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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Great player. Great decision making. A complete player. To suggest anything else is madness. Looked brilliant for the last 4 seasons as pretty much any objective viewer could tell you. Looked exhausted this season, as if carrying a virus, but this month has been back to his monster best. When people talk about AMs they should be meaning a player that can spend 70% of the game actually in a defensive role, and 30% attacking. It is a tough tough role and as we have seen, the likes of Salah and de Bruyne couldn't get near doing it properly for some years, and one might argue they still don't. For all the hype about this season's Hazard, I'm not nearly as impressed with Hazard the striker as opposed to the one that did cover the FB, and did win the ball in midfield rather than having a 3rd CB and 2 DMs doing the job for him. Willian and Pedro are real AMs, run the miles, do all the hard work and are very creative too. A top team needs 5 or 6 of that kind of player, 3 to start, 2 or 3 to rotate. We have 2 + Hazard the ex-AM. There really is nothing wrong with Willian's decision making - this is just one of those bullshit ideas that justify Conte's latest plan. (I accept he is one-footed, which is perhaps the reason he fails to make the pass of shot that some think he should.) We spend all this time cringing at Kante and Bakayoko pushing up to play in an attacking role instead of the CM role they specialise in. But then laugh at the player who actually does do both in every game.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    As good as that eh? Get him. Claudio Pizarro started for Koln in Germany a few weeks ago. And for Peru last season. At 39 he doesn't get as many games as he once did, but he has got 130 goals since leaving us, and another 7 for Peru.
  3. Huddersfield Town 1 Chelsea 3

    I'm not sure anyone takes him seriously now. Which is a very big turnaround. All the same it would have been fun to see 3 Conte-blueprint AMs who really could create and score goals.
  4. Huddersfield Town 1 Chelsea 3

    Rather like the Matic - Fabregas Willian - Oscar- Hazard Costa that won the PL, with 2 big upgrades and one small downgrade.
  5. Huddersfield Town 1 Chelsea 3

    Huddersfield - 5 losses in 6 games after a good early season run. I got the feeling that Wagner felt it was best not to waste too much effort over this one, especially with winnable gams against Watford Southampton and Stoke up next. WHU pushed right up on our back 3 for the whole of the first half, which a) allowed them to attack us properly with men in position, b) stopped us from playing properly because we do like to pass it around the back a bit before we do anything, c) the disruption meant that Fabregas was almost never on the ball. Huddersfield stuck to their own 30 or 40 metres, I barely recall a player being challenged 15m into their half. Against Fabregas it would have been suicide. As it was 3 or 4 players tried to play the Fabregas QB role: Rudiger, Azpi and mostly Kante. It looked good against Huddersfield, but it wouldn't look good against a better team. As it was, Alonso was the most effective outlet whose crosses lead to 2 goals. So WHU H1 is the right way to play us (always has been for years). But WHU H2 was much the Huddersfield way, albeit WHU with a much more aggressive CM and Huddersfield with a higher and very good offside line. The thing that made the real difference was us having 3 players with sharp passing between them. Precisely. It is easy to take care of Morata and 1 man, even Hazard, with 3 defenders aback. It is really hard to control Hazard/Pedro/Willian with 5. Our results are just staggeringly better with 523 than 532. I can only imagine what 433 would do.
  6. Champions League 2017/18

    I suppose that upside is that if we win - or better they only go through on some scandalous reffing decision, we can talk about that for rest of the season. Quite, playing 2 men up and 8 at the back is a recipe for disaster against Barca. Of course as Rob B says, we can play proper football, but yesterday apart Conte appears to have given up on that. Indeed. looking at November as well as December does mean there are 2 games where we have failed to concede with 532 and two where we have conceded with 523 (both last minute goals when we were 2 or 3 up). Mind you if you look at October, and the Watford game or the Roma away game, 532 has looked terrible, at least to the point the cavalry came on. Our stats for 532 are just appalling.
  7. Official: Chelsea Sign Tiemoue Bakayako

    Exactly. But still what was clear last night was that Pedro, Willian and Hazard are superb with the ball in the opp half. When you dominate a team as much as we did, watching Baka, Kante and the wingbacks, they are just nowhere close in ability despite getting so much more time on the ball. Time to go back to 5 players who can attack in the team, even if they do need to do the defensive work.