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  1. Not for me. He could do the defensive CM role that Matic has been given very easily. Though I think the system would still need to be tweaked to find space for Fabregas. Azpi is quick for a defender, can turn and gets very tight to the oppo without committing himself. Great in a defensive situation. And he plays the sensible balls. But no great creativity, and can't beat a competent FB with either trickery of pace. This may be controversial, but for me, if a new mega CB arrives, it will be Luiz not Cahill or Azpi who gets squeezed out. (At least so long as Fabregas is getting regular starts).
  2. Well it certainly makes proven CL defenders look reasonable value at 50m When an established and accepted striker shows such stroppiness (I'm thinking JFH), everyone loves it. When an unestablished player does it they hate it. I can't wait for the first time Tammy Abraham bollocks Fabregas for a bad pass. Lets hope Tammy comes back in time for us to see it (and all the passes that will reach him). 1. Its a business. 2. Absoutely. If we are looking at weaknesses to improve upon (rather than opportunities at a price we are willing to pay) there are two clear places to work on, neither are LWB.
  3. I loved watching Dorigo and le saux play interchangeable LB, WM for a year or two. And later on Baba and Le Saux doing the same thing. Indeed Malouda and Ash played similarly at times. I say that not just because I think 2 WBs is not an issue, but mostly because I love recalling Tony Dorigo, who was a great player IMO. Looked like Bridge with a lot more pace and a tougher Aussie edge to him.
  4. 1. Yes - it is matching needs with opportunities available, while maintaining some kind of long term budget. 2. And it is about creating squads of good players broadly balanced about the park, not about shoe horning identikit players into a pre-planned blueprint.
  5. I agree with Ham on this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allianz_Arena#Capacity So at Munich they can convert 10,400 seats to standing to gain an extra 3120 seats - so that would be a 1.3 ratio. Only 10,400 of the 71,000 all seated capacity is changeable. At Chelsea it might be 5,000 convertible into 6,500 - which wouldn't change a great deal (1500 extra capacity). And you'd have to sell the standing places at the same price as seats or they'd be no financial point at all. Even if clubs could get permission in the UK to have "safe" standing (which IMO is unlikely) I doubt UEFA rules would change, so the seats would have to remain convertible.
  6. I'd say the other way around. Conte has won the PL comfortably with the squad the board gave him. He should trust further in their judgement. They have done a fantastic job over the past 7 or 8 years since the JM mk1 period set of players started to break up. Conte has brought a lot to the club, but we shouldn't ignore the strength of the players already here (though the squad may still be somewhat shallow). And Kante who it seems to me was more of a board signing than a Conte one (though he may have been part of the discussion).
  7. To be fair both clubs had pretty much made it clear they were more than happy to let him go at the right price. He was just taking the hint.
  8. Not something that I can recall.
  9. So Oscar gets an 8 game ban for this: First 30 secs is enough. I'm not really sure he was the guilty party even. Comments?
  10. Does no one respond to this kind of comment any more? Meanwhile we won't get better CMs than Kante and Fabregas - few exist anyway. We either need to find a way that they work together (and I honestly think they already work pretty well) or find a way to play with 3 CMs. Shame Mikel isn't still here ;)
  11. I think JM knew who Rahman was. He was his only LB and only the 3rd FB in the squad.
  12. I'm not quite sure what trap you think you are leading me into. A few times is only a few times.
  13. To the football committee or what ever it is, to himself, and to Roman.
  14. I think it may be more of a Payscale thing. In the scheme of things, a 3rd AM (first sub on) payscale is a lot higher than that of a WB. If he dropped back, Conte would have to explain why he was using such an expensive asset there, and Willian would worry about getting a pay cut.
  15. I get that the profits are mostly on the transfers, but McEachran was widely reported to be on 35K a week, and he was still a club employee until 2015, 4 whole years after his "breakthrough" season under CA when he had 17 appearances. We sold him for 750K, which meant most of the Bertrand profit was matched by Josh loss. I don't want to pick on him, there are plenty of others too. Piazon must have cost us as much, on top of his transfer fee (7m if I recall). Few of van Aanholt's loans would have covered his costs. Solanke will have cost us - even though he never got a really big contract as he wanted. While we can pretend we don't know the exact details of their wages, we do know that some of our youngsters are on 5k or 10k a week without getting close to the first team (and a few on significantly more). And we do know that senior pros at clubs in say Div 1, lower championships teams and most clubs in Europe (except about 20 or 30) are on much the same wages. There is no way that loan fees are anything but exceptions to the rule. A lot of Italian clubs buy and loan players there - it is common practice. The lower leagues are full of loanees there. But then most Italian clubs are paying their first team regulars peanuts. The buy and loan players must be on pretty small money - the economics there are quite different. The total revenues of Serie A clubs is just under half that of PL clubs. Juve take as much as any of our clubs except Man U, and 4 or 5 clubs have PL like revenues. The bottom half though are far poorer. They pay Championship wages or less to their regular players and much less to loan players.