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  1. True. Pure bile and tribal prejudice - I accepted that from the start. I would never claim that it was reasoned and fair.
  2. I think you have completely lost the plot here. Narcissistic ******** for wearing club clothing? Jilted John was meant to be ironic. He was laughing at the character he created. One of these days people will be as embarrassed about the abuse of JM on here as many are still about the obscene abuse of Grant that got through the mods in the past, and the sly abuse of Emenalo.
  3. I'd thankyou for the compliment, but I wonder if you missed the irony in the song.
  4. It's an ex-manager with his new club. Get over it. Here we go, two three four
  5. It is Chelsea fans who are being childish about this. You'd think JM had nicked our CL place or something.
  6. Chelsea fans criticise exuberant celebrations by an oppo manager. What will people say on Saturday about us?
  7. Anyone with doubts, will have seen quite a few decent performances since then, and few really poor ones. In contrast anyone who decided he was off to China might well see something different. Conte still picks him though. I presume that means he is as biased as me, and thinks he is staying.
  8. It is simpler than that - he is an adult. So are most Chelsea fans.
  9. I think everyone said he did it on purpose. But a nice clip, and JM repeats his respect to all Chelsea fans. Thanks for finding this.
  10. If his contract lasts to 2019, then no one can sign him without our permission till Jan 2019 - the season after next, and even then he is committed to us to summer 2019. So his contract length really is not an issue. The only issue would be is if a Chinese club really wanted him for next January, and were discussing now an offer we could not / should not refuse. Then we'd need a replacement this summer.
  11. Quite - if anything Kante is the new Essien (also very slight, though he didn't look it in the tackle). Chasing everything down, winning ball after ball, and giving it to Ballack or Lampard to start the next attack. The thing about Maka is that he rarely actually tackled, just turned the oppo into going the wrong way - often straight into the tackle of someone else in blue. Still in terms of impact, Kante is at least as good.
  12. I think we're rather disappointed that people with brains have become such stroppy spoilt children who can't stand any success by others. Personally I dread the idea of man U supporters reading this forum. I still doubt that he is off - but I do appreciate a response that simply takes an opposing view, rather than throwing out insults without daring to take an opinion.
  13. ^For this game I want to see Costa dropp 3 yards short, turn, and just sprint at the weakened Arsenal back line, just demanding that the ball is played through at the right moment, never once glancing back to check. Then repeat and repeat and repeat. That means Fabregas just has to start - not that there is anyway he should ever be dropped.
  14. You mean the guy who just won another trophy? And when is Costa off to China then?
  15. I'm missing the part where you agree with Phil Neville.