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  1. I still don't understand though. Everton have scored less than us. Looking at the table it would be pretty hard for them to score against most of the top 6. Yet Lukaku has scored more than Costa in a team that scores less than Chelsea. You're pushing an argument a very long way if you think that makes Costa a better goalscorer. (Better contributor to the team perhaps - I'd go with that).
  2. You are welcome to believe that - but I wouldn't repeat it too much if I were you.
  3. So given that Costa is getting a lot of goals this season and Lukaku even more, if I look at the table will find Chelsea struggling and Everton flying high above us?
  4. I can only assume you weren't around back in 2001, and don't recall just how hard it was to prise 11m out of Ken Bates - especially for a player who had already walked out on WHU after his Dad and Uncle had been sacked as coach and manager. And he was still 22 when we bought him. He had 148 PL appearances already. No one is writing off RLC right now. All that is being said is that hype he was getting 2 years ago no longer applies. He is no longer a teenager on the verge of breaking into a top club's first team. He is one of dozens of players 21+ who are on the sidelines of PL clubs (including about a dozen at our club). Some will still make it, but don't hold your breath. Right now, Ake, Chalobah, Abraham and Palmer all look better bets.
  5. Ronaldo then was a lot better than Hazard now. The 31 PL goals he had scored the previous season has only been matched by two players (both megastars in themselves) and he was not even then an out and out striker. I love hazard, makes me laugh (as Nevin used to do), but he is not at the level of Ronaldo (or Messi). Probably not as good as Neymar or Suarez (though a lot more likeable). Better than Aguero? - we can discuss that.
  6. Yes - I've checked, you are right, a lot of the players are older - I guess this competition started a while ago. But RLC has still been playing international football at various levels for a long time. The Lampard comparison is just wrong - he was a star player at 21. And the Drogba comparison is just a wild exception. If you could pick unknowns at 21 and give them professional contracts to turn them into superstars 3 years later them we would just abandon the academy and go trawling Hackny Marshes for 21 yo amateurs. Meanwhile both Owen and Rooney had 12 years near the top - RLC is unlikely to get 9. If it works out for him, we will all be pleased. But there seem to be better chances in our squad - Fast attacking players usually mature early, Chalobah and Ake (and Zouma or Chirstensen) have more time on their side.
  7. Sounds smart to me. The Race Is Not Always to the Swift, Nor the Battle to the Strong, and linear logic doesn't always work; But That Is the Best Way to Bet
  8. ^In 352 we already have both strikers - Costa and Hazard. So it is the bench striker we are looking for - and I agree Michy doesn't seem like getting that role next season.
  9. Funny - this season I have been hugely impressed with Costa's first touch and passing. If it looks awkward sometimes, that is because he is generally being barged at the moment of his first touch, or he is making one touch passes to a flying Pedro or Hazard while being kicked from behind. Most of our rapid er "attacks" have him as an early focus. I accept MT's point about money and career stage. But given he has already said openly he wanted to return to AM, it seems safe to say that was for life-style reasons, not money. And if he finds London difficult then he'd finded China crazy. So I can't imagine him going to China (unlike say Ramires, who adjusted to life in London pretty well, and could no doubt adjust to life in China just as well).
  10. RLC - 21 already and probably the oldest player in the team I guess. He should be approaching his best levels by know (allowing for some inconsistency in form). Yes 40 Championship starts might be the making of him, but it looks like we have a potential starter for a PL club in a year or two (or more likely star sub) rather than someone who is going to challenge the likes of Pedro, Willian & Hazard for a starting place here.
  11. Referees make a hell of a difference - it is true.
  12. I've seen it said by others (not just me) that Matic is poor in the air. And when defending set pieces we generally have 4 defenders as man markers, and Diego with the roving/Drogba clearance role. Do people think that Matic adds to our height in defence?
  13. But I thought Conte was bringing exactly defined players who would fit precisely into his blueprint, like cogs in a swiss watch. Why would he want a versatile player to play one of his carefully descibed roles? Or has he become like every other manager all of a sudden?
  14. Thanks to the very useful Statto.com site http://www.statto.com/football/teams/chelsea/1995-1996/table/1996-01-20 I can tell you they were 12 points clear on Jan 20th, and still 9 points and a game in hand clear in mid-February. But they lost the lead by late March. http://www.statto.com/football/teams/chelsea/1995-1996/table/1996-03-23 21.02.1996 West Ham United away L0-2 1 24.02.1996 Manchester City away D3-3 1 04.03.1996 Manchester United home L0-1 1 18.03.1996 West Ham United home W3-0 1 23.03.1996 Arsenal away L0-2 2 03.04.1996 Liverpool away L3-4 2 06.04.1996 Queens Park Rangers home W2-1 2 08.04.1996 Blackburn Rovers away L1-2 2
  15. True. We can do more than counter-attack - and no one on this site has ever denied that. But if an oppo manager does not think he can defend with 11 men against another PL team, he should just resign. If saying he can winds you up, I suggest you give up watching post (and especially pre-) match interviews