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  1. Just to clarify - you are a grown man with a full set of fingers to count on and you still think there are no more options this season than last. Oh well - its your credibility. It was a nothing except with the press. Just a joke. A medic fails to turn up to work on a Monday - that is the whole story. Just shut your eyes and think about it happening at any other club in the world - a non-story. Fearn screwed up and went on the pitch. Eva followed meekly after him. JM swore. Eva walked out. All the press in the world and there is still no reliable source that says anything else happened. If you and others want to claim that something actually happened that caused an effective 13 man squad to lose even more games than it was going to lose anyway - again that is your credibility your are throwing away. (Edit - perhaps as an exercise you should write out exactly what you think JM and or the club did wrong. It might clarify your thoughts. Certainly better than a straight assertion of appalling acts without name).
  2. ^I seem to recall that we had a very good draw back in 2010. And had 3 non-prem teams so far this year. 3 on-prem teams then Man U in the quarters - isn't that the same as Arsenal last season?
  3. Thing is I can remember dozens of occasions where JM behaved with great grace after wins and losses. I just don't remember them being reported as such. And I don't recall him ever accusing other team's players of cheating - something that pretty much every PL manager of the past 15 years has said of our players. Apparently accusing the ref of getting it wrong is bad, but saying Drogba dived for the penalty was always acceptable. I read this today - Scott Adams on Imaginary news. It is about Trump vs press but could easily as be about JM vs press. You may know of Scott Adams as the author of the Dilbert cartoon strip. But as a blogger he is also one of the few people who identified Trump as a very powerful "persuader" and likely election winner (despite not being a fan of him). No - someone said he has style, and I said that looking like Klopp on the touchline and doing interviews as though they were language tests and not an opportunity to say something suggests that style is not the right word.
  4. From what I saw from a BT version, the first was a foul - there was very slight contact, but why else would Costa go down in that situation. But a booking at most - I doubt the chance was clear enough for a Red, especially since he was taking the ball off in the direction of the corner flag. 2nd I don't recall. But watching the first two games on MOTD now, they spent a lot of time on a penalty incident that could have been a Lincoln pen, the cross the line or not goal by Lincoln, and Barton's idiocies in the same game. I'm not surprised they miss out later on a couple of incidents in an expected result game which had not impact on the result. As for the ref, the key thing he did was to book 2 Wolves players for fouls in the first 30 mins. That effectively put an end to their attempt to bully us. Well done ref. Edit and Shaun Cummings scored the winner for Millwall :)
  5. Wolves looked good because they put a lot of first time crosses in from distance and got players in the box. But that is a very hit and miss way of playing and doesn't create nearly as many decent chances at it seems. Games where we have conceded twice have generally been against teams that get much closer to our box and find time to look up and pick out a runner to make accurate passes or crosses. Indeed there was only one decent chance for Wolves all game - and that happened in first 5 minutes (Saville - what fun that would have been for him). After that we had a couple of break away counter attacks, which lead to Wolves not pushing up so far and the whole balance of the game changed quickly. While I am not so positive on Wolves going forwards, defensively they made it very hard for us and certainly made a game of it for us. Well done. Interesting to see that changed 7 out of 8 of the back players and kept our first 4 choices for the front 3 places. (Or you could say we played all our attacking players - including Moses excepting just Michy) and changed all the other seven). The squad is a lot bigger - a year ago, while we were still in the CL and prior to a midweek PL game - we replaced just 2 first team members. But it remains heavily unbalanced in favour of defenders and not enough attacking players. Striker scores - he plays a blinder, doesn't score in 3 games and he is playing badly. That is how people talk, but frankly I can't see anything wrong with the way Costa has been playing recently. And in my view, another assist for Fabregas! Nice post - few words, a lot of interesting points. MOTM - clearly Cesc with Diego and Pedro very good too. 1 - well yes. 2. Chalobah I was impressed with, in that like Kante he really does make an impact on the man with the ball and get in their face, while being quick and simple when using the ball. But still only really club trained back up. He doesn't look like he is challenging for a first team place even at 22. really be challenging a threat 3. Ake is also 22 (yesterday). He proved at Bournemouth that he is already a proper PL player (which puts him ahead of all our other club trained players except JT). But you have to ask whether he is anywhere near the class of say John Stones (9 months older). I think we have another Bertrand on our hands here, a decent asset, but not a player that will make a great deal of difference to us if he stays or go. 4, 5 & 6 - much as I was thinking both before and during the games. RLC has a great chance to put Costa through, but 2 or 3 touches later when he looked up Costa was already coming back from 10m offside with a scowl on his face. It was almost as though RLC has not even being training with the Chelsea first team.
