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  1. Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1

    We have 8 superb players who are good enough to start for Barca or any other team. Well done Conte for picking all 8 of them. I think this is the first time ever if I recall right. A pity that he did it by excluding Morata rather than Moses, but that really is a much lower level criticism (and would have meant an even more unlikely change in policy). Well done that manager. I wonder if we will see more of this team.
  2. Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1

    CL serious time season. I missed this last year. For me this is the big nervous time of year, from the first knockout game against a big club (PSG, Barca or on rivalry, Liverpool) until the end of the CL campaign live is different. Football becomes central, and life is only what happens between games. No other competition comes close. The PL is just as big, but the PL is a 38 game competition, and by January you know which 2 or 3 clubs have a chance, and generally by March it is all over. Even the players become a team, not rivals. You don't have favourites in CL serious time. You just care about the team. Watch from behind the sofa.
  3. Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1

  4. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    A tough 2nd 45 mins for City then 0-0 at h/t