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  1. My guess is that you haven't read my earlier posts properly. My whole concern about Conte is about where our players were standing up to and including the Arsenal game. He fixed that eventually. It is very difficult to drive a supercar highly effectively, that takes time. But taking the handbrake off is one of the basics. Yes I've pointed to all the fanboys who for various reasons want to excuse Conte for anything, and make up ridiculous excuses - but that hasn't been the reason to think his time was limited. That was Conte driving with the handbrake on.
  2. There were plenty of posts demanding that Matic, Oscar, Kante and Willian chased down anyone on the ball in our half instead of dropping back in between the members of our back 4. Now if the back 3 was Conte's way of dealing with that, that is good. But the problem was both easy to identify and easy to cure.
  3. Sorry about this. Personally I really don't care if "could've" has an alternate version as "could of". I don't even care if people want to use "innit" always instead of isn't she, don't they, etc. And I certainly don't mind if people write "from whence" when "whence" actually means "from where" and "from whence" actually means "from from where". But a little consistency would be good, innit.
  4. Exactly my point. The system for the first 7 games was a disaster. Getting rid of it makes us a much more effective team. It wasn't a good system that lead us to beat Man U 4-0, that was having much better players, and in their prime, all over the pitch. It was an appalling system (or rather consistently negative positioning leaving players 30m from our goal unchallenged) that cost us the Arsenal and Liverpool games, and meant we struggled to win other games which should have been settled first half.
  5. If you look hard enough you can find what ever you want. I think you are just looking too hard.
  6. You missed the point - Zaffo's says Ivanovic goes because we need ball playing CBs, yet neither Cahill and especially not Zouma are ball playing CBs. I like both, a lot, it is Zaffo's logic that makes no sense.
  7. Plus of course if Moses ever got injured it would be Willian who played RWB (indeed he might just take Moses's place directly). The squad was always over heavy in CBs and DMs. The switch to 3 at the back means we don't play a DM anymore, we still have 4 attacking players with one starting and WB, and of our 3 FBs, only one is playable at WB (and he would probably prefer to play LCB). Stupid squad and changing to 3 at the back makes is sillier.
  8. ???? Meanwhile Cahill and Zouma stay?
  9. I don't think he ever meant "park the bus" to be as much of an insult as The English have taken it. Part of his charm has always been taking expressions from various languages and using direct translations of them in English. When I was young this was called stylish writing, nowadays I think it still is. When he says Team A killed Team B, it really is just an idiom. and he certainly has publicly attacked his own players at RM and already at Man U, there is nothing special about Chelsea last season. Seriously - it is not JM distracting the world with a word in the ear of Conte. It is the whole media and certain fans and non-fans who have this urgent need to diss JM for something after every game. Get over it.
  10. Try this and move 78.30 match time. I'm sure Bob Singleton will get very excited when he sees the link, but I doubt the FA will take it down too quickly. Funny to hear the sky commentators when the ref blows up. The first comment is that it must have been a hand ball. Then they start talking about whether the Luiz foul earlier should have been Red. No one mentions Ibra's attack on Luiz.
  11. I more or less agree with this. I also agree with this. But what I can accept is that the stupid standing in our own box was anything but appallingly bad management by any standards and by any set of excuses. It was a disgrace and as I pointed out very clearly, if Conte could not get that right PDQ he was a goner. Roughly speaking he has got it fixed now. It really wasn't very difficult.
  12. ?? So when he said in the post match interview (paraphrased) "at 2-0 we looked like we would get one back, but then it was 3-0. At 3-0 we looked like making it 3-1 and then it was 4-0. At 4-0 we looked like making it 4-1 but had the game gone on a bit longer it might have been 5-0" - was that Mourinho arrogance too?
  13. Try this link
  14. The Ibra elbow - sorry it is 12 MB. Ibra elbow Luiz.wmv The 4MB version Ibra elbow Luiz small.wmv
  15. Or indeed in any formation. Technically gifted, sure. Physically he just doesn't seem to compete at adult level. As a once overgrown teenager myself, who took a lot of stick for being lanky but weedy until I gave up school rugby for a saturday job in a carpet warehouse and filled out properly, I feel embarrassed for my kind. Compare steel limbed Abraham, 19 months younger or Zouma, 14 months older.