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  1. Eden Hazard

    I don't like these arguments that go "if we sell Hazard we'd only spend it on more Bakayokos". We might just as well buy the next Rudiger and next Kante. I think Liverpool and Spurs are going through an extraordinary good time right now. It might not last, but I don't think we can match those squad this summer without spending a lot lot more money than they do. Better look further into the future. Yes I think your perception of Brand Chelsea is a false one. We out preformed 3 of the last 5 years. We are the only club to get 80+ points in 3 of those 5 years. (us, 3, City 2, Liverpool, Spurs, Leicester once). And we stopped buyng raw talent in 2014. Since then it has been Kante, Rudiger, Bakayoko, Bats and Morata in 4 years, and only 2 of them were any good. We have a lot to catch up on.
  2. Following Chelsea's Loans

    As ever it seems we are getting too hopeful about the prospects of our younger players. It is one think having high expectations of RLC, he is 22 and needs to deliver next season. Quite different for Mount, 3 years younger. Lets wait and see, anything he does in the next 2 seasons should be treated as a bonus.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    1. No - PSG would have to start depreciating him from 2017 (over 6 years) because his value is falling and because clearly some of the committed payment represents his worth in 17/18. 2. It would make no difference anyway - once you take 3 year averages and recognise that even then UEFA allow clubs to break the limits in the short term. FFP is set up to make it extremely easy for clubs that over spend for a few years and underspend later. They really don't need accounting tricks to move payments between years. In the case of PSG the way around FFP appears to be related party transactions (which pretend to get around FFP but don't if the rules are employed properly), outright denial and calling UEFA's bluff. 3. PSG announced a massive deal and then said they would avoid breaking FFP. Why do you think they said that? Because it is true? Or simply because to admit it breaks FFP would be PR suicide? They have spent the last few years denying they broke FFP when UEFA said they did. 4. There are better explanations. Some buyers may have cash flow problems, so that the usual half now, half after 1 year payment schemes aren't flexible enough. If I sold a player for payment in 1 year, I'd want some reassurance I could get the player back if the buying club failed to pay me. A 1 year loan then payment would solve that real problem.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Exactly - got it now?. Ham - you just don't understand this stuff so why dig deeper?
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Actually there have been 3 or 4 responses from me. No explanation from you at all other than repeating "its for FFP".
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    or anything more than a little silly and a little unprofesssional. One, probably both, have effectively left the club already. No, done, no. Best comparison is minutes. Starts almost as good. Appearances is v misleading. Comparing starts gives very very similar numbers to minutes because players who get subbed on a lot are invariably the same that get subbed off a lot when starting. If you seriously want to see how that works in practice go to any club's squad data that includes starts, subs and minutes and do the maths/excel sheet. Willian has scored no penalties according to my source (transfmarkt in this case). Sorry Ham, if you understand neither basic accounting nor basic PR (how to present deals to the press) I suggest you drop the topic.
  7. Conte, stay or go?

    Good points, even I still think them hypothetical. Whatever people think about Willian editing a photo, Conte's comments the other day in Italy about Chelsea players not being good enough are either a resignation statement or a declaration of war with the squad. And similar comments about club ambition are the same with the club. Next year with Conte would be very very turbulent.
  8. Alvaro Morata.

    I have always thought that the exclusive stories are the purely made up ones. Especially the Jason Burt and Duncan Castles ones. Whereas the ones which are not exclusive have come from agents or clubs putting out misleading info, and are expected to be in every paper next morning. Genuine inside stories are few and far between, and very rare about Chelsea. If we have a budget for all that then sure go for it. I just don't believe we have that budget, or even should have that budget. And buying Levandowski while letting Hazard or Courtois leave or not buying 3 other 1st team ready players would be pointless. It is 2011 again, look for the long term and buy players for 2022.
  9. Conte, stay or go?

    Can't argue with that.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    1. which is why I specifically included "when... or assets start to work for you" in my statement. Yes if you buy for a year forward and he doesn't arrive for a year, depreciation starts only after he arrives (or earlier if you receive rental/loan fees on him). But if you commit to buy him now, and he starts play now, the asset is depreciating now, and you would either have to create a reserve for the years use in your P&L and balance sheet or treat him as an asset from day 1. 2. A guarantee to buy as above has no FFP effect. In some cases, like Salah to Roma, the up front option fee makes the FFP effect pretty much the same as a straight deal. The value of an option can change dramatically (if the player performs) and that has a very real effect on P&L. But beyond that FFP effects are very limited. People like to be smart, play the FD game and show how clever deals can move FFP numbers from one year to the next. But then the accountant used depreciation to average the numbers over 3 4 or 5 years. Then the FFP rules means only 3 year averages are looked at Then UEFA are quite happy to ignore any one or two 3 year periods if the club have a credible argument that numbers will be offset in later periods. So the very idea that moving £50m or £100m or even a Mbappe purchase from one year into another helps anyone is daft. Options are all about buyers, or sellers, or both, being uncertain how to value a player right now.
  11. Eden Hazard

