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  1. Official: Chelsea Sign Diego Costa

    Keep repeating it, someone might believe it.
  2. Official: Chelsea Sign Diego Costa

    I don't recall Zola playing CF much. Or scoring that much either. JFH was a great player in his Chelsea team, Costa was a great player in our team - different level. Crespo? 25 goals in 2 seasons or Costa's 52 in 3? no contest really, especially since Costa is more than just scoring. Ossie perhaps, but not everyone will have seen him.
  3. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Come on - you either know the young players and know where Musonda fits relatively amongst them, or you don't. But don't ask as if you don't know and then pretend to be the better informed. This is a forum, not a legal courtroom where trick questions win points.
  4. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Abraham, Palmer. Aina, Baker, Brown, Boga, Pasilic, Da Silva, RLC, Kalas, Mason Mount, van Ginkel, Zouma, Tomori, that is 14 - apologies to anyone I missed. And then there are others who are around 22+ who might not have the potential of Musonda but would contribute more to a first team if picked: Piazon, Omeruo, Nathan, Colkett, Blackman, Kane and Miazga. 5 of them have started in the prem this season.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    It an official statement of terms being agreed - not an actual deal yet (though presumably Costa and AM have been talking already. But the fee is only the 2 day old rumour from the Spanish press.
  6. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    (Ampadu). Dad left Exeter as a youth coach 5 years ago to be Arsenal U14 coach, and son stayed till this summer. Perhaps not so surprising. We're the only nation to have a domestic league competition. It makes sense for the 30 clubs that don't get European competitions but are better than some that reach CL group stage (and much better than many Europa cup teams) to have something else to play in. Whether to 4 teams need to bother with it is a better question. I recall James's pithy answer to that about 7 years ago. The modern version would go: 2014 Man City 2015 Chelsea 2016 Man City 2017 Man United What a bitchy post. I haven't made my mind up about him as a long term prospect at all. I did make up my mind about his short term prospects this season though - as soon as I discovered he was likely to stay. There are a dozen out on loan who are ahead of him in the pecking order. I'm really quite excited about a few of them.
  7. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    So that is sorted then. No need to give all the seniors starts this week. Musonda and Kenedy are the "if absolutely necessary" edges of the squad. JCS gets some minutes as a reward for hanging around, and Sterling and Ampadu got "most promising youngster" awards. I found the celebration somewhat embarrassing. OTT. And I expect few will agree with me, but I thought he was mostly a bit flashy with little effect. For one of the first half goals in the build up there was a bit of flashy play and a back heel flick from his left to his right that got a lot gushing around me, and Channel 5 later on too. Then there was an ordinary pass to the middle that made Fabregas have to stop and an exquisite Fabregas pass into the path of an accelerating Rudiger that lead to the goal. There was an early run through the box where every twist and turn took him away from a defender but none took him towards the goal. Well taken goal, but poor miss later. Kakuta Mark2? Kenedy just the opposite. No great player but very effective today. In part it is what makes Alonso and Moses so fortunate. If our other 8 or 9 keep the oppo 10 busy, all kinds of space opens up out wide. For some reason they kept an eye on Zappacosta but not Kenedy who just waited for those cross balls from Rudiger, Fabregas or whoever. (I can see how Rudiger fits into Conte's plan!). 30 U21 caps - a reminder of just how easy it was, still is, to get carried away with the hype of a young player. Yes. Against Qarabag I said dreadful CF but he got 2. Same again but it was 3. Like everyone else, I like my prejudices for or against a player to be clear in my mind. He is a very confusing player. Poor? Well they were a lot lot better than Qarabag - who really offered nothing and were incredible slow. Apart from them not getting just what Kenedy was doing on the pitch I thought they were alright. Instead of coming to just not concede to many, they actually started like they wanted to score one or two first - and they kept going to the end (off-side from my view, but I didn't stay angry long).
  8. 2017/18 predictions

    1. hiring managers and dumping quickly - I think has been good. You might argue that keeping managers longer might have been better - but not IMO for Ranieri, JM mk1, Scolari. AVB, (the temps - Grant, RDM, the Hiddinks and TFC), CA (IMO at least) and JM mk2. And dumping a manager quick is certainly far far better than too late. IMO none of our managers has been sacked too soon. AVB probably too late. Squeezing out players early is not a bad think. Not having a big enough squad is the bad thing. To my mind, getting rid of Lampard about 1 year early was excellent timing. It enables the club to buy well, get players that expect to start, and forces the club to choose wisely. On 5, I don't want to get involved in semantics about "top class". What I really meant is that we no longer keep the likes of the 2008+Ferreira around, or have 4 RBs in the squad. We now have a squad where if you go down the pecking order through easily playable to dodgy it goes Cabellero/Zappacosta/Moses .... Kenedy, Musonda There are no inbetween players anymore - and again that is good in itself, a short squad is a separate issue. (if you parse the comments from the summer's transfer thread you'll find that those who did not want more players were actually saying this - that they didn't want players who were marginal in quality). 2. No quite my point, which was it was not solely or even mostly the managers that won us our last two titles, it was mostly the players. You can give the managers credit for our purchases but then you pretty much have to stop criticising the club for the transfer policy. If you want to cherry pick the good buys then that isn't really an argument, just a statement of faith. BTW Matic at least was declared by JM to be the cheaper alternative to his first choice. Wreckless overinvestment in an underperforming Academy - yes I should have included that amongst the things the club gets wrong. I was in a hurry - match to go to.
  9. 2017/18 predictions

