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  1. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    He certainly didn't hide from the linesman by standing in line with defenders, always in a good position to make it an easy call.
  2. It's only because he is a brilliant footballer that we suffer. Otherwise we really wouldn't be bothered what he said or how he dressed. Though the "fake tan" skin colour irritates a bit.
  3. Chelsea 4 Cardiff City 1

    RLC would have started a lot more if it were on pay packets.
  4. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    Yup. Everytime we win it makes it easier to drop the senior players for the next game.
  5. Chelsea 4 Cardiff City 1

    A little late but still. Nice game. Pedro missed a lot of chances, and we just knew Willian would come on and score. He scored and won penalty! I think that both are very good, and arguments that one is so much better than the other miss the point. Both are great, but coming on 2nd against tiring oppo makes it much easier to look good. Zappacosta got a short run out as a winger. Interesting. There is a lot of Conte 16/17 about this team. Winning by the odd goal without being apparently any better than the oppo. Or winning by 4 without actually many chances. And doing all this without a defence than can keep the oppo out. Some of it is being blessed with a few really great players. Some of it is what Kante adds. Some of it may be manager lead, some should be superior fitness at the end, but a lot seems to be just mystery (less mysterious last year). Currently we are 14 goals for, 4 against. It could easily have been 10 for, 8 against. But not much Conte in Sarri. Thank God. Sarriball is way different. More fun too, which is a pleasant side effect. And under Sarriball I do have confidence that we can always score quickly when we need to. Just as I always had it for 6 and one bit seasons under JM, and under Grant and RDM. I'm much happier about us as Work in Progress than as a finished good. The defence needs to improve. We need to stop Jorginho giving the ball away so much. 95% pass success is not the figure to focus on if he makes 200 passes. It is the 10 times he gives it away in our own half that one must count. But most of all the quick fix is going to be movement up front. Sarriball is pretty much PinBall football, with the ball whizzing around rapidly. No surprise then that he players prefer to play Pinball with static players. And the most static of the lot has been Morata. Little wonder: Morata has achieved so little Alonso is our best striker (he does move across the box and no one knows how to pick him up Our goals mostly come from Alonso being in box or from the flashy skills of Hazard The Static Giroud is so much better than the static Morata (if you pass or cross to a static Giroud with a giant CB breathing down his neck, he does have a 50/50 chance of keeping the ball). We have beaten the weaker teams, struggled against Arsenal who were better for long periods, and looked woeful (early season) against City. Pressing high will have that effect. Many more chances will come when the CF starts to move, and Pedro/Willian/Hazard start to fill the spaces. In the meantime we are looking a lot like Arsenal - everyone looking to make the pre-penultimate pass, no one the final assist or final shot. Arsenal once had a cure for that - he was called Fabregas. We need someone like Fabregas, and with the midfield 3 no one can say there is no room for him. Of the candidates, RLC and Barkley do not look like claiming a role. Kovacic looks great in a Pinball circle. He does not look like the final ball man. Still miles ahead of RLC or Drinkwater, let alone the guy that so often played that role last year. Kovacic has impressed at times, but I suspect he may end up as an AM - more like Pedro than Fabregas. Have I mentioned yet who I'd pick. Sarri and "Looking at the ball" A few comments/questions on this. I think the quote goes back a few weeks to this: For me he is saying something very similar to "standing in the wrong places". The key is the bit about losing metres - he is talking about 5 defenders backing off and not challenge the men over the ball, who get to advance against a team in retreat. He's quite right. So the team has 15 points in 5 games, without ever looking that good, and with only one big game against a team that still finished below us. Throw in a few games against teams that can punish a high press, and I think we are currently on course for a 75 point season, not a 114 point one. But I also expect us to improve much further. And the purchases of Kepa, Jorginho, the loan of Kovacic, keeping Hazard and Kante and not kicking out any dead wood, all suggest to me that RA is thinking of a much shorter time frame for the revival than I was. I like Sarri even more than I expected to, and the team is doing much better too. Edit - and how many penalties have we had this season already?
  6. Tiemoue Bakayako