    This. And we were stronger defensively when we defended with 3 AMs on half way line than with 3 CBs on the penalty box edge.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not what I said - what matters is when the commitment to pay happens or the asset starts to work for you, not the day money changes hands. If you don't understand the basics of accounting then you should be more wary about declaring things are ridiculous. (At least the football FD players who go on about depreciating assets instead of cash understand this much). More over, it would have been impossible for PSG to do the Neymar deal and not tell the press they can avoid FFP. The likely truth - there is no trick, but they are just going to bluster their way through - is not something they could announce at the press conference. This is after all precisely the same as both PSPG and MC have done with related sponsorship deals. Pretended it was OK, and blamed UEFA for getting it wrong when it didn't work. Then UEFA more or less bottled it.
  13. Conte, stay or go?

    Yes. The biggest mistakes in football are those of keeping managers too long.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    FFP is based on P&L accounting, not cash flow accounting. When you pay makes no difference. FFP Accounting rules to import revenues/profits are based on the same ideas that countries use to prevent export of profits/revenues to avoid tax. They are long established and well understood. They are very difficult to get around. That includes rules on related party transactions (City sponsorship). FFP enforcement rules though are brand new and are pretty much untested. The way to break FFP is not going to be some clever accounting trick. It will be simply calling UEFA's bluff - like the sponsorship deals. "I dare you to punish me".
  15. Conte, stay or go?

    Me too - but it is 70/30 win/win, Fulham wouldn't be bad. I rarely watch non-Chelsea games, but this one may be the only game I watch till August (unless I hear RM are 3 up at halftime - actually maybe even not that).
  16. Conte, stay or go?

    Or that he can't say anything until after Fulham get promoted on Saturday. :) When we read stuff in the papers the smart question to ask is why is it there? Why has someone unknown leaked to several papers that Conte might take a year break? And if he had plans not to take a year break, is there any reason why he'd want that rumour out now? For a journalist it is easy thought - run with the words you have now, because changing the story later is just another headline. Yes. But it has been repeated in other papers since, all without a source, but all apparently getting the same story from somewhere. Doesn't make it true, just it is true someone wants this message out there. A deliberate leak. Odd. Given that Conte is the best guy out there, increasingly looks to be leaving Chelsea, and someone is putting out info that he might take a year off a few days before RMs last and biggest game of the season, surely the opposite is indicated.
  17. Alvaro Morata.

    Which goes to show how much money can be wasted on single bad decisions, though we did buy Rudiger too. I think the concerns are 1. what happens is we spend £100m on a single player and get that wrong too 2. Should we be planning for the next 2 years with a 30 year old striker and the current squad, or should we be planning for a new squad in 3 years time. The days when we could compete every year are long gone.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    How is that related to FFP? Yes - short term cash flow for most clubs is much more of a concern than FFP numbers (which is essentially cash flow flattened out 3 times, through conventional accounting, the 3 year average, and the flexibility FFP rules has).
  19. Conte, stay or go?

    Random jottings of hacks without a clue. There is far more sensible stuff on here to read. Even some of your stuff Bob.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    So I gather - but it a 1 year loan + 4 year contract, amortised over 5 years. So the FFP terms are the same as a 5 year contract would be. PSG are unlikely to have any cash flow issues, though they may be planning even more exaggerated "commercial Deals". I see no FFP advantage here at all - but it might be they have another plan to finance the actual purchase after the year - perhaps with the Qatari backers buying and loaning him back, or buying his image rights. We'll have to wait to see what the FFP trick is. Being PSG, there may be not trick at all, just bluster. Edit: When PSG announce a deal like this, they know the first question will be "why doesn't this break FFP". That they have some bullshit statement that says the deal structure avoids FFP is no surprise. The only surprise would be if it worked.
  21. Conte, stay or go?

    Nothing wrong at all with current behaviour in the dug out by Conte. What is wrong is the gap between the Stamford the lion impressions of last season and the lion of Trafalgar square impression this season.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    As I understood it Salah's deal was an option, but not a free option. So EUR 5mn if they don't buy, EUR 20mn if they do - a very similar construction to the penalty clause you mentioned. Still an option though, because if he really did turn out rubbish they weren't forced to take him. The EUR 5mn fee would be taken up front as a cost in the first year, making the deal in P&L or FFP terms the same as a 4 year contract and a Eur 20mn fee. No FFP advantage, but perhaps other advantages, including cash flow (did Roma have cash issues?). Chelsea are famous for doing deals that help out the cash flow of the counter party. Most deals are half now, half in 1 year. We have usually paid 100% up front (we have an owner with better access to credit than most clubs).