    The generic club is badly run arguments I find are misleading. The truth is that the club gets some things right and some wrong, but on the whole has been very successful - particularly relative to its expenditure. Right investment in 20+ players with some experience. Timing of investment splurges pays up for top managers and dumps them early eases/squeezes out older players v quickly gone from last decades big squads of mixed abilities to only top class players Wrong Still a 43,000 ground capacity for a few years yet Squeezes the squad too thin leading to the 15/16 disaster (off the top of my head, probably a lot more good and bad things to list) I'd say just the opposite. Our recent success has been down to Courtois, JT, Cahill, Ivanovic, Azpi, Luiz, Alonso, Kante, Fabregas, (some will include Matic), Willian, Ramires, Pedro, Hazard, Drogba, Costa (and sorry if I missed your favourite). These are or were fine fine players. To pass on the credit to the managers is just plain unfair. JM deserved credit for the continuation of a very strong set of players and ethos from 2007 onwards, but not beyond 2012 when that team broke up. Chelsea's success this decade is almost entirely due to long term planning in player purchases (the adult/20+ ones, not the kids). I dare say now we are loaning players to PL clubs there may be some significant revenues coming in. But lending players on £5k to £15k a week to clubs whose best strikers earn no more was never going to cover much cost. The whole loan revenue story came from a blogger who started with a working assumption that players were mostly loaned at an average of zero subsidy, and then claimed that his spreadsheet proved it.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes. We might have broken the rules (Leeds). Or we might just have an annoyed clubs wants to retaliate after a legitimate deal (like Kakuta).
  11. 2017/18 predictions

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/jun/01/premier-league-finances-club-by-club 2015/16 wages (poor year for us and Man U) £m Man United 232 Chelsea 224 Liverpool 208 Man City 198 Arsenal 195 Spurs 100 (7th) Villa 93 ... (20th) Watford 58 So yes the available data has us and Man U close together but us at 67% or revenue and Liverpool (69%) stretching the budget most on wages. I'd guess 16/17 and 17/18 would have both Man U and City a lot higher than 15/16. But certainly it is fair for Dave to say we spend what we do on wages, and not much on transfer fees (and it is a lot like Arsenal too). Note the massive North London gap between Arsenal and Spurs, or the top 5 & the rest. Arsenal, bottom of the top 5, spent double what Spurs spent who were top of the rest. Are we a club with a massive squad and subsidised loans, or a tiny squad with massive pay for a few a bit of both I guess. Certainly you can see the rationale for having a skinny squad - though I still don't agree with it. Sorry Sea foot. But it is getting late for people to make predictions now, and it is an interesting topic. And we get told off if we go into the Match Day playground.
  12. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    ^ I don't think having a contract has stopped the club squeezing players out before. Malouda had a contract. Mikel and Costa had contracts. They were just ignored. I think the real issue here is that if you make 12 players play 90% of all games and ignore the others, there is just no place for an over 30 yo who would be great for 40 games but few can manage 60. I think it is clear that if Boga and Musonda were seen as the future, they'd be first on loan and not last and at the club. Abraham probably, Palmer & RLC possibly, while Sterling and Castillo are still early in the pipeline. It is funny how when a player is put on our bench the PR department release a brief description for the press and everyone things that he is the next big thing. But a player goes on loan to a PL club and is being picked and no one notices. We have 5 loans to the PL, 1 long term injured, 3 get picked regularly, and a fourth does when fit.
  13. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Given Alonso didn't start a PL game till October 1st, and Fabregas started ahead of Bakayoko against Arsenal, I suspect Fabregas will be rested for this. Conte is nothing if not consistent. But otherwise yes. Less need for getting everyone a game this week than last week now that they have settled down from the internationals.
  14. Following Chelsea's Loans

    RLC started Saturday and played 78 mins, so not an issue if he is rested today. It seems that he got better the moment de Boer was sacked. Hmmm. Whenever I've seen Swansea Abraham has been playing with the younger Ayev brother (45 Ghana caps himself at 26) who has been playing as a 2nd striker, sometimes dropping off, sometimes ahead. I suspect Ayev has more to worry about Bony than Abraham. But hey - if he wasn't there to be tested he'd be packed off to the Championship Vitesse or sold to Liverpool.
  15. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    A liar in that post.