  6. Nonsense - not even worth discussing. There was no Eva effect. Storm in a tea cup. But it did allow a lot of the press to go on and on about JM's management - which of course is what they really want to have a moan about.
  7. A squad of 20 might have lasted till Christmas. We had in effect a squad of 13 or 14 real choices. They were clearly exhausted. They were exhausted whichever half of the season you want to talk about. That happens in football - you just drop the player and pick someone else.... (if you can). The issue was the thin squad and coming up with reasons why the thin squad was such a damaging issue is not arguing against that. I agree there were reasons why the thin squad was especially a problem last season. Yes. What are you trying to say here? Nothing that I would particularly disagree with from what I see (apart from your comments on me). For the record I entirely understand why the club let JM go too and have never argued against the club's decision. And after the zero press disappeared post Arsenal/Liverpool, I pretty happy with Conte's tactics.
  8. Does he? Or is he just trying to negotiate a new contract. I have seen the press reports too but I wonder about them. His existing contract runs out this summer, and I dare say he is disappointed in any offer the club has made so far. He signed the current contract in Sept 2014 and made his first team debut shortly after, but since then has gone backwards, with both Traore and Abraham a long way ahead of him now. I can't really see Liverpool being that eager to have him, and talks of a biggish transfer fee seem rather hopeful.
  9. ?? It was there 2nd half too - which is why we had a poor 2nd half and only really improved after players like Hazard had a good long rest and we were out of the CL. JM's flat out determination to win the title even when we were clearly struggling made it a lot worse, but squad depth is the whole story. Everything else is just speculation - and mostly speculation designed to prove various theories about JM or the players. It really is that simple (and really was predicted at the start of the season by a number of people).
  10. Not the same - many more choices this season. If you can't count, of if you think playing a lot of U21s was proof of a big squad, that is your issue. I'm not here to teach people to count with their fingers. But it is true - a lot of key players were equally good Under JM in 13/14 and 14/15 too. Neither JM nor Conte explain 15/16.
  11. I'd be surprised to see Aina play, as I don't really think he has been anywhere near a first team place. Whereas Ake, Chalobah and Kenedy probably are on the outskirts and need playing (as does JT, Begovic, Michy Zouma and Fabregas who all must start). RLC - is he still getting chances or has he been written off - I guess we find out this weekend. Not sure wither Willian or Pedro need an extra game, though I dare say one might have to play. Probably as a WB (back up for Moses!). I'd like to think Willian could start there as I'm sure he'd be an upgrade on Moses, but then Willian probably has a bigger role as one of the 4 first choice front 3, and we can't really afford to let him play elsewhere. My guess is that the numbers will be made up with Azpi and/or Cahill, so 2 or 3 first choices starting. A propos of not much here are the two 4th round teams we picked last year against MK Dons and this year against Brentford. Count the first choices given a rest.
  12. Indeed. Guardiola I admit there are arguments for (not that they work for me). But Mancini and Pelly were obvious losers in advance.
  13. Who are you testing? :)
  14. Which opinion? the one where you define JM's persona or the one where you state his acts towards certain players? Which of those is an opinion and not just pure invention based on prejudice? Thankyou. It does seem that logic and facts go out of the window when it comes to supporting set in stone opinions on JM.
  15. ... the only way to explain an outbreak of lunacy on this site. In CFCnet terms the most equivalent time was when people were convinced that Grant was some kind of enormous Jewish conspiracy against JM, and that he was here to stay. Fans overwhelmed with positive and negative emotions about JM and spurred on by the press started to believe all kinds of nonsense. Much the same this season.