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  1. Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1

    Another 3 years at a big club. Remind me Kev, is that short for Chelsea RM or Man U, or is it unusually long?
  2. Official: Chelsea sign Alvaro Morata.

    You said there had been no legal appeal - but why would anyone appeal unless they were punished. (Every explanation or counter-argument is a change of subject to you.) Sorry - The EU Commission can't over EU law in an agreement with UEFA. That would surprise surprise require an amendment to EU law, which even the EU can't do on its own. Certainly the EU gave its blessing, and there was a lot of political support for FFP. But that adds nothing. As I stated above Now how the press took such an absurdity at face value without any questioning whatsoever puzzled me 6 years ago.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Precisely - though you forgot James and Miazga. And probably the best CB of the lot, Bakayoko (now, Ampadu perhaps later). And with top class AM and CM additions, we no longer need more than 4 CBs. Interesting idea. I suspect he'll move on anyway. Not really sure why PSG let him go, it is not as though he was not playing at all, and he was/is in his prime. Rather I suspect anyone on his current salary only has a few clubs he can talk to. Either he has to hang on till one wants him, or he needs to substantially lower his expectations (which takes time).
  4. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Costa apart this is almost certainly the best Chelsea side in 10 years.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Rudiger is fine. Ampadu is 17 and whether he breaks in v early or later or not at all is not something you plan for, it is just a bonus if it happens. Zouma only works if we go to 2 CBs which gives us 2 spare CBs anyway.
  6. Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1

    Maybe we should ask Hazard to play not so well, and get Courtois to let in a few so that they don't get bid for by RM. BTW I get the impression that JM isn't getting sacked this year. sorry.
  7. Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1

    We just bought Conte 3 players. He hasn't moaned about the tiny squad all season - although every one on this forum has and every journalist knows we are short. Right now I imagine relations are better than they have been since May when the summer transfer plans would have been drawn up. The only issue is that he is doing so well that a lot of big big clubs want him. I don't see why either party would be upset by that.
  8. Official: Chelsea sign Alvaro Morata.

    There have been little or no punishment for breaking the rules either. The smack on the wrist City and PSG for major rule breaking, and then the failure of UEFA to call their bluff on related party income means essentially UEFA have backed down in the face of clubs breaking the rules. In the only face-off so far it was UEFA that backed down. Perhaps they were bribed. But I guess they were more scared of the courts. I certainly don't recall the UEFA EU agreement to prevent clubs taking UEFA to court. Denying clubs access to the courts sounds like a red rag to a lawyer to me. And unless the EU parliament actually passed an amendment or a court has actually been asked to rule on the matter I can't see an agreement as having much meaning. I'd be very curious to see any evidence of this. I believe that there was an agreement from the EU to allow UEFA to provide anti-competitive rules. But that can only protect UEFA from prosecution from the EU. It can't protect them from club challenges in court. I do recall a much older ruling by FIFA (I believe, not UEFA) that any club taking their FA to court should be immediately banned from domestic football. I've posted on it. Again I doubt it would stand up in court, but it would create a very unpleasant first few days. I'm pretty sure a national court would overrule it, and order the FA involved not to carry out such a ban. Is there a planned date for new FFP? All I have heard so far sounds very much like a bar room discussion.
  9. Official: Chelsea sign Alvaro Morata.

    Quite - my point was similarly that they were similarly fully priced. I doubt the policies we have for 19-22 yos apply to our first choice CF. We have always spent big on CFs. Possibly Drogba was seen as an investment, but every else from Crespo, Sheva, Torres, Costa have been bought at or after the peak of their career. (Or like Bats been very much a 2nd choice for now). I'm sure the same applies for our most expensive player ever. Is there a planned date for new FFP? All I have heard so far sounds very much like a bar room discussion. Far from being ready to introduce, as well as being much much more likely to be challenged in court.
  10. Official: Chelsea sign Alvaro Morata.

    Lukaku with his frame is always going to look like a Donkey if something doesn't come off. Drogba was the same. Largely because the tricks a big player with momentum do with the ball are much less elegant than a smaller guy does. Not sure Morata was much cheaper. Wikipedia has £60m vs £75m or £90m with add-ons. But excluding RM B side, Morata had just 40 goals with Juve and RM, and that is top teams. Lukaku had 104 goals at PL clubs (ignoring the 41 at Andrlecht) . And Lukaku is a year younger. And Everton would have liked to keep Lukaku whereas it was pretty clear RM were willing to let Morata go. Seems to me that both are actually the best CFs available at the time (except Costa), and both were similarly fully priced. Last summer I think will turn out to be the top of the market for a couple of years.