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  1. Didier Drogba

    Good point. Those 15 goals Anelka's scored this season just aren't enough.Thank God Drogba's around, supporting the team with his injuries and needless suspensions. (There you are Grahame, saved you the bother).
  2. Ashley Cole

    Awful tackle from Maka. Would've been a booking in an actual match. He should've saved that kind of thing for the Mancs tomorrow!
  3. Didier Drogba

    It's been a prevelant aspect of his game since he got back from the ACN, and it's happened in a few games now. Which is fine when you're scoring 30 a season but not when most of your shots are looking more like back passes. Drog's needs to start playing for the team again and not for himself.
  4. Michael Essien

    It was Essien who gave possession away against Spurs that lead to their penalty in the Cup Final too.He was our player of the year last season but this season he has been very poor. No drive or fight. Very worrying and he certainly doesn't deserve a place in the first 11 on current form.
  5. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by KhobarOh God, I hope we don't fall into the media trap of making the words 'Drogba' and 'diving' synonymous again. Shouldn't we concentrate on, say, Wayne Rooney instead? id="quote"> id="quote">It's impossible for Rooney to dive. He's English...
  6. Michael Essien

    Two statements which made me smirk: Cassie has dated footballers before, but her relationship with Michael is different they met at London's Chinawhite club... To quote Kanye West... "now I ain't saying' she a gold digger..."
  7. Didier Drogba

    At least Drogs and Aulas haven't been photographed in a restaurant together. Tapping up seems so commonplace it would be hypocritical of Chelsea, or any big club, to make accusations against another unless it was truly blatant. Veering off topic slightly, did I hear somewhere that Drogs had signed a new and improved 4 year contract?
  8. Didier Drogba

    Drogba was top for Assists (11) for 2005/6, according to Actim Stats. So maybe we should give Jose the benefit of the doubt in that he knows what he's doing! Whether it makes for eye-catching football or not is another matter.
  9. Frank Arnesen

    Once again The Guardian are printing a s**t-stirring story about us. It's getting to the point of absurdity. Arnesen's brief is to recruit and nurture youth players, ideally into the first team. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...sea/4360286.stm This makes nonsense of the Guardian's claims that: "The rise of Arnesen's star will put more pressure on Mourinho to deliver the Champions League in return for what has been almost £100m of investment in players' transfer and wage costs this summer. The arrivals of the world-renowned Michael Ballack and Andriy Shevchenko mark a shift in transfer policy during this transfer window, with an emphasis on highly marketable players as Arnesen seeks to manufacture the team of glitterati Roman Abramovich craves." So Arnesen is responsible for the youth product AND for signing Ballack and Sheva?! And surely, if they are Arnesen's players then the pressure will be as much on him as Jose for them to win the CL. Complete and utter rubbish. Note also the Guardian's absurd reiteration of "Chelsea's £100M summer spending", even though that includes wages spread over 3/4 years and the second part of JOM's settlement, which defers half the payment (£8M) until next season. In truth, our transfer fees (which is how all other clubs are judged, but we are singled out for special treatment) total just over £40M (Sheva £30.4M, Kalou £4M, JOM £8, Ballack FREE!). With Huth on his way for £6M, and others such as Gudjohnsen (sadly) likely to follow, our net spending will be relatively low; certainly compared to the two previous summers. However, that doesn't make for a sensationalistic, hyperbolic enough story for the Guardian. The phrase "Mourinho's fingerprints", used when the Guardian suggest Mourinho's only transfer involvement was with JOM and Kalou, is a snide way of implying that Jose's deals are somehow dirty and criminal. What next? That the signing of Kalou and Obi Mikel is evidence that Mourinho has a fetish for young African boys?! [Moderators: feel free to edit this last sentence if you feel it is too inappropriate!]. If the Guardian was to conduct a genuine analysis on the financial inequalities in football and how it's corrupting the game, taking in the G14, the Prem, the CL, the allocation of TV and prize money, UEFA, FIFA, etc, then I'm all for it. But making persistent, underhand and sub-Redtop comments about Chelsea's wealth, as if that's the sole reason for football's problems, is divisive, disingenuous, immature and wilfully misleading.
  10. Chelsea Finances Thread

    quote:Originally posted by HertsGoonerWhile 1 man artifically supports a club well beyond it's means and inflates the transfer market it is going to go on and on. id="quote"> id="quote">When 14 greedy teams (then expanded to 18) formed an artificial cartel to exploit the vast amounts of money coming into the game to prevent any kind of genuine competition from 'outsiders', they create the grounds for wealth to dictate on-field success.Funny how it's only mancs, gooners and scousers who moan about Roman ruining football. Ironic too, because in all honesty it was their clubs who ruined it. Roman has just taken advantage. It's why you rarely hear fans beyond these 3 clubs moaning about our success - those clubs never stood a chance of winning any major trophies anyway. I'd love to see football's money pot equally shared out and a strict wage cap introduced. Even a return to the sharing of gate money. I wonder how many manc's, gooner's and scouser's feel the same way? Gooners, scousers and mancs = delusional hypocrites.
  11. Didier Drogba

    I would have no complaints about the Robben sending off, if Wallwork had gone too for his foul on Maka. Halsey showed a complete lack of consistency. I am however sick of players surrounding the ref (whether it's us or, say, West Brom or Barca). It should be like rugby, only the captain can approach the officials. And if Drogba is going to dive, can he learn to make it convincing rather than spectacular. It's beyond embarrassing. He took his goal brilliantly though.
  12. Michael Essien

