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  1. Ahah. So:We have started this path and we want to continue together to improve Actually means I started this path, I and want someone to continue it together with. Yes I can see why he said it. No one accusing him of sending cryptic messages to the board yet? Not that I'd blame it, he does appear to be getting royally screwed by the board. "he won't get his preferred signings" Preferred? Do you really think he cares much now who we get? 5 more adults please. Simple.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks this makes no sense? We just won the title and Conte chose not to pick the aging players and personally seems to have removed the one core player to go. Surely this is just the time to expect success.
  3. Pizarro was at the right level. Never quite sure why he didn't get picked much. He seemed good enough in a Chelsea shirt when I saw him, and carried on getting plenty of goals when he went back to Germany with Bayern Munich buying him again 3 years later.
  4. Hopefully we'll buy them too, which I like to think is why Drinkwater is a HG purchase. Perhaps you could let us know who they are - with luck Emenalo will be reading this.
  5. I agree with all this (except the text, which appears to have been just one of many many communications).
  6. Star centreforwards often are problematic. So are managers at times. So are Directors. I recall an Osgood+Hudson quarrel with Dave Sexton who took it to the board and said them or me. The Board sold both Ossie and Hudson, then 6 months late sacked Sexton.
  7. Hazard has always been a brave player. Willing to take a risk on injury both on a dribble by dribble basis and a match to match basis. On the other hand, as you hint, Hazard to say Barcelona looks more and more likely (if we ignore that it is not in any papers right now) as they have lost a superstar but could offer us 2 or 3 players in return.
  8. The Mears. Let's just be grateful for Bates and RA
  9. ^ If Pedro isn't able to start I reckon Hazard probably will. He has started unfit before, not least for JM and Hiddink in 15/16. If so he'll be pleased to be up against Trippier not Walker. And I was always suspicious that it would take till September for him to be back. These estimates from Chelsea nowadays are invariably cautious.
  10. I think it would sound like racism to most black men, except in only a very few contexts (where all players get asked the same). And it would make any personnel department in a company furious.
  11. Very interesting. Thanks. Boga, Musonda, Tomori aren't anywhere near ready to play in the prem, and are behind at least half a dozen loaners in the pecking order. Kenedy and Remy (and Costa) might be of use, but but I really doubt that Conte started the Summer expecting to need any of that three. So that leaves 6 subs and a GK3. Not quite a match day 18. Players I have never heard of: Arsenal nil, Liverpool 2, City 1, United nil, Spurs 3.
  12. Not half as good a second striker as Pedro or Hazard (or Costa).
  13. Sorry. Yes it puts the club view very clearly, which is what you would expect from the sports reporter of the Fulham chronicle (and he invariably does his job well). But I'm not sure we learn much here.
  14. ?? Matic is a great guy - why on earth do you think I'd somehow be prejudiced against his personality (can't play football though). But at least you are acknowledging that prejudice is behind a lot of the antagonism from our fans with Costa. Indeed it is a very simple fact and nothing more. A simple fact that is statistically meaningless. The fact is not bollox, the pretense that it implies anything about how Costa played is. BTW - both comments seem to be about me, not Costa. Why not just assert something by yourself.
  15. Yes, either that or to frame negotiations for another player.