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  1. Olivier Giroud

    Interesting question. I'd have said 6th Prem Serie A La Liga Championship Bundesliga La Ligue If you judge on the bottom half of teams alone, then the Championship would be higher.
  2. Olivier Giroud

    After parsing that for a few minutes - yes I agree. But then he is too old to be a first choice striker for 30+ PL starts anyway. He certainly complements Tammy as a big striker to play alongside if we need goals at the end. Or as a big striker to be an out ball if we are hanging on. But not as a starting striker (though Bats offers even less, and in practice Giroud is always going to be the go to alternative if Tammy gets injured). He is a place holder for next year, by when we'll know if we need a starting striker or a back up for Tammy. Actually half the team are place holders, and much or the rest are on trial.
  3. Olivier Giroud

    Which puts him several strengths ahead of Bats who can't do much at all (though he can finish sometimes). Still we really shouldn't jump to conclusions that Giroud might be off simply because he still does interviews with the NT.
  4. Olivier Giroud

    Well clearly 2nd choice, Bats has only come on when we were many up or when Giroud has not been on the bench. And Giroud started the first game. But there is something odd about him disappearing from the bench - perhaps he genuinely was ill as SFL said.
  5. Olivier Giroud

    Giroud - 3 or 4 days ago I read an interview where he leaned over backwards not to criticise SFL and said something like the manager may have decided to make someone else first choice, and I have to accept that from him, but I don't accept it within myself and I'm determined to change that. Standard words for a 2nd choice club player turning up to a NT press conference. I wondered how long it would take for a few hacks to read that 2nd or 3rd hand and turn it in to some kind of protest. 3 or 4 days.
  6. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Thanks Juni for the loan goals. Gallagher scores yet again for Charlton - against Fulham. 4 goals and an assist now. A quarter of the way through the season already and he seems to be doing as well as our 4 from last year so far. https://streamable.com/ky2ye When the cross goes in you can hear a massive shout by Gallagher for the knock down. Love to hear that.
  7. Petr Cech Appointed Technical and Performance Advisor

    put on a bit of weight hasn't he? :)
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't think so. The new kid was sub for the first 3 PL games, and then started 34 of the remaining 35. I think it is a lot to do with the type of injury - hamstrings can I gather be really tricky to get over, you never know when they are healed. And I doubt Kante would ever err on the side of caution.
  9. Injury News

    Yes. Very good point. Because Gibraltar and San Marino have a vote each at FIFA and UEFA, same as France and Germany. That is the start of the corruption (and how Jack Warner of Trinidad & Tobago got to be a FIFA superpower by collecting together a block of bribed minnows).
  10. Non Chelsea: International Football

    James, Kante and Christensen pick up injuries. It is only Saturday. Then Giroud, Jorginho and Pulisic score penalties - I wonder where that puts Barkley in the pecking order. And Kepa, picked ahead of de Gea, comes off his line to punch one... ... someone. https://streamable.com/8iv7j So Norway equalise in 90th minute - not good.
  11. Tammy Abraham

    Well it is a risk worth taking - especially when the clip was made. But my question is slightly different. If he puts both hands on Drogba and pushes, he has to take the risk that a ref might or might not give it and the reward is he might avoid a goal. If he puts both hands on and doesn't push, that is all the risk and no reward. Either he was incredibly daft or perhaps he did push a bit.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    All very similar to the way I think about him. Palace must be the nearest club to Cobham and he is from Lewisham. The achilles heel I worry about is not at the back of his ankle.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yet RLC has had 4 good games for Chelsea and half a good season for Palace, while Tammy and Mount have had 4 good games for us and 2 good seasons at Bristol/Villa/Vitesse/Derby and Tomori 3 good games and a great season at Derby. Truth is that breaking into the Chelsea team was never the impossible task everyone claimed, we just never had the players to do it.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'd be very surprised. He is a 7/10 player week in week out already and still 21. This is 5th season and he played almost a full part of the last 3. Far from showing promise, he has been doing the business for 3 years. Moreover he wasn't the brightest thing in the playground, he was probably the 25th young player used in a couple of years and yet has far outshone all the ones used before him. Yet we rarely see that size or power, and he is very ineffective when we don't have the ball. Did he ever man mark at corners or be a target for ours? Like Carlton Cole or Solanke, he plays 6" shorter and 20kg lighter than he is. It is as if he has permanently been training at Cobham and never sent out to play for a Championship team on loan... Given his height and strength and finishing ability it is quite ridiculous that he was not brought through as a CF. Given his ability to go past a player and willingness to try that from any part of the pitch plus his ball winning weaknesses, it is ridiculous that he has been playing in CM and not at LW or RW where he can take risks. There is something very screwed up about the way RLC has been brought through. There has also been an exaggerated desire by the club to see him succeed, as was the case with Josh. I wonder if that is because he was the star of his age group, whereas the current guys passing him by were all just part of a promising group and never treated as special. I also wonder if CM is a particularly difficult position to make the change from youth to adult football in. At youth level the pitches must see huge, expectations that players close down oppo CMs must be much lower, and consequently there is also a lot more room to play. For Chelsea youth I imagine 75% possession is normal. Playing adult CM is much much harder than say LW where the game is still mostly one against one, just a much wilier FB. Over the decades it seems to me that many bright young players got brought into the first team in the easier positions, and not just Chelsea. FB or sometimes DM instead of CB. Winger instead of CB. AM instead of CM. R or LM in 442 instead of CM.
  15. Tammy Abraham

    So you really have to question the wisdom of the Arsenal defender who put two hands on Drogba's back and did not push.