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  1. I anticipate a rush for Kant Count.
  2. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge raising quite a storm - should we all be moaning about him?
  3. Polonium, manufactured apparently in only one particular nuclear laboratory in Russia (or perhaps in any laboratory in the world). There was a guy there who had been telling stories about Putin for a decade, but finally boss Putin had enough. So I did my research and found the slowest working poison known to man, then being a KGB agent I of course spread traces of the Polonium about London, slipped some into his tea at a top class hotel, and now we have to wait 2 or 3 weeks until he dies. That should keep him quite, he'll be too scared to tell anymore of his red hot secrets to the world.
  4. Lot of back seat drivers here. I was on a 1000 mile car trip back to London on Tuesday, and got lost somewhere around Essen and it was touch and go for 6 hours whether I would make the Euroshuttle I had booked. Thankfully I was alone, I can just imagine if I had had my wife or some of the posters here nagging me about getting there on time. I hope Marina is taking care of business and not reading this thread.
  5. Does your gooner mate think he should have got a 2nd yellow for that? I doubt it. I don't think anyone does - it is just a windup. And I bet that your gooner mate was absolutely furious with Gabriel for getting sent off against Chelsea last year. I don't think refs have anything against Costa, they let foul after foul go against him, so really don't mind if he reacts a little. It is just the press.
  6. Since he bought the stuff he clearly knew - shouldn't have opened the bottle. Thanks. A nice reminder of how so many on this site are unable to read and think for themselves.
  7. How naive you are. Litvinenko was a Berezovsky employee. His deathbed speech was in English to Goldfarb, another employee, though he couldn't speak English. The whole thing stank from the start, and Teresa May as Home Secretary told the Coroner to stop wasting his time.
  8. I think all that means is that we have foreign places spare and no intention of using them for proper players. You shouldn't quote the mid trial reporting with out the summing up which found Berezovsky to be a Walter Mitty type character who made up stuff and then believed it (he'd be good on here). Essentially the judge throw all the claims of Berezovsky out. You should also understand that Berezovsky created a unit of people who produce dishonest black propaganda against Putin (probably in cahoots with the UK and US intelligence services). The whole Litvinenko poisoning affair is a creation by these people. Indeed I suspect much of the anti-chelsea campaign in the press is related. On smart or very smart. Berezovsky bought state assets in the car manufacturing sector. RA bought into Oil production and then later Aluminium smelting. One of them is bankrupt (and supposedly committed suicide), one is married to Daria and has a great seat at Stamford Bridge.
  9. Indeed - but he was useless from Xmas 2014, and most people recognised this by Xmas 2015. There are some who haven't spotted even now, and others who just think he magically got worse rather than recognise that a limited player is being praised as a world beater, it is the praise that is wrong. Incidentally - where do you stand on Matic 2016 and 2015?
  10. ?? Not seen it yet. Can't keep a clean sheet, we only seem to be any good when he abandons plan A and lets the players take control. And that never happens till at least 10 mins after we concede.
  11. So at least Burnley have a fullish squad. Just play to win for once.
  12. Thankyou. I'm sure there are more of us, but I'm glad to be recognises as in the right camp.
  13. Not a single comment here on the manager. Doesn't he get congratulated for a third victory? Looked desperately for a full match download, but it looks like I have only the highlights. In which case RLC seemed to play a complete blinder. Much as he always does on youtube. Licerpool - nice freudian ring to that. Loserpool =>Louserpool=>Licerpool Who are the squad players? Apart from Mikel (who I hope will be a first 11 player) and Chalobah, who else will be available to rest first team starters?
  14. Again amazing. People expect Ivanovic and Cahill, walkins at any other PL club bar City, to be our back ups. I would be happy with Hector and a Belletti type. One of us is crazy. Note - the 2005 team was between two titles with Point records. Possibly the old JT is as good as the young one. Possibly Fabregas might have been in there instead of Lampard (or JM might have tweaked the team to include him, especially when Duff or Robben was injured). Azpi might have played ahead of Del Horno, but not ahead of Gallas at LB. And Gudjohnson, Crespo & SWP, bench players then, were all better than some of our starters. This is not to say we don't have very good starters - we have excellent starters. Just to say that if you compare Ivanovic or Cahill to the 2005 squad there are 8 or 9 improvements to be made, not just 2. When our goal is to win the PL, we can worry about matching City player quality for player quality. Right now to get top 4 all we need is parity in numbers with the bulk of the PL.
  15. No. Not funny at all. Just a measure of the situation. It is probably the same at most clubs for a player or two. And in many offices and most factories.