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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    isn't it just a simple case of being miles apart on price.
  2. Champions League 2019/2020

    Strange interpretations. The players were few, not very good, and absolutely exhausted around feb 2018. I thought they fought valiantly under the circumstances (given the context). If I recall, results improved immediately we had a run at 1 game a week. Conte didn't know he was gone (he wasn't sacked rather his contract expired 17 months later), he knew he wanted out which is not the same thing. For my money (and I did say it at the time) Conte was doing an excellent job with the materials he had available. Mind you he had chosen those materials himself. Yes. Essentially trying to play Sarriball against weak teams looks great, and against solid well disciplined teams it seems to get nowhere. The whole idea of course is to move the ball about so fast that opponents fail to pick up players making attacking runs so that eventually the perfect throughball becomes available. And yes - boringness in itself is not much of a criticism (and often used only as an excuse to avoid results).
  3. Champions League 2019/2020

  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    ^ as Fog says above, Man U mostly cut their own wrists and are still bleeding. Not saying it is wrong to do so, just painful. For most of these players, one more year on Chelsea wages is worth 3 years of what they can get elsewhere on a free. And most of them would only be getting one or two year deals anyway. They'd have to be mad to leave Chelsea in 2020 and try to negotiate a new contract elsewhere especially as the market is likely to be much more sensible in 2021. Mad or paid to do so.
  5. Media / Press

    In principle and on most sports I would agree. On footie the media tend to be more biased than the players. That is because only 4 in 20 ex-pros played for a Liverpool or Manchester club, but 16 out of 20 football correspondents started off on the Liverpool Echo or Manchester Evening news (and/or local radio stations).
  6. CFCnet 19/20 Awards

    Most informative and most entertaining does sound a little double-edged - but I am still proud. Because he is quite good in the Jorginho DM/playmaking role. Very good in the Kante ball winning role, and poor in the Mount attacking No 8 role. Last year he mostly played 8 and disappointed overall. This year, he mostly played the other two roles and surprised everyone. So in terms of effectiveness he has been a big surprise improvement for many this year. And while I would argue he has actually been no better to slightly worse in all 3 positions, Jorginho and Kante have dropped further this year so Kovacic looks good. Your not supposed to watch players, just listen to the noisy ones and believe that more dribbles in your own half makes you better than Messi.
  7. Champions League 2019/2020

    Porto = Juve? If yes I agree.
  8. Bayern Munich 4 Chelsea 1 (7 - 1 on aggregate)

    Stop pretending you are dumber than you are. The replacement was named as U23 coach on July 20th. Except there isn't a player we had who played better the season before or the season after Sarri (well maybe Morata after but the bar was very low). Well yes - it must have been done very professionally and demonstrates enormous respect on both sides. I think the precedent of a manager signing a big contract upgrade after 12 months and then trying to walk weeks later and the very bitter response from the club probably made it a lot lot easier for a man of respect like Sarri. You don't quite say it though - do you think Sarri was sacked?
  9. Time to give Willian some credit

    Him and Hazard - the reason we sacrificed Salah and KdB for trophies.
  10. Bayern Munich 4 Chelsea 1 (7 - 1 on aggregate)

    But not why or when. And I do mean many. There is only a small handful on here that still bait Sarri and they are invariably the ones who completely misjudged him 2 years ago but won't admit it.
  11. Champions League 2019/2020

    One thing is very very clear. Sarri was not sacked because they fell out of the CL this year. Juve have been crap since the moment Pirlo was appointed as U23 coach on July 20. The SHTF then or before. (probably just before July 7th when Jorginho finally got used by Chelsea after a mysterious break.) Correct statement - bizarre conclusion. That was a silly thing to say 14 months ago. Idiotic 13 months ago. Just how resistant are you going to be about Sarri's success at Napoli, Chelsea and Juve? You have been losing this argument for 2 seasons now.
  12. Bayern Munich 4 Chelsea 1 (7 - 1 on aggregate)

    That story will be interesting if it ever emerges. Many thought he got the sack last year, well that turned out differently. Pirlo was appointed July 20 as U23 manager. Since then Juve lost 3 out of 4 Serie A games (emphasising just what a big lead they had) and lost despite winning the CL game. It seems safe to say that Sarri and probably the whole squad knew he was out. But we know Sarri from his arrival and departure here. He doesn't talk secrets to the press. We may never find out the whole story from him at all. (It is one of the reasons many respect Sarri and disrespect Conte). I'm more interested in discussing what got Sarri the Juve job. That was getting great seasons out of Kepa, Rudiger, Luix, Azpi, Jorginho, Kante, Kovacic, Willian, and Hazard. Only 2 of these Willian and Azpi can be said to have performed as well this year (but they have been consistent for 8 years and 8 managers now.
  13. Bayern Munich 4 Chelsea 1 (7 - 1 on aggregate)

    So a bit like James this season. Manager and fitness team to blame. Besides even a stone is easy to lose if you are a professional footballer. Hazard was always half a stone overweight pre-season - so are most players. Pre-season training is like 3500 Calories a day (= 1lb a day) So explain to me why both Hazard and Ronaldo just had their best season under Sarri (best in 4 years at 35 for Ronaldo). How does Sarri not get the credit for that (and trophies)?
  14. Bayern Munich 4 Chelsea 1 (7 - 1 on aggregate)

    So Hazard and Ronaldo suddenly having wonderful seasons was the reason why Sarri did so well. Shame neither were so good in the previous 3 seasons (on Hazard in the next) I bet Hazard is loving having a poor season without Sarri. Yes. I think the absence of shots from safe distances is telling. that is what you get when a defence (back 7) is doing its job