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  1. Conte, stay or go?

    Not everyone at all. Plenty of saner voices here. But in two years we have gone from the old bunch of crazies saying I hate Mourinho OR I hate the players (but both I love Conte) to a new bunch that all say I hate Mourinho AND Conte AND the players. And it hasn't even been a bad year all things considered. Next year might well be worse - perhaps it is good to shake out some of the crazies now.
  2. Conte, stay or go?

    You going too then? It has become 2015/16 all over again, hasn't it.
  3. Conte, stay or go?

    You miss the bit where you actually put your own name to accusing Willian of not trying. It does remind me of all the player blaming in 15/16 - I think you have lost all track of what happened this season. It was a good season where we won the FA cup and didn't collapse despite a very very light weight squad. There is no one to blame. Nothing went wrong except the squad choices at the start of the season.
  4. Conte, stay or go?

    I think you need to go back to the "proof of player power" point you made before. This is a complaint as one or both go out through the door. Just evidence of Conte being in control and Willian unhappy about it. Blythely carrying on as if it meant something completely different gets you nowhere.
  5. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0

    So in the last 5 post SAF seasons only 9 teams have broken 80 points in the PL. Leicester (Ranieri) once. Man U once (JM) Liverpool once (Rodgers) Spurs once (Pocch) City twice (Pelly and Pep) Chelsea three times (JM, JM, Conte) Curiously 6 out of 9 times by people who work or have worked at Chelsea. Only one manage has done it more than once!!!! Guess who. You seriously have to be blind not to realise he is as special as ever.
  6. Conte, stay or go?

    Yes, Hazard, Fabregas and Pedro clearly love playing with him. At 29, ready to be Man U's FB for the next 5 years.
  7. Media / Press

    A satirical news review I expect. Except there are none anymore.
  8. Media / Press

    getting back to football, I hear BT and Sky want CFCnet and other football forums censored to stop the spread of non-orthodox views on football and challenges to the VAR.
  9. Conte, stay or go?

    I think Mark has boxed himself in with some crazy ideas about Conte, and has no logical way of getting out of it.
  10. Eden Hazard

    Which comments were they? Surely not the hysterical laughter where he was being provoked by BT about staying while Rudiger was telling him "you are staying, you are staying".
  11. Media / Press

    Very worrying. It could be more of the madness that is driving UK policy. Or it could (hopefully) just be some of the spill over that happened after both Russia and UK mutually expelled embassy staff with both sides pointing out that it would make Visa work harder.
  12. Conte, stay or go?

    Standardd bollox by someone who wouldn't recognise a fantastic strategy over the past 6 years if it walked up and smacked him with 2 PL trophies and an FA cup. Says to me that this guy is as willing to distort comments as much as the establish press. ?????? Just the opposite. What I see is a lot of resentment that has been kept under the surface until it was all over. That means player power just lost out for the last two years.
  13. Conte, stay or go?

    I had to blow it up large to work out what he did there. One of our best players since December. He certainly has a claim that just the reverse has been done to him for much of this season. Good enough for Brazil at WC, but Bakayoko picked ahead of him for the cup final. Bizarre. All unnecessary really. I feel 99% certain Conte is gone already. Willian is clearly a candidate to go if we get a bid - unless "Chelsea are going to buy enough stars to make a challenge for the Prem next year". And Willian is probably not going to be wanted the next time we are ready to challenge which is I guess 2022. Yes - but given that Conte is leaving WTF was he doing picking Bakayoko for a CF? Sending messages to someone?
  14. Conte, stay or go?

    So Coutinho and Walker weren't actually wanted. Whereas Matic - who was no longer first choice by the end of the season for 2nd season running, and er Costa, were wanted to stay by Conte .
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    What the hell does that mean Ham. What didn't you understand? And do you really think that picture is appropriate to anything?