    I don't see the point of this. He's going to miss Huddersfield, Sunderland and Charlton which is no big deal. If we bring him back he'll play in the FA Cup 4th Round but would surely miss the Liverpool game on 5th Feb, if Ghana qualify for the knock out stages (the Quarter Finals are played on 3rd and 4th). I can't see Essien flying 2,000 miles from Eygpt to London and playing 2 games in 2 days in 2 continents and actually putting in a decent performance - especially as it's against our biggest Premiership rivals! He ought to stay with Ghana for the tournament and come home once they're out. We knew he'd be gone for up to 6 weeks in Jan/Feb when we bought him. Let's just get on with it. Besides, if we sign Maniche it won't be such a big deal.
  13. New Kits

    We lost against Man Utd, Charlton and Betis in our home shirt. Does that make it unlucky too?!
  14. Chelsea Finances Thread

    ... according to Alan Curbishley. He is complaining that predictability will kill football. Well done for stating the obvious. He then insinuates that Chelsea is the root of this, which is hysterical nonsense on so many levels. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/e...rem/4255262.stm As I seem to keep saying, and I apologise if I'm repeating myself like a 90-year old granny, but the reason the Prem is predictable is because of the financial disparity that has been caused by the creation of the Premiership and the Champions League. But to say Chelsea are the problem is absurd - we are a symptom, not the cause. Is it good for football that we are significantly wealthier than the rest. Of course it isn't. But since when have ANY of the big clubs shown concern about the small ones. The Premiership and the Champions League were specifically designed to make the Man Utd's, Arsenal's, Liverpool's, - and the Barca's, Madrid's, Juve's, Milan's, etc - even richer and protect their position at the top (but not the Chelsea's of this world, we weren't big enough in those days). It's also why the G14 was created, this body of big clubs effectively forced UEFA to create the Champions League under the threat of breaking away to create their own European Super-League. Remember that? In other words, these revamped tournaments were created to lessen the competition around them and prevent things happening like Watford or Southampton finishing second in the league (which happened in the 80s), prevent a team like Wimbledon from climbing from the depths of non-league to the heights of the top flight (yes there's Wigan, but they don't count as they couldn't have done it without the money from JJB - they are the 'Championship Chelsea'), or prevent teams from Eastern Europe from ever winning the European Cup again. So the purpose of the Premiership and the Champions League was to INCREASE predictability to protect those 'big' clubs. Do you see where I'm going with this?! The rich were protecting their position and wealth, while the poor suffered. The last team, other than Man Utd and Arsenal, to genuinely challenge for the Premiership was Newcastle in 1996 (Liverpool in 2002 doesn't count - they finished 2nd by stealth and never challenged Arsenal for the top spot). Since then, no one has come close to knocking the two 'Reds' from their perch. What I can't understand is why Curbishley and his ilk weren't complaining about predictability back in 2003 because nothing has changed in the last couple of years, other than there's now three teams competing for the Prem not two. After all, before Roman, only 3 teams had won the Prem. Moneybags Blackburn (now that IS buying the league) being the other. So predictability has been an issue for over a decade. For further evidence of that you need only look at the winners of the past 10 FA Cup Finals, and compare it to a list of the previous 10 to that. The truth is, even if Roman had not invested in Chelsea in 2003, predictability in football would still be a significant issue that would desperately need addressing. I wonder who they would've blamed it on instead though - my vote would go against David Dein of Arsenal, who's filthy little hands were all over the G14, PL and CL (though I doubt the media would be brave, honest or intelligent enough to dare). There's also no mention of the inequality in the other European leagues. La Liga is a battle between Barca and Real Madrid, as teams like Valencia and La Coruna have faded away. Serie A will be fought out between Milan, Juventus and Inter - as in the last few years Lazio, Roma, Sampdoria, Parma, Fiorentina and others have suffered serious financial problems simply trying to compete (another symptom of the post-Prem/CL era, and one that nearly bankrupted CFC). Lyon have won the French league for the last four seasons, and look set to do it again. In Germany, as ever, Bayern Munich are the out-and-out favourites for the title. And who can name the last time either Ajax, PSV or Feyenoord failed to win the Dutch championship. Clearly, predictability is not an English disease. Let's also remember that the top Italian and Spanish clubs negotiate their own TV deals to further line their pockets, leaving the remaining 16-20 clubs scraping around for whatever money they can get. Imagine how teams like Charlton would REALLY struggle if us, Arse and Utd went our own seperate TV ways. This is a hugely complex issue but it seems to have been reduced by the media and non-Chelsea fans, into a 'Chelsea have ruined football' rant. Unless there is a willingness on all sides to engage in genuine dialogue for the good of the game, and an end to the blame culture which continues to point the finger at my club (who I have supported through thick and, let's face it, mainly thin over the past 30 years) then the media and other teams' fans who continue to criticise us out of spite, jealousy and ignorance can, quite frankly, f**k off.
  15. Michael Essien

    Chelsea want Essien --> Lyon want £20M+ Arsenal are interested in Diarra --> price quoted in papers is £5M. Does anyone see a pattern there?! Both players are of similar age and playing stature, and I believe are contracted to Lyon for at least another two years. Wenger is right! - there's one (over-inflated) price for Chelsea, and one for everyone else.