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  1. Rather childish. Have you taken up name calling as your remaining method of attack?
  2. ^Which Belgian culture. French, Dutch or 1st/2nd generation immigrant. It seems to me that 2nd generation immigrant is the best culture to have - hungry and not yet on the gameboy (or whatever it is) lying on the sofa.
  3. All? Surely that is one goal. As will be building stadia worth the investment in players. But the biggest thing will be to steal first mover advantage and make your self a top club early. That requires buying in stars - which not coincidentally is what they are doing.
  4. ... because now is the beginning of the season for the guys with the money. Summer is mid-season, why would a Chinese club want a player mid-season? When they have all the dosh you have to look at the world from their point of view.
  5. No. The goal appears to be the CSL as big or bigger than the PL. It may or may not happen, but that is clearly their intention. In which case the easiest time for a billionaire to make his club one of the top two or three clubs is China is now. Right now, first half of this season. Try to do that next season or mid-season will be a lot harder. LIke City with Thaksin money or Arab money or like us in 2003, they are overpaying because they are in a rush right now.
  6. The "False One" position was funnier.
  7. Just why do you think the Chinese are willing to pay that much for players like Oscar? Think it through.
  8. He is worth 100m now to a Chinese club, 50m in the Summer. He'd get 500k a week now if he signs, but no more than we would offer him in the Summer. It's now or never.
  9. Somewhere he is wanted - good for him.
  10. Poor thing. I wonder how it feels with all of two people ganging up on you
  11. Flattering it is to my ego, don't you think it is about time you wrote something original or at least replied to posts instead of constantly talking about me. What are you trying to cover up?
  12. Sure as I have said elsewhere just recently - Conte changed his preconception and the zero press after 6 games when we were 8 points behind City. Conte learnt quickly - and got praise from me for doing so (though I did point out it was a mess he got us into by himself). He is just wrong about Juve being an average team.
  13. True stuff. But I'd add one thing. While most players inevitably disappoint as they grow into adults (just a fact), the club does not (should not) be planning for the level the player will probably end up. They should be planning for the player to be a surprising success. Thus if a player goes on loan to a good club and is not quite up to it - this is a mistake for the player but not for the club. The right result for the club is Tammy Abrahams, the player who surprises us all by being even better than expected. So if a player can't cut it at 19 in the Championship or at 21 in the Prem, the club's job is to find out as soon as possible, not to protect the player so he eventually makes it as a Championship player at 23 but with no transfer fee for the club and just the first 5 year wage bill. In other words don't blame club or Emenalo, we are right to be setting these kids up for failure - that is the nature of being a potential football star.
  14. An average Juve side which still has near double the revenue of any other Italian side. http://www.statto.com/football/teams/juventus/history A club that has had won the Italian league 8 times since 2000, had most points (before the 71 point deduction) in 2006, was 2nd three times, third twice. You are talking about the only two times this century that Juve has not been top 3. You might as well say Chelsea were only the 10th best club in the Prem after last season. You are right about Pep though - he has been managing clubs that found their leagues easy. And after 6 games this season we were 8 points behind City, so Conte changed his way of playing to a medium press. Pep has not learnt yet.