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  1. Qarabag vs Chelsea

    The change to a back 3 was incidental. We were playing crap because we kept filling our own box and ignored any opponent outside it. It had to change urgently, and it did. But essentially he did it by changing as many players as possible. Ivanovic, JT, Oscar all got replaced and were barely seen again. Willian not much after that. Luiz, Moses, Alonso came in. The change to a back 3 was more of a way of getting the new guys in - 2 defenders and an AM not good enough to play AM but who could cope at RWB. The implication, btw, that Oscar, Ivanovic, Mikel or Ivanovic were responsible for the silly play of early season is most unfair. These are players who in their long Chelsea careers have never played such suicidal football. The only explanation is poor coaching or more likely poor communication (which amounts to the same thing). Still Conte did get it right suddenly, and with the problem fixed a great set of players went on to win the league, for which we are all very pleased. What upsets me, and probably Martin, is not the back 5. It is the back 7 or 8 when you add in Bakayoko, Kante and a mostly withdrawn Fabregas. It certainly isn't the way we played best last season which was with Fabregas, Kante, Hazard and Willian/Pedro.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    A lot of those players would be fee-less, but hardly free.
  3. Qarabag vs Chelsea

    To be fair, we have done that too, with Azpi this year and last often being the CM most willing to push into midfield. On grass (not paper) that is much the same as Dier dropping back to CB as and when. Unfortunately at other times we have seen the FBs join the CBs in a flat back 5. But it does still make your point. A 4 man midfield of Azpi, Kante, Fabregas and Bakayoko is just way too defensive.
  4. Qarabag vs Chelsea

    :) maybe the right word is unreplaceable rather than untouchable. When JM used the untouchable word he was describing how difficult it was to find a place in the team for some very good alternatives on the bench.
  5. Qarabag vs Chelsea

    I would certainly have said Alonso early this season, but then his form drifted. Last two games have been good. Morata too has been up and down. But it is a purely hypothetical question. The coices are Pedro or Bakayoko or Drinkwater, and 3 CBs out of 5.
  6. Following Chelsea's Loans

    I think it is because talking about Christensen is a tribute to the loan we sent him on. And that suits very few people's agenda.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not really - Matic - as seen in his last 2 games, was always the defensive liability. I'm not really sure what you are arguing though. Are you saying that choosing 7 defensive players is a good idea because it allows us to select Fabregas and Hazard? Somehow I find that a ridiculous thing to say.
  8. West Brom 0 Chelsea 4

    Semantics, Schmantics. Its a paper position. They do all kinds of stuff. We have seen this season the "WB" stick and play like conventional FBs in some games. We have seen big solid defenders like Ivanovic play in the paper position of FB, but on the grass spend the whole game deep into the oppo half as an orthodox winger might. It is find to use words to indicate general ideas about players and tactics. But defining an exact definition of each word just limits the language. We'd need at least 50 different definitions to cover the way PL "fullbacks" play nowadays. We'd be back to your idea of how a "LWB" has to be big enough to deal with tall strikers and a good defender while the RWB has to be a natural attacking player. In the end it is about players on grass with or without the ball against opponents, not systems on paper Courtois Willian, Azpi, Christensen, Alonso, Pedro Fabregas Kante Drinkwater Hazard Morata Would be a great 532. See - the system itself means nothing. Bench would be a bit of an issue though.
  9. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Fankaty Dabo at Vitesse scored one hell of a goal at the wrongend weekend. You don't see many like that. From a different postcode as they say.
  10. Qarabag vs Chelsea

    I'm not sure we do have 7 untouchables right now. Not on current form. 4 or 5. Except for the fact that we only have about 4 fit players on the bench :)
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm pretty sure Mourinho managed to get Fabregas and hazard to thrive. You are right Conte is managing his limited resources well and we are doing OK. But we are only on game 1 of 15 in 7 weeks. It still seems right to be cautious about our prospects. And unless you think Zappaosta is a great deal better than Moses and Christensen a massive step up on Luiz, it is hard to see how Morata and Bakayoko are comparable with last years Costa and Pedro or Willian. Last years first team (with Fabregas picked) was a lot better than this seasons. Last seasons bench was a hell of a lot stronger too.