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  1. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    109 minutes recently. 18 months left, not final year. Plenty of time to sign a contract too - indeed if his agents had no intention to sign up, they wouldn't be leaking stories to the press. You only do that to get better terms than those on the table.
  2. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Yes. And we normally do offer our young players an awful lot of money to sign 5 year contracts. We are a generous club. Won't happen. Now the next curious question is what happens with George McEachran, fellow U17 WC champion. Will his brother be advising him? And what figure will he have in mind?
  3. Kante and Jorginho - The Conundrum

    When? 6 games for us. None for Leicester. Perhaps you watched him before. Besides I have no large issue with people claiming he would be a good DM. Mostly it is just those who insist that that is where he has always played.
  4. Indeed. That is a problem with my "football ought to have male commentators" pov. (And I make an exception for WC and FA cup finals which are family events - equivalent to men watching strictly). I think the real weird thing was 2 people on the show that apparently were able to think for themselves. And Merson.
  5. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Football wise, not signing was a disaster for Solanke (though as one of the many contact scared giants we seem to produce I can't say I am much bothered). Finance wise for Solanke and his advisors he had two moves already, 2 signing on fees at PL clubs and probably 2 big pay rises. Not bad for a 21 year old with 6 PL starts. My guess is that he will earn twice as much over 2016-21 as Chelsea offered him while turning out to be half as good. (And of course the true reason youngsters want to get away, is not that they are confident they deserve starts and will be superstars, but that advisers are worried they won't turn out half as good as hoped for and want to cash in early). Yes, but if I were his adviser.... And brother and Dad will have a lot of influence in how he spends his money as a teenager. No influence at all by the time he is 25 and married.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    32 by the end of the season and not going to be here for our next revival. Just the kind of player the club are pleased to thank by letting them leave when they would like. Good news for everyone except Henry who will see him perform for the previous manager. All that creation of time through fast passing was perfect for Fabregas, he should have loved it. Besides if he hated not playing under Sarri at 31, imagine what he thought about Conte at 29. Everything about him suggest good squad member. We have too many players, some have to go. Fabregas short term however things pan out. It would be most odd not to let him go. Costa was never going to China. He made that very clear himself - AM or Chelsea only. (Seriously the guy who hated England because he couldn't speak the language was never going to China.)
  7. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    No they aren't. Mostly one or the other. Agendas if you like. But any replacement will give less time to CHO. Possibly going to 442 or 352 and giving no time to CHO.
  8. Yes. Good clip. You have to wonder why Merson is on there. And he claims to go to games. I thought what have they done putting a woman talking about football tactics, but she turned out to be the Chelsea ladies manager, and had some good points.
  9. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    :) though I think you got the font order the wrong way around - goes from quiet to shouting and beyond.
  10. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Well I like to count chickens not eggs. We do play him, normally we wait till last 12 months (this summer) before we stop players playing on loan or for first team. They'll play him if needed till the Summer. Then he needs to sign a contract. I doubt the first part - I doubt if he personally were in such disagreement with the club that he would be so close to the first team and on the bench even. I suspect any dispute is purely agent to club over money (which is quite common really though rarely do the newspapers make so much of an issue). Playing guarantees are purely agent talk. The rest of the squad still seem to be talking to him, so he hasn't told them he expects to start ahead of them. Any press leaks aren't coming from BM (who in public have been quite matter of fact about it all) or Chelsea or Callum. So almost certainly they are coming from his immediate agents (brother/father - hard to tell them to STFU) or possibly an intermediary agent who is advising them on how to extract some money right now (= hijacking the deal). Plenty of those kinds around. I agree that the weird thing here is how so many fans have chosen to back player against club on an issue like this? Strange. The anti-Sarri, anti-club agenda must be particularly strong right now.
  11. Chelsea vs Malmo FF

    Just a lucky amateur? I think we all thought we were going nowhere in 10/11. He sacked CA, and we spent millions on proven but very young talent across Europe outbidding everyone else. It seemed very pointless and haphazard. Then in 2013 he hired Lester Piggott who insisted on Costa and a few final pieces and the horse raced to the top rapidly. I got it wrong in 10/11. Turns out there was a very deep well thought out masterplan. Took me a long time to realise. I won't be writing off Chelsea that quickly again. Nor should you.
  12. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    You could well be the reason for that. Are you trying to get a job on BT sports for tomorrow?
  13. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    There is no problem with CHO - unless you have one. You do not understand what I wrote then.
  14. Kante and Jorginho - The Conundrum

    True - there are very few on here talking rationally or feeling obliged to stick to actual situations to make their points. It is hardly pedantic to deny that Kante is a DM to someone who thinks he should play there because he always has.
  15. Kante and Jorginho - The Conundrum

