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  1. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I thought it was an argument that says a country that allows mistreatment of dogs can be described as evil. That is how the animal talk started.
  2. Media / Press

    I think Hancock is possibly the last person in Britain who could be pointing the finger right now. Hedge fund managers have already given up the 20%, you want them to give up the 2% too? :)
  3. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Ouch - expensive. I find my buy to read ratio on those subjects is about 3:1. Best just to buy thrillers, I can get down to 1.5:1 on those. Better still library and charity shop 2nd hand thrillers. (But you can't get the class of books in charity shops in London that I could in Brighton) You are making me very envious with 10k runs. It is the perfect way to deal with too much time. .
  4. Coronavirus COVID-19

    There does seem to have been a big Chinese reaction to the publicity and it seems to have come to an end from the wikipedia article on Yulin. So that is yet another victory for Chinese openness and democracy. Not quite sure how it compares with Yemen. Or veal. Or monkeys being tested with Novichok. Or even lobster eating or that matter. I think some propagandist saw you lot coming and said "I know exactly what'll get them going about China".
  5. Coronavirus COVID-19

    :) - you having problems with arithmetic today , Ghost?
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Exactly. And my guess is that the summer window will be over before we know even how many games will be scheduled for next season. To some extent we got lucky with players not coming in and the stadium not started. But then there all those loan players who will be on our bill for next season.
  7. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Yemen? The supply of ISIS? Stuff in Nigeria? Increased sanctions on Iran? You are happy to ignore that for an animal market? I think that is where we differ.
  8. Coronavirus COVID-19

    The one child policy went a while ago. Had it not happened the population of the world would be perhaps half a billion more and the consequences horrific. It isn't for me to argue with you to defend that policy or with other people who are convinced that overpopulation is the cause of all our ills. I'm just saying that issue is complex, and I don't believe any western media is capably of reporting it objectively. Frankly there are many many worse things than an animal market in this world. If you want to slag of China then it is a good place to start (certainly less comic than 1 million Ujghurs or the HK reporting). But if you didn't start with a point to prove against China you'd almost certainly go to ME, or S America or much of Africa (humans and animals). If you want a real horror story google "Kids for Cash". For me it is far more interesting to understand why people (particularly the state sponsored groups) are so keen to slag off China right now. Anyone recall what Winston Smith's actual job was?
  9. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Probably we are talking different photos. We have talked about the media and Chelsea for a couple of decades now. It is accepted that most of the worst stories about the club are faked because there is a demand for stories that put Chelsea in a bad light. For China there is both demand and a supply. Quite how anyone reads things about China and decides they must be true is beyond me. I know people do, but it strikes me as being very naive, or just people wanting to confirm pre-judgements who have no desire to test the evidence. In the meantime, I wander what Hindus or vegans think about it all.
  10. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I haven't. But I'm told all the bat eating pictures come from a Pacific Island called Palau, which is not China but more or less American. Still I bet it remains graphic and convincing for all that. And you can't stop people from believing what they really want to. Like the 1 million Ujghur joke.
  11. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Why just that way? The trick is also to distinguish between states now and states 50 years ago. And between states as they are and as they are described dishonestly for very obvious reasons.
  12. Coronavirus COVID-19

    My experience in Poland suggests a slightly cynical reason for that - the news programs love grabbing any newsfilm of tragedies which are cheap to buy, a little sensational and are in English so easy to translate and re-package. Minor UK flooding gets shown more often than serious Polish flooding which would require a Polish cameraman to be sent to the spot over long distances. E Europeans are nice people, and generally very knowledgeable about the world with a natural scepticism which helps. But also with all the reports of Russian planes flying roundabout routes to Italy (because of Nato blocking) full of equipment and doctors, and now even to USA, I guess Russians are feeling pretty smug, as are the Chinese. It must be very much like being a Chelsea supporter - you know all the hate media is about jealousy. Quite, whereas if you wanted to write a hit piece it would be very very easy.
  13. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Not sure where to put this: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/manchester-city-anger-fans-by-charging-season-ticket-holders-despite-fixture-uncertainty-05dn2scv8 Are Chelsea doing the same? Other clubs? You would have thought that City, recently the big moneybags, and with I guess relatively newer season ticket holders than most, would be the last club to try this on. I'm hoping to conclude that with the oil price near $20, the funding has been turned off. Certainly Etihad airlines isn't able to sponsor them to the same tune anymore.
  14. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I just wish I got paid like the people that write that stuff got paid. But seriously MT, do you actually have a view on whether any of these preposterous and unbiased claims could be true, or are you just posting about me? There is a Russian joke from the 1990s. You know what, all those things they said about Russia and the Soviet Union in the past, they were all lies. And all those things they said about the USA, they were all true. I think Soviets knew very well when they were lied to. It seems Brits aren't so sure.
  15. Coronavirus COVID-19

    It really is pathetic this propaganda against China. Some of it has been in full flow over the past 3 years. Ujghur prisons and HK riot numbers are just part of it On the numbers almost no country is testing anyone who does not yet need to go to hospital, let alone the 3 in 4 that have no symptoms at all, so every country is "lying" about infections by a factor of 20 or 40. Read the piece - total bollox. "According to reports" means "we have been told what we should write", but no one will go on the record to say it. The last line is classic. Sorry, Ham, I know there are people out there who really want to believe this stuff.