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  1. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Essien, Le Saux, Young, Valencia, and loads loads more.
  2. Official: Chelsea Sign Tiemoue Bakayako

    Against Norwich I thought he was very poor, considering he was playing the kind of role he did well in (in Kante's place) earlier this seaason - as you point out. After Kante came on it was like we were down to 10 men/9men/8men and his dog, spot. He was wandering around but no one would pass to him, while the very motivated Morata and the ever eager Kante were like jackals to the ball and the guy in between was just a spectator. He's a CB.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Certainly they would. But it is not the first false claim against us, and I'll be very surprised if it is upheld. I think the real issue is how the Spanish FA monitor the Spanish clubs. They seem to get away with anything. Messi was given human growth hormone, brought to Spain at 13 and his Dad given a job at Barca. And the whole press still congratulates Barca for being so generous. No English club could have got away with that in the last 30 years.
  4. Brighton vs Chelsea

    He should have been there a season ago - but we just don't have the AMs to get away with it.
  5. VAR What?

    Thanks. Pretty scimpy that, leaving a lot to the imagination. There is also a 67 page handbook which no one will ever read. https://www.knvb.nl/downloads/bestand/9844/var-handbook-v8_final No surprise that no one has a clue what they are actually allowed to do and what not.
  6. VAR What?

    First has anyone seen a full explanation of what VAR is supposed to be. From the FA or PMGOB? I haven't yet From the Norwich thread, but it seems right to make a VAR thread: Why did the FA introduce VAR? And given a reason, what would that imply about the way it was used? My thoughts: FA/PMGOB concern Ref embarrassment Best decision everytime Deter ref bias Intention Avoid headlines about big errors, but avoid referees being overruled frequently Any thing contentious should be reviewed and corrected Decision-making and rationale should be clear to viewers on TV and at game. Ref errors should be highlighted, not hidden Rules 5th ref watching, but only over-ruling big errors, and passing on minor or excusable mistakes Any contentious decision reviewed, correct decision made irrespective of first decision by ref. Appeals by teams allowed Any contentious decision reviewed, correct decision made irrespective of first decision by ref. Access to decision process for TV or match goers Private between ref and 5th ref. No explanations ever given. Doesn't matter Open discussion for TV viewers at least, method of signalling decision to match goers. Ref and 5th official miked up for TV and matchgoers Example Football only Rugby, cricket, American Football Rugby, cricket, American Football So what does that tell us about why VAR has been introduced? And worse - the only thing that deters blatant ref bias is that really big bad decisions get blown up in the press. If VAR removes the worst, but allows dozens of smaller ones to creep through unmentioned (but apparently approved) then the risk of getting shamed as a bias ref is much much smaller. This VAR leads to MORE ref bias. Didn't want to.
  7. Official: Antonio Conte Appointed As New Manager

    I doubt Chelsea would want Conte to go into next season with 12 months left, so it is about time for Chelsea to start negotiations for an extension and for Conte's agent to fake some interest elsewhere. In other words I wouldn't get too worried about his agent talking to the press. In itself it adds nothing to the equation. (So Conte no more likely to leave than yesterday...)
  8. VAR What?

    One of a bunch of idiocies in the current rule. Imagine one player shoves another and the ref can't decide on a yellow or a red, and calls for a VAR. And that shows that very sneakily the pushed player had first grabbed the balls of the pushee, in a way that no referee could reasonably have seen. What happens? Nothing, just the yellow I guess. If the goal is fairness, that would be a good idea. I'm pretty sure the goal is in fact to protect the reputation of referees and to hell with fairness.