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  1. Short memories.
  2. 38 starts + 4 as sub for Watford in 12/13. But two years later he really struggled to get game time in the prem, and struggled again at Napoli. Which makes you wonder if he just didn't peak early. Sure the Championship starts are a good sign of competence. But not one of brilliance. Christensen has done something similar last year at a similar level. But he at least is repeating that good season again. And right this minute as I write now he is playing against Barcelona.
  3. ^,^^ While Zoowra should love JM just like the rest of us, he is certainly right to be sceptical of many of JMs comments. These are white lies. Perfectly acceptable ifa) no one takes them too seriously, b) they are not intended to hurt anyone, c) they are not intended for gain. It is called diplomacy. Edit - link that works http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2016/09/28/jose-Mourinho-I-never-sold-juan-mata-I-need-him-at-man-utd-more/
  4. I missed the most important reason - Academies do not scale up. Make it twice as big and shove twice as much into it will not double the output of ready Chelsea players. Spending 10 times as much wont produce 10x as much product either. The best root is to pay peanuts for a few players to play for your U23 team, and see what happens, not pay 25k a week to players and then decide double or quits at 20. My numbering 1. Yes, but the biggest English problem is young English/British men aren't very good footballers, so we very much look abroad, and very often to Africa and S AMerica. 2. Spain, Portugal, Holland Belgium don't have visa issues like we do though some others might. I can see Spain ignoring EU rules, but not Holland. I think they are very much UK rules, so I doubt they will get better after Brexit. Though there is already some flexibility for youngsters with a reputation from Brazil who haven't yet played 75% of National team games.
  5. I've posted about this a lot. There are a whole list of reasons why the Chelsea Academy has major disadvantages in finding future stars. Strong visa rules in UK, travel restrictions (Pedro travelled further from home to Barca than he did from Barca to Chelsea). The big step up to the first team level. lack of a B team. Expected wage levels by 18 year olds. Too much money, not enough hunger That is just some of it..
  6. Glad you watched it - now watch the repeat this weekend - we try to play just like that
  7. Yes plenty of good players, very very few standouts. I think it is well worth looking at individuals at this level, so since you mentioned 5, we should compare. Chalobah and Ake, have at times been OK, but are not the future of Chelsea, though they might follow Cork and Bertrand into the prem (both of which did it pretty much without our help). Aina is entirely unproven, while RLC has been tried many times without success. Both desperately need loans but both are probably on the highest wages they will ever get. Abraham is a marvel. The thing about kids is that while you can't expect consistency, you should at least look out for some outstanding spells in the season. I don't believe that any of our players have ever achieved as much in 2 months on loan as Abraham has done in his only 2 months. Many of our current past and current loanees have put in a good 6 months here or even a competent 2 years there. But if Abraham was a Bristol City player he could not play another game and City would still get a 20m offer in January from a big club. I think only Christensen before has done that of the players we did not pay a lot of money for.
  8. Bargain compared to the manager
  9. "It" didn't happen - "It" was a discussion of hypothetical ideas prompted by an Agent Provocateur. Judge and jury and executioner.
  10. Seems there are a few who believe that senior management should be kicked out on a whim, so that today's coach can be guaranteed a long period to fxxx it up himself. The number of senior players last year was not the only problem. But of the 25 points and 7 positions we underperformed it accounted for 80% of it. The ludicrous tactical system the team has adopted this season is 90% of our problem - as can be seen by the revival and character consistently shown whenever the scoreline has forced Conte into abandoning it. One might know Fxxk all about football, but it only takes one match (WHU, Watford, Liverpool or Arsenal, or even Swansea or Leicester) to know we are going into matches with our players shackled to each other.
  11. We got one back. Go look at the youtube analysis Zaffo showed. I also thought it was probably poor communication by Conte, perhaps magnified by years of managers trying to get us to press more than the players would have liked. But this really is Conte's style. Conte got Juve playing like this for 3 years. It will get us killed in the PL until Conte or the style go.
  12. Does he? He was on loan for a hell of a lot of time. Sounds to me more like Bertrand who if I recall was not club trained. Bring back Huth :)
  13. Of course I am. What staggers me is that you might think otherwise. As soon as we stop playing O'Grady says we start playing a hell of a lot better.
  14. Where is the crime in that? Is he conspiring in a crime? Has he told them how to do it? And even if it were done, how is avoiding regulations a crime? It is quite different from breaking them. As I write I hear BBC saying "he negotiated a $500 000" contract. How twisted is that? a figure was mentioned - nothing more. 200k and I can tell you how to open a safe. How illegal is that statement?