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  1. Chelsea 4 Watford 2

    I don't think you can have watched last season where the creativity of our AMs took us to the title at a canter. We have been starting with 5 or 6 defenders and Bakayoko and asking them to play as 5 or 6 defenders and a DM. Blaming the AMs completely misses the point. Er - surely it is Conte who asks him to play like Costa or Drogba, not the fans. It is Conte he is failing, not us.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Brilliant goal scorer. Dreadful CF. Not much work rate (or at least his work is not that effective) There might be a way to incorporate him into a PL team, but it won't be one with 5 starting defenders. To be honest the same may yet be said of Morata. Given how the "wonderful Conte" consistently overlooked Bats to play the "dreadfully disinterested" Costa for the second half of last season, I'm surprised how quick some have been to change their mind on Bats.
  3. Chelsea 4 Watford 2

    That will upset the Everton directors, I'm sure they are using a big thrashing by us to justify bringing in a new manager for the weekend. They'll have to consider getting rid now, and giving the new guy the LC game against us as a welcome gift.
  4. Chelsea 4 Watford 2

    Hugely entertaining! Knackered players, but still playing with some confidence. Willian, Alonso, Luiz, all look very unfit, probably Bakayoko too. The only word for Willian is pale - nothing like the glistening Ready Brek kid we are used to. The only one who looks really on top form ironically is Hazard - he was really up for it today - probably trying too hard and dropping too deep. Took an awful lot of stick and kept getting up. Zappacosta I loved - 2nd game running he comes on as apparently a more defensive option and his first touch is to push and run past his marker charging deep into the oppo half. Should be our starting RWB, even if Azpi doesn't go back to CB. I don't know where we go from here - there is a lot of tactical things we should change given that we can't at present dominate games with 8 outfield players and two eager WBs waiting to be released on the touchlines. Trouble is that if we don't start 5 defenders then we can barely make up an XI. So great win, problems not solved. Well thank god I put the mockers on him. WE'd have been 3 down on 50 mins without this post. Yes. A couple of points - Jon Moss got a lot wrong both ways, he is as you say, just a crap ref. Morata competed for every ball, lost everyone, and was called for a foul a lot of the time. That wasn't entirely the refs fault. He just wasn't nearly as strong as the CBs were, and he was forced into fouling mostly because he could not compete legitimately. Bats can't do it, and doesn't try. Morata tries but can't do it well. Costa, even on a low scoring run, was so so valuable for that. And full marks to our players for avoiding any behaviour cards - Watford got 2 early on, one for moaning about the corner/goal and one for kicking the ball away. Quite what Rudiger was supposed to do when Richarlison ran through him I don't know. Still think there should be an interpretation that says if the ref thinks he should have got out of the way going left it is a booking. Should have gone right - a booking. Should have vanished without moving - a foul by the attacker. Dodgy ref - but we have seen far far worse. :) 4 goals in 52 minutes against Watford so far. Which is kind of the point. Neither Bats nor Morata can play without 2 AMs in the team as was so clearly demonstrated today. So why not just play 2 AMs and the better finisher.
  5. Chelsea 4 Watford 2

    Away last year - a goal down, Bats gets one on 80 mins and Costa the winner on 87. Home last year, JT (yes that game), Azpi and Bats get one each, Watford equalise and Fabregas gets the winner on 88. This time 2-1 down Bats gets the equaliser, Azpi gets the winner on 87 and Bats gets another for good measure. Watford must hate us (and especially Bats and Azpi).
  6. Chelsea 4 Watford 2

    A brilliant psychic intervention from Luiz earlier on. Choose to come out and challenge early instead of backing off and saved the day without most people even noticing the risk. 6" away from looking a complete idiot. Most JT like. I thought how much better we were doing with some presence in the oppo half. Besides any manager wanting to play with no AM would not have bought Morata or quarrelled with Costa.
  7. Chelsea 4 Watford 2

    Everytime there is a tackle, Watford follow through with a kick or trip on our player. Ref doesn't seem to notice. I thought Rudiger was doing pretty well - often taking the initiative off Azpi and getting in early - not his fault the ref is blind. But I do like Richarlison. Smart move for a bright young promising Brazilian to go to Watford and not RM, Chelsea or Barca reserves. A bit surly and a sly sneaky streak, he'll make a lot of enemies in the Prem - 'd love him on our bench today. He is dreadful, isn't he. Still he did give us that corner.
  8. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend 2

    (I'd much rather continue the old topic, but it has been archived and only page 1 can be read). The Robert Harris Trilogy on Cicero: Book 3 Dictator came out last year and I read it just recently. Have to say the first two are the best, but once you have read them you'll read book 3 whatever I say. Did I mention Dead Air by Iain Banks in the old thread. Should have done.