    There is a huge difference between a talent with a dodgy attitude, and a guy who can't look up without tripping over the ball.
  7. I keep being told that the Man U fans hate JM. That he has destroyed Shaw with his bullying. Now he has lost his rationality. Most bizarre - still turn things around - you mean back to the Moyes and LVG days - surely no one wants that.
  8. Completely unable to rationalise defeat to teams he should beat. He should listen to the post match interviews of most other PL managers and learn.
  9. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Back after a long drive up north and back today to deliver daughter to new Uni. Turn telly on, to see PSG equalise. hehe.... oh
  10. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    What were those blue Hospital pyjamas Sarri was wearing? Is he meant to be a surgeon or a patient in the loony bin? Could be either. There was some very desperate fondling of a tobacco packet 2nd half. And one hell of a shot from outside the box that swerved all over the place. Mixed day for him, but I hope he gets confidence from it. Giroud looks up for it too.
  11. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    Not on chances we didn't. One of those rare games where we won because Morata's finishing was better than the oppo's. Still I would accept that our faults look a lot easier to fix than Arsenal's. Very good point. Yes Can't see us settling for many draws.
  12. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    At this rate it is going to be one hell of a season. Much better 2nd half - as if we were at a football game. We did 2 things to up the work load for all/ replace a CB with a guy who plays just behind the CB Gone full press for almost the whole game For me that is far too quick a change and far too reckless. But maybe that is just the way Sarri wants to do it. Maybe he expects us to look really exposed this month, this part of the season, maybe all season. Yeah - and if he sticks to this 4123 format it might be a rocky couple of months too. Very very much like City play. But not quite the same players. Yeah - now that we are seeing a fit version of Barkley, he seems all hard work but no real skill. I'd expected RLC mkII. Mind you the last person who gave me that impression was Willian, who was all hard work for half a dozen games then one day cut in and hit an absolute rocket. My main concern about Barkley is that he seems happy enough to do his share of the pressing, but unwilling to become a more conventional CM when we don't have the ball. Kovacic looks the business though - on a few minutes. Leaves us with a very small midfield but fun.
  13. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    Well yes. But sometimes we are getting the winger back, and Jorginho is actually seeing a 3rd player run across the box to join what was supposed to be 2vs 2 and is now 3vs2
  14. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    Yes - for me it would be 4213 with Kante and Jorginho deep, as opposed to the 4123 we have now. You can't easily defend cutbacks - that is why Arsenal love them so much. All you can do is prevent the cutbacks.
  15. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    Yes 2-5 would not be wrong. I don't see it as the FB's problem. We have gone from Kante and a 3rd CB covering the FB to Jorginho and half hearted winger. Jorginho has a lot of quality, but covering a lot of space as a DM in the PL, I don't think he is up to. Short term, H2, Kante has to play alongside Jorginho. Arsenal love to play triangles around oppo FBs and overload one wing.
  16. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    I agree. That might be exactly why he is not on the bench. But ideally it would have been a PL loan.
  17. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    Ok - perhaps I should have concentrated on how our team got weaker as we had subbed everyone bar CHO by 63 mins. And how you can perm the Arsenal squad in any imaginable combination and still get the same performance. As to their starting 11, it seems to be more of a starting 22. Of that starting team, 5 were in their top 15 PL appearance makers last season. Guendozi might look like a starter now after he was picked against City, but he certainly didn't look like a natural starter as a 7m newly bought 19 year old before the game. Even Cech is no longer sure of his place
  18. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    Not totally meaningless. But we started with a weak team and dominated because they started with a very very weak team. The subs meant our team got weaker and weaker, while theirs got stronger. So at a point late 1st half they were better than us and much better at the end. It was interesting. But Arsenal have always had broad squads where no one really knows who the first choice GK is, let alone first choice striker or CB. Hopefully this game will be different - and the likes of Kante, Hazard and Willian will show us to have a few stars Arsenal can't match.
  19. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    Such a sad song (if anyone plays it though to the end). When people ask "what was the first record you ever bought" I have to admit to this one. Ernie was only fifty-two, he didn't want to die Now he's gone to make deliveries In that milkround in the sky Where the customers are angels And ferocious dogs are banned And a milkman's life is full of fun In that fairy dairy land But a woman's needs are many fold And Sue she married Ted But strange things happened on their wedding night As they lay in their bed Was that the trees a rustling Or the hinges of the gate Or Ernie's ghostly goldtop a rattling in their crate They won't forget Ernie (Ernie) And he drove the fastest milkcart in the west
  20. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    He has 3 not quite good CFs , 3 good AMs and 3 unknown AMs in Barkley, RLC and CHO. I can't see him planning a season around just the good 3AMs up front. At least not until both Barkley and RLC break through as real alternatives to Willian/Pedro. He'll stick with a CB, probably Morata/Giroud with alternating 60/30min shifts.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    No, I'm suggesting that if you somehow edited a video of a Chelsea match so that everyone became invisible except Alonso, then he would look, play and position himself exactly like most FBs in a flat 4 play. If you did the same to Marcelo or an RM FB, he would look like a WB playing. All the FBs at the top 4 clubs get forward at least as much as Alonso.
  22. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    He should be ready. He played one more WC than Willian and finished 1 week later. Hard to see why he wouldn't be one week behind Willian in pre-season (though Willian was quite electric last weekend). I would think 60 mins out of Hazard is quite reasonable.
  23. Michael Emenalo

    Wasn't that hard - well done. Lunacy all the same.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yup. Moreover, irrespective of how many CBs are playing, Alonso is very much a FB, while RM always play WBs like Marcelo