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  1. You really don't understand markets do you. Or the outside world. Or football much.
  2. Lets be honest here. The number of PL fans that admit to regularly watching Italian football is about 2 dozen. By its very nature, that is a self-selecting group that doesn't give a damn about entertaining football
  3. I certainly don't think the way you do, Kev. It'll probably happen. But the irony is that SFL went through his playing career doing everything the hard way with sheer hard work and achieving so much on the pitch while for the first 10 years other players took the plaudits. He has just been gifted 3 loan stars from PL clubs and done no better than the previous (sacked) manager of Derby whose name I haven't forgotten, I just never knew it. And within 12 months he appears to be the new manager of Chelsea. I wonder what Gerrard thinks about it all...
  4. You can get very long odds on anyone else. Frank has been strong odds on for about a week now, and it seems no one dare take any more bets on him tonight. I didn't think it would happen, I certainly don't hope it will happen (just as I felt about Sarri), but you'd be arguing with someone with a lot of money in their mouth if you think it unlikely.
  5. Why not JT's boss who achieved more while starting with less at Villa? Or anyone of a dozen decent guys out there in the championship?
  6. Since the last one. Mind you we did buy our first AM (Pulisic) since Pedro, and 2 cracking players in Kepa and Jorginho. Indeed our first half decent players since Kante (who I'm sure was tied up half way through the previous season, otherwise the price would have been a lot lot higher). Moreover we haven't bought any crap under Sarri, though we still have 7 or 8 players Conte brought in to get rid of. The rebuild started last summer First permanent manager since Hoddle to leave to go somewhere better, with his head held high. If he is not our most popular manager for a decade - blame the fans. My second favourite manager since Ranieri, before that there is only Neal and Eddie Mac I have fonder memories of.
  7. There are a lot of things you and I don't know. That doesn't mean the club doesn't know them. I strongly suspect that they know who the manager is for next season, whether they will have this window open or next summers, who their top 5 targets are and the chances that we will get them, and the names of half a dozen squad members or big name loan players who are on their way out. Plus Hazard and Cahill as done. And I'm very curious to find out what has been decided. Typical with this club. Got to admire its discretion.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    :) Mind you we'll never be able to bring in kids like Vinicius Jr, because no matter how much you hype up Brazilian 17 years olds, they can never be as hyped as our kids.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not sure - but Bob was talking about it. There is a suggestion that a punishment might be increased if an appeal was frivolous, and that this might be a reason not to appeal/ Freedom of movement does not apply at once. So for example when Poland got in, 2004, only a couple of countries (Ireland and UK I think) immediately allowed Poles in - which is why so many came here, Come 2013 and even Britain was a bit more cautious. Croatia has a 7 year transitional period, so the UK could insist on work permits right up to 2020. The UK will be able to set its own rules then. The talk is mostly about introducing skills based rules which I imagine would be generous to good footballers. On top of that we will not be barred by EU rules from taking on non-EU citizens. So it should be a lot easier to sign up promising S Americans and Africans. That will put us on level pegging with Holland, Belgium Portugal and Spain. (Don't ask about how they get around the rules).
  10. Like the guys say, VAR is just an excuse for official bias. A ref can give all the 30/70s to Liverpool, confident if they get something blatantly wrong VAR will bail them out. Meanwhile refer every goal against Liverpool to VAR and the guys in the tin are bound to find some excuse to annul it. Refer none of Liverpool's goals, and they all count. It'll be like cricket where one side has a dozen reviews allowed, and the other side has none. (VAR is meant to allow bias while pretending all is OK)
  11. No not next year. Liverpool can't repeat that performance, they'll be done long before that. In fact we are more likely to see the trophy lifted at the Bridge on March 21st
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sounds like just the signal the board were waiting for before putting in a request to delay the ban. It also confirms that if UEFA find a way to increase the ban then the 3rd window will be a January window.
  13. Interesting idea. Certainly a lot of people had to do all kind of mental gymnastics to keep up with following Conte. Do you reckon some of the grief Sarri got was just people getting in their retaliation in early?
  14. The Doc - well either we got relegated under him or he was given a side doomed to relegation, and the goal was to restart in Div 2. Eddie Mac - ditto - a Div 2 side. Vialli - the club was different then. The Sports director was effectively a Bates/Hutchinson combination that brought most of the players in. The coaching team continued on, and only one position changed when Vialli replaced Gullitt. Right now - Sarri and his team all look like leaving. We aren't looking for one guy, we are looking for a team. (Not Chara) but some have said SFL & Jodi's big advantage is that they know the kids. Sounds a complete liability to me. Anyone who knew RLC as an 18 year old would be bound to pick him, Barkley equally (think a certain ex England u21 manager). Anyone who has only watched them now aged 23 or 24, would want someone better in as a priority. Yes - that is the good news. All that whinging achieved nothing I am glad to say.
  15. He also inherited or rather was part of a large team of coaches, with a consistent philosophy and has Bergistan as Sporting director. Sarri's team will all move on, just as Conte's team moved on before him. I've other problems with Ferdinand's comments, but let's be fair, he is paid here to present the "why my WHU chum Lampard" should get the job case, not to be rational.