points here, To be fair Kante has been carrying them too - yesterday he was incredibly good - Sparta have never seen a player remotely as good as he is. (but they knew instinctively what to do with Hazard - shame the ref didn't). True, they don't play Sarriball properly - Kovacic and Barkley in particular seem to have no idea what to do. Kovacic is a worker, but seems to think he is here to offer some RM flair. RLC, is much more effective - Kante is extremely effective in Sarriball. If the don't have someone screaming for the pass forwards, they just move it sideways. All the things Mikel got roasted for... (seem to be doing well at Middlesborough). Very true about corners. Maybe Jorginho should give the signals, because right now it looks like no one has a clue where the next one is going. Best guess, Azpi putting 2 or 3 fingers up in the box pre-corner is the one who is calling them - but I doubt anyone can see the signal. On defending corners - if you change from m4m to zonal, then the corners easily cleared all look just like bad corners, and the ones where chances are conceded all look like bad defending. Nevertheless lots of highly thought of managers go with zonal, and when VAR is everywhere I reckon everyone will be zonal. We'll just have to live with it. But we will beat Frankfurt, and as it is Arsenal probably in the final, that makes it 50/50 who loses it. Conte was right about this lot - which makes it even worse that he bought many of them. We know that he wanted out when he was buying them, I can only assume the club has looked into agent backhanders. We had 2 windows after the PL win to improve on the team - we did nothing.
  15. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    Agreed. Er, from the Champions League. This guy has reffed 4 CL games this season, including the PSG Man U game last month. But I doubt he gets to ref too many big games in his domestic league of Slovenia.