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  1. The real complaint of foreign managers is that there is no let up in high quality games in the Prem. It is a 38 tough game competition compared to a 4, 6 or 8 tough game league in France, Spain and Germany. English teams rest players for Euro games to play them at the weekend. All teams from other countries do the reverse. The winter break for the UK has always been an odd idea - when would you have it? December? January? February or March? And all that would happen is there would be even more fixture chaos in other weeks, and no reserve dates if there was a total freeze up outside the set winter break. A better argument would be for an 18 team PL, but I can't see that happening now. Not unless we start on taking foreign teams into a reformed biggest and best football competition in the world.
  2. Sure - and you say Alonso and I say Moses are great first 20 players but not great first 11 players. We are on the same page. However it does need to be said that we now have 4 or 5 really top class players which is all I would expect Chelsea to have now that we compete with about 8 top clubs for best players in the world. The wage bill is huge and we spent more last summer than in quite a long while. I don't really see us buying more than one or two more players in the next 3 windows who would be a noticeable upgrade. For me the best chance of getting top class players to add to the squad is to look at the likes of JT, Ivanovic, Willian, Fabregas, Mikel and for each to ask whether he is really on his way out, or whether a period of rest and recovery like Hazard had (sorry - last season) will mean he come back as good as ever. I guess we can differ on the answers to that. (And maybe Michy, Zouma and Chalobah can be considered too).
  3. ^ The bonus of being better man for man than the opponents has always come from the weaker team moving towards the middle to get involved and the strong team having players out wide to take advantage. Nothing new in that at all. The space our WBs get is the result of hard work by the rest of the team (including each other). But I am intrigued by Guardiola's comments this week. No real surprise that a man who was so successful in Germany and Spain as a manager is suddenly worried about over working his players.
  4. I'm pleased with both, but essentially they get a lot of praise every time a great deal of space opens up in front of them. The primary difference between last season and this remains the ability to put out 11 fully fit players each game. That should be very very clear to everyone.
  5. Just address the topic instead of pretending to be sleeping.
  6. WATCH: Manchester United fans savagely attacked by ARMED Ukrainian Ultras Remember how the BBC got so excited about racists in Poland and Ukraine ahead of the 2012 Euros. And yet the BBC and all the serious papers don't mention this at all - just the tabloids and Express. The Times has no story, theTelegraph have no story, and the Guardian still has only this from the day before: Uefa plays down fears that Manchester United fans face danger in Ukraine Even the Star fails to call them by what they are - genuine Nazis - many of them members of what is literally called the Socialist National Party.
  7. ^The odd thing is, despite the sarcasm, the point that at times we have been standing in the wrong places hasn't been argued about at all. Even Zaffo agrees - except he thinks our own box is the right place.
  8. 61 PL minutes, non-garbage or garbage. Still isn't much yet. Even if it is more than double the Serie A minutes he played last season at Napoli. He's been pretty good for handfuls of minutes, but far too soon to take a view on him yet.
  9. Liverpool press deep into the opponents half, and I agree that can only be done in short spells. When we were getting it right we also had short periods of pressing up to near the keeper, and as a result the fall back line became a little deeper - some 10 yards inside our own half. This is all fair enough. But what we saw through to Arsenal and in the first half of the last two games was not a mid block or even a low block, it was a zero block with opponents playing freely across the pitch 30m from our goal. Comparisons with a high press team are completely irrelevant.
  10. Your right - venom is the wrong word.
  11. My issue is with the zero press. You need to distinguish between me talking about one thing and others trying to paint everything I say as a vendetta against Conte*. When we press to the half way line I have praised both team and Conte. It is pretty easy to see whether we do it well or badly. Who to blame/praise is a harder question, and really we can only speculate on it. My best guess is that Conte has changed his mind (at the same time as the change in formation, when he said a couple of times he had actually introduced more important changes than the 343/352). But that the players remain a little confused, especially if they are set up to counterattack from the start. *Actually it has little to do with Conte. Really the argument is those that believe the players are really good against BOTH those that loved Mourinho (and can't credit the players who failed him) AND those that hated Mourinho (and so must put all the credit to the next manager). Quite how such divergent groups combined together against commonsense is remarkable. Funnily enough I haven't heard anyone argue differently - but people are too busy shouting me down for anyone to discuss it. It seems pretty important to me.
  12. Faramir - I thought I had made it clear that for the first 6 of those games I strongly praised the defensive tactics we used. And those in most of the 2nd halves of the other two games. The worrying thing here is a) how long it took us to go back to normal tactics at the start of the season and b) how easily we returned to the dumb tactics - and as people have pointed out, even Conte realises they don't work, he spent much of the first half telling to midfield to push forward. The good thing is that Conte did fix it eventually post - Arsenal. The change to 3CBs is minor in reality but if that persuades our CMs to do their own job instead of becoming 4th and 5th CBs then that is great. And of course we can always revert to Plan A if we concede - we have been excellent at that. It is funny Conte in pre-season managed to change the way we have defended for 10 years, then changed his mind and is struggling to get us back to normal again
  13. Just untrue. There is a massive difference in the way we have defended in the past than the Juve way which some of the time we have played this season. You really need to go back and watch a few games. I've recently watched the Barca games and the Bayern Final from 2012. What is striking is how no Barca player is unchallenged from about 5 to 10m inside our half. This is so different from the style for games up to and including Arsenal or the first halves against Spurs or City that I entirely agree that from Hull through to Middlesborough, other than a few spells of 5 minutes here and there, we played proper football, challenging anyone with the ball in our half. I stated this clearly after the Hull game and a number of times since. In these games and in previous seasons we have defended our half. 8 men in our box and only 2 or 3 opponents is a peculiarly Conte thing. City goal Liverpool poor clearance Second touch by goal scorer
  14. Not much bothered about Guardiola - he has his own problems, indeed he has a lot of them. Being pally with Fabregas and or Pedro would not go down well with City fans after a big home defeat. But the 6 points dropped in 3 draws with Everton, Southampton and Middlesborough should be much more of a problem for Guardiola than the 3 points dropped to the second favourites (now favourites) On Chalobah I think that the ref felt a) that it was an instinctive reaction after which he calmed down, and b) he only pushed him lightly and Aguero more than made the most of it. On another occasion both could get booked for push and over reaction but Aguero was already beyond further punishment. And there was probably c), the ref would have done the same had he got their first.
  15. Not sure who you have been reading - probably the interpreters. I have said for a long time that we have 4 or 5 really top class players already and that numbers, not improvements were needed. That aside from Kante is what was added to the team and I'm on record from the start of the season to say that we should expect to be second to City this year. We have played some fantastic football, and player for player paper we are better than any British club except City (and better than them in practice) A shame it is slightly marred by some silly standing in the wrong places, but we can counter that by bringing on Fabregas.