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  1. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    Well there might be a wage policy with up front or guaranteed bonuses to reflect cheap acquisition costs, but that would mean any "club wage scale" would be largely a fictional one. Both the accounting numbers and the practical management approach would be to average any bonuses across the contract lifetime. It is a nice idea that players get a wage according to their contribution - But only an ideal, not practice. No more real in football than any other business. When your boss tells you "according to our wage scale this is what people in your role are getting" they aren't genuinely telling the truth. Do you really think agent's and players turn down big pay rises and see out their contracts just for the benefit of the buying club and not for their own benefit?
  2. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    Well quite - had we paid the full £50m then his wages would have been a lot lower. That is the rule - the selling club loses out when a player's contract runs out or nearly does. And it is not the buying club that benefits, it is the player (and agent). (on CM players, RLC was 6th choice last year and has not advanced his case this year. I'm thinking of 5 players without RLC included). If only.
  3. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    On his wages? I don't think any club except Man U would consider any player on his wages as a 3rd choice player. Whereas for Chelsea he is 5th choice midfielder - he doesn't need 2 players in his position to be unavailable, just any 2 midfielders out means he plays.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well we still are trying to get rid of 7 or 8 players who are only still here because of cutie.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    It isn't really like that. Conte pulled off a massive con trick - he persuaded the press to write seriously the idea that he had no influence on transfers and made several comments to that effect. You either believe him or you think he lied. Once you start on the road of "he was lying all along" then suddenly loads of bad stuff that everyone assumed was the boards fault suddenly becomes the responsibility of the man who normally gets the blame - the coach/manager. Too many people are working on the basis - OK I accept Conte mislead on a couple of things, but I'm not going to change my mind on anything else - too much effort. Conte and the media totally mislead us on what was going on. History needs a complete re-write.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Which would be great if he were only the coach. He also took a ridiculously small squad, full of highly talented players with no bench, and turned it into a bloated bench with no starters in just 18 months. While pretending all the arrivals from Serie A had nothing to do with him. (btw - given 90% accept he lied about having no control over the players, surely claiming he was told he was only the coach is a lie too. When you take away all the basis for the complaints all that remains it the propaganda - it is getting like the impeachment palava. The club did not shaft Cutie - it was the other way around.)
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thanks for this. Interesting background to what I think many of us guessed at the time. It was the manipulation of the press that always wants to blame CFC board that annoyed me. As if any manager who really has no control over who he hires and fires lets his employees know that. In my experience managers invariably exaggerate their power (I know I always did). And of course the media will always accept an illogical lie that suits their agenda than an honest story that doesn't. Cutie has done very well at Inter in the league, though 3rd place in CL group and EL won't please anyone. And so far Juve with a different manager are doing very well. The Italian league is very suited to Conte though - the secret is to consistently get 3 points off weaker teams. The top 3 have lost 4 games between them. Only Liverpool have lost less than 5 in the Prem. His Chelsea team are very very good at winning without looking very good. Which I have to admit is an admirable skill. Cheeky! Or indeed how many from Serie A given that he hasn't been Italy manager for 3 years. What is the difference between that and saying don't constrain the manager with a budget. btw - it is one thing to claim that Morata, say, was not Conte's first choice. Quite another to claim that he or Zappacosta was forced on Cutie by the board. Of course they were his choices. 2nd choices limited by a budget perhaps, but Conte's choices nonetheless. (The "forced by the board" idea relied on accepting his "I don't buy the players" and "no knowledge of who is coming next week" claims. Once we accept that is a lie, the forced by the board nonsense dies as well.) Besides we all know why he was sacked - he signed a mega increased package and promptly tried to leave while pissing everyone off. They certainly won't. Erikssen and Agent will take a lot of money from the deal. Money they have turned down from Spurs for an extended contract. Spurs's loss is not Juve's gain, it is Erikssen's. Maybe. My interpretation remains threw the towel in here when he didn't get his way get away. And I still don't think either he or the players gave up on 17/18. It is a tough league, and you don't have to drop much in level to start losing random games. It is not that we ever looked like a good side, just one set up to win games. My view remains that we had a very weak squad in 17/18 and did very well to get 70 points (often enough for a CL place) and win FA cup. The damage Cutie did was with the squad, not on the pitch. (But then it was only me and xcelery supporting him as a coach at the end)
  8. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    ... because he really was limited by all that defensive covering he had to do under Sarri... IMO it really wasn't a half decent performance even. The fact that Burnley didn't really compete in midfield covered his weaknesses, and he still didn't really shine.
  9. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Steve Cooper - went from Liverpool U12 coach in 2008 to running their Academy in 2011 to England set up in 2013 and managed the U17 WC winners in 2017: CHO, Sancho, Foden, Guehi, McEachran, Gallagher, Gibbs-White, Brewster. 3 of those lads (bold) have just joined him at the same time. And Swansea are 7th, Charlton are 19th - both fighting for or against a change in division.
  10. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Gallagher out of Charlton and off to Swansea with Guehi to play on loan for the former England U17 manager, Steve Cooper along with Liverpool's Ryan Brewster. Charlton fans will be upset - it was largely his early season efforts that got them to mid-table, but they have slipped down to 19th (of 24). Swansea are 7th
  11. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    1. I think a lot of us took our time over Ross. Gave him the benefit of over a year of doubt. The problem is not inconsistency but consistently poor performances and an inability to carry the workload of a 3rd CM (unlike Mount). Weaknesses but no especial strengths. 2. And Ross started 13 PL games last season and 6 this season - the team managed without him, certainly without many positive contributions. Certainly Ross looked a lot better before Mount arrived and showed him how to play the role he has always played. 3. Lampard is a supreme PR pro, and I mean it as a compliment to Lamps when I say he says what he needs to say, not what he thinks. For some reason Barkley appears to be a player that needs compliments and reassurance from the manager. If getting into a row with a taxi driver and getting papped in a Dubai nightclub is somehow off field problems, I can only wonder what his form will do if something serious goes wrong. 4. He is our 5th best midfielder right now, short of playing someone out of position. I agree. I also agree with those that think that is a problem for the team. Stories that Moyes wants him on loan at WHU today. BIEW is probably right - we can't let him go right now without a replacement.
  12. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    I'm surprised he hasn't returned already. Like Drinkwater did - it makes it all the clearer to other clubs that he is available. Baker is 24 now. I know he did really well at Vitesse some time ago, but he is looking to find a permanent club, not to break in here.
  13. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    Sounds good. What is his problem at Liepzig do you think?
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    There you go - people are always prepared to print bull if they get paid for it.
  15. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    IMO RLC is back, as fit as he is going to be but not competing. That may be permanent. So first I want to see an alternative to Mount. Jorginho and Kante (if we can keep both) is great, Kovacic is a great 2nd choice to either. So I'd be happy with Gallagher (though his interests might be best suited with another year on loan). I doubt Ampadu is a long term DM, but James might be. So a No 8 and perhaps another ball winning CM but I can't see much point in anyone who is not at least as good as Kovacic - that is someone good enough to put pressure on the starters for a permanent place. That isn't easy.