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  1. Chelsea 2 Southampton 0

    More relevantly, I heard Poll say the rule does not apply equally to keepers and outfield players, so there you go. I'd also question whether the ball hitting Austin on the shoulder doesn't count as handball too. Nevertheless Caballero did not cover himself in glory - catching it above his head or punching it was surely a smarter move than trying to catch it on his chest. If the ref gives it, no one would defend the keeper, it'd be 100% his fault.
  2. Chelsea 2 Southampton 0

    A clean sheet!!!! first in a long while. Palmieri is fine - just as Alonso is fine. Giroud is what we need now, just as Morata isn't (Morata's goal turned into one out of 3 great chances pretty quickly). Very worried about Hazard and the "I am going do my absolute best to make sure Chelsea win the FA cup" quote. It looks as though his swansong is being announced. We weren't bad, Southampton were. That is it mostly. Indeed he did. And so did Willian more or less. And Hazard did a lot of the time. The only player who actually got forward much was Fabregas in the mixed period when only part of the Baka for Fabregas and Pedro for Willian had been made.
  3. Squad Status: 2017/2018 Season

    I suspect in many of those cases they are on salaries which mean no one will take them until their existing contract expires and they can start on a new salary base. Given the club's continual contract re-signing (Kalas for example got another 4 years from 2017) they many end up on loan for a very long time.
  4. Official: Antonio Conte Appointed As New Manager

    AVB and Scolari were great moments for the Chelsea board. Decisive, early decisions made that allowed superior managers in quickly. Could we? Can we?