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  1. Eden Hazard

    I could be standing sitting besides you and you still wouldn't know. But personally I'll be cheering for Matic to be fit.
  2. Eden Hazard

    I think the Crespo thing was much more complicated, and Chelsea really made an effort there. He took a property in SW6, and one night when he was out some bloke broke in and terrified his wife & sister-in-law - or at least something like that. I'm sure the full details can still be googled. Naturally the wife wanted out of London. I think life in Cobham is very decent for anyone on a Chelsea salary, very near 2 airports, and with a very good International School close by where a number of player kids go.
  3. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Drinkwater got put on the bench for a PL game, but never actually started. So just Man U then. Seen him score two goals in a blue Chelsea shirt. One good, the other staggeringly good. Not a dream, but a benefit game (Ossie's I think). I suspect none of the three were registered with us at the time. It was old Chelsea in blue against the young Chelsea in the Red shirts of that time (Ray Wilkins and his generation)
  4. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    They'd say he was using the feminine version of the word and meant something altogether nastier. After all it is a word lots of us use about the press in private.
  5. Eden Hazard

    At the risk of going off topic - how come no adverts on the site for some time. Does that make sense?
  6. Eden Hazard

    Everyone wants to blame one side, but sometimes both sides are to blame. (or is that talking maria and Conte again)
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not at all according to the article.
  8. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Has to be Kovacic against a strong team. Has to be Giroud against any team. I'd put Willian ahead of Pedro on form (he has been terrific in a lot of games recently) but that one is up for debate. Lets hope Azpi doesn't make it his 3rd worst game in his career in a row*. He started against Wales so presumably he is fit (Ampadu started too). Still at a level some players only average.
  9. Ross Barkley

    True. But there is also an instinctive reaction when anyone comes up with a pile of bullshit about how great a player is on the basis of one ordinary performance that follows a string of poor ones.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oh yes. A real new Costa would be wonderful again.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    I liked Oscar, but he always played in the middle of the 3 in 4231 for us. Closest would be the Kovacic position, and I think he'd be better than Kovacic (whom I'm not sold on yet) and certainly better than Barkley or RL, while Fabregas hasn't been tried there much (but might be the best of the lot). I don't think we can compare him with even this season's Kante who still gets through far too much work to be similar to anyone. I suspect he just sounds like the new Costa, not necessarily is the new Costa. Any more than Schurlle is the new er Schurlle. They are playing in a team that has scored 9 in 8 games, while conceding 21. No wonder the forwards are getting praise.
  12. Tiemoue Bakayako

    I bet he doesn't start one.
  13. Ross Barkley

    Sounds like one of his better performances then.
  14. Ross Barkley

    Was he any good?
  15. Media / Press

    Of course. I think you have been well and truly conned mate. Meanwhile in Westminster there is a stack of "New" Labour MPs facing deselection and in Palestine the news is not being covered. The actual news is a film sponsored by Chelsea. The PA article goes nowhere near that story, preferring to produce more anti-anti propaganda for its sponsors. When even the Press Association goes off track to report what it has been fed by a PR firm while ignoring the Chelsea official announcement you know how the press works.