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  1. Squad Status: 2017/2018 Season

    Lots to say too, so why not here. Your excellent post triggers a few points. 1. "When everyone is fit." I think that is unlikely unless we reach the CL semis when miracles often occur. A "what if?" not a "when". Even if the manager/board get it right in January, I don't see us gaining more than 1 or 2 net players, and we may find Bats moves on then too. Still right now everything is OK. Decent PL position, decent CL group position. 2. "the lack of complete wing backs in the squad. " I think we need to understand just why we were so good in 2014/15 and 2016/17. In 14/15 it was because of a voracious front 4 of Costa, Hazard, Oscar and Willian which chased down every ball carrier, created with great ingenuity, counterattacked rapidly and offered a wealth of targets for our genius Fabregas. In 16/17 it again was hard work, but all over the pitch, with essentially 8 of our players outplaying 10 of theirs and the 2 WBs sitting out wide and creating havoc when ever the ball came to them. They were not, and did not need to be fantastic WBs (though Alonso may have something special) but the were very very effective - because of the hard work done all over the pitch. I don't think you get better WBs by buying them. I think you get effective WBs if and only if you dominate the middle of the park. And if you don't dominate the middle, you MUST bring your WBs into normal play - either by pushing them narrow into midfield or making them conventional FBs and replacing a CB with a midfielder. The current method - going to a back 5 is just not working and never going to work. So to fix the WBs you have to fix the mojo of the whole team (= buy 4 fresh players next year). In the meantime the WBs will bring us little joy - remove. 3. Scoring or Defending. We outscored everyone last season except Spurs (1 goal more). We spent long periods defensively relying on counter attack or cautious precise buildups rather than committing men forward. When behind or level with less than 20 mins to go we were very very effective at breaking down opponents at will. We chose not to commit to attack - BUT it worked as a strategy. Only one team conceded less than us last season. This season we are 7th= in the list of goals conceded - 7th = with 4 other teams so effectively mid table. This despite us playing mostly an even more defensive version of last years football. Sooner or later we should draw the obvious conclusion and go out on the offence - try to outscore the oppo instead of out-defend them. (But later probably - once we actually have some offensive players to use, rather than a team of 8 natural CBs). 4. "Batshuayi and Morata are both very good in the box," Which does make you wonder why we are playing tactics that put even more dependence on a CF willing and able to tough it out with defenders and hold the ball up than we ever did with Drogba or Costa. Stick Morata and Bats in the front of City's front 5 and I am sure they'd do brilliantly. Morata might match Kane and either would certainly push Firminho out of his place. They don't get isolated by their midfield, and they are looking for the Coutinho or KdB pass, not the big CB charging into their back following another long clearance. I understand the praise for them. I just think they deserve more than the current tactics do for them. Perhaps we should have bought Deeney or Llorente.
  2. Chelsea vs Everton

    Saturday is more important than Wednesday, yes. But maybe Tuesday next week at Roma is more important than both. Tricky without players. I suspect that only Musonda of the younger players will start mid-week, or perhaps Kenedy (who is not so young nowadays), but not both. Subs, unless the result is in doubt don't matter. My guess is that Conte will mostly stick to experienced players and just try to rest 3 or 4 in the first time around, and 1 or 2 others at Bournemouth. For most positions that works reasonably well - it is easy to do for CF, GK and 5 defenders. At AM it might be Hazard/Musonda then Pedro/Willian with Kenedy as sub. At CM is it is trickiest (we do have 2 CMs injured). I suspect Luiz (or better IMO Azpi or Christensen) will start one game in CM and Fabregas will just have to keep on jogging through. If this is a 2 game preparation for Roma, it will be interesting to see who will lead the line there as I guess they will be supported by just 1 AM and the WBs playing in a flat 5 again.
  3. Chelsea 4 Watford 2

    I don't think you can have watched last season where the creativity of our AMs took us to the title at a canter. We have been starting with 5 or 6 defenders and Bakayoko and asking them to play as 5 or 6 defenders and a DM. Blaming the AMs completely misses the point. Er - surely it is Conte who asks him to play like Costa or Drogba, not the fans. It is Conte he is failing, not us.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Brilliant goal scorer. Dreadful CF. Not much work rate (or at least his work is not that effective) There might be a way to incorporate him into a PL team, but it won't be one with 5 starting defenders. To be honest the same may yet be said of Morata. Given how the "wonderful Conte" consistently overlooked Bats to play the "dreadfully disinterested" Costa for the second half of last season, I'm surprised how quick some have been to change their mind on Bats.