    Kante is not a DM, and in the half dozen games he played there early 16/17 he was slated. Sad state when the punters on here become as ill-informed as the press and the likes of Chris Sutton.
  16. Getting better. The turn off false intro fact doesn't come till 2nd sentence. If the bid was just £15m, why is anyone even bothered discussing that?
  17. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Stoke were a selling club and took a big fee. They also sold Shilton at 24. Plus of course Shilton really was a world class player. CHO hasn't shown that much as an adult. The Cech /Courtois example is interesting. When we bought the 19 year old keeper for what was about the 4th highest ever fee for an adult keeper, we stuck him straight out on loan. He didn't start a game for Chelsea until he was 22. But CHO started a game in November and in December. And if BM ever actually did bid for CHO, then they certainly would have declared their interest by late November. He played in January because Morata was unavailable, Giroud injured, Pedro injured, leaving us with 3 front players (+RLC who got injured in his first 4 mins as a winger). To those of us with fingers to count, his appearance was not a surprise. Solanke only ever had one loan. His issue was pure and simply money (though watching Abraham surpass him in ability if not talent must have been difficult). Liverpool thought they could pull a fast one by persuading him not to extend his contract. They did - the tribunal is reported to have set a fee of just £3m. Then 18 months later Liverpool sold him to Bournemouth for £10m. It is of course grossly unfair to compare CHO to Jody Morris. We shouldn't put such expectations on the lad. I'm assuming you never saw the young Jody play. CHO gets the easy role - stay out wide, and watch 8 of our players battle 10 of theirs before pushing the ball out to an unmarked LW or RW. Given that, he has done OK, but nothing special. First half against Forest for example he (and RLC on the other side) was complete rubbish.. There is so much agenda about club and sarri in what gets said about CHO. Really unfair on the kid.
  18. Chelsea vs Malmo FF

    Well put. And if people are going to understand this we need to create language that describes it well. Well Spurs took a big step downwards last season. City have dropped a little this season. I don't see it as black and white. More over neither team are going to beat City by the end of the season. Take your choice, do you want the 3rd, 4th with the occasional 2nd and no cups? Or do you want to occasionally win things. So assuming you manage them well, what are the skills you need for that? Are they the same as the artistic skills of your employees? Do you have to have done the job to manage them? I ask because many years ago I was a financial trader, and absolutely the worst people managers of financial traders are financial traders.
  19. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    The grown ups got fit and Higuain arrived. It was Sheffield Wednesday. The guys standing out on the wings while 10 oppo battle 8 Chelsea in the middle get a free run every time. It is precisely how better teams play weaker teams. Sorry Ham, you can shout as much as you like, but it doesn't make CHO deserve a starting place.
  20. Chelsea vs Malmo FF

    There are dozens of scouts. No idea who any of them are, but they are not part of the JM, Conte or Sarri coaching team. Hopefully after people like Arnesen and Mike Frord made fools of themselves in the past, they keep very quiet. Certainly for 3 windows Jan 17-18 we had a very very weird policy. We had barely any fit players at all in September 17, and about 7 or 8 too many 6 months later. Costa went (certainly a manager decision) and 5 players out of Italy arrived. Change of policy, change of target age group, change of quantity, change of quality (we bought players we knew weren't good enough - not rising talents, but fading ones). It was just as if some alien had crept into the body of Emenalo and taken over. Except that Emenalo moved out, and the conflict was never Conte vs Emenalo, it was Conte Marina.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    W2D1 in last 3 games, with a goal for our midfielder. Up 3 places to 16th, and out of the relegation places. I'd certainly understand any demand to have brought on Fabregas last night to "try something different". But surely all our 30+ players are out on offer to anyone who wants them.
  22. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    The real question is how he played so much in January. The answer is simple and I have pointed it out before. Morata was unavailable because he was off to AM (perhaps not so obvious at the time). Giroud was injured, unavailable completely or only for half an hour at the end. Pedro picked up a short term injury. We had 3 (briefly 2) senior AMs left and one of those had to play CF (not Sarri lunacy as alleged, just plain injuries). Given all but Hazard is over 31 or just 18, no surprise that there was a lot of rotation and even young CHO played. RLC started one game at RW but got injured by half time (I think we all know where that is going). He is at School till the summer. He is small, lightweight but fast. Perfect for those games where we dominate and can leave one winger out wide as the out ball knowing the FBs will be dragged inside. Typical young teenage winger. Totally inappropriate to pick him for a battle against a much bigger Man U side with the ref letting them get away with murder. I really am quite shocked that people even suggest it.
  23. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    109 mins in 6 matches.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Absolutely but we won't achieve anything with a few short term transfers or a new manager. 10 pickable players, which means buying 15 and filtering. 3 years minimum. Get used to it early.
  25. Chelsea vs Malmo FF

    Incredible for me. 2013 to 2017 wasn't really short term. Plenty of fun there. We build we win, we rebuild. Meanwhile Spurs and Liverpool are still building. 15/16 wasn't a rebuild,just a retweak, and we came back with the next high flying manager and team to win. WE have only had 2 rebuilds since RA, excluding the Ranieri year. 04/06, then again 11/14. I'm happy to put up with 19/22. Just a shame it couldn't start when Conte was here.