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  1. Next Chelsea Manager

    New managers always say that - I don't think they ever mean it. But of course this season the only players with a genuine cause to complain have been Ramires (gone) and Mikel (started and finished the last 7 PL games).
  2. Injury News

    Yes-ish. But we rarely declare injuries because we have so players, and some of our injured players are sitting on the bench pretending to be fit.
  3. Chelsea vs Newcastle United

    :)  Funny how we have so many CFs and keepers - 10 now in the "squad of 28). Yet when Courtois got injured for a couple of months we went out and got in a 33 year old (youngish) Italian full international as GK4 (plus 2 U21s).  We now have 4 CFs, and both Traore and hazard have played there as well. Broken nose - perhaps we'll find another striker.  Claudio Pizarro is still banging them in.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    A promise broken at once... The small size of the squad is certainly a fair criticism and has been a fair criticism for 5 years or so (a time of a reasonable amount of success). But it is a tiny fragment of you full scale attack over the past month.  
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I got slagged off pretty much every post for a 18 months.  Now they have stopped for some reason.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Probably not the best example of your last 50 posts against RA and the way the club has been managed. Still - your talking bollox again.  I'll skip the next 49 posts on the theme, but you can take the same response for granted.  
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Half the 1st team squad has already been shown the door.   He'll need 2 minutes, 10 fingers and no toes to work out how ludicrous the squad is.
  8. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    Because you keep saying the same damn things perhaps.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm at least half with you on this. We have this strange thing that the smaller we reduce the squad the harder it is to buy new players, and we have been reduced to buying cast offs, keepers or once formidable but now knackered former superstars.  We now have a first team, and a bench of keepers and unplayable sub CFs.  
  10. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    Assuming you mean something close to those jumbled letters - damn right I can't see JM was a disaster last time around.  I didn't like CA, but anyone who brings us the title is not a disaster - at least as far as I can see. Your weird
  11. Squad Status: 2015/2016 Season

    Yes. Yes, Barely (and if the U21s are usable Baba/zouma level or GK3, not hopefuls like RLC/Kenedy/Traore this season).
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not sure I believe that, but if true we're going to have a squad of 12 (including 4 keepers)
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Mata - no thanks - unless like Dave suggests, we won't to go back to a 1970s/1990s Chelsea where we look pretty and win the odd cup.
  14. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    Indeed it is not the same.  Nevertheless he is doing exactly the same things as 12 or 24 months ago - just being called out for it. Just look at his toolbox right now - just how could he have been a good player a year ago?  You were being deceived (very willingly in your case)
  15. Positivity corner

    Which is what I said.  And give some credit to JM for that year.