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  1. Wonderful stuff. Loved the bit where Michy celebrates us going 2-0 up before getting told - unfair but funny. Thanks
  2. Not how I recall it. I recall a number of people here making categoric statements that he'd go to China in the Summer and if not to AM, based on much softer statements in the press. The noisy gang bought the story wholly. Just one lone voice saying no one goes to China in the Summer and AM can't afford Costa.
  3. I'm all for spending, and agree wholly that Bats & Morata for 1 position is far from satisfactory on what we have seen so far (and neither has the kind of record of Costa or even Drogba at previous clubs). But Bats/Morata for 1 place is still a lot more reassuring than Hazard/Pedro/Willian for 2 AM positions (4 if you count typical subs) Or Alonso/Moses for 2 WBs. Priority just has to be a medium sized squad.
  4. They are not Spurs (and without their best player, Lukaku). One think to go in eyes open, but I doubt we will attempt to play them as cautiously as we did Spurs. "would". Or Should I guess. About 9 more days, you are probably right, and the club is getting is wrong big time again. 4 more players (6 ideal), but 4 and we are PL favourites. None and we are likely to struggle as much or more as 15/16.
  5. Can you? If you want to define our formation by how we line up when Courtois has the ball, there may be some truth there. But those moments last maybe 10 times as long as the ones where there CM has the ball. So I struggle to find heat maps very relevant to tactics. Perhaps if there were heat maps with the ball and without the ball. Perhaps someone one-day will even come out with a clear description for the rules that heat map makers follow. I've not seen any yet.
  6. We loaned out all the marginal ones long ago except Rahman (injured) Remy (probably injured) and Kenedy (persona non grata and probably to be loaned soon).
  7. No - advanced full backs are not new either - goes back to Terry Cooper at Leeds if not before. Most teams play most of the time with one advanced FB unless the oppo push 3 up. Forget starting formations. Generally 1 oppo forward means two at the back. 2 forwards mean 3 at the back. 3 forwards means 4 at the back. Players have always moved about the pitch according to the demands of the game. There is very little new in the game.
  8. Me too - Can you hear the Chelsea sing
  9. Surely Spurs were doing it before us. Loads of teams did it. Glen Hoddle did it as a player at Chelsea. Moreover plenty of teams have done it as Spurs do it with Dier - a biggish guy at DM who sometimes plays CM, and sometimes drops back as 3rd CB. This 2 and a half CB thing has been around for at least a decade. It was how Mikel mostly played. It was how Matic played under JM. Indeed it is how Chelsea often play now, with Azpi pushing up alongside Kante at times. Too much oversimplification of formation by idiot commentators IMO.
  10. Just to clarify - I was expanding on Mark's point that their might be alternative factors in the selection process. Not suggesting that this justified either the process or the actual chosen squad, far from that. Likewise I can see how the same factors might lead to a coach getting away with being racist - but not proof in itself, nor a justification either. So firstly yes there are minority girls at private schools. But there are State schools with white minorities. The difference is huge. Especially if we look just at the cultures that provide most male sportsmen (Europeans, Africans, Afro-carribean). or say provide most female athletes (in athletics it seems roughly to me that males and females are balanced similarly). Hockey I agree, almost exclusively a posh school's sport - steady boys Team GB's hockey women (pictured) took gold in Rio after an unbeaten run through the competition in August. Pictured: (1) Hollie Webb, (2) Susannah Townsend, (3) Alex Danson, (4) Georgie Twigg, (5) Kate Richardson-Walsh, (6) Lily Owsley, (7) Laura Unsworth, (8) Sam Quek, (9) Sophie Bray, (10) Crista Cullen, (11) Maddie Hinch, (12) Helen Richardson-Walsh, (13) Shona McCallin and (14) Hannah Macleod But I still think that there is some impact on football too. If only the culture that girls can commit large amounts of time to sport. On the lesbian thing, I think the point is that it must get very very cliquey. Perhaps black women don't go into sport to be with other females*, and perhaps they get excluded because they are not participating in the community. The 3rd hand quote I heard years ago about the England Hockey team was from someone admitting to gay experimenting, because it was more or less expected as part of being in the team. Actually I do wonder if our Chelsea CF talks of being isolated from the team as much because she is straight (if she is) as because of race. * I suspect more black girls get into football by playing alongside or in boys teams. and BTW the GB men's Hockey team seems equally as white as the women (not even the odd Indian or Pakistani I can see in the photo). But I doubt being gay is relevant.
  11. If you mean we defended only 20 m from our penalty area, and let them have it as far as the first 10 or 15m into our half, I see your point. We have at times pushed right out into oppo halves and really chased teams down. But that is an aggressive way to play, and not a 90 min tactic. I don't mind if we don't do that. But we did draw a line in the sand, and it was well outside our box, and the area inside was well marshalled by ball winners. I'm quite happy with that.
  12. Or Jesus saved, Moses put in the rebound as we say down here.
  13. I don't see much difference between Willian's chance and Kane's, or for that matter with Alonso's two goals - both of which were marginal chances taken very well. I take your point about not being lucky. Though I would describe it differently - our tactics and play meant that we were the more likely team to win. But purely on chances it could have gone either way. Only for the first few minutes, especially the positions of the FBs in a back 5. But by about 20 mins, we were sorted out - with our 3 CMs and 2 WBs (and Willian) chasing down anyone in our half who even looked like receiving a pass. A big contrast to our poor start of a year ago where the players gathered in our box and waited to see what Eriksen would deliver. Kind of like giving him the time to line up the great ball in and the strikers time to make the long runs they made for their free-kick goal, but for every time they had possession. Luiz and Baka chase down players aggressively, and they came in for Matic and Hazard. No wonder we defended properly.
  14. That Torres hung around for a bit, didn't he.
  15. Nice Tweet. Will Pep be here next season? Will Tixi still be there?
  16. Oh. I'd have said that Fabregas would fit ideally into that formation. As one of 3 CMs rather than one of 2. I agree that he doesn't fit so much into that style of play (denying any opponent more than half a second on the ball in our half) but this is Everton, not Spurs, and we should seek to be more dominant. My guess is that Hazard should be ready v soon - otherwise why the practice game? My concern is that the practice game was not so much for our benefit, but for Barca's or RM looking to replace Neymar (or Bale). Hazard for 3 Barca players and 2 others in - would nearly be enough.
  17. Musonda and Boga fill a vacuum in the squad. They are not real squad members. the pecking order goes: Real squad members Promising players put out on loan for development Less promising players kept back for training purposes and emergencies. leaving us with 3 real options only. Palmer, Piazon, the sold Atsu, Pasalic would all be miles ahead of Musonda or Boga.
  18. The two factors I can think of are: Private schools pushing girls sport a lot lot more than state schools. and I was told long ago that lesbianism was very common at the upper levels of England Women's Hockey. I forgot about that until I heard an interview a week or so ago with the scorer of a key penalty in a 2016 final - "how did it feel taking that penalty with your spouse watching you from the half way line as captain?"* Women's football may well be the same, which might drive out minority groups. *Jonathan "Aggers" Agnew is the new "Johnners". How many people could have asked that question and make it seem natural?
  19. I think we saw commitment in his first year, didn't we?
  20. I've really not looked at this story closely, and only just found out that Aluko is a Chelsea player. But this photo of the England squad looks seriously wrong for 2017.
  21. Ahem. 6 goals :) But I agree the stats are wild - so many goals, picked so little. Surreal I think the real criticism has to be why has he got so few minutes in a whole season? There seem to be 2 alternative opinions: a) both the Costa playing crap story and the Conte hates Costa story were nonsense (quite possible) or b) Conte really does not rate Bats. For what it is worth I think both are true.
  22. and what was weakest about him in the chances he has had (which were more than quite a few that cost £15 to £25m. I wonder if he has been playing full contact practice games for the first time at Palace? It was always clear he'd have to do it on loan first because he was messing up his chances at Chelsea.
  23. Apart from the goal (Alveread would have put that in if Bats left it), hitting the post and a great save at the far post by Courtois. But I agree not as many as they might. Getting the first goal was a huge advantage for us.
  24. I think that is a fair statement. But it is also true of Bats in this game. And of Morata in 3 consecutive games (putting Arsenal on side, getting a goal disallowed at Burnley, and a big miss at Spurs). But generally he created a good impression for me. We had 4 players closing Spurs players down quickly - plus the back 5. Normally Hazard and Fabregas/Matic don't do that well. Spurs, apart from breakaways, like to stand over the ball, look up for defender losing runs across the penalty area, and with time play accurate balls in. This midfield was determined not to let them do that, which is why they struggled to create as much as usual
  25. He will dramatically improve anyteam that has to play Burnley without Hazard and